Byron’s Pet

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He was anxious to get home. Anxious to see if she had done as he requested. He unlocked the door and walked through to the living room, dropping his jacket and brief case on the kitchen table.

His eyes widened and he smiled as he saw her. She was naked, on her hands and knees, waiting for him. Her brown hair was up in pigtails, her black leather collar fastened around her neck and a leash hanging from her mouth.

“Good girl Becky. Come girl.”

He watched as she bounded toward him, sending the leather tail in her ass swinging. He took the leash from her mouth and attached it to the silver ring in her collar.

“Have you been a good girl today?” He asked, looking down at her.

She sat back on her heels and looked up at him. A whimper escaped her throat.

“Speak girl. Do you need to go outside?”

Becky barked.

“Good girl. Come on, let’s go.” Byron grabbed the wipes from the coffee table and led her to the French doors and out into the cool night air. He felt her stop behind him. He turned and gave her leash a tug.

“Come girl.”

She hesitated a moment more then followed him outside into the private backyard. He walked her around the fence, waiting for her to do her business. After a few minutes, Byron stopped and squatted down in front of her her. He took her face in his big hands.

“It’s ok Becky. This means a lot to me.” He kissed her nose then stood, once again leading her around the yard.

He felt the leash tighten and looked back to see her squatting. Her face was turned away as she relieved herself. When she was done, she got back on all fours and looked up at him.

“Good girl Becky. I am proud of you.” He pulled a wipe from the package and walked up behind her to wipe her bare, wet pussy.

“Come on girl. Race you back inside. I have plans for you.” Byron unclipped her leash and watched as she tried her best to run into the house.

He would never get tired of watching her fleshy ass wiggle and jiggle. He took his time following her and appreciated her naked body. Her tits were full and hung nicely, her pierced nipple rings catching the light and shining. Her tummy was flat and lead to flared hips. Her pussy was smooth and always wet for him. Her legs long and toned. He had been so lucky to find her.

Was it only six months ago that they had met? He never believed in online romance. So when he sent feedback to an erotic online writer, he never imagined someone like Rebecca would answer him back.

She was a perfect match for him sexually. She enjoyed sex in all forms and wasn’t embarrassed to tell him. He soon found himself sharing things with her that he never told anyone else. It felt so right. So natural. She didn’t judge him. And he didn’t judge her.

Soon they were sharing fantasies. She had told him of her desire to be with another woman, to have a threesome and be double penetrated and to be in a foursome with three men. She wanted to be dominated, to give up control and experience pain and pleasure.

Byron in return told her of his fantasies. His need to dominate a woman, his craving for a woman who would hold nothing Anadolu Yakası escort back from him sexually. A woman who would be his pet and do everything he commanded.

He was surprised, and honored when she agreed to it. So, he had flown her to Georgia and now, here she was, making his fantasy come true.

Her barking brought his mind back to her. He caught up with her and opened the door for her. He connected the leash again and led her into the house and over to the recliner in the middle of the room. He sat down and pulled her close between his legs.

He held her leash with one hand and with the other undid his slacks and pulled his hard dick out. It bounced before her eyes.

“Suck my cock girl.” He said, using the leash to pull her closer.

He watched as she stuck her pink tongue out and licked the engorged head of his cock. He moaned pulling her closer.

She nuzzled his balls, sniffing and licking his loose sac. He felt her take them into her wet mouth, swirling her tongue around them. She knew just what to do to make his cock even harder.

He watched her close her eyes and enjoy his balls. The soft humming sound she made shot vibrations throughout his entire body. His cock thickened painfully.

“My cock Becky. Suck it now!” He growled, jerking her leash.

She lifted her head, licking slowly up and down the hard thick length of him a few times before swallowing him deep down her throat.

Byron’s eyes widened as his nine inch cock disappeared between her red lips, her nose now buried in his short pubic hair. No woman had ever been able to deep throat him before. But then again, Rebecca was not like other woman he had ever met before.

Becky moved up and down on his cock, her mouth creating a tight suction on him. Byron knew he wasn’t going to last long. He took hold of her pigtails and moved her faster on his cock. He saw the drool covering his cock, making it wetter, lubing it more.

“Fuck girl, I’m gonna cum.” He growled, bucking his hips as he forced her head down on him.

He moved her faster, fucking her mouth, his cock a blur as it disappeared in and out of her mouth. He felt his balls tighten, could feel his cum pumping up through his cock.

“Here it comes girl. Take all my cum! Swallow all of it!”

He slammed her head down on his cock, buring it in her throat, feeling his hot cum spurting out of him and filling her stomach. He could feel her throat comvulsing on him as she swallowed every drop.

His hips fell back to the chair and his grip loosened, letting her lift her head. With glistening lips, she looked up at him, awaiting his next command.

“Mmmm….good girl Becky. Now, let’s play.”

Tucking his semi-flacid cock back in his pants, Byron stood and pulled her by the leash over to the couch. He sat down and patted the space beside him.


Becky jumped onto the couch, kneeling beside him. Byron pulled her leash until she was kneeling over his lap. He ran one hand up her smooth, bare thigh and caressed her ass.

“Roll over.”

Becky rolled over until she was spread Anadolu Yakası escort bayan across his lap. Byron stroked his long fingers over her stomach, moving them up to toy with her breasts, pinching and pulling her hard nipples.

“Do you like that girl?”

Becky whimpered and panted. Byron used both hands now and pulled and twisted her hard nipples. He watched her eyelids half close. He knew how much pleasure he was giving her. His cock hardened against his zipper.

Byron traveled one hand down to her bare pussy. His fingers teased her wet cunt lips, coating them in her wetness. He brought them to his mouth and tasted her, his eyes never leaving her as he did so.

He returned his hand and stroked her lips again. His thumb found her clit and slowly rubbed it. He slid his long middle finger through her folds and stuck it deep inside her. Her breath hitched, her tits rising higher into his other hand. His eyes never left her as he rubbed her, his long finger sliding easily through her soaked lips. He found her swollen clit and circled it slowly with the tip of his finger.

Becky squirmed on his lap. Her breathing became heavier.

“Such a good pet you are.” He mumbled, flicking her clit now with his finger.

His other hand pulled her nipple, tugging on the gold hoop that pierced the pink pebble. He leaned his head down and took it between his lips, pulling on it harder, making her whimper.

“Do you want to come girl?” He asked, his breath fanning her heated flesh.

Becky barked.

“Hmmmm……” He stuck a long finger deep inside her while using his thumb to rub her clit. “Are you ready girl? Are you ready to come for your Master?”

Becky whimpered and whined on his lap. Her hips rose and fell, trying to force his finger deeper.

“Such a good girl. Come for me Becky. Come for me.” He encouraged, his thumb rubbing faster as he rammed his finger deep inside her.

Becky rotated her hips, her body jerking wildy before howling out, her body convulsing and her hot cum flooding his hand. She arched her back, thrusting her tits out and Byron’s mouth and hand worked her nipples, drawing out her orgasm.

When she finally calmed down, Byron removed his finger and brought it to her lips. Greedily she sucked it clean.

Byron sat back and watched her. She held nothing back. He had learned that about her through their online chats and now, having her here for the past few days, there was nothing they hadn’t done or tried.

His cock twitched in his pants. He was hard as steel now.

“Up girl. On on fours.”

Becky scrambled off his lap and jumped to the floor. She positioned herself on her hands and knees before him. Her ass shaking causing her tail to wag. She looked over her shoulder at him and smiled.

Byron laughed. He hurriedly stripped out of his clothes and knelt behind her. He held his cock and slowly rubbed it against her ass cheek.

“I’m going ot fuck your ass tonight Becky.” He said, his strong fingers kneading her soft flesh. “But first I want this cunt of yours.”

Byron guided his escort bayan cock to her drenched pussy. He rubbed his cockhead agaisnt her slick lips, anointing it. He push in a little, spreading her lips wide around his cock. He watch as he slowly slid in, watching her pink lips stretch wide, hearing her whimper as she took him deep.

“AAAHHHHHHH.” He moaned when he was all the way in.

Her pussy was so tight and wet on him. He held her hips and pulled her back on him, feeling his balls squash against her pussy. He took a deep breath and slowly withdrew. He looked down and looked at his cock, all shining with her cum on it, his large head holding her open.

“Get ready girl.”

Byron held her steady as he rammed into her. Over and over he pounded her pussy as she whimpered and whine, the tail in her ass swishing over his stomach. He fucked her hard and deep. He could hear her breath catching as he plunged forward, going deeper each time.

“Fuck, I…love….this….pussy…” He growled as he fucked her.

He reached around with one hand and found her clit. He rubbed it, plucked it, pulled it hard.

“Come for me my bitch. Come hard.” He commanded, pulling and twisting the sensitive bit of flesh.

Becky howled as she threw her head back and came again. Her pussy tightened, holding Byrons cock deep inside. He held still, savoring the feel of her clenching on him. He continued to pull her clit through her orgasm. When she whimpered again and dropped her head forward, Byron stopped and slowly, pulled his cock from her used pussy.

“You are such a good girl.” He whispered.

Becky whimpered again. Her body was soaked with sweat now. He looked down and saw her cum leaking down her legs.

“Now for that hot ass of yours.”

His hands went to the plug in her ass and slowly started to withdraw it. Becky leaned down on her elbow, lifting her ass higher for him. He pulled it free and looked at her stretched ass. Her pink hole ready for him. He rubbed his cock again on her dripping pussy, lubing it with her cream. He pressed the head at the opening to her ass, easily popping it in.

Becky groaned as his thick dick filled her. He was much wider than her plug. He watched as his dick disappeared into her ass. She was so tight back there, yet she took his cock with ease. He pressed all the way in until his balls hit her pussy.

“Are you ok girl?”

Becky nodded and barked.

Byron smiled and started an easy rythym. He held her ass cheeks apart and watched as his cock slid in and out. He started out slow and steadily built up. Soon he was slapping against her, his balls banging against her pussy as he fucked her ass hard and deep and fast.

“Oh yeah girl. I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna fill that ass up with my cum.” He panted, fucking her wildly now.

“Do you want that girl? Do you want my cum in your ass?”

Becky barked and wiggled her ass.

“Here it come baby, get ready.”

Bryon rammed his cock in and out of her. His hands tightened on her soft skin as he shouted out and pulling her hard onto him, shot his load of cum deep inside her ass. He jerked and shuddered behind her, emptying every drop from his balls.

“Fuck……Becky…” He breathed, leaning back and letting his cock slide from her ass.

Becky turned then and crawled toward him. She stuck her tongue out and licked a big drop of cum from the head of his cock.

“My pet.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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