Candy Pikachu pt 2

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Lily was walking a lot slower after her restroom break in the alley with her father. It was not exactly a cold night but her yellow spandex did not provide much protection from the autumn breeze. She could feel the wetness of her inner thighs as Max’s cum leaked down and it made her shiver.

While continuing was a little uncomfortable, she was not going to stop. She had been looking forward to trick or treating all year, ever since she heard from her Girl Scout leader that he gave out full sized candy bars to the first hundred kids that visited his house. She had made sure Max picked this street for that very reason.

Upon reaching Mr. Richard’s house though, she was dismayed to see that his front porch light was off. He had probably run out of candy by now. Lily cursed her father for wasting her time in the alley.

Unwilling to give up though she knocked on the door anyway. Perhaps if he recognized her, Mr. Richards would be willing to give her some candy. At first there was no response but on the third knock, she heard her scout leader’s voice as he shouted through the door. “We’re done for the night!”

“Mr. Richards, it’s Lily from the troop!” she shouted back.

Finally the door opened to reveal her scout leader. It took Lily a moment to recognize him. She was not sure why she expected him to be wearing his scout uniform like usual. This was the first time she had seen him dressed casually.

“Which one are you?” he asked. He had far too many scouts to keep track of them all by name.

“I’m the one that is one badge away from advancing. You won’t give me the wilderness expert badge because Mom and Dad won’t let me stay over night.”

“Oh, Lily. You’re Max and Sandy’s kid. Yeah, they are a little bit anal attentive aren’t they. They’ve tried to convince me to let them stay with you but if I did that then all the parents would start asking. The point of being a scout is to rely on yourself and your fellow scouts, not have your parents there.”

“I know, but my mom is worried because…” Lily stopped in the middle of her sentence. The main reason Sandy did not want Lily staying over at Mr. Richard’s house is because she did not trust a man who intentionally wanted to be a Girl Scout leader. She always said he probably just wanted to be around young girls. Lily was feeling quite annoyed now that she had learned it was in fact her own father who liked young girls.

“Are you okay?” Mr. Richards waved his hand in front of her face. “Look, I do have some candy left but I can’t just give it to you. As a scout you know what it means to earn something, don’t you.”

“It’s called trick or treating, what if I pull a trick on you?” Lily suggested.

“I’m not likely to reward you for tricking me. You’d have to do something sexy like flashing me.”

Lily thought for a moment and then shrugged. She had already had more than her breasts played with that night so pulling up her hoodie so he could see her flat chest was not really that bad in her opinion.

Mr. Richards was caught completely off guard when he saw her bare flesh come into view. Due to the cold her nipples were sticking out quite a bit. “Are you crazy?” He pulled her forward off the doorstep and into the house.

“Where’s my candy?” she held out her bag expectantly, not even bothering to put her sweater down.

Mr. grup gaziantep escort bayan Richards was staring straight at her chest. He kneeled down so they were closer in height and reached toward her but stopped just short of touching her right nipple when she flinched.

He quickly turned his head and scoffed, pretending not to be interested. “You think your measly breasts are worth my time.”

Lily knew that her chest was not much to look at yet. Shrugging she pushed her thumbs into the waist of her spandex and slid them down to her knees. Mr. Richard’s head swung back immediately. He made no effort to hide his interest this time. He stared straight at the hairless shiny triangle and then down at her erect clit and shiny pink cunt lips. From his kneeling position he could see quite a bit of her thigh gap, including part of her round butt. Furthermore he was sure he could see something dripping down.

He grabbed her by the shoulders and turned her around so he could get a better look. She giggled as he spread her butt apart just enough to see her gaping asshole, still filled with white goo. He gulped as he realized that this little girl had already been fucked at least once tonight. His request to be flashed must have seemed tame to her.

“Oh, so you like making fun of single people, eh?” he was somewhat annoyed by her brazen attitude.

“I’m single too,” she assured him.

“Doesn’t look that way to me.” He slapped her on the butt hard enough to leave a hand print.

“That was… it wasn’t my boyfriend or anything,” she did not want to tell him it was her father that had raped her.

“I supposed you’re bound to run into a few perverts dressed like that.”

“Is it really that bad? Does dressing like this make men go crazy?” she was confused.

“A little.” Mr. Richards reached around her face from behind and pushed one of his fingers into her mouth.

“Ut are u ooing (What are you doing?)” she mumbled.

“You take off your clothes in my house and you don’t think I’m gonna do anything to you? Are you an idiot?” he asked.

She turned around and gave him a moping frown. “I’m sorry.”

“I’ll make this quick.” He pushed her against the wall of the entry way and pinched her jaw, making her opening her mouth. She tried not to close it as he pushed more than one finger inside this time. He moved them around, pulling on her cheeks and fiddling with her tongue until she was drooling uncontrollably. When he undid his fly and pulled out his cock she was not surprised at all.

She kept her mouth open and closed her eyes as she waited for him to push it inside. It tugged on her dry lips a little but once it touched her drool filled insides it glided all the way to the back. Saliva splashed out around his cock as it filled her mouth more than she thought it would. She could not really tell but perhaps he was a little bigger than Max.

Staring down at her from above, Mr. Richards could hardly see anything other than her yellow hood with fake ears sewn to it and her hands as she try to wipe the drool off her chin before it touched the hem of her sweater, which was still above her breasts. “Are you really worried about your costume right now?” he laughed. She could not respond with her mouth escort bayan güneyşehir full but she nodded.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth with a slurping sound and lifted her sweater the rest of the way off over her head. She immediately covered her ears that had been hidden. Her mother had told her it would look odd if Pikachu had four ears so she had to keep hers covered. Mr. Richards had no idea what she was doing but he did not care. He put his hands over hers and pulled her head toward his waist.

With a wet pop his cock slid all the way back in. Lily felt like gagging as the back of her throat expanded. She had no idea what was so enjoyable about having his cock in her mouth but after seeing her father go crazy at the opportunity to stretch her asshole over his cock she just assumed all men just liked tight holes.

“God you are so sexy,” Mr. Richards cooed as he massaged her cheeks with his thumbs. He then moved them to her mouth and played around with her lips for a while, pushing them against his gliding cock.

Eventually he shoved his fingers into the corners of her mouth and pried it apart. When he thrust his hips her head moved back until it hit the wall and then his cock slid another whole inch into the back of her throat, making her gag. She pulled her hands away from her ears and slapped the wall behind her, as if she was tapping out in a wrestling match.

He pulled back only slightly and then shoved back into her throat, causing more drool to squirt out around the base of his cock which was now mashing her lips against her teeth. He had run out of cock to shove into her throat or he would’ve been going even deeper. No girl had ever let him go this far before. They all would have shoved him away by now but this little girl was far too weak and naïve.

She just kept banging her palms on the wall behind her as if the noise would convince him to stop. He smiled down at her as she looked up at him with wet pleading eyes. Her cheeks looked like a chipmunks, bulging and red. Every time he moved the drool in her mouth would squirt out. She was like a fountain.

Lily tried to grab hold of anything but just dragged her fingernails against the wall as there was nothing nearby. Eventually she just gripped the folds in her own stomach and dug her fingernails into her flesh as she tried not to pass out from the lack of air. When Mr. Richard’s began to cum she felt it hitting the inside of her throat and instinctively tried to swallow. With the head of his cock clogging the path though the saliva in her mouth came gushing out of her nose.

Her head stiffened around his cock for a while and then went limp as he continued to cum straight down her throat. He had to start holding her up with his fingers in her mouth but he still did not pull out until he had left at least ten spurts of cum inside her. The moment he stopped supporting her head, she fell over and his cock slid out. She immediately turned and vomited out his cum straight onto the floor.

Mr. Richards watched her tiny chest heaving for air as she coughed and wheezed for several minutes. When she had finally calmed down he lifted her into a sitting position, leaning against the entryway. “Are you okay?”

She nodded while wincing. “It’s still better than having islahiye escort bayan my butt pried open,” she explained.

“I’m rather lucky you were already someone else’s target today. If someone asks what’s wrong you can just blame it all on that person.”

Lily understood what he was saying. Max had been worried about her telling her mother on him as well. However, if Max were the one to realize she had gotten raped again how was she supposed to lie about who it was? “I don’t think that will work,” she tried to explain to Mr. Richards.

“Hey now, don’t tell me you’re thinking of telling anyone,” he adopted a stern voice. She rapidly shook her head. He was not threatening her yet but she did not want to wait until he did, just like with Max. “Good girl. You know, I have an idea.” He snapped his fingers.

She watched him leave the entryway and heard him rummaging around for a while before he returned. She had managed to pull herself to her feet and was just about to put her hoodie back on. She stopped when she saw what he was holding. “Is that my wilderness expert badge?” she tried to speak despite her throat being sore.

“If I give this to you, will you keep quiet about today?” he offered her a bribe. She nodded rapidly. “Good girl.” He repeated as he undid the pin on the back. She smiled as she hastened to put on her sweater so he could pin the badge to it. She had just gotten it over her head when she felt his fingers pulling her right nipple out. Suddenly she could not keep from yelping as she felt him pushing the pin through her areola and out the other side.

She pulled her face out of the hood and kept the hem of the sweater lifted so she could look down at her stinging chest. Blood was already trickling down her stomach. “What did you do?” she gasped in confusion, staring up at him with terrified bug eyes. He laughed as he flicked the badge. She bit her lip and breathed out, sending spittle flying.

“You can’t go showing it off yet. People will get suspicious. I’ll officially give it to you at our regular Sunday meet. For now, keep it under your shirt.”

“Can I take it out?” she whimpered.

“As long as you put it back before Sunday. If it’s not where I left it when I see you again, I’ll pin it to your left one instead.”

“Why?” she did not understand why he wanted to be needlessly cruel to her.

“Because it’s kinky and I wanted to mark you as my plaything.”

“Plaything?” she began to shiver.

“You didn’t think this was over, did you? Obviously we are going to have some fun at the meets from now on. Don’t bother wearing panties either. If you do well enough, you’ll earn all of your advanced badges just as quickly. Although, I might run out of spots to pin them. He glanced at her left nipple. When she covered it with her hand his eyes darted to her ears and then down at her crotch.

“No,” she moaned as tried to cover it. He was faster though. He pinched her erect clip between his middle and index fingers as he curved them up between her legs and plunged them into her cunt. Her legs buckled and her full weight rested on his fingers holding her up by her cunt for a moment. As he was swirling them around inside her she found it hard to concentrate. Her eyes rolled around dizzily as she struggled to regain her footing.

When she finally did, she stumbled away from him. He tugged on her clit a little but let it slip out of his fingers when she moved to the door. She struggled to pull up her spandex and pull down her sweater before opening the door. If he had wanted to he could have stopped her but he did not need to. He would see her on Sunday. All he had to do was be patient.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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