Cara and Alex

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Alex was to be my neighbour for the months of April and May, and I was pretty damn excited. He was a boarder at my school and he loved it, but a fire had burnt down boys’ boarding and everybody had had to find someone in Winnipeg to live with for the two months. His family lived in India, so he moved in with a family friend across the street from me. We knew each other fairly well, but were not friends. We both sang in our school’s talent show, and had exchanged a few words, but other than that we didn’t associate. We were both seniors, but we travelled in completely different circles.

As exciting as the fact that an actual teenager would be living on my street was, that wasn’t what made me really happy. Alex was HOT. He was shorter than me and still had a mouth of braces, but he had flawless brown skin, thick black hair, deep brown eyes, big, smooth hands and beautiful full lips. His muscles were surprisingly prominent for his height, and he had a singing voice that made my knees go weak. I saw him at school, and ran up to him and tapped him on the shoulder without thinking. Shit, I thought to myself. What do I say now? Oh god, he’s turning around. Don’t be stupid. Say something!

“Hey, I heard you’re moving across the street from me.” I kicked myself. That didn’t sound creepy at all! He smiled. I knew he was only smiling, though, because he was running for class president and he needed to be nice to everyone to get their votes. He was probably scared of me now.

“Really? How do you know?”

“Julie told me. She’s my neighbour.” Julie was his family friend, and she had been bursting at the seams when she told me about this single, teenage boy moving in. She didn’t approve of my current boyfriend, Quin, especially after I told her about him being a jerk to me. Alex smiled even wider. Or, I guess, his smile turned genuine.

“Cool! I’m glad I’ll have someone to talk to while I’m there.”

“For sure,” I said. I put my hand comfortingly on his arm, subtly feeling his muscles. “And I know you’re probably feeling down about this whole situation. If you need someone to talk to, don’t be afraid to come to me.” He nodded.

“Thanks. I really appreciate that.”

“No problem. See you later,” I said, walking away. That wasn’t too bad, I thought. He didn’t seem really creeped out. He came home on the school bus that Friday. We didn’t really talk, instead he spent most his time talking to Matthew Zhao. My bus ride, like most, was spent with my headphones in my ears. The only words we exchanged was my agreement to tell him when to get off, which wasn’t too hard considering I’m one of the last ones left on the bus. We got off; I pointed out my house to him and crossed the street.

That weekend, I had no homework except a few questions on a French worksheet our teacher gave us as busywork. I finished early and was all set to relax. Suddenly I heard a knock at my door while my parents were out for the day. I opened the door, still in my pyjamas, and he grinned at me. I bit my lip, suddenly very aware I wasn’t wearing underwear. My breasts were bouncing freely in my oversized camp T-shirt, and my red monkey boxers were daringly short and loose. He looked me up and down and winked, causing my heart to beat even faster.

“Nice PJs,” he said. I rolled my eyes.

“Thank you, Alex. Can I help you?”

“I was wondering if you’d like to come aydın escort over,” he suggested. “I’m going to be living here for the next two months, we should chill. Besides, Julie really wants to see you. She said she wants to talk to you.” I laughed, knowing exactly what she wanted to say.

“Sure, I’ll be right there. Just give me about five minutes to change.”

“OK,” he said. “See ya.”

After closing the door, I hurried to my room. Sexy, but not slutty, I thought to myself. I ended up wearing my grey bra with a flimsy blue t-shirt, plain green underwear and short jean shorts. I shaved my legs without getting in the shower, and after brushing my hair and teeth I quickly applied mascara and lip gloss. Unsatisfied with my insane curls, I pulled them in to a ponytail on the right side of my head. I slipped in to my flip flops, feeling confident with my blue painted toenails, and hurried across the street. Julie answered the door before I could knock.

“Hey Cara! How are you?” She was bright and cheerful. I laughed to myself.

“I’m alright. Is Alex there?” I tried not to make myself sound too eager, and I had to keep myself from jumping on Alex as he walked down the stairs.

“Hey,” he called out. He looked so sexy. He was wearing a navy blue t-shirt that emphasized all the right things, and light blue shorts similar to those I’d seen him wearing after hours at school. His hair was a little messy. Julie saw me ogling him and winked at me.

“I’ll leave you two alone,” she hinted, quite unsubtly. “Go have fun. I’ll be down here if you need me.” I’m pretty sure I saw Alex glare at her, but he quickly regained his nonchalant, sexy composure and gestured up the stairs.

“Come on up,” he invited. I stepped out my flip flops and hurried up the stairs. We went straight to his room, he closed the door and I gaped. Not at the massive space, not even at the navy blue covered double bed. There was a giant hole in his wall, and on the other side was a bathroom. He saw me looking and laughed.

“I know. It’s insane. But it’s nice. “

“Not much privacy,” I commented. He laughed.

“The toilet and the shower are out of view. And actually, if you don’t mind, I’m going to use those facilities right now.”

“Sure,” I responded, sitting on his bed. He disappeared out of sight, and I heard him peeing. Then he flushed, and walked over to the counter to wash his hands. While he was there, I watched him put on deodorant, a tiny bit of cologne and spritz some breath spray in to his mouth. I laughed, and he turned around and faked a wink. I blew him a kiss in response. He sat down beside me, surprisingly close. I could smell his now delicious scent, and it was turning me on. I couldn’t believe that this boy that I had only just started talking to was within kissing distance from me. I took a deep, silent breath and started talking.

“So how do you like living in a house?” He laughed.

“It’s different. I miss boarding, but I like it here. It’s weird having a room to myself.” I nodded.

“I know what you mean. I go to a summer camp where you spend 3 weeks in a cabin with 7 other girls. I cry every year when I leave. I remember one year I cried solely because I was so lonely in my room.” He smiled and scooted even closer to me. I breathed in again, inhaling his sweet scent. I decided to try something. I touched his wrist with my fingertips and started talking again. He glanced down, but looked right back up.

“How is it living with Julie? She’s quite…enthusiastic.” He grinned.

“It’s never boring, that’s for sure.” I laughed.

“Did you ever miss your family in boarding?”

He thought about it for a moment. “Only when I’m sick. Other than that I love being around people my age.”

I nodded. “Me too. My camp is my heaven. So do you have a girlfriend?” I knew the answer was no, but I asked anyway.


I faked surprise. “What? Why?”

He shrugged. “Girls just aren’t into me, I guess.” He looked kind of sad.

“That’s ridiculous,” I said. “You’re so nice, and funny, and hot – “I stopped abruptly, realizing what I had said.

He raised one eyebrow, and I knew I had given myself away. “You think I’m hot?”

I blushed, which is saying something, because I NEVER blush. EVER. “Well, I mean, you’re good looking and all…”

He suddenly lay down on top of me, placing his hands on my waist. He took off my glasses and slowly put them on his nightstand. He started whispering in my ear.

“I’m glad you think so, because I’ve wanted you for a long time. Seeing you earlier today turned me on more that you can believe. I’ve never seen you show that much leg and it was definitely worth the wait. I want you so bad, Cara.” He propped himself up, his voice returning to a normal volume. “I’m sorry, you’re the guest.” He winked. “What would YOU like to do?”

I didn’t answer, I just swallowed. He started to lean towards me very slowly. I gasped quietly and moved my grip up to the back of his neck. He hesitated for only the slightest moment before softly pressing his lips to mine. I felt his other hand on my lower back, and I closed my eyes. He pulled away, and I slowly opened my eyes. As soon as they opened, he went in again, harder this time. I gasped and moved both my hands to his muscular back as his tongue slipped in my mouth. I passionately opened it and let my tongue swirl around with his. Our hands were all over each other’s backs, legs, necks and hair. He grabbed my leg and swung it around his back. I held him tightly, and he started grinding in to me, torturously softly. I grabbed his lower back, trying to increase the pressure, but he relentlessly teased me. In frenzy already, I grabbed his ass and pulled it down. He gasped and ground, hard. I moaned as he started kissing my neck. Then, as he was doing so, he moved one hand down to my hips and his other fingertips started to edge up my shirt.

They moved much too slowly. It felt like he was moving an inch a minute. I decided to take charge – I grabbed his hand and yanked it up my shirt to my left breast. He moaned and slipped my shirt over my head, then moved both his hands to my chest, cupping, fondling and grabbing. I rolled on top of him, pulling my hair out my ponytail and letting it drape over my shoulder. He then pulled off his shirt, and my eyes widened. I had known he had nice arms and shoulders, maybe even a chest, but never had I expected his rock hard abs. I slowly started caressing them, and my movements got faster and harder as I became more turned on. I dove down again to kiss him, and he started grabbing my ass. At first he was just lightly touching, but all of a sudden he grabbed it and squeezed. I moaned, and he gave it a light slap.

“Do that again,” I cried. He slapped it again, harder. I gasped in pleasure. He kept hitting it, which made me so wet. He then slid his hands underneath my pants, cupping my bare butt. I moved my hands down from his stomach, and slowly undid his shorts. He shot them down his legs and kicked them on the ground, undoing mine. I gave them the same treatment, and soon we were rolling around in our underwear. He moved his hands to my ass again, moving one down to stroke my slit over the thin fabric. I took a breath in and Alex, hearing me, opened his eyes and looked mischievously in to mine. He slowly pulled down my panties, took off my bra and rolled me back on to my back. My heart was beating twice as fast as it should be, and he stroked my clit with his middle finger. I almost came just from that, my head bucking back against the wall. He kept teasing it, and started to talk.

“Do you like that? Or do you want me to stop?” I shook my head, whipping my hair. “No, d-d-d-don’t stop, n-never ssstop!”

“Are you sure? Would your boyfriend approve of another man pleasuring you?” Shit, I thought to myself. I had forgotten about Quin. But a finger inserted in to my dripping pussy and another hand moved to my breast quickly made me forget again.

“Would you like me to stop? All you have to do is ask.”

“No,” I frantically whispered.

“Alright,” he said, winking. He lowered his head down and licked around my clit with his tongue. I moaned, and he started licking harder. Pretty soon he was devouring me, his fingers moving in and out of me at an incredibly rapid pace. I came hard and screamed louder than Quin had ever made me scream. My fluids completely covered Alex’s hand. He calmly licked his hand clean. Then he took his boxers off and looked at me expectantly. I didn’t need much encouragement. I took his rock hard cock in my hand and started stroking it. Penises had always freaked me out, and I had never been in to the huge veins. His was nice – big but not too big, and smooth and clean. He closed his eyes, and I took advantage of that – I slowly, quietly, moved my head closer to him. Then, very quickly and suddenly, I took the head in my mouth. He gasped and I took all of him in.

“Oh, god, Cara,” he whispered. He lightly held the back of my head with one hand, and I smirked and continued, playing with his balls. He groaned.

“I’m going to cum,” he croaked. My lips slid off his dick with a pop. I leaned in to him so our lips were almost touching again.

I slowly lowered myself on to him, torturing both of us. I winced as I tried to take him all in; it hurt, considering I wasn’t all that experienced with sex. But once I had taken him all in I got in to it. I moaned, never having expected fucking Alex to feel this good. I moved up and down, groaning in extreme pleasure. Seeing that I wouldn’t be able to control myself, Alex flipped over so he was on top and started fucking me, hard. Pretty soon I screamed again as I came, even harder than before. As I did, I felt Alex tense up and then explode inside me with a yell.

We lay there for a while, his dick softening inside me, as we caught our breath. He finally spoke.

“Wow,” he said. I laughed, and closed my eyes. Suddenly, he got up and tossed me my clothes, putting his own on. I ran my fingers through my hair, my head starting to hurt a little bit.

“What are you doing,” I asked.

He chuckled. “We should probably go downstairs, Julie might have something to say about what she heard.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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