Captivating Calves of Mrs. O’Ryan Ch. 02

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It had been a long time. Too long for Jason. Too long for Maureen O’Ryan.

Theirs was a brief, fleeting encounter, affair more realistically. Jason, a handsome 22 year old man, was smitten with the sexy legs of Mrs. O’Ryan, a spry and sexy 68-year-old widow friend of his grandmother’s.

Since he was 18, Jason was taken by the sexy older woman’s incredible legs, every slight sag, every delicate wrinkle of tanned skin on her shapely gams driving him nuts. It came to a head at first when the two of them were alone in his granny’s pantry and they found themselves pressed tightly to one another when Jason watched her stretch to get a bottle of wine from a high shelf.

The sight of her bulging, muscular old calves in her knee-length tights up close made him rock hard. And when he helped her, it got worse: He’d stumbled, crashing dishes around them, falling into her lovely old butt, his crotch pressed into it. They both felt it, both trying to ignore it.

They could not. They composed themselves only to find themselves in the kitchen, kissing gently, holding one another and Jason cumming in his pants. His shame led to her comforting him, assuring him it was all right. And then saying nothing of it for two more long years.

It drove them both mad, but Mrs. O’Ryan had thought she’d better leave well enough alone even if it was often all she could think about. She’d made him cum in his pants just by kissing, and her imagination ran wild thinking what else she could possibly do to him, for him, with him. She felt badly about it, about having such an effect on a boy decades younger.

And then two years later, they met again by happenstance at his grandmother’s home where he’d gone to check on it in her absence, and she had come by to drop off a borrowed linen, standing on the walkway showing just a hint, a glimpse, a tease of that succulent calf, that shiny shin.

Where longing and lust took hold, all barriers of age and propriety shattered. Where they became lovers in a couple of hours of intense passion, in his grandmother’s bed. Where Jason adored and worshipped the sexy older woman’s incredible calves, thighs, feet and every inch of her succulent granny body.

It made her feel like a new woman, capable of pleasing such a young stud. She’d assured him they’d meet again, but then guilt overcame passion and she avoided him all the while becoming hornier than ever, spending many a night in her bed alone with her vibrator, remembering Jason’s incredible eagerness, thick cock and talented tongue.

It was just as bad for Jason, too, worse in fact. He was consumed by the thought of her and her lovely legs.

Then one cool fall day some long months later, he’d stopped by his grandmother’s house, walking in as usual and calling out to her.

“In here, Jason!” his grandmother yelled from the living room.

He walked in and froze in his tracks. He saw it, the sliver, the slightest hint of leg that got to him every time. There sat Mrs. Maureen O’Ryan, looking as beautiful as ever, wearing a pair of black spandex pants that ended down her shiny, freckled shins, just above her short white socks, baring the tiniest glimpse of her luscious lower leg.

The glimpse that had gotten to him, to both of them, months ago.

Jason smiled weakly.

“Oh, Mrs. O’Ryan,” he warbled, catching himself and talking more firmly. “Didn’t know you were nice…to see you again…”

“Yes, Jason, same here,” she said far more controlled than the nervous boy, delighting in his unease.

She’d been the dominant one in their brief tryst, unleashing a part of her she didn’t know existed. And now she felt it rising in her again, as Jason stood, uncomfortable at the sight of her.

She crossed one gorgeous leg, causing that pant leg to slip up her shin. Smiling, she slowly pulled it up to her knee, then the other, revealing those alluring, muscular old calves.

“Getting a bit warm in here,” she said, by way of explaining the baring of her legs.

But Jason knew what she was doing. And he went hard in his baggy shorts at the view she provided.

She felt good that he was clearly unnerved by her presence, by the reveal of her calves, calves that first drew him to her. She took from that to mean she’d been on his mind since their last time together. In bed. Having the best sex of either of their lives.

“Maureen was just out for a walk, and I joined her,” his grandmother said pleasantly, as both gals sipped white wine this later afternoon. “It started to rain so we came back, and here we are!”

“Yes, here you are,” Jason mimicked sweetly, always taken by his granny’s enthusiasm for the simplest things.

Maureen watched him fidget as she and his granny talked, thinking back to his eager attention and willingness to do anything, including kissing her after she’d sucked his cock dry. His adventurous spirit ignited one in hers she hadn’t realized was there.

They talked a bit, the two older women, Jason leaning on the counter with cell phone in hand. Pretending to text, and taking photos of almanbahis Mrs. O’Ryan’s shapely legs. She pretended not to notice, but she did and was flattered by it.

“Texting your girlfriends, young man?” she asked pointedly, Jason hurrying to put his phone down and smiling sheepishly at her. “You must have many, you handsome boy, you!

“Uh, yeah, you know,” he mumbled.

“Come, sit,” she purred, patting the sofa cushion next to her as she crossed her meaty calves, the flesh of the top one folding out in a fleshy flare over the shin. “Let’s catch up.”

He was a goner. He couldn’t take his eyes off that supple calf as the two women chatted, Mrs. O’Ryan sitting back and laughing as they did, crossing the other leg and at one point plopping both feet up on the coffee table, flattening her stellar calves against it, the muscles flaring out.

“Oh, my, my feet are such a mess, my socks are a bit wet,” she said. “I’m sorry Colleen, I shouldn’t have my stinky old feet up on your coffee table.”

“Oh, don’t fret, Maureen…dear me, take them off, mine are nasty, too,” Colleen said, peeling off her own sneakers and dirty socks. “Jason, be a dear and go put these in the laundry room, it’ll help dry them out. Honey, I’ll go get us some dry socks so our feet won’t get cold!”

Jason smiled weakly as Maureen, with a beaming grin, dutifully and slowly took off her sneakers and peeled off her wet, grungy socks, handing them to him. His hands trembled as he took them, trying not to inhale so deeply as to give himself away, but the scent was overpowering, ripe, raw, a foot funk he’d missed since sucking her toes that time in his grandmother’s bed.

Colleen darted by, handing her socks and sneaks to the boy and ran upstairs. Jason stood, looking at the soggy socks and filthy sneakers of Mrs. O’Ryan’s in his right hand.

She looked up at him, wiggling her sweaty bare toes, catching his eye.

“Go on, go do what granny says, Jason,” she cooed softly, startling him by running a hand casually up his thigh under his shorts leg and stroking his stiff cock. “And when you’re in there…don’t you DARE cum!”

He backed away nervously, down the hall to the laundry room at the end. The dryer was tumbling away, the room arid and warm. He shut the door behind him, putting his grandmother’s socks and sneakers near it. And keeping Mrs. O’Ryan’s in his hands.

“Oh my God,” he groaned, suddenly ramming her filthy footwear to his face.

The stench was acrid, biting, bitter and beautiful. The wet socks were bad enough, he thought, rubbing the moist, dirty fabric into his nose, devouring the smell and sucking the funk from them, but her sneakers were worse.

He held the socks aside and buried his face in one of them, the wetness clinging to his face, the aroma dark, brutally pungent and making him nearly cum in his pants.

He inhaled his fill of both, freeing his cock as he did, stroking it madly with her filthy, bunched-up socks. Through feverish eyes, he saw his grandmother’s sneakers. He wondered. He hated himself for it but couldn’t stop now.

“What the fuck am I doing?” he groaned to himself, hitting his knees and picking one of them up.

It was a familiar smell, not unlike Mrs. O’Ryan’s filthy sneaker, but decidedly less aromatic. He inhaled deeply, ignoring the reasoning portion of his brain, and quickly added to his perverse pleasure by stuffing her other sneaker around his cock, feeling the sweat of his granny’s foot on his dick, and the scrape of the rough insole.

Maureen waited as she sat there alone, giving him just enough time. What she imagined him doing made her smile. And her pussy wet.

“Here ya go, hon,” Colleen said brightly upon her return wearing a clean pair of white socks, handing Maureen a short pair of black trouser socks. “Sorry, don’t have any more white ones, but these are pretty warm.”

“Oh, they’re fine, they’ll do nicely,” Maureen said, pulling them over her smelly feet and up to the slight bubble of her defined calf muscles. “Uh, I just have to use the little girl’s room.”

“Oh, go ahead, go ahead, I want to watch this anyway, take your time,” Colleen said happily, turning to watch her favorite mindless afternoon talk show.

She toddled off down the hall, past the bathroom door but shutting it and putting the light on to make it look like she was in there, just in case. She walked to the laundry room, slowly turning the knob.

Peering in, she stifled a laugh: There was the young stud on his knees, frantically jerking off with his grandmother’s nasty sneaker, and inhaling and devouring Maureen’s rancid socks.

“Well, that makes me a bit jealous!” she hissed, shutting the door behind her.

Jason spun around, falling onto his ass, his cock buried in the bobbing sneaker, one of Maureen’s socks stuck to his face. His skin went white, his eyes saucer wide.

“Mrs. O’Ryan!” he cried out.

“Yes, Mrs. O’Ryan,” she growled. “Better that than Granny popping in on you, I’d say. Now stand up. And do NOT remove your grandmother’s sneaker almanbahis giriş from that beautiful cock of yours!”

He obeyed, standing sheepishly with her socks in his hand, his grandmother’s sneaker hanging from the end of his stiff dick. Maureen giggled.

“I’m finding out things about you, dear boy, naughty things!” she growled, walking to him and taking her socks, holding them to his face with one hand, holding the sneaker on his dick with the other. “Now kiss me, it’s been far too long.”

They did, with the socks she held up between them, both of them sucking the disgusting fabric, Maureen’s eyes heavy lidded and sultry, Jason’s wide open and disbelieving. Her tongue shot past the sock into his mouth as she stroked his cock with Colleen’s sweaty sneaker.

“God, my socks stink SO bad, don’t they?” she laughed softly, slurping his tongue, then her sock and thrusting her tongue into his mouth. “So sweaty, so rotten….Do you like the smell, baby?”

“Oh, GOD, yes, Mrs. O’Ryan,” he moaned, about to cum in his grandmother’s sneaker.

“Do you love granny’s foot smell better than mine?” she cooed.

“No, no, never!”

“That’s a good boy…that’s my good foot slave boy….,” scarcely believing the words she was saying nor the ease with which she said them, as if she’d waited her whole adult life to do so. “My good…foot slave boy…”

They continued to kiss, and she continued to pump his cock with Colleen’s sneaker. He groaned and stiffened. She slowed her pace.

“Do you like your granny’s calves, too, Jason?” she teased. “Must admit, they’re pretty hot….not like mine, of course, but the sexy old lady’s got some tone to her legs, her calves…they’re nice…smooth…muscular…so lickable…

“Would you like that, Jason?” she hissed, sucking at his tongue. “Would you like sucking your grandmother’s calves like you sucked mine while we fucked? Hmmm? Maybe her scissoring your neck in them until you passed out? Would you?”

“YES YES OH SHIT!” he cried out.

She let him have one shot and quickly used her free hand to twist around the base of his jetting dick, painfully thwarting his full release. He groaned and throaty, desperate growl into her mouth, her tongue inside it.

“PLEASE!” he begged. “Finish me, let me finish!!”

“Not yet, stud, I told you not to cum!” Maureen laughed, pulling her tongue out of his moaning mouth, lifting the sneaker to look inside. “Hmm, you made a mess of granny’s sneaker! Clean it.”

“What?” he asked, astonished.

“I said clean it, Jason. Clean the cum you just put inside your grandmother’s sneaker,” she said calmly but forcefully. “You just admitted you think your sexy granny has hot calves and that you’d love ’em around your neck! So eat that cum from her filthy sneaker. Now!”

He blinked, watching her peel back the tongue of the shoe and opening it wide, showing him the thin bright white strip of cum he’d left there. She put it up to his face, then over it, and Jason groaned as he dutifully stuck his tongue out, slurping up the wayward stream of spunk, sucking it back into his mouth, tasting his flavor mixed with his grandmother’s foot sweat.

Maureen quickly attached her lips to his, sucking it out and shooting it back inside, the two lovers separated by two generations snowballing in the dry heat of the laundry room now permeated with the funky stench of two sexy old women’s socks and sneakers.

Jason’s balls ached for release, his dick harder than ever between them.

“See ya back in the living room, stud,” she finally sighed, breaking their kiss and lapping the smeared residue of their snowballing from his face, giving his dick a quick tug. “And do NOT cum, I don’t want to have to say it again!”

She laughed and walked out, feeling his eyes riveted to the backs of her supple legs, her calves flexing above black socks. She returned to the living room as Colleen watched TV.

Jason composed himself, wanting to finish cumming but obeying Mrs. O’Ryan’s edict. He finally got his cock to go soft enough to stuff back in his shorts, and walked back to the living room.

“Honestly, you have spectacular legs, honey,” she was saying to the blushing Colleen. “Oh, Jason, there you are. We were just talking about walking and exercising, and I was telling your granny she has great legs! Don’t you think so, hon, doesn’t your granny have great legs?”

His cock went stiff again. He quickly sat in a high stool by the kitchen island to hide it. Maureen winked at him, his face going crimson.

“Oh, now really, Maureen, now you, you’ve got great legs, not like mine, they’re all saggy and wrinkled,” Colleen said. “I’m an old woman, older than you!”

“What, by two years, that’s nothing,” Maureen laughed. “And thanks, I do try to stay in shape, and people do say my legs are my best feature! Especially my calves, they’re kinda muscular aren’t they?”

“They are, you lucky gal,” Colleen said.

Jason nearly shot his load watching as his grandmother, sitting in a chair, and Maureen on the couch, looked almanbahis yeni giriş down at their own legs, curling their calves into a muscular pose, Maureen’s far more defined than his granny, who Jason noticed intently, had pretty gorgeous calves of her own.

They were shapely and firm, whiter than Mrs. O’Ryan’s, but very attractive. He imagined her socked feet in the sneaker he was just inhaling, and licked cum from. His mind raced.

“Let’s compare!” Maureen suddenly said, standing. “Up honey, on your feet, we’ll let Jason judge!”

He grew impossibly harder watching Mrs. O’Ryan and his beloved grandmother standing side by side, facing away from him, leaning on the back of the sofa and standing on their toes, which caused their calves to erupt in muscle, Mrs. O’Ryan’s far more so. His eyes bugged out of his head as they did toe raises, the flowing, sexy muscles beneath the skin driving him mad.

“Who’s got the better calves, honey?” Maureen cooed over her shoulder, looking at Jason and licking her lips. “Tell us, who has the more muscular, and well, sexier calves!”

“You naughty thing,” Colleen laughed.

“Uh…well….you both…” he stammered.

“Come, feel them, that’s the only way,” Maureen giggled. “Just get down behind us and feel our calf muscles!”

If anything made him shoot in his shorts, this would be it. Fighting the urge to do so, Jason stumbled over to the two women with a combined age of 135, and knelt down, hands trembling as he put his right one on his granny’s supple calf and the other on Mrs. O’Ryan’s.

“Wow,” he groaned.

“Wow what, honey?” his granny giggled. “Lotta muscle there, huh?”

“Which is more muscular, Jason,” Mrs. O’Ryan purred, standing as high on her toes as she could, bulging up the calf in Jason’s shaking hand, his fingers kneading the smooth, tanned flesh. “Who has the more muscular calves?”

“Oh, you do, Mrs. O’Ryan, you do!” he said with too much enthusiasm, then cutting it back with a more constrained, “But Granny, yours are pretty hard, too!”

“Hard is good, I’ll take hard,” his grandmother laughed, sitting down.

Maureen giggled at the unintended double intendre. She knew that hard is just what Jason was as he cupped her calf. Finally, the women sat down, Maureen teasing Jason by again crossing and bouncing her leg, the big sexy muscle driving him insane. She continued to pointedly talk about legs, their legs, her legs, remarking that the skin of hers was getting dry.

“Yes, me, too, I need to find some good lotion,” Colleen said, running her hand down over her calves.

“Well, I think I may have just the thing,” Maureen said brightly.

She looked at Jason and smiled. He groaned. All both could think of was that time at his grandmother’s house, he’d fucked her calves – in the very chair she sat in now – and enticed him to lick his cum from them.

His balls were throbbing, his cock aching.

“Really, what kind of cream?” Colleen asked intently.

“Well, a special one, a…a unique blend of aloe and…well, I mix in my own ingredients, it works wonders and could be just what you need for your sexy legs!”

“Oh, stop, stop,” Colleen laughed. “But sure, if you have any….”

“Sure thing, honey, anything for a friend,” Maureen said, pretending to fish deep in her purse for the lotion even though a small bottle of aloe was within sight. “Ya know, I have to…tinkle, so I’ll look for it and bring it back, OK?”

“Thanks, Maureen,” Colleen said, turning to watch TV. “You’re the best.”

She got up and walked past Jason, motioning for him to follow and giving him a sly smile. He gulped and obeyed, eyes cast downward on those amazing, flexing calves as she walked, mumbling to his grandmother he had to use the other bathroom in the spare bedroom.

Maureen went into the hall bathroom, he behind her. She locked the door. She smiled and turned, embracing him for a long, tongue-slurping kiss, grinding his cock to her.

“On your knees,” she snarled, breaking the kiss and pulling out the small wide-mouth bottle of aloe which was a quarter full. “Gotta give Granny her special cream…”

“No, Mrs. O’Ryan, that’s…that’s…” he stammered.

“That’s what, sick, obscene, perverse?” she laughed quietly. “Like you fucking and cumming in your granny’s stinky sneaker wasn’t? On your knees, we haven’t much time. Do what you’re told, Jason. Now!”

He moaned, kneeling, her gorgeous granny ass at his face. She pointed lower.

“Lick my calves, lick them with long, wet strokes,” she hissed, flexing them for him as he bent his head, his face at them, feeling their heat. “Get them nice and slippery for your cock…”

He groaned, nearly cumming in his shorts the second his long tongue made contact with the salty, sweaty flesh, lapping madly up the thick bubble of meat, the flesh tight from the muscles pulsating beneath. He licked and suckled and worked his way to the inside calves, Maureen spreading her feet slightly to give his adoring face access.

After a minute of soaking them with his tongue, Maureen bumped his face with them. He sat up and watched her slowly peel down her Spandex pants just enough to reveal her milk-white, dimpled ass, slightly wrinkled but shapely and commanding. She pulled aside the thong, her little pucker dark inside her crack.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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