Camping with Anna Ch. 02

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“Camping With Anna – Ch. 02” is the continuing true story of a road trip in the summer of 1997 with my best friend Anna.

I had just turned eighteen and recently finished high school. Anna was a few months older and we were travelling together, camping at beaches along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia.

On the first night we had swum in the surf and walked together along the beach naked. Later in bed we had watched each other masturbate.

That night, with Anna’s love, support and encouragement, I had embarked on a sensual journey of discovery that would lead me to explore my sexuality and eventually discover myself.

It is the morning on the second day of our trip. The journey continues….

Please read and enjoy. If you have not already done so you may like to read the first chapter entitled simply, “Camping with Anna”.

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I emerged from a deep, refreshing sleep, aware of the cool morning air as it gently caressed my bare skin, and the salty, tangy smell of the ocean.

I could hear the roar of the surf as it surged relentlessly towards the shore and the sound of birds calling to each other in the trees outside our tent.

Anna was asleep next to me, her breathing slow and rhythmical.

I could smell her scent, bringing memories of the previous night flooding back, memories so vivid and erotic that they caused a flood of a different kind to surge through my loins.

Anna and I were both eighteen and had just finished school. We’d been best friends for as long as I could remember, and to celebrate the end of our final year twelve exams we were on a road trip along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria.

On the first night we’d camped at Bridgewater Bay, a beautiful beach about thirty kilometres from Portland, and unless it was just a dream we had shared, what was for me the most sensual, erotic and liberating experience of my life.

For reasons I didn’t understand at the time, I wasn’t particularly interested in or popular with the boys at school or any of the guys at the tennis club where Anna and I both played. I was rarely asked out on dates and most of my spare time was spent with my girl friends.

At eighteen I was already quite tall, having almost reached my full height of one hundred and sixty eight centimetres. I had tiny, almost non-existent breasts, a small waist, flat belly and narrow hips. My butt was small and tight and there was little evidence of any feminine curves.

I liked to think of myself as athletic, but I’m sure there were times when, except for my long dark hair, I could have been mistaken for a slim teenage boy, and my androgynous appearance was occasionally the source of some ridicule and embarrassment to me at school.

Apart from being a little on the skinny side – even now I only weigh fifty-two kilograms – I thought I was quite attractive. I had the same soft brown eyes, a warm, friendly smile and great legs.

Sexually I was very naive, my only experience being with a boy from school who I dated for a few weeks. In an extraordinary lapse of common sense and good judgement, aided by an excess of Champagne at my eighteenth birthday party, we were intimate.

As it turned out he was not all that nice and I soon discovered that he was only going out with me for one thing. Unfortunately, it was too late when I realised that he only fucked me so he could have bragging rights with his mates and enhance his own reputation by being the first one to “screw that skinny, stuck up bitch”.

Skinny, yes. Stuck up and a bitch, never. Still, his words hurt, as did the stories he spread at school, including the one about me being ‘as flat as a tack and easy to nail’. A ‘carpenter’s dream’ is one of the more flattering expressions he used to describe me.

I had trusted him and given him my virginity. All he gave me in return was a broken heart and a bad reputation.

After that experience I was even less interested in any romantic involvement with guys and was confused by my increasing attraction to other girls, particularly Anna, who I often saw naked in the showers at the tennis club after we practised during the week and played our matches on Saturdays.

At Anna’s suggestion, and to be like her, I had recently taken to shaving my pubic hair. I thought my bald pussy made me look like a young, prepubescent girl, but she said she liked it that way and I was surprised by how much it excited me to please her.

For some time I had been very aware of my sexual desires which were often overwhelming. I masturbated a lot, sometimes two, three, even up to four times a day in an attempt to satisfy my need, but it wasn’t enough. I knew there must have been more to it, but I didn’t know what it was and often cried myself to sleep, weeping tears of frustration and anger into my pillow.

And now, on Anadolu Yakası Escort our camping trip the previous night with Anna had changed everything. I knew that I taken the first tentative steps on a journey of discovery, one I was sure would allow me to explore my sexuality and lead eventually to an understanding of my feelings and emotions.

Today was a new day and I was eager and excited to see where it took me. Somewhere outside a magpie was warbling, telling me it was time to get up and get on with my new life.

I opened my eyes and saw the faint glow of dawn heralding the start of a new day, even though the sun had not yet made its appearance above the horizon.

In the soft, early morning light I watched Anna as she slept next to me, unaware of my adoring gaze.

She was naked, lying on her back, her slim body stretched out on her sleeping bag. Her head was slightly to one side, her long, dark hair fanned out across the pillow. Her eyes were lightly closed, her soft, full lips parted, moist and inviting.

She was smiling as if she was dreaming of something pleasurable or someone special. I hoped she was dreaming of me.

She looked so beautiful that my heart skipped a beat, and I struggled against a burning desire to take her in my arms and wake her with a kiss to tell her that I loved her.

Like Anna, I was naked; my clothes discarded the night before and no longer required. The damp, salty morning air was invigorating and cool against my bare skin that tingled under its soft caress.

My nipples were hard and aching, not because of the cold but in response to my growing arousal as I watched Anna sleeping peacefully next to me.

I closed my eyes. Did last night really happen or was it simply a dream? I couldn’t help wondering, and I was afraid that what to me was so real possibly only existed in my mind – a fantasy, and perhaps just a product of my vivid imagination.

Slowly I opened my eyes.

Anna hadn’t moved and was still sound asleep. I turned onto my side facing her, and propped myself up on one elbow to have a better view of my sleeping beauty.

My eyes caressed her slim body and, as I absorbed every exquisite detail, my hand found its way between my legs. I sighed softly as my fingers lightly brushed my sex.

Her firm, round breasts were proudly displayed, each mound capped by a large, puffy, pink nipple that last night had been hard and pointed with desire.

The gentle valley between her breasts was smooth and her skin glowed with an even, golden hue, the absence of any tan lines evidence of the time we had already spent at the beach that summer, sunbathing topless.

As I watched her, my fingers were slowly working their magic on my weeping slit. I gently stroked my smooth, bare labia, pausing every few strokes and slipping one finger between my tender pussy lips to toy delightfully with the delicate inner folds.

Just below her breasts Anna’s ribs showed clearly beneath her taut, smooth skin. Her flat stomach, the small concave valley between her hips, the prominent mound of her mons and her shaved pubis that highlighted her smooth, full pussy lips, filling me with delight.

Aroused by Anna’s sensual beauty and my own ministrations I felt the faint signs of an approaching orgasm. It was still some way off, but my pussy was tingling, my heart was racing and my breathing uneven and ragged as my arousal increased.

A soft noise and slight movement caught my attention. I looked up and was surprised to see Anna watching me with a loving smile on her face. I had been so absorbed in pleasuring myself and so blinded by her beauty that I hadn’t noticed that she had woken up and was discreetly watching me.

She smiled as I reluctantly took my fingers from my aching slit, a little embarrassed but at the same time excited by being caught out.

“Good morning darling,” she said softly, extending a hand and placing it tenderly on my shoulder to draw me closer. “So, who’s feeling a little horny this morning?”

Before I could reply, she placed her finger under my chin, lifted my face to hers and softly pressed her sweet lips to mine.

As our lips met I knew that last night was no dream, our kiss dispelling any doubts I may have had.

“Hmmm,” I moaned softly as her tongue worked its way into my mouth.

Willingly, I received the invader, delighting as our tongues met, entwining, exploring, probing and thrusting like two swordsmen duelling, each seeking superiority over the other.

Anna broke our kiss, gently pushed me onto my back and moved to my side, her face so close to mine that I could feel her warm, sweet breath on my cheek.

I felt her hand on my breast and shivered with delight as she took my nipple between a finger and thumb. I trembled in anticipation and my nipple responded instantly to her caress, becoming hard and erect at her touch.

“Oh, Anna!” I lovingly whispered her name as she lowered her head to my breast, tracing circles around the areola Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan with her tongue. When she took my nipple between her lips and sucked it into her mouth, I closed my eyes and surrendered completely to her tender assault.

“Ah shit!” I yelped as she took my nipple between her teeth and bit me. She grinned through clenched teeth that still held my aching nipple, gently pulling and stretching it, causing waves of pain and pleasure to course through my body.

I moaned and squirmed with delight as she released my nipple from between her teeth and soothed the pain with firm strokes of her soft, warm tongue.

She lifted her head and smiled.

“You like that?” It was perhaps more a statement than a question, but I nodded and murmured my assent.

She placed two fingers in her mouth, slowly and deliberately coating them with her saliva. I was about to tell her that it wasn’t necessary, I was already wet, but before I could speak she placed a finger against my lips, leaned forward and tenderly kissed each of my eyes closed in turn.

“Hush darling,” she whispered. “Don’t say a word. I know exactly what you want. Just leave it to me.”

I gasped with delight as her cool, wet fingers touched my pussy and slid lightly over my swollen labia. At the bottom of the stroke her hand went between my legs, pressing gently, letting me know that she wanted me to open them. I complied willingly, offering myself to her completely and unconditionally.

“You really are ready for this aren’t you?” she whispered as my legs parted and she felt my wetness.

I knew she didn’t expect a reply as she already had the answer to her question from my moans.

She stroked my hot, wet slit, sliding her fingers the length of my smooth slit, repeating the motion over and over, then pausing briefly before pressing her fingers against my pussy lips. They parted for her, allowing first one, then another finger into my aching cunt.

I knew I was in paradise when she entered me and made love to me, slowly at first, then gradually building the intensity in perfect harmony with my increasing arousal.

“That’s it Catherine, fuck my fingers. Come on honey, fuck me!” She urged me on, her words inflaming my desire.

Willingly I did what she demanded, my hips thrusting to meet her strokes, trying to drive her fingers deeper, wanting to engulf them and relieve my aching need.

I felt the familiar signs of an approaching orgasm and yearned for its release, but as I teetered on the brink she stopped.

I tried in vain to keep humping her hand, desperate now to come, but she smiled at me and withdrew her fingers from my hungry cunt.

I wailed at her in protest.

“No Anna, please don’t stop! Please I need it. Please.” I could hear myself begging.

“Patience, darling,” she said, smiling as she slowly slid her fingers back inside me, probing, searching for my g-spot. I gasped when she found that special place previously known only to me.

I had spent hours alone in my bedroom exploring my body and experimenting, and I thought that no one would ever be able to give me the same pleasure that I could with my own fingers, but I was wrong. The way Anna made love to me was different and special. The delicate touch of her fingertips on my pussy and her thrusting fingers buried deep inside me was heaven – she was giving me pleasure and taking me to places I never dreamed existed.

“Anna, please. Yes!” I moaned as I approached the edge of the abyss, ready to take the plunge into oblivion.

“Yes Catherine. What is it darling?”

“Anna, please! More. That is so wonderful. You are fantastic”

Without warning, she paused; two fingers buried deep inside my cunt but not moving and another lightly and slowly circling my throbbing clit.

She knew that what she was doing was not going to make me come, but was just enough to keep me on the edge. She was delaying my orgasm, teasing me, and I loved her all the more for it.

I looked at her and I am sure she noticed a touch of desperation in my eyes.

“Anna, please.” I whimpered.

She knew what I wanted and smiled.

“Are you ready now darling?” she asked unnecessarily.

It was a rhetorical question but I answered anyway, just to make sure there was no misunderstanding.

“Fuck yes! Please make me come, Anna. Fuck me, darling!”

I was teetering on the edge of a massive orgasm and Anna did just as I asked, she fucked me. I could feel her fingers deep inside me, filling me with each thrust, withdrawing and after a tiny pause, plunging again into the depths of my very being. The fingers of her other hand were on my clit, driving me closer and closer and closer.

At that moment it seemed as though all my senses were centred on my throbbing cunt. Nothing else existed.

“Come on baby, let it go. Come for me darling.” Her words set me free, releasing me from any remaining inhibitions, and I exploded in a massive orgasm that Escort Anadolu Yakası spread out through my entire body in waves of unbelievable pleasure.

I could not breathe and my body shook uncontrollably. I felt a flood of cum run down between the crack of my arse, making wet puddle on my sleeping bag.

I was vaguely aware of a voice screaming.

“Oh fuck yes! Oh yes, please Anna. Please darling. Oh fuck, fucking yesssssssss!” The voice was so distorted with passion that I didn’t recognise it, but knew it was mine.

It was probably only a matter of seconds, but it seemed more like minutes before I started my descent from that glorious summit. My screams gradually subsided, eventually turning to muted, breathless sobs, and my heart was still racing, my breathing strained and ragged.

I looked up at my lover and she took me in her arms and held me tenderly.

I felt safe in her loving embrace and my cunt throbbed delightfully as I basked in the lingering glow of an orgasm that had drained me, leaving me completely satisfied, exhausted and spent

Anna smiled at me and kissed me gently on the lips, then without a word, stood and unzipped the door of our tent. She reached down, took my hand, pulled me to my feet and led me outside.

We stood together, naked in the dim light, the early morning sun hidden behind a thick sea mist that that shrouded us and obscured everything from view.

Anna took my hand and we walked together towards the sound of the crashing surf. It was impossible to see the shoreline, but as we walked the sound of the waves increased until suddenly we found ourselves ankle deep in surging, white, foamy water.

“Come on,” she said as she ran, dragging me into the icy cold water with her.

I gasped and shrieked as the freezing water engulfed my hot, tingling pussy, then I tripped in an unseen hole and fell headlong, pulling Anna with me under a crashing wave.

We both surfaced, spluttering and laughing, invigorated by our salty, early morning dip. I stood waist deep in the icy water and drew Anna to me, kissing her soft, salty lips. As I pulled her close and held her in my arms I felt her hard nipples against my breast and ached to make love to her again.

“Come on Anna. Let’s go back to the tent. I want to make love to you now.”

Up until now Anna had been the instigator and had initiated everything that had happened between us. I was shocked by my own forwardness and I think she was surprised and delighted by my words.

I took her by the hand and we ran back to our tent, now just visible through the mist that was thinning as the rays of the sun penetrated and warmed the early morning air.

As we ran I saw a young couple out walking with their dog on the beach. They stopped and stared, surprised at the unexpected sight of two naked girls running from the surf, up the beach towards the small blue tent at the edge of the sand.

We both laughed, enjoying our youth and our freedom. I was still aroused from our lovemaking, stimulated by being seen naked on a public beach and excited by the prospect of what was to come.

I ducked inside our tent, pulling Anna after me, zipped up the flap and led her to our bed. We knelt together in a tender embrace and kissed a long, slow, lovers’ kiss that didn’t end until we were both lying together, panting with desire.

It was my first time, and I made love to Anna with enthusiasm if not expertise. I explored every part of her beautiful body, encouraged when she responded to my touch with small shudders and soft moans.

I caressed her smooth bald pussy, recalling what I liked to do to myself, repeating it on her, hoping that she would find it arousing. I was rewarded with smiles and moans.

With my fingers, wet and sticky from her juices, I made small circles around her clit, already standing out from its hood, hard demanding attention. I knew not to touch it directly yet.

I wanted to tease her just the way I often tease myself until the sensation becomes too much to bear, hoping I would make her want me as I had wanted her so desperately just a few minutes before.

She moaned and squirmed with pleasure at my touch.

Confident now, I slid my fingers along the wet smooth length of her slit then slipped one finger gently between her labia, entering her for the first time, feeling the smooth, velvety texture and coating my fingers with her juices.

Suddenly I felt Anna’s hand on mine, taking it, directing it to do her bidding. She looked at me and smiled.

“Now, Catherine! Now!”

She took my fingers and pressed them directly on her clit, urging them back and forth in short firm strokes. I could feel her hard nub under my fingers and saw her body tense as her orgasm approached.

She was gently biting her bottom lip, and her face was beautifully contorted in a mixture of concentration and ecstasy as I frigged her clit, pushing her inexorably towards her climax.

She grabbed my other hand and pressed it to her pussy lips. No words were needed to tell me what she wanted.

I thrust two fingers deep inside her cunt and felt the burning heat of her desire, gasping in surprise as the muscles of her vagina gripped my fingers and squeezed.

Her body tensed. She briefly opened her eyes and smiled, then her whole body started to shake as her orgasm hit.

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