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Most mornings, scratch that every morning, I wake up horny as fuck. I’m certain if I were a guy, I’d be living with a raging boner at least 20 hours a day. I let out a little giggle as I think about being, at the least, half-mast all day.

This morning was no different to any other day. I roll over to the body next to me, there’s nothing graceful about mornings. I try to put an arm around her. She pushes me off her and moves further away. I roll back to my side of the bed and grab my phone.

As my eyes adjust to the screen. I see I’ve got a missed message. My heart races slightly. It’s from her. I feel my pussy tighten. When I open it, the disappointment sets in. I realise it’s just a group message. I don’t know what I was hoping for.

I flick through tabs on my browser, I’m looking for a short story to assist my good morning quickie. I don’t find anything that grabs me, so I go back to the chat and look at a recent photo of her. She really is beautiful, even when she tells me she’s a red-hot mess, I think she’s gorgeous. I can work with this. The latest photo has a little bit of cleavage visible above her pink tank. She has magnificent boobs.

I think about her a lot, we live on opposite sides of the world, she’s in a small town near Boston, Massachusetts, I’m in Melbourne, Australia. We often talk about sex, nothing is taboo, although I feel like she filters more than me. Maybe it’s partly because of the time difference her kids are around. She always loosens up after they are asleep.

It’s not the first time I’ve thought about her when masturbating. I’ve actually told her this a while back, right after I immediately wished I hadn’t said it, but it was too late. I didn’t know if it made it creepy or if the honesty was appreciated. I guess the fact that we still talk about many things it was closer to being appreciated than not. Right now, my fingers circle my clit. I want her to dictate my instructions, I want her to tell me how to fuck myself, I want to come and scream out her name.

I bursa eskort send her a message, she’s not up to much, the kids aren’t even home tonight they are at their grandparent’s place. She was meant to go out, but her friend cancelled. I tell her I was thinking about calling in sick so we could watch movies and talk if she was up to it. She liked that idea. I send her a picture of me in bed ‘I’m sick.’ She sends me a picture of her butt cheeks hanging out the bottom of her pyjamas ‘I’ve got the cure here’. She knows me too well. Another message, ‘finger yourself, imagine it’s my fingers inside you. Rub your clit with your other hand until you are close, then go have a shower.’

It’s settled, I’m going to call in sick today. I send a quick text message to my boss, ‘Sorry I can’t come in today, I’ve got the beginnings of a cold. I’ll send you a doctor’s certificate.’ Less than 5 minutes later the standard reply comes back ‘No worries. Let me know if you’re going to be in tomorrow. Don’t come in if you’re still feeling under the weather, we don’t need the office getting sick.’

I go back to rubbing my clit, and fingering myself. I follow her instructions. Then I get up and have a shower. My partner gets up and has a shower, I tell her I’m not feeling well, just a headache. She just said “well, you shouldn’t have been playing games on your phone all night.” She finishes getting ready and heads to work. She really doesn’t care, I don’t know why we are together sometimes, I guess it’s been easy to save money, sharing the rent, bills, bed and all the things except sex.

I message her, she says I should call her. I do what I’m told. She is drinking a glass of red wine. I go outside and smoke a cigarette and drink my coffee, black and strong. We talk for a bit. She was actually meant to be on a date tonight, not just with friends. Her date had cancelled. She was hoping that she would get laid, he was alright, not her typical, but the life of a single mum, it was to be her escape. bursa bayan escort He cancelled because he was a piece of shit. He told her it was work; her friend, their mutual friend, said his ex-girlfriend messaged him they were going to try to get back together. He was whipped. She was down.

She asks what I’m wearing. I’m wearing basketball shorts and a zip up hoodie, nothing more. I send her a photo, the zip is undone, so she can see I’ve got nothing on underneath the hoodie. She sends a photo back, her pyjamas are on the couch. I can tell she’s horny. We keep talking. I ask her what movie she wants to watch. She said “you’re not at work, so tell me how you’re going to fuck me. I want to hear you describe it as I play with myself”. She’s put it on speaker so her hands are free. I tell her that I want to start at her tits.

“I take your left nipple in my mouth, I nibble it and suck as much of your breast into my mouth as I can. I drag my teeth down your breast as I start to release it, I hold the nipple against the roof of my mouth with my tongue, and rub it against my palate. I pinch your right nipple between my fingers, as my tongue rolls around your left nipple. My other hand, runs down your body, starting from under your arms, trailing down your left side past your hip. I release your nipple and blow on it, your nipple puckers under the cold air. I take your right nipple in my mouth and do the same. This time both my hands run down your sides, down your thighs, to your knees. Letting go of your right nipple I blow on it, smirking as it wrinkles under the cold. My hands are now down at your feet, rubbing them. I lift your legs on to my shoulders one at a time, my tongue leaves a wet trail up your leg, from your ankle to your knee. Your knees are around my head.”

“Like ear muffs?”

I stifle a laugh. “Sure, if that how you want to imagine it. I start to kiss from your knees, starting on one side moving up a few inches and then going to bursa ucuz escort the other side. I work my trail of kisses up your inner thighs. I can smell you. I run my tongue flat against your lips, and flick it at your clit.”

I hear her groan, and I can hear a buzzing. I know she’s started her vibrator; she only owns a bullet. I know she is rubbing it against her clit.

“Another broad tongue up your lips, this time I wriggle it in to separate your folds. I stick my tongue into your cunt as deep as I can go, my nose bumps your clit as I pound you with my tongue.”

Another groan, this one is longer.

“My hands wrap under your arse, to pull you closer to me. I smother my face into your wet cunt. My left hand moves up your body to play with neglected nipples. I drag my tongue up your lips and flick your clit left to right and back again. My right index finger runs down your slit, just the tip goes in to see how it feels, I drag some of your moisture down to your arse, I do it again a few more times. As I do this I suck your clit into my mouth, sucking and flicking. My index finger dives between your folds. I pump in and out of your moist cunt. It is joined by the middle finger. I continue to pump my fingers in and out, I feel your juices flowing out of your vagina, trickling towards your arsehole. I run my pinkie finger spreading your moisture around your arsehole.”

“Keep going Sara, I’m going to come.”

“My hand is pumping you, you feel my pinkie pressing against your arse, I feel you relax enough for entrance. I keep pumping three fingers in you, harder and faster. My tongue picks up speed, flicking circles around your clit. I feel your muscles tightening around my fingers.”

I hear her panting, faster, breathing becoming more ragged.

“I want you to come now.”

“God, SARA!”, with a final pant she finishes.

“I want to smear my face with your juices as I lick you from arsehole to clit cleaning up your mess. I want your scent to invade my senses.”

“I grab you by your hair and rub your face across my pussy, before I bring you back up to kiss me. I want to taste me on your lips. Can we just cuddle for a bit before we start again?”

“Of course, we can Jess. Why don’t you pick a movie? Snuggle in closer and I’ll pull the blanket over us.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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