Camping Out Ch. 02

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They unzipped the tent and came inside. They both had very nice hard cocks bobbing around and powerfully erect. Ray stepped aside and they came over in front of me. I wasted no time in taking first one then the other deeply in my mouth.

“Mmmm you guys are really excited.” I told them, stroking them both. “I’ll tell you what though,” I whispered to them, “if you want to join us, you both have to try it.” They looked at each other and considered it, as I went back down on both of them, sucking and licking. Their hard penises were wonderful and delicious! “I’ve never done it before, but I think it is really exciting and fun. If you guys join us, I’ll suck you all night. ‘Cause you guys have gorgeous penises!” They both kind of shrugged and said that they would try it.

I was the only one that still had shorts on, so I stood up and climbed up on the bed. Ray stood back and let them unbutton my shorts and pull them down. I was long-since rock hard and my cock sprang out at them. I stood with my legs apart and let them explore me, touching me everywhere, stroking my shaft and caressing my balls. No one pushed or forced the moment. I just allowed them to take their time.

When he was ready, John leaned down and kissed the tip of my cock, which made it jump in his hand. I felt his tongue slip out and gently tease the underside of my head.

“Oh yeah, John. Kiss his cock. That is so hot!” Fred told his friend. John kept kissing and mouthing the head of my cock. “Oooh yeah. How does that feel? Does that feel good?”

“Mmmmm hmmmm” John moaned as his lips slid a little bit further down.

“Ohhh yeah! That is so cool. You have another man’s cock in your mouth. That is really exciting to watch.” Fred looked up at me. “How’s he doing? Does that feel good?”

“Ohhhhhhhh!” I said with a deep sigh. “It feels so wonderful!” My hand found the back of his head and gently drew him down just a little deeper. “He’s doing beautifully. That feels so gooooood!” I whispered to him. Finally, John drew off with a few final kisses.

“Wow!” John said standing again. “This is so wild. I can’t believe I’m doing this, but it is really cool!” He turned to Fred. “Alright ‘big fella’, it’s your turn.”

“I don’t know.” Fred admitted with a nervous chuckle, “I’ve never done anything like this, ever.”

“Just try it once.” I told him quietly, “Trust me, it won’t make you gay, but it might turn you on.”

“It feels really cool.” John told him.

“I’ll go first.” Ray chimed in moving in close. “God, Steven! You got such a sexy cock.” He leaned in and slipped his soft lips over the head and slid it almost all the way in.

“Oh yeah! Suck it Ray!” John whispered loudly. “Fuck that looks so hot!”

“God, that does feel good.” Ray admitted briefly, before gaziantep escort taking me deep again. “Fuck! You are so hard.” He told me, grabbing a breath. “Mmmm. Mmmmm. Mmmmm.” He moaned around a mouthful of my thick penis. Ray released me and stood again.

“Wow. Fantastic penis. You taste so good.” He said as John leaned down and took my deeper into his mouth again. “Oh yeah, John. Suck that big cock. That looks so hot!” Ray leaned down towards his ear. “Yeah! Take it! Let that thick cock just fill your mouth. Use your tongue all over that slick shaft.

I could just make out in the dark that John had reached over and was stroking Ray’s thick penis.

“Oh yeah, touch me too. Suck that big cock and stroke mine too.” We stayed just like that for a little while, until I got kind of close. I move John back off me for a moment.

“Oh man. You’re gonna make me cum and I don’t want to just yet.” I told him.

John stood up as Ray moved around behind them both to the other side of Fred. Ray reached down and took hold of Fred’s cock, which looked like it couldn’t be harder.

“Okay Fred.” Ray told him quietly, “Time to join the club.” Fred looked a bit stricken, like he might run for it. “Wow you’re hard! You have a gorgeous penis too! Nice and big and suckable.” Fred still wasn’t quite ready.

“Take him in your hand.” Ray whispered. Fred did. “Feel how hard that cock is.” Fred nodded. “Doesn’t he have a nice penis?” Fred nodded again. “So do you. God, your cock feels so nice and big and hard in my hand.” Fred was gently stroking me now. “I want to suck your cock too.” Ray whispered into his ear. Fred moaned in response. “Yeah, I want to suck your beautiful big, hard cock deep in my mouth. Would you like that?” Fred moaned that he would. “Yeah? You’d feed me that big beautiful penis? Let me drink all that warm creamy cum?”

Fred was shaking by now, with the intense anticipation.

“Kiss Steven’s cock. Just kiss the tip.” I noticed John’s hand stroking Fred shoulder and then slowly down over his butt, just waiting and watching. Fred made a move as if he was going to, but stopped. “Just kiss the tip.” Ray repeated. The tension was so thick you could feel it.

“Yeah, stroke Steven’s gorgeous penis.” Fred did. “Stroke it just like this.” He said apparently doing the same to Fred’s cock, because Fred suddenly changed to the lightest feather touch, along the length of my shaft.

“Oh yeah!” I murmured, “That is heaven.”

“Yeah that’s it.” Ray continued. “Just tease that sweet penis. So lightly. So nicely. Feel the smooth head” Fred did. “Kiss that smooth head.”

Fred leaned down and very gently touched his lips to the head of my cock. I lurched in response.

“Yeah! That’s it. That is so sexy. You just touched your lips to Steven’s beautiful cock. That was really hot! Do it again.” Fred did. He was just barely touching his lips to me, but he was doing it.

“Yeah!” Ray and John both moaned together. I just stood there riveted.

“Oh yeah. You’re doing it! That is so hot!” Ray told him. “Here, let us help you. You just keep kissing the head. John and I will do the shaft.” Ray moved in from the side, as did John and they began kissing either side of the root of my cock, as Fred just kept using his lips on me.

I placed a hand each on Ray and John’s heads as the three of them used their lips to cover my aching cock with soft wet kisses.

“Take the head in your mouth.” John told him. Fred did. I felt his lips capture the ridge of the head of my cock. His tongue began to work.

“Oh you guys are wonderful!” I told them. “Oh yeah Fred, use your tongue like that. I love it.” “Oh yeah, Fred. You’re doing it. You’re sucking cock. Doesn’t that feel amazing?”

“I cannot fucking believe it, but it really does.” Fred told him pulling off the head. He immediately went back down on me.

“Oh yeah. Suck that cock, Just suck that cock. Suck that beautiful, big, thick hard cock.” Fred did, without stopping, he had a little more than half my penis going in and out of his wet mouth. “Yeah Fred. Don’t stop. You keep sucking and I’m going to give you head at the same time.” Fred moaned around me. “Yeah? You’d like that?” Fred moaned that he would.

“Oh yeah. I’m going to wrap my soft, wet, sexy lips around your big fucking cock and suck you off while you give your very first blowjob.” Fred’s moan sounded like he was about to pass out. “Isn’t Steven’s cock delicious on your tongue.

“Oh yeah! I fucking love it!” he hissed, going back down deeply on me.

Ray slid to the floor and I could just make out the view of Fred’s cock disappearing into Ray’s mouth. Fred’s body went rigid for a moment. Then he was herking and jerking as he flooded Ray’s mouth and what Ray later described as a biblical flood of cum! Ray was moaning wetly, between deep swallows, that he was loving the creamy treat that Fred was feeding him.

“Oh yeah, Fred. Are you cumming?” I asked. He only nodded, with his mouth full of me. “Yeah? You shooting all that cum in Ray’s mouth?” He nodded again. “Oh yeah. Is he swallowing all your creamy cum?”

“Mmmmmmmm hmmmmmmm!” came the long low satisfied moan from Fred, his mouth still filled with my thick cock. He didn’t want to let it go. “Oh, you’re gonna make me cum. I’m gonna cum. Can I cum in you?” Fred nodded. “Yeah? Oh I want to. I want to cum in your mouth. Here I cum! Here it cums! Take it baby!”

Ray just held Fred’s thick cock in his mouth as Fred took a huge, powerful load from me. I flooded him. My balls were aching with the release of so much pent up sperm. Fred swallowed loudly, which I found to be such a sexy sound. My hands held his head. “Yeah! Take it! Take it all! Drink my cum, man! Drink it all down, baby!”

We held our positions as long as we could and then flopped panting onto the bed.

“Fuck that was hot!” John said. I looked up to see him standing there jerking his erection. He looked like he would cum any second.

“No, no.” I told him. “Don’t do that. C’mere with that sexy penis. Bring it here. Feed it to me.”

I scootched to the end of the bed and hung my head over the side. John came over and just shoved it into my mouth. I grabbed his hips and held on as he fucked my mouth and a bit of my throat with a cock that was so hard it hurt, trying to bend the corner and go down. John gripped my neck and rammed his cock in and out, fucking me with incredible passion. It was no time before he began to shoot. The first thick spurt went into the back of my throat. He then withdrew and flooded my face with an incredible quantity of thick warm cream.

“Oh yeah take that cum. Take all that fucking cum, stud!” He hissed as he thick cum splashed all over my face,

“Whoa! Holy shit!” Ray said, watching the volume of cum that was drowning me. “What a fucking load.” He said, kind of giggling, as he moved over to me and began catching some with his mouth. I could then feel his tongue bathing me, catching and taking as much as he could get. “Mmmmm your cum tastes so good.”

“Wow!” came a voice out of the dark.

Panting, John turned with a start. As he did it revealed to me, though upside down in the position I was in, two sexy nude women standing outside the tent watching us. Sally and Katie.

Fred had flopped onto the bed with his mouth an inch from my cock, the cock he had just sucked off. John’s cock was still hard and wet and dripping from the sucking I just gave him and ray was kneeling next to me using the back of his hand to wipe the cum from his lips. Caught red-handed!!!

“This is an evening of firsts!” Sally said, smiling. The moon had risen and the increased light level made it easy to see what we were up to. I rolled over to see them better. They were standing arms around each other, still toying with each other’s breasts.

“And here I thought we were the adventurous ones.” Katie said.

Both John and Fred were stammering nonsense about ‘….being here for …’, ‘…trying to see if …’, ‘ wondering if they needed …”

“If they needed what? Blowjobs?” Sally teased smiling.

“Apparently they did.” Katie added giggling.

Standing, Ray said, “Would you like to come in?” ‘What a gracious host’, I thought.

“There doesn’t seem to be enough room.” One of the girls countered.

“Oh sure there is”. I said. “Right here by me.” They giggled and made for the tent zipper.

To be continued …

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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