Butterfly Kisses Ch. 03

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:: Monica ::

I almost wept at the once-familiar smells of his famous cheese potatoes when I entered the kitchen. Mom and I had always loved when Daddy made breakfast because of them. He smiled at me when I came down and I grabbed a glass from the cabinet and poured myself a glass of orange juice, sitting at the table. We didn’t speak. I just listened to the sounds of him cooking, sipping my juice and enjoying the atmosphere.

“Grab us some plates, will you?”

I got two plates from the cabinet and held them as he spooned scrambled eggs, potatoes and sausage links onto them, then set them on the table. Dad sat down as I put a fork, knife and napkin in front of him and we dug in, the only noises being those of us enjoying the meal. I got up once to get the juice and filled his glass and mine again, then got up a second time to put the plates in the sink.

“So tell me.”

I sighed heavily, knowing that this was coming but still unready to tell him. But I told him. In between anger and tears, I unraveled the story of my life, trying not to look at Escort Kız him as I wove my tale of woe. I moved swiftly through the exciting times of being free and traveling with my lover, the painful times of my miscarriages and the heartbreaking times of being cuckolded by my husband’s mistress.

“I left with what I could pack in fifteen minutes and I don’t have any money, Daddy. He took my last paycheck before I left. He said that I owed it to him for putting up with my shit.” I couldn’t help crying. I was partially reliving the moment and I was angry at myself for allowing it to happen. “He left the house and went to her. He gave her my money.”

I was empty. I had no more words and just sat silently, letting the tears fall while he digested the information. He got up and went to the window above the sink, pulling down an ice blue and gray cup that I had made in fourth grade. Without a word, he handed it to me and my eyes bulged when I saw the thick wad of money nestled inside.

“Mom and I have been saving this for you since you left. We thought that if you ever returned, you might need it.”

:: Andrew ::

I set the cup in front of her and watched her face crumble into tears. I held her hand while she cried, desperately trying to hide my own tears over her words. My baby had suffered two miscarriages. Two grandchildren that I might have been welcoming into my home. My heart was bleeding.

“I can’t take this, Daddy.”


“I don’t deserve it. I’ve fucked up so bad … “

“That doesn’t matter, Nica. You’re still my daughter. Mom felt the same way. We love you no matter what.”

“Oh, Daddy!” She threw herself into my arms and I pulled her into my lap, rubbing her back gently. I felt her hot tears on my neck and I found myself rocking her like I used to do when she was a child, except that my cock was hardening under her apple round ass. She lifted her head and our lips met unexpectedly. A lightning bolt zapped my genitals and I gasped, unwittingly allowing her soft, silky tongue to enter my mouth.


The expression on her face was one of absolute horror. She jumped off of my lap, her eyes filling with tears. “I-I’m sorry!”

Before I had a chance to respond, she ran off and I heard the screen door snap behind her. Part of me was happy that she’d gone because I wasn’t quite sure of what I’d say to her. My cock was as hard as the marble counter, throbbing like a sexual heartbeat and I made my way up the stairs, heading for the bathroom. I yanked my pants down, taking my thick pole in hand and giving it a few hard strokes.

I closed my eyes and was momentarily horrified when my daughter’s sweet face popped into my mind. Another tingle moved through me and I shivered, moving my fingers down over the thick head, collecting the slick pre-cum and rubbing it over my sensitive stalk. I tried to think about Gloria but nothing took the place of that kiss. I relived every second of it, my fist tightly wrapped around my rod as I remembered the softness of her mouth and the way she softly whimpered when our tongues connected.

When I came, I nearly shouted, my entire body possessed by her vision. It had been years since I’d cum that hard and as I cupped the pool of my semen, I knew that I was definitely in trouble.

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