Camping with the Twins

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All Characters are 18 or Older

Chapter 1

Sarah sighed as they turned the corner down the tree-lined road to the campground. Splayed out in the clearing at the end of the road were cars of all sizes and makes, members of her family milling about as they unpacked. This was the first family reunion she had attended since the divorce, and the last with her boys before they went off to college.

Her twins were both asleep. Cameron was in the front passenger seat, his head lolling with the bumps in the road. Timothy was curled up in the back next to a pile of camping gear. The car felt empty without her ex-husband, but at the same time more bearable. The divorce had been bitter and a long time coming. Still, she did not relish facing her extended family, who would likely view the divorce as a failing on her part.

She had already gotten a few comments of the like from her mother, who had wondered, allowed, if the few pounds she had gained over the years had contributed. Her mom was, and always had been, a bitch about that kind of stuff, but it stung extra now. She had gained a little weight since her younger days, but what woman in her forties had not? She was still angry over the comments.

“Are you alright, mom,” Cameron said. He shook his head to wake up fully as she pulled to a stop.

“Yeah, just pissed, Cam,” she admitted. She hid nothing from her boys.

“At your mom our your sister?” he asked, familiar with the way she had been treated. He was angry at their family for the way they sided with his dad. His dad, who according to Cam, was the biggest asshole on the planet.

“Mom, for now. I’m sure Susie will have something shitty to say to me as well.”

“Let it go,” Cam said. “We’re here to have fun. Or at least to pretend to long enough to leave in a few days.”

“Besides,” Tim said, also now awake, “grandma’s way off base. The youth today would call you thick, with several c’s,” he joked.

“So thick,” Cam said for emphasis. “It’s in these days, mom. You’re what they call a MILF. A mom I’d like to…”

“I know what it means,” she said, laughing. “You two always cheer me up, even if you’re both littler pervs. Come on, let’s set up our tent.

It was late July, and the heat of the early evening made setting up hard work. By the end, they were all tired and hot. While various uncles grilled hot dogs and drank beers, the twins mingled with their cousins and Sarah smiled through backhanded comments. After half an hour of faux-pleasantries she needed to get away. It was still hot, and the lake looked cool and inviting. She dipped into their tent, unpacking her swimsuit. She had packed two of them, and settled on the one-piece. It hid more, and wanted to avoid comments about her weight. She stripped naked, wrestling herself into the swimsuit. She was glad there were no mirrors, she didn’t want to see herself at the moment; she felt terrible as it was.

She emerged from the tent, a rolled towel under her arm, and marched toward the lake. Her mother said something to her but she ignored it, and soon slipped into the warm water, swimming away from the shore. She had dreaded this trip, but was determined to find moments of joy where she could. In the time since her husband left her, she had cycled through feelings of shock, pain, rage, and now acceptance. She was better off without him, but that did not stop her overly critical family from making comments. She was glad the boys were with her. They had stood by her every second. Now that they were eighteen, they had severed ties with their dad, and refused to visit him and his new, much younger wife; they refused to call her their stepmom, which always made Sarah glad.

She looked toward the shore and saw her boys swimming out toward her. She could barely touch, but when they arrived they were able to stand freely while she treaded.

“Having a good time?” Cameron asked.

“Not really, you?” she said.

“Not really,” he admitted.

“Let’s try and look at the positives,” Tim said. “We get to spend some time together, outdoors. Some of the extended family is pretty nice. We just have to avoid your mom and aunt Susie.”

“Easy peasy,” she said with a laugh.

“I thought you’d go with the bikini,” Cam said casually.

“If I have to listen to my mom tell me how much bigger my ass is, I’m going to lose it,” she said.

“Aw, come off it, mom,” Cam said. “We like your ass.”

“Yeah,” Tim chimed in. “You look great.”

“You two are always trying to cheer me up,” she said. “Thank you.”

“It’s true,” Tim said. “You just got a little curvier. I mean, if you gained some weight, it’s where it counts.”

She blushed. They had always spoken openly, something her husband always hated. “Yeah? Your friends think so?”

“We have a standing request to get naked pictures of you and sell them to them.”

“Gross!” she said, laughing.

“I didn’t say we were going to,” Tim said. “I’m just saying our friends all think you’ve got it going porno on.”

“You are too sweet,” she said.

“Well, if you ever want to pose for us, we’d make a fortune,” Cam joked.

“Hah, if I ever let you see me naked, I would not let you share that with your pervert friends.”

She enjoyed the look of surprise on their face. They always joked around like this, openly talking about whatever subject came to mind. Still, their comments made her blush and, while she couldn’t articulate how, feel better.

“Well, thank you both for cheering me up.” She swam toward the shore, grabbing her towel and drying her hair.

Cameron and Tim watched her ass sway the entire way to the campground.

Sarah ate dinner, with her boys, sitting on a low bench near the fire. She had changed into khaki shorts and a large t-shirt. The heat from the fire felt good but also amplified the heat of the day. Soon she longed for a cool breeze. Finally, as the sun set the air temperate broke and moderately cool air crept in. She left the fire, heading for the tent. It was a large sleeper, which ample space for their bags. The boys had set up a foam mattress and sleeping bags, a single bed for the three of them. She didn’t mind, having them nearby felt good. She peeled off her clothes, putting on thin cotton shorts and a talk top. She opted out of sheets given the temperature, and settled in to sleep.

The twins came in later. She was half asleep, and didn’t move or speak as they entered. She heard them changing, but in the darkness she was only aware of them when they crawled onto the mattress on either side of her. She could feel their body heat, and soon the tent was warm. She shifted on her side, trying to get comfortable while trying not to disturb them. As she did, she arched her back, trying to stretch. The bed was small for the three of them, queen sized, and as she stretched she bumped into one of her sons. Such collisions were common sharing a tent and a mattress, but this time was different.

Her son was rock hard.

She froze, registering his erection pressed against her soft ass. He didn’t move or react. Perhaps, she thought, he was asleep. She lingered, longer than she should have, feeling his swollen manhood pressed against her. While she knew this was her son, and pressing against him like this was wrong, a hard cock was a hard cock. It has been so long since she had felt a man’s hard member against her. What was the harm in lingering for a minute?

Tim had frozen when his mom suddenly pressed her ass against him. They had bumped into each other before, but this time he was hard, his dick pulsing with energy. He had gotten hard thinking about his mom’s ass, which he knew was wrong. But he could not help himself, he reasoned. His mom’s round ass had been a topic of conversation. She was still small waisted, her weight gain had mostly gone to her ass, which had just gotten rounder and bigger. His friends fixated on in, and he had to admit they were right. As she pressed close to him his dick got harder, until it was fully erect, pulsing with his heart beat. Maddeningly, she did not move. He wanted her to go, yet longed for the contact.

Sarah felt him stiffen further, felt the heat of his arousal through their clothing. She told herself to move away, yet found her body unwilling. Time seemed to slow down. Had she pressed against him for seconds, or minutes? All she knew in that moment was that her own body was responding. She felt warm, flush all over, her heart rate elevated. Slowly, aching to stay, she shifted her body an inch away, breaking contact with him. She immediately felt his absence, but told herself it was an accident, and that it was best forget it happened. Maybe he was asleep, she reasoned, dreaming about some girl.

Still, she slowly slid her hand under the waistband of her thin shorts, and ran a finger across her panties. They were soaking wet.

Chapter 2

Sarah woke early, the sun diffusely lighting up the tent. The tent windows were zipped up, but a single skylight was unzipped and let in the early dawn light. She stretched, surprised by how soundly she had slept. Their tent was away from the cluster of tents from the rest of the family, and they had some quiet. She was on her side, facing Tim. He lay on his back, sound asleep, his mouth slightly open and his chest rising and falling. Her eyes traced his muscular frame, her eyes eventually settling on the bulge in his shorts. Like most men, he had an early-morning erection. Normally her eyes would have passed over it, filtering the information out before it reached her consciousness. But having had it pressed against her last night, she registered it for what it was.

She looked at the stiff member straining against the fabric. She sat up slowly, looking at Cameron. Like his brother he was hard, his dick pitching a comical tent in his shorts. She wondered if they were identical down there as well.

She shook her head in an attempt to clear it. She was porno invading their privacy, and staring at something she should not. Quietly and deftly she slid off the mattress, slipping off her thin shorts and putting on the khaki shorts she had worn before. She rummaged through her backpack, and quietly exited the tent, zipping it behind her.

She needed some privacy. She has surprised herself with her arousal the night before, and sometimes a girl needs to get off. It had been a while, even by herself, and she felt her body responding in that familiar way. She jogged lightly to their car, and started the engine. She was thankful for the hybrid engine’s electric motor as she silent crept out of the campground, leaving her boys and the entire family behind her.

She drove a few miles down the road. It was early and everything was deserted. She pulled off the main road into a copse of trees. Checking to see she was well hidden, she leaned the seat back until she was out of sight. She threw one leg over the center console, spreading herself wide, and unzipped her shorts.

Her hand slid under her panties, over the neatly trimmed blonde pubic hair her husband had detested, and over her slippery labia. She was surprised by how wet she had been when she woke. Had she been dreaming? Her fingers slid up and down, feeling how wet she had become. She decided not to think about why she had gotten so aroused. Right now, she needed to come.

In a motion practiced for decades, her fingers circled firmly and quickly around and to the left of her clit. Touching it was too intense, and this nearly proximity was enough. She worked feverishly, panting, aware that she was rubbing herself off in the middle of a forest in her car.

Tim’s hard cock popped into her mind. She thought of it pressing against her. Why had he been hard, and what was going through his mind? Was he awake? If he was, he must have just thought it was an accident. Had he been startled, mortified, or turned on? The latter thought got her fingers going faster, and she spread her legs wider, enjoying the cramped conditions of the car. Alone, far from anyone else, she cried out as she felt an orgasm building. She rubbed faster, bucking her hips in her seat, feeling her body tense up and then release in powerful spasms. The car rocked gently, the windows foggy from her body heat. She rubbed harder, crying out in a climax that blurred her vision.

She pulled her hand away, panting. Breaking contact sent electricity through her as her orgasm continued to wash over her like a tidal wave. She arched her back and thrashed about, enjoying the privacy to truly experience an orgasm without fear of waking her sons. For too long she had stifled her pleasure, enjoying muted climaxes by herself. Now, as her orgasm faded, her fingers slid down her stomach and over her damp pubic hair. Just one more, she thought, since she was already out here by herself.

Sarah’s free hand gently played with her tits as she rubbed herself fiercely. While rubbing herself off was highly pleasurable, she missed a stiff cock inside her. Subconsciously her left hand slid downward, her fingers entering her as she kept rubbing herself. She came quickly, more intensely than before, her pussy clamping down on her fingers as she cried out loudly, the surrounding trees her only witnesses.

She ground her ass in the seat and sighed as her orgasm faded. She lay there for a while, legs spread, pussy dripping, her heart beat slowing. She could have stayed there all day, pleasuring herself, but one look at the clock and she reluctantly zipped her shorts and drove silently to the campsite, thoughts of Tim’s hard member still in her head.

The morning fog burned off quickly. The boys were still asleep when she returned, and she made breakfast and greeted some of her extended family as they emerged from their tents. Her sons were still asleep at ten o’clock and she entered the tent with a flourish. She noted with a slight wistfulness that their erections had subsided in their sleep.

“Wake up, you guys,” she said. “I made a stack of pancakes out on the picnic table.”

There was general groaning as they sat up. In the meantime, she didn’t know if it was coming hard earlier, or something else, but she was feeling playful. “I’m going to change into a bathing suit, it’s going to be hot and I’m going to swim a lot. So either turn around or close your eyes.”

“Mom, can’t you wait until we’re out of the tent?” Cameron asked, putting on his glasses.

“Sure, but I’m not going to,” she said, and unzipped her shorts. Cameron sighed and turned around, while Tim merely made a show of closing his eyes. She looked at him for a second and unzipped her shorts, squirming out of them and her panties in one motion. She peeled off her tank top, and pulled out the bikini from her bag. She waiting a moment before putting it on. She wondered if Tim’s eyes were fully closed, or if he snuck a glimpse of her when she was naked.

“Okay, I’m türk porno done,” she said. The boys went about getting ready and she left them in the tent. She had not felt that giddy in a long time.

They spent the day canoeing, Sarah and the twins sharing a canoe as the whole family explored the lake shore. Sarah enjoyed the heat, laying out in the canoe for part of the trip while the boys rowed. It might have been her imagination, but a few times she caught both boys looking at her. She adjusted her bikini, showing a little more of her tits and hiking her bikini bottom, wedging it slightly into her pussy. She hoped the boys got an eyeful.

“It looks like everyone is heading back,” Tim said, indicating the convoy of canoes that was breaking off. In total there were eight of them, glinting in the sun as they cut across the water.

“You feel like going back?” Cameron asked.

“I’m fine out here, it’s up to you guys,” Sarah said. She was laying back, sunning herself.

“Let’s keep going, we’ll meet them for dinner,” Cam said, continuing to steer to the far shore. After some time Sarah slowly spread her legs, stretching.

“Do you guys want me to help paddle?” she asked, her eyes shielded from the sun by a straw hat.

“Nah, I’m good,” Cameron said.

“Me, too,” Tim agreed.

“Well, then I might as well sit up and enjoy the view,” she said. She sat up and hopped onto the middle seat, taking in the sights.

They paddled further until they reached a small clearing in the reeds. She directed them to the shore, and once they reached the silty bottom, grinding to a halt, she stepped out of the canoe.

“I’m going to get into the water to cool off a bit,” she explained. She waded in until she was chest deep, then swam around leisurely. The boys joined her after a few minutes, using the lake to cool down.

“Didn’t feel like hanging out with family?” Cam asked when they reached her.

“I don’t know why we came on this trip,” she admitted. “I had to listen to my mom tell me this morning that if I lost a few pounds, I could get a new man.”

“That’s awful,” Tim said. “Grandma is kind of a jerk.”

“Kind of is an understatement,” Cameron added. Cam’s blue eyes sparkled behind his black framed glasses. Tim always wore contacts, one of the few ways most people could tell them apart. Sarah knew that each boy’s part in his hair was different, and there were slight differences in their jawlines. They were both handsome men, and she was proud of who they had grown up to be.

“You two are the best, you know that? And screw my mom. I don’t care how I look.”

“Mom, you look great,” Tim said. She raised an eyebrow, wondering how much of an eyeful he had gotten earlier.

“You think so?” she said.

“Of course,” he said. “I mean, you’d have to be blind to miss it.”

“Like we said, all our friends think so,” Cam added.

“Yeah, but what about you two? Can you objectively say your mom is attractive?” She asked, afraid of their answers.

“Well, I’ll go first,” Cam said, taking the lead. “Like we said, you’ve got all the right assets. Plus you’re still pretty fit.”

“Yeah, definitely,” Tim said. “I’d say you’re definitely still hot.”

She blushed.

“Thank you both for the compliments. You two keep me from feeling too old.”

“I mean, you’ve got a great ass,” Tim said.

“And nice tits,” Cam ventured.

“Okay, okay, I get it,” she said, blushing. But she was secretly pleased and long to hear more.

Shall we head back?” Cam asked, sensing the silence that was about wash over them.

“Sure,” she said, but as she swam she bumped past Cam. It was a brief collision, her thigh with his hard dick. She pretended as if she didn’t notice, and exited the water. She watched both of her sons awkwardly adjust their bathing suits as they exited the water, their erections revealing themselves as the fabric clung tight to their bodies. She grinned, stepping into the canoe with flushed cheeks.

The evening grew hot, and as the sun set the air was warm and stifled. Sarah excused herself from the campfire early, followed shortly by her sons. She was opening screened sunroof windows, turning on a small fan powered by a solar battery. It would give them a few hours of runtime before needing to recharge in the sun tomorrow. Still, it was better than nothing.

“If I wasn’t worried about animals, I’d leave the tent door open,” Tim said as he entered behind his brother. Both took off their shirts.

“I don’t know about you guys,” she said, eyeing their muscular chests. “But I’m going to sleep with as little on as possible.”

“In front of your sons?” Cam asked in a mocking tone.

“Ha ha, you said I have a nice ass,” she retorted sarcastically. “Turn around, guys.”

They did ask she asked, and she slipped out of her shorts and slid on a thin tank top. She let them turn around, noticing their eyes lingering on her tits. They were still perky, despite gravity’s nonstop assault. The tank top was tight, and the thin fabric was practically see-through in the dim tent lighting. She felt warm inside, and it had nothing to do with the heat of the evening. She decided to have a little fun.

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