Can’t Be Ignored

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I was safer in groups. I turned my attention to the conversation at hand and I laughed when everyone else laughed. I gave my opinion when expected. But every time I glanced up at you, you were staring right at me. It made my skin crawl. It made my heart pound. My palms were sweating despite the cool autumn air, and I found myself constantly focusing on a piece of fuzz on my sweatshirt, or an imaginary fleck of dirt under my fingernail.

At one point I stared back, forcing myself to not flinch. You stared right back at me, gaze steady and unflinching. What the hell were you doing? We had talked about this. I wasn’t comfortable with the whole situation, and despite mutual attraction, I wasn’t ready. But you were unrelenting. You were pushing my buttons, and I knew it. Trying to show me that I was ready. Forcing me to be ready. You bastard. I just wanted to be left alone. I just wanted you all over me. I looked away.

At some point someone commented that it was getting a little too cold out, and that we should move our group inside. I was on the far side of the deck, furthest from the door. I tried to get up quickly without looking like I was getting up quickly, but everyone else in front of me was meandering and blocking my way. I didn’t need to turn around to know you were behind me. I swear I could feel the heat radiating off of you and into the backs of my thighs, my ass, my back, and my neck. I shivered, but remained diligent and facing the door we were all herding towards.

Someone in front of me stumbled backwards a little, and I fell back into you. I shook off the hands that steadied me, I flushed a little in anger. I was almost inside and could disappear into the crowd again. Right before I could step through the doorway, you grabbed my arm and pulled me back. In one swift motion you closed the door behind the person that was in front of me and pushed me back against the brick surface of the house.

Your lips were on mine before I could voice my protest, and I tried to push you away from me. You didn’t expect the strength behind my first push, and it broke you away from me for an instant. Your face looked determined and angry as you pushed me back against the wall, rougher this time, and pinned me with your body as you brought your lips back against mine. I was letting out small sounds of protest which seemed to make you even more determined, and I writhed and pushed against you as hard as I could, to no avail.

My head was swimming. I could feel every part of you that was pushed up against me like it was on fire, and soon I stopped resisting. I started to kiss you back, and opened my mouth to feel your tongue slide into it. You groaned when you felt me submit, and your hands slid uşak escort up my arms and shoulders to take ahold of my head, lightly tilting my head this way and that in order to deepen our kisses.

I moaned into your mouth and moved my hands from your chest, that I was just moments ago pushing against with all my might, to slide my hands under your opened jacked and around to your back. I was trying to pull you even closer to me, and started to dig my nails into your shirt and back. I felt you jerk against me when my nails took hold, and as I slowly scraped them from your shoulder blades and down your back I felt you shiver.

You broke away from the kiss, leaving me gasping as you took ahold of my wrist and started to make your way across the deck, down the steps, and into the woods that bordered the property. You were taking big strides, and soon we were making our way in the woods. I was stumbling behind you, and for a moment I came to my senses. I tried to pull away from you, and your hand tightened on my wrist as you whirled around and pushed me against a tree. You attacked my mouth again, and this time I didn’t resist at all. Your tongue glided against mine in deep and long strokes, making my stomach tingle and burst into flame. I wrapped my arms over your shoulders and around your neck as you pushed into me, your hands digging into the sides of my thighs and taking a firm hold of my ass.

You broke away again with a sound that could be best described as a growl, and proceeded to pull me through the woods, finally coming to a very small clearing that was about the size of a large living room. This time when you turned to me it was my turn to attack, and I took a fist-full of your shirt pulled you against me as our lips hungrily attacked each other. You started to kneel down and I followed, our arms wrapped around each other, and once we were on our knees you leaned forward, lowering me onto the prickly and dry grass of the clearing. When you broke from our kiss to nibble at my neck, I gulped the air, pressing my body up against yours as your teeth scraped against my skin.

You straightened yourself, one knee planted between legs and the other on the outside of my leg and pulled your jacket off, tossing it to the side. I sat up slightly to pull my hoody off, and my shirt unexpectedly came with it. The cold night air hit my skin and I was quickly covered in goosebumps. By the time I had my hoody/shirt combo off, your shirt was already discarded to the side and you were lowering yourself back on top of me. You were so deliciously warm, and my whole body screamed out to in contact with your skin. You were planting kisses on my neck, my shoulders, my collar bones, the tops of my breasts, all while you reached down and started to undo the button and zipper of my jeans.

My thighs tightened around your leg and I used my feet to kick off my shoes. The pressure against my pussy was delightful, and I let out a sigh and moan as you pressed your thigh harder against me. You sat back up moved so that both of your knees were between my legs, and started to shimmy my underwear and pants down and over my hips. I laid there before you, naked except for my bra and socks. You glanced at my bra and then back up at my face, and I understood. I arched and reached behind me to undo the clasp, pulled it off and tossed it to the side.

You stood, and unbuckled your belt. As your jeans fell and you pulled your boxers off, I was suddenly filled with fear. You were huge. I had no earthly clue how you were going to fit inside of me. Thick and long, it defied gravity as it stood at attention. You saw the look on my face, and quickly kneeled back down between my legs, covering my body with yours as you kissed me. I could feel the hardness off you between my legs, and soon I forgot my fear as your lips moved against mine, one of your hands in my hair as the other was teasing my nipple.

Soon I was thrusting my hips up to yours, and you positioned yourself so that I was rubbing myself against your shaft. I was sighing and moaning softly, and I reached between us so that I could lead you into me. I felt the head of your cock at my opening, and I slid it up and down so that it hit my clit, making me jerk in response. I placed your head back at my opening and started to pull you in towards me.

I let go as you started to enter, and held onto your biceps as you slowly eased yourself into me. There was an exquisite mixture of pain and pleasure as you stretched me, slowly forcing my pussy to conform to fit you. Once you were deep inside of me you started to move back out, and then in again, sliding easily with how wet I was.

I started to lift my hips to meet your thrusts, and you started push a little harder, making me gasp with each thrust. You lowered yourself to your elbows and our chests rubbed together, my nipples stimulated by your skin.

My head was moving back and forth, my breathing deepening as you thrust into me harder, and harder. I didn’t think my pussy could feel any tighter on you, but soon it started to as my orgasm came on. I felt the warmth spread from my stomach and into my thighs as my pussy tightened and started to quiver. Your timing was perfect, and you buried yourself deeply inside of me as my orgasm hit, making me shake and convulse under you, my nails slowly scratching across your back.

I didn’t know how loud I was moaning until I stopped, the woods sounding strangely quiet.

I came to as you started to slide out of me, causing little aftershocks to erupt deep within me, making me shake. There you were, kneeling between my legs, you cock shining in the moonlight from my juices. I was filled with lust again, and quickly rolled over onto my stomach and pulling my knees under me, popping my ass up into the air.

Your hands were on my hips in an instant, and you thrust your hard cock deep inside me, making a deep and guttural moan escape my lips, slightly muffled by the grass and earth under my face. I straightened my arms and took handfuls of grass to steady myself, allowing me to push back against your thrusts.

“Harder!” I yelled, and you obliged, slamming into me, the sound of our flesh slapping together echoing through the trees. My pussy was stretching and contracting, your cock hitting parts of me that made me feel animalistic and wild. I pushed myself up so that I was on all fours, and I looked back at you over my shoulder. “Fuck me,” I said, my voice unsteady from you thrusting into me, and you slammed hard into me. I reached back to take one of my ass cheeks into my hand. “Fuck me!” Your expression got darker, and you started to grunt with every hard and deep thrust.

“Fuck….fuck…yes,” I was moaning while keeping eye contact with you, sweat breaking out on your brow. You sounded like an animal, grunting and growling, and my own sounds were just as animalistic.

I felt the familiar build within me, and pushed back against you even harder. My arms went out from under me and my face was back in the grass. I was moaning and grunting into the ground, and I started to chant that I was coming, sounding delirious. My pussy clamped down on your cock as I shook and jerked, and a moment later you pulled out of me abruptly. My skin was cool from the night breeze, and I felt every drop of your load as you came on my back and ass; every drop hot and heavy.

I couldn’t move, and after a moment I realized that I was completely on display. I used all the energy I had to tilt myself so that I fell clumsily onto my side. After a moment I was able to lift my head, and I saw you collapsed, sprawled out over grass on your back and breathing deeply. I sat up and grabbed the closest piece of clothing nearby, which happened to be your shirt. I threw it at you and crawled my way over to you, sitting next to you so that you could wipe the cum off of my back. You did so, sloppily, and I curled up to your side, your arm around my shoulders.

The parts of me that weren’t in contact with your skin started to get cold, and I moved to get up. Your arm tightened around my shoulders and you turned your head towards me, kissing me on the forehead. We laid there until I couldn’t take the cold anymore, and then we laid there a little longer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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