Can A Straight Boy Be Turned Ch. 02

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Friday March 13th

A week had passed since my weird encounter with Joe in the bathroom at Bell’Amorehad taken place. I was still thinking about the handjob I did. I couldn’t seem to get it out of my head. One part of me was furious and angry and I wanted to kick myself for doing a thing like that. The other part was really confused and got excited even thinking about it.

Last thing Joe said to me was “I’ll be here next Friday, just so you know”. Those words have been haunting me ever since. I’m scared I’ll meet him again and also afraid he’ll mention what I did to somebody I know.

I’m home alone and lying in my bed upstairs when my phone rings. I notice that the clock is 5:12 p.m. as I picked up the phone and saw that Joshua was calling.

“Hi man!” I answered.

“Hello, how’s it hangin’?” Joshua replied sounding glad.

“Well nothing special, I’m home right now”

“Wanna go to Bell’Amore tonight?”

I froze when he asked me that. If I go, I’m sure to bump into Joe. Hell no, I don’t wanna see him! Somehow I got an image of his cock in my mind; I wonder how it would feel to touch it again. What the fuck. Stop thinking like that, God damn. I screamed at myself in my mind.

“I think I got the flu” I suddenly told Joshua. It was a quick excuse for not going to Bell’Amore tonight.

“Oh damn. Nick’s gonna be with his family at their lake house this whole weekend, so I’ll probably stay home then too.” I could hear the disappointment in Joshua’s voice.

“Maybe we could go tomorrow if I’m feeling better?!”

“Ok. Well you call me if you’re up to it?!”

“Sure thing, bye!”


Later that evening I had a weird feeling in my stomach. A small part of me wished that I would have gone to Bell’Amore tonight. What would have happened if I had seen Joe there?

My mind really started to bother me with all these weird thoughts, and I tried to force myself to think of something else.

Tomorrow I’m gonna call Joshua and go to a bar with him and pick up some hot chicks!

Saturday March 14th

I had called Joshua earlier today and invited him over. My parents were visiting my uncle Terry so I had the house all by myself the whole weekend.

The clock was 9:53 p.m. and Joshua and me were out of beer and were planning on going somewhere.

“Should we call a cab or walk?” Joshua asked.

“Maybe we should walk; such a warm night too.”

“Yeah you’re right. So were should we go?”

“How ’bout Willie’s? I haven’t been there in a while” I suggested. Willie’s was a small and cozy pub with only 6 tables. I didn’t want to suggest Bell’Amore as I was scared of what I might find at that place.

“Oh wait! I know where we’re going. Bell’Amore! They have happy hour today from 10 to 12.” Joshua said sounding excited.

“Oh that’s right”. I’ve never turned down a happy hour before. How could I do it now? That would sound suspicious and weird coming from my mouth. Joe can’t be there tonight again; he was there yesterday?!

“Fine, but after happy hour we go to Willies?” I said just so I don’t have to be at Bell’Amore for too long, if someone in particular shows up.

“Okay, let’s go”.

At 10:15 p.m. we arrived at Bell’Amore.

As I walked in through the door I started to cold sweat almost immediately. My eyes were rolling in my head as I looking for Joe. I begged to whatever God that was listening that he wouldn’t be here. He was nowhere to be found I confirmed as I ordered two beers for myself, unless he’s in the bathroom again? We sat down in a sofa at the corner. I had a perfect view at the bathroom so I could see everyone that came out from there.

Almost an hour had passed and I started to feel like myself again as I was sure Joe wasn’t at Bell’Amore tonight. Joshua had found a girl from the dancefloor he was talking to. He and the girl had a serious thing going on. They had moved to the table 10 feet from me just to get some privacy. I was sitting alone and staring down in my beer glass most of the time.

A few minutes before happy hour was about to end Joe walks in to the bar. Could sweats were immediately back and I didn’t know what to think. I felt like I couldn’t move. It didn’t take long until Joe noticed me while standing at the bar. I looked away the second he laid eyes on me.

A part of me wanted to run away and hide while the other wanted to wait and see what’ll happen. This time again the more curious part of me won.

At the corner of my eye I noticed that Joe was walking in my direction. I could feel my heart beating faster for every step he took. He was now right by my side and I was still looking away. He didn’t say a word while he placed his drink right next to my beer. Then he sat down beside me in the sofa.

“I knew you’d come back” Joe said with a pleasing voice.

“Shut up. It was my friend’s idea to come here!” I tried to sound serious.

“Is that your friend you’re with?” Joe asked calmly while pointing at Joshua.

“Yes” I answered quickly while Sakarya Escort still feeling frozen in my whole body.

“He looks like he’s having a good time. You on the other hand look quiet bored.”

“I’m fine.”

“Yes you are” He said with a pervy voice.

A few seconds of silence went on as I still was too scared to look at Joe and took a sip from my beer.

“I want to apologize for my behavior the last time. What I made you do wasn’t exactly fair.”

“No it wasn’t”. The apology came as a total surprise to me. But then again that one part of me still thought it was fair what he made me do.

“I’d like to make it up to you.” Joe whispered in my ear.

“How?” I asked curiously while I turned my head and finally had the balls to look at him.

“I don’t know yet, but we’ll figure something out.” Joe said with a smirk.

“I see you’ve met a friend?!” Joshua asked as he was standing across the table while holding the girls hand.

“Yeah, this is Joe, Joe this is Joshua” I introduced them as they shook hands.

“Me and Cindy are gonna go to Dolphin’s, wanna join?” Joshua said with a laid back tone. Dolphin’s is a discotheque nearby. He asked just to be polite I’m sure. I know he doesn’t want me to join as he probably wanna spend some time alone with that hot chick.

“Weren’t we supposed to go to Willie’s?” I said, as I was more concerned to be here left alone with Joe.

“Maybe another time!?” Joshua replied quickly looking into Cindy’s eyes.

“Nah, I think we’ll pass. Me and Michael are in a middle of something, but maybe we’ll join you later?” Joe suddenly replied.

“Sure, fine. Ya’ll know where to find us, bye!” Joshua answered quickly while already started to move towards the entrance of the bar.

“Bye”. Joe replied.

Why to fuck couldn’t I open my mouth. I let Joe make a decision for me. A minute passed and I just sat there quiet trying to find an excuse so I could leave.

“I’m gonna go outside for a smoke”. I told Joe hoping I could just leave the place and leave him here. At least a part of me wanted to do that.

“Sure, I’ll join you” Joe replied. And there goes my escape plan.

We headed out from Bell’Amore. It was windy as hell outside so I walked towards the corner of Bell’Amore to light my cigarette.

I walked around the corner and was about to light my cigarette in the darkened alley until Joe suddenly spoke up.

“Before you light that cigarette I’m gonna make it up to you what I did last week”

“What’s that?” I asked surprised while I put the cigarette back into the pack.

“Follow me”

Joe started walking to the back side of the bar where the alley got darker by each step. Without even questioning him I started following him. Maybe he’s giving me money or something as compensation? Well why the hell would it be in a dark alley? I was scared but also excited at the same time. He turned left behind the corner of Bell’Amore and was gone for a few seconds. As I came around the corner I saw Joe just standing a few feet from me. The surroundings were dark and shady. I just saw dumpsters, brick walls and squared metal fences.

“This is a good place for some privacy, do you agree Michael?”

“Mmm, I guess?!” I replied nervously.

“I’m gonna make it up to you, and you’re gonna like it” He whispered while walking towards me.

I froze. I just stood still and had no idea what was gonna happen.

“It’s fine, let’s just forget about it. I’ll have to go inside now” I said with a shaky voice.

Just as I was about to turn around Joe grabbed my shoulders looking right down into my eyes as he was 6 inches taller than me.

“Turn around” Joe whispered calmly.

“I really have to go” I said while he turned me around 180 degrees. I just saw a metal fence in front of me. A second later I felt his hands on my hips.

“Put your hands against the fence” he sounded commanding.

“Please, I don’t want to” I said trying to move away from him without any success.

“Do as I say!” Joe said with whispering but demanding voice.

I obeyed. I put my hands on the metal fence and grabbed the small squares on it. What the hell does he want from me? I was scared and curious at the same time and the felt confusing.

“Good” He said as he came up right behind me and I could feel his crotch against my lower back..

I tried to move around but it was pointless. He was having a firm grip around my hips. He then moved his hands smoothly on my stomach and his right hand slid down.

“What the fuck are you doing, stop it”. I don’t think I sounded that convincing while I said it. I had my inner demons fighting. One of them wanted to turn around a punch him in the face while the other wanted to obey him and see where it goes.

“Shhh, be quiet.” He whispered as he placed his right hand right between my legs.

“What do we have here?” He asked while rubbing it.

“Please don’t” I begged again while I accidently moaned. I was fighting myself but it felt so good when Adapazarı Escort his hands were all over me and I could feel him breathing in my neck with his body against mine. I felt my dick growing in my pants against my will.

“I’m gonna do you the same favour you did me” He said as he unzipped my pants.

“No, I don’t want to” As I said it, it sounded like a lie.

I had my eyes shut and tried to be quiet. I didn’t want to reveal for him that I’ve started to enjoy it. It took only seconds and I felt his hand around my dick. He had pulled my pants down just enough so my balls where hanging out.

“Oh yeah. Seems like you’re enjoying this.”

I shook my head. I still didn’t want to reveal that I was enjoying it. But it somehow felt pointless as I had a rock hard cock by now.

He was jerking me off and it felt so good. I started to get to a point where keeping those moans out was impossible.

“That’s it boy. You like this very much don’t you?”

I had a hard time concentrating on what was asked of me as I was enjoying the moment.

“Hey, I asked you a question!” He asked with an angrier voice as he grabbed my throat with his left hand.

I just nodded. If I’d open my mouth I’d probably let out some moans.

“Damn, you’re really hard. I bet you’re gonna cum for me aren’t you.”

Took a few seconds until I nodded again, my reaction was pretty slow at this point as it felt like I was in a trance. I knew I would soon cum big time. It felt so good having his left hand holding my throat firmly while the other was jerking me off. He was in total control.

Suddenly he stopped jerking me and just held my penis in his hand firmly. I accidently opened my mouth and moaned out loud.

Joe: “Shhhh… you have to be quiet. You want me to continue, don’t you?”

Me: “Mmmm” I moaned and nodded. And I realized that I was making small movements back and forth so his hand could jerk me off.

“That’s a good boy. Are you gonna spray that cum all over this wall?” He asked as he started jerking me off again slowly.

Me: “Yes” I suddenly replied out in my own voice while moaning at the same time. I had no sense of the surroundings as all my focus was on pleasure. I wouldn’t probably have noticed if a stranger would have caught us by now.

A half minute later he was seriously jerking me off and I was about to cum. Joe noticed this and switched from holding my throat to my mouth. He probably guessed that I wouldn’t be able to be quiet when I come. He was probably right.

Me: “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmm mmm” I screamed into Joe’s hand as I started cuming.

Joe: “That’s it boy, cum for me” He whispered into my ear while I came.

Joe had a firm grip around my dick as I came. My dick was shooting loads of cum on the wall. It felt so incredibly good. One of my most powerful orgasms I’ve experienced.

The orgasm was fading off and I felt shaky and weak. It was such a satisfying feeling.

“Oh yeah, that was one hell of a load you shot there.” He said as he slowly jerked off my last drops of cum. He then released my mouth.

All of a sudden he released my dick and put two fingers in my mouth. I didn’t object as I was still under his spell. Without even thinking about it I sucked the fingers he put in my mouth. I came to realized that I was sucking my own cum off his fingers.

It didn’t take long until I came to my senses and took his right hand and moved it away from my mouth. Somehow I now got back to reality and realized what had just happened. This was the first time I felt like I had done something gay. I started to regret the whole thing and pulled up my pants and zipped up.

“What’s the rush?” He asked calmly with a satisfying look.

I didn’t answer as I felt angry at myself. I tucked my shirt back into my pants and turned around and started walking away from the alley.

“Hey! Wait…” I could hear Joe say behind me.

I still didn’t answer as I walked away. It didn’t take long until he took me by my shoulder and turned me around.

Suddenly I felt a slap. A similar slap as I felt last week in the bathroom of Bell’Amore.

“You do not walk away from me, got it?”

“Yes” I replied with a shaky voice. I sounded and probably looked afraid too in Joe’s eyes. But I wasn’t. I somehow got a satisfaction being order what to do, and that thought scared me.

“We’re gonna go back inside and I’ll buy us a drink. Now, c’mon.” He said waving at me as he had already started walking towards the bar.

“Yes sir” I replied with a weak voice.

We went back inside and Joe had ordered us a few shots. The table we were sitting at before was occupied.

We sat down at the back of the bar in a corner sofa. There was a lot of privacy there as most of the customers sat at the front side of the bar.

I started to feel drunk after the two shots Joe had bought me, and that made me more relaxed in this situation. It didn’t take long and I felt Joe’s hand on my lap. He was slowly caressing it. I gathered some guts and Serdivan Escort took his hand and moved it away. He couldn’t slap me in a bar could he?

“Let’s go to a motel nearby!?” He whispered in my ear.

“No way! Don’t you get it. I’m not fucking gay.” I said with some more volume.

“So they all say. Don’t you remember how good you felt a while ago?”

“Shut up. I don’t ever wanna see or talk to you again” I said with an angry voice as I stood up from the sofa. My inner demons where fighting and a part of me just wanted to run away.

“Sit down” He said as he took my hand and dragged me back down to the sofa.

“Why’s that?”

“I don’t need a reason for it. I’m gonna go now, and you do not ever speak to me again if you see me! Got it?” I threatened him.

“Only if you do one more thing, then I can promise to leave you alone.” He answered calmly.

“No! I won’t do anything anymore”

“Oh yes you will. One more thing then I’ll promise I won’t talk to you if I see you!”

“Now what the fuck is it?” I asked still sounding a bit angry. I somehow believed him when he said he will leave me alone.

“I got so horny out there while jerking you off so I want some relief too. I want you to suck my cock”

“No, no no. No fucking way” I got surprised at the suggestion because it horrified me. So I panicked and got up from the sofa. But without any luck getting away, he dragged me down again.

“Okay, calm down! You have to do something for me! Or else I can’t leave you alone. Would it be so bad sucking my cock?”

“I won’t do that! Never!” I couldn’t image sucking another man’s cock. Jerking him off last time was already too much.

“Fine. I’ll give you two choices. First: You either suck my cuck and I won’t cum in your mouth. Second: I’ll jerk off and cum in your mouth.”

“No, what the fuck man. I won’t do wanna do any of those!” Thinking of those two choices made me a little bit excited, but I didn’t want to acknowledge that.

“Now you listen to me. You gotta choose one of those or I won’t leave you alone.”

I put my face into my palms as I was thinking of what I should do. Sucking another man’s cock, no way I could do that? I’ve never even thought about that. I had already got a small taste of my own cum. So a bigger load of his cum in my mouth couldn’t be that bad could it? Both alternatives are still disgusting.

After two minutes of thinking I suddenly said:

“Fine” with a disappointing voice.

“Good! What will it be?”

“The second choice”

“You want me to cum in your mouth?”

I didn’t reply immediately but then I remember that he’ll probably get angry if I don’t answer him so I said “Yes”.

“What? I need you to say it” he said as he came closer to me.

“I want you to cum in my mouth” I whispered. I got a little bit aroused as I heard myself saying that.

What the hell am I doing!? How on earth did I get into a situation like this? Got jerked off and now I’m about the swallow another man’s cum! It’s really disgusting, why is my dick getting harder I cried inside?!

“Okay. After this drink, go to the same toilet stall you were in last week, and wait for me to knock.”

After the drink I didn’t say a word to Joe. I got up from the sofa and walked to the bathroom. I couldn’t think about anything else than the cum I was soon gonna taste. It disgusted me and excited me at the same time. I was so confused.

Inside the bathroom I walked to the last stall. It was empty, so I went in locked the door and sat down on the toilet. I could hear that one of the stalls was occupied as someone was peeing loudly. A few seconds later I hear the bathroom door come up. It was probably Joe.

The loud peeing guy flushed and walked right out of the bathroom I heard. It only took a few seconds and I could hear a couple of quiet knocks on my stall door. I opened it and Joe enters the toilet stall.

He locks the door and reaches for my hands. He places them on his belt.

“No” I whispered. That wasn’t a part of the deal, was it? He probably indicates that I open up his pants.

“Shhh”. He told me to quiet up as he took my hands again and placed them on his belt.

It felt useless to take them away again so I started opening his belt. After the belt I went for the button on the jeans and then the zipper. Joe then slowly dragged his jeans down and I noticed a bulge in his black underwear. At the same time we both heard someone come in the the bathroom and walked into a toilet stall.

Joe dragged slowly his underpants down a bit so his cock popped out and his balls. There it was again. The big half erect cock in front of me. This time I wasn’t as nervous as last time as I knew how it looked and what was happening.

Suddenly he took my hand and placed it on his cock. Only for a brief moment and I hesitated and took it back. I shook my head at him. Why did he do that? It wasn’t the a part of the deal!. He was just gonna cum in my mouth and that was it.

Only took a second and he took a more firm grip of my hand and took it to his cock. He now held my wrist tightly so I couldn’t move my hand much. There was nothing else I could do or think of doing so I grabbed his cock. A hand job isn’t really that bad so I thought what the hell as I started slowly jerking him off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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