Butt Munching Bears

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Ray and Andy were best friends and had been so since grade school. If you had seen a photograph of them when they were nineteen or twenty you would be looking at two of the cutest, hottest twinks you ever saw. When they went out dancing all heads would be turned in their direction and men would compete to take them home.

But the years had passed and after many, many beers and burgers they had beefed out. They had stopped getting back, crack and sac waxes and let their body hair grow as nature intended. To look at the two handsome, dark eyed bear studs now you would never guess that they were once bottle blonde twinks that could whip up a room full of men into an erotic frenzy.

That is not to say they were past it. Far from it. At thirty eight, they were in their prime. They filled out their jeans with beefy cocks, fat nuts and firm, fleshy man mounds. They still had what it took to turn a man’s head. Ray and Andy always came as a pair, cruising the park and the woods, hanging out in bars and back rooms; if you wanted one you had to have the other. They hunted as a pack and what they loved most was ass and plenty of it.

Jason stood alone in a bar one night, trying to make his drink last as long as possible because he was stony broke. His girlfriend had kicked him out of the apartment for cheating and he had nowhere to go. He knew not a single person in the whole darn city that he could ask to take him in, and the girl he had been cheating with just didn’t want to know. He remembered seeing a movie once about a guy who was in his situation. He went to a gay bar and a kindly older gentleman picked him up and took him home. When they got home the young guy had promised the older man sex in the morning, pleading tiredness and a headache, and had then fled before the older man woke up.

That was Jason’s plan. But what he got was something completely different. He could see these two beefy bears eyeing him up like he was some piece of meat. They could sense something fresh and virginal. Jason had big, blue eyes and ridiculously long lashes. He had wide shoulders and a narrow waist and a tiny little bubble butt. The butt munching bears knew they had to tongue his hole before the night was through.

Jason was surprised, but pleased when the barman put down a fresh beer in front of him. The barman nodded in the direction of Ray and Andy and flashing them a smile was the least that Jason could do. What a smile the young stud had! It was pure dynamite and Ray and Andy could feel their libido rise. Ray gently cupped his hand around his monster nuts while Andy gave him a quick jab in the ribs.

‘Not so hasty.’ he snapped. ‘He looks like a rabbit caught şişli escort in headlights. That dude’s straight and needs careful handling.’

‘That dude is going to sit down on my tower of power for an hour or two.’ Ray sneered.

‘You’re disgusting when you get like that.’ Andy said.

‘Hurry up and seduce him already.’ Ray replied.

Andy walked up to Jason and introduced himself. Jason thanked him for the beer and they soon got chatting. Andy could talk the hind leg off a donkey if he put his mind to it. He called Ray over and introduced him to Jason.

‘Are you guys lovers?’ Jason asked.

‘More like best friends.’ Andy replied.

‘So, how long have you known you were gay?’ Ray jumped in.

Jason blushed beet red.

‘Actually I’m not gay.’ he said. ‘I guess you could say I’m down on my luck. You guys couldn’t introduce me to some old guy who could give me a place to stay for the night?’

‘You could stay with us.’ Ray told him.

He wanted this hot dude so badly he could almost taste his juices on his tongue.

‘That’s very kind of you,’ Jason said ‘but I get the feeling that if I stay with you I will have to put out.’

‘You will indeed.’ Ray told him.

‘I was kind of hoping I could just get a place to sleep for the night without having to have sex.’

‘Sorry, can’t help you there.’ Andy told him. ‘But if you change your mind before closing time come find us.’

Ray and Andy left Jason on his own and as the night wore on he tried desperately to find someone who might take pity on him. But he had no takers. He began to think about Ray and Andy’s offer. What did they plan to do to him? There was no way he could take it in the ass, but if they just wanted to suck him off, well…perhaps he could handle that. It was better than sleeping on some park bench.

‘What do I have to do….I mean, in bed…if I go back home with you guys?’ he asked.

‘I wanna eat your ass.’ Ray said.

Jason was shocked.

‘As long as you don’t try sticking your cock up my ass, I guess that’s OK.’

‘Yeah, yeah.’ Ray was impatient. ‘Let’s get your sweet ass home and have some fun.’

Half an hour later Jason found himself in Andy and Ray’s living room. There was a huge painting of a naked man with a ginormous cock that dominated the room. As Jason looked at that picture he wondered what he had let himself in for. Ray was a little tipsy but Andy seemed like a reasonably nice guy. Jason decided that he would have to count on Andy to reign Ray in and make sure that his boundaries were respected.

‘Time to drop trou.’ Ray beamed.

Jason was extremely embarrassed. He hadn’t mecidiyeköy escort been naked in front of other men for a very long time, especially not in front of two burly bears that wanted to eat his ass! Damn the bitch for tempting him and damn his girlfriend for kicking him out on a cold and snowy night. He stripped quickly and held his hands in front of his crotch.

‘No use hiding these jewels.’ Ray said as he slid down to his knees and brushed Jason’s hands away. His hairy paw grabbed hold of Jason’s cock and guided it into his mouth. It was at that moment that Jason discovered total and absolute pleasure. That mouth worked some kind of magic on his cock; he was soon harder than he had ever been and wanted to cum instantly but also to have it last forever. Andy came and stood behind him and started stroking his stomach and chest. His fingers danced over the smooth skin covering Jason’s flat stomach and well defined chest and made him feel quite giddy. Now the nimble fingers started tweaking Jason’s little pink nipples and he let out a soft groan of pleasure.

Ray’s warm mouth worked on Jason’s shaft and cock head while his hands tickled his smooth nuts and stroked his warm thighs. Already Jason had forgotten his reservations as he abandoned himself to the pleasure of having two experienced men make love to him. Seconds later he let out a loud bellow and just about jumped out of his skin as Andy parted Jason’s cheeks and pushed his tongue up his chute. It was the most amazing thing that Jason had ever experienced and his knees felt like rubber as the pleasure pulsing through his body made him weak.

Ray and Andy switched positions and Ray was grunting like a pig at a trough as he ate out Jason’s sweet hole. He drew back to have a good look at the glistening folds of his pucker before biting is bum cheeks and kissing his way up his back to his earlobes. Andy had Jason buried deep in his throat and he hoped that Ray wouldn’t bring him off too soon. The young man had the most beautiful cock and it was the perfect fit for Andy. He could have deep throated that fucker all night long.

‘Let’s go into the bedroom.’ Ray said.

Jason allowed himself to be led to the bedroom where Ray and Andy took turns snuffling in his crack, making him writhe and squirm in pleasure. His cock oozed out a steady trickle of precum that made it glide over the bed covers. And then he felt something cold and slippery rubbing over his asshole. Instinctively he clenched his ass but Ray’s lubed up finger slipped past his defences and into his alleyway. Jason let out a little panicked shriek and then went quiet. Something incredible was happening inside istanbul escort his ass. The more Ray jigged his finger about, the better it felt. Ray applied another dollop of gel to Jason’s ass and the feelings intensified. Jason squirmed around on the bed, hoping that the finger would soon be replaced by the real thing. He wanted it…had to know how it felt, but could not bring himself to ask for it.

And then at last he felt something warm and spongy rub against his asshole. It felt ten times better than Ray’s finger had felt, if that was possible. Andy rubbed his cock up and down Jason’s crack, over and over again his cock head teased Jason’s wrinkled folds.

‘Hurry up and do him.’ Ray demanded.

Jason was surprised to find that it was Andy that was about to fuck him. What he didn’t know was that Ray’s cock was so much thicker than Andy’s that this was the best way to do it. Andy’s cock started to dip in and out of Jason’s hole and he understood then why guys cornholed each other. He had no idea he had so many pleasure receptors back there, but now each and every one of them was alive and wanting more. Jason started gently thrusting his peachy little ass back against Andy’s invading rod and soon Andy was buried to the pubes. He let out a satisfied sigh before starting to gently stroke Jason’s hole.

Jason could not believe that he could get so much pleasure for so little work. He just lay there and let the feelings in his ass wash over him. They intensified and then intensified some more. He didn’t mean to, but soon he was moaning and groaning like some motel slut. His hand reached under his body to grab hold of his rampant cock as he raised himself up on his knees. Ray was so incredibly turned on by the sight of Jason enjoying his fuck that he knew he would not be able to wait his turn. He scooted under Jason and took his hard cock into him mouth.

‘Oooh fuck, fuck, fuck!’ Jason cried out, as his pleasure was doubled.

He looked down at Ray’s thick, hairy cock and did what he thought was well near impossible. He opened his mouth wide and gobbled up that fleshy pork sword, taking it right down until his nose was buried in Ray’s thick bush. The world stopped turning, and nothing made sense but the cock in his ass and mouth, and that magic throat that he was buried in. The trio made enough noise to rouse a whole graveyard as the ground and thrust their way to ecstasy.

Two seconds after Andy withdrew his cock from Jason’s relaxed asshole and then slammed back into him with a guttural cry, Jason tasted his first load of spunk. He was in shock as it shot past his tongue and into his throat just as his own balls exploded sending a massive load of red hot jism coursing down Ray’s throat.

The horny trio disentangled themselves before going to the kitchen to get some beer and pizza. The night was still young and there was plenty of fuck fun to be had.

Copyright 2006 Daniel Blue

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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