Candy , Buddy’s Romance Ch. 5

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Candy and Buddy rush back to his place, the sun about the set.

They hurl their clothes off and jump into the refreshing water naked. At first, they played around and splashed each other. But not for long. They madly swam towards each other like two mad dogs in heat, and started making out like crazy.

Buddy moved his hands all over her body, feeling, once again, the smoothness of her body in the cool water. He makes love to her nipples, sucking each one slowly but ravenously.

Candy then slips down, beneath the water, and finds his erect cock, floating in the water.

She takes a deep breath and enwraps her mouth around his wide cock. Buddy instantly feels the pleasure of the cool water fighting the hot, sucking mouth of the girl going down on him. He can’t stand it.

Finally, Candy Eskort Bayan comes out of the water for air, and flips her wet, long, dark hair back behind her. Buddy gets more aroused just seeing her do that. “God, her long hair looks so dam sexy,” he thinks to himself.

Buddy grips her sides, and picks her up gently, carrying her towards the stairs at the shallow end of the pool. He sits down on the second stair, and has Candy sit on his lap, facing him. His dick is inside of her and she can already tell what’s going to happen next.

He immediately starts penetrating her (it was a long, hot car ride).

And the water helps uplift them move in the upward motion.

Candy feels his throbbing cock slamming the inside of her, and she gets more turned on by his bated breath.

She wonders if it’s the pool water or her own body, but she feels a lot of liquid inside of her vagina. Feeling this amazing cock slammed up inside her is beginning to overwhelm her. Her lips wander the face of the stallion sitting right in front of her. She rides him like a cowboy, until they both can’t stand it. They quickly get each other off. The water was a great aphrodisiac.

After they are done, Buddy holds Candy in her arms, her back facing him, and they sit there in a reclined position, watching the rest of the sun set.

Candy said after a moment of silence, “You know, I can really get used to this,” with a smile.

Hahaha, Buddy laughs in reply. “Hell yeah, I sure can too.” with a genuine smile back. They look deep into each others eyes, and then share another kiss.

They go inside and get dried off. Buddy cooks them some burgers. Then Candy decides it’s time for her to head home.

They agree to contact through e-mail. They share a long kiss goodnight, and Buddy watches as she drives off in her black Toyota 4-Runner, blaring the music out of the speakers.

Buddy returns back inside his house, and walks over to his answering machine.

The message was from his daughter, Ann. She saids she’s coming down next weekend, and hopes everyone’s doing fine at home. He misses his daughter, but wonders if she’d kill him if she knew. Ann knew her parents’ divorce was for the best. But oddly enough, she never saw many of his girlfriends after that.

Buddy goes to his bedroom and flops onto the bed, tired but fulfilled from the day’s excitement. He immediately smells the unique womanly scent of Candy, and falls asleep day dreaming about her….

To Be Continued…

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