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Written from the inspiration of experiences and friends, this fantasy is for reading pleasure and enlightenment. Any resemblace to actual persons or activities is coincidental. Caren’s Journey

She held her small fingers at the waistband of her soft jeans. They rode low on her slender hips, under the slight swell of her belly. Her breath came in short gasps from her excitement. Her nipples were stiff from the attention they had just recieved.

Slowly, she unfastened the snap at her waist and let the zipper pull apart. The slight covering of fur above her kitty came into view. It was lighter than the copper red of her head, a small puff of color against her pale flesh.

Her hands shook with trepidation as she prepared to give herself to the gentle man who sat in front of her. Caren’s green eyes were reflections of her fear at the event that was soon to change her status from girl to woman.

As she peeled the denim garment from her thighs the aroma of her aroused virgin sex permeated the air. She heard Lance sigh deeply as he took in the heavy musk. Gazing into his grey eyes, she saw the tenderness there. The longing to please her filled his facial expression and the way he approached her partially nude body.

Caren though back to how she got where she was at this moment. He had written a story of how he had taken a sweet young girl’s virginity. He had recalled the smalest details and delicate touches. She remembered how wet she got as she read how he tasted the girl’s nectar and made her cream ‘kissing on her kitty’.

The flush that raced through her body as he described the glistening lips of her untouched vulva, wrapped around the swollen clitoris, made her skin moist. She wanted to feel what that girl felt. Caren wanted it to be her in that story.

She did gather the courage to write him. She was blunt and brooked no chance of being misunderstood. “I’m a virgin, and I want you to fuck me.” Her palms were wet as she typed the words, her fingers trembled as she struck the key to send the message. It was done! She waited for what seemed like a lifetime, before he wrote back.

Many letters and descriptions, suggestions, and ideas passed between them, until finally they decided to meet ‘in real’. Caren traveled to where he lived. He met her at the bus station on his gleaming black Harley-Davidson. She felt faint when she saw him standing next to the machine dressed in leather from head to foot, as he told her he would. She climbed on behind him and let him carry her away, knowing that he would soon be plunging his ‘dragon’ deep into her virgin kitty.

Her arms wrapped around his waist, her hands fell to his crotch where she soon found the grown bulge of his `dragon’. He had told her it was eight inches long and now, she had the reality of it in her fingers. The stiff flesh was pulsing beneath her fingers. Her small hand did little to cover its length or girth.

The throbbing machine added to the sensations she felt. Vibrations flowed through her body, and she felt her kitty growing wet. Caren’s nipples were stiff and tender, too. She pulled closer to him and pressed her mound into his back.

Caren cared little for where they went, only that her realisation of her deires be fulfilled. The small cabin in the woods was an unexpected surprise. They pulled up and parked under the forest shade. Lance shut off the bike and began to dismount. The leather he wore creaked when he moved, his heavy boots brushed Caren’s thighs as he swung over her.

In a daze, she watched as he opened the door and motioned for her to follow. Caren felt the weakness in her limbs as she moved toward the building. The room was sparsley furnished but comfortable. His back was to her while he built a fire in the stone hearth. Not so much for the cold, but the background.

Lance turned to face her and began removing his jacket and shirt. Flung carelessly aside, his boots followed and he waited for Caren to follow his lead. She stared at him for a moment. His strong arms were covered in tattoos, a light fur coated his chest above the trim stomach.

Caren Etiler escort removed her boots first, then slowly unbuttoned her jacket/shirt. The filmy halter-top she wore hid nothing of her charms. Medium sized, her B-cup breasts were firm with dark areola and very stiff nipples. She saw him smile at the exposed flesh, and rubbed them as if they were cold.

Her face and neck were flushed, partly from excitement, partly from being unsure of herself in the company of this handsome older man. The rose tint flowed across her naked chest as she saw Lance unbuckle his belt. He was waiting for her.

He moved towards her, and she began to loosen her pants. The soft flesh of her belly and the light red fur of her mound appeared. Her hands pushed the denim away, across her thighs and down her legs. She wore no panties and she was now totally naked in front of him.

“Very pretty.” Lance commented, softly.

Caren blushed some more and half turned to show off her tight little butt as well. Then, she sat on the soft couch, holding her thighs up and together.

Lance moved in front of her and stood quietly. He reached for her hands and placed them on his pants. She looked up in a question. He returned her look with another smile, then said,

“Go ahead and unwrap your prize, Caren.”

She pulled the leather pants apart and down a little. The sparse hair near his penis caused questions to run through her mind.

“Yes, Caren. I keep it shaved most of the time.” He responded to her unasked question.

Peeling the soft black fabric down, Caren gasped at her first sight of his massive shaft.

“Ohmigod! It’s huge!”

“I didn’t story. It’s a full eight inches long, and almost two inches across.” He laughed gently. “You can touch it, you know. After all, it will be inside you in a little while, if you haven’t changed your mind.”

“Oh! NO! I … I haven’t! But I’ve never seen one this big, let alone touch one like it!”

“Have you ever touched a boy, before?” He asked.

“Y ..Yes. On dates and stuff. We get kissing hot, and they get all grabby, so I do them off with my hand. Sometimes I let them shoot their stuff in my mouth, too.”

“Has any body ever touched your kitty?”

“Um ..Yeah. … In gym, sometimes one of the other girls, but usually one of my boyfreinds, or myself.” Caren blushed again.

“Did you like it, when they touched you?”

“It … It made me all `butterfly’ in my belly. I .. Yes, I liked it!”

“Have you ever had anything inside your kitty?”

“Well, .. uh .. you know .. my fingers and stuff.”

Her color was deepening as her revelations expanded his knowledge of her sex experience.

“You never let any of your boys fill your kitty?”

“N .. No. I .. I didn’t want babies or anything like that. They never put it in my front hole.”

He made note of her reference to her front hole, then asked,

“Take my leather all the way off?”

As Caren pulled the snug garment down to his ankles, it placed her face straight even with the bouncing penis. She looked up to see the heavy sac hanging below the stiff rod. She grasped the throbbing flesh, gently, inspecting it’s curve and all the veins and wrinkles. The loose foreskin fascinated her, and she bent closer to see it better.

“You could kiss on it, if you would like.” He suggested.

“Do .. Do you want me to?”

“I’d like nothing, better for a start.” He answered.

Caren moved her thin lips closer to the plum colored crown. Tentatively, she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. The first drops of clear pre-cum were drooling from the tiny slit. She tasted the salt and slickness of the fluid and spread it with the flat of her tongue. She admired the glistening helmet, then surrounded it with her mouth.

He felt the warmth of her lips and the gentle scraping of her teeth on his sensitive flesh. Her mouth took him deep, deeper than he expected from this nineteen year old. She had most of his dragon in her throat when she gagged and had to pull off.

“That’s Beşiktaş escort okay, it is pretty big.” He spoke softly as she returned to her oral task.

He felt the waves of release begin too quickly. He pulled her head away and picked her up. He sat her on the couch and gently spread her thighs. The slender labia parted in welcome, revealing deep rose colred skin beneath. She was soaking wet, her clitoris stood firm in its sheath.

“Has any body ever kissed on you, down here?”

“On… .Only a couple of times.” She stammered.

“Was it good?”

“Um .. I guess so.”

“Let me try to make it better for you.”

He knelt between the creamy thighs and took in the strong aroma of her arousal. His first taste of a virgin slit in many years made his hands tremble. He thought back to the time he had taken his little sister’s girlfriend to his bedroom and introduced her to the wonders of oral sex, just before her first experience of being filled with hard, hot penis.

Caren squealed and groaned at the same time when his tongue flicked across her swollen clitoris. Her body was on fire as the rough tongue filled her vagina’s opening and entered the hot flesh tunnel. The other times she had been `kissed on’ were never like this. Her hips bucked and jerked as the first waves of orgasm flowed from her belly and washed through her whole body.

“OH GOD!!!! …. I… I”MMMMM Cummminggggg!!!” she screamed.

Writhing beneath the face of her `knight in black leather’, Caren’s body came off the couch as her peak reached its pinacle. She grabbed his head and pulled him tight to her hot mound as it started to spew girl-cum into his mouth. He drank greedily of the sweet nectar flowing from Caren’s vagina.

Lance held her thighs to keep her from falling to the floor, licking her slowly, until she started to calm. He kissed up on to her flat belly and moved across her breasts, then up to her face and kissed her hot. Caren tasted herself on his lips and hungrily lapped her own juices.

She felt Lance pushing thick fingers into her vagina and curled her body to take them as deeply as she could. He found no resistance in the tight vaginal canal. Her `toys’ must have taken her `cherry’ a while ago. He pulled her close, then eased on to the floor, pulling Caren with him.

She felt the hard shaft between their bodies, still wonderining if it would fit inside her tiny hole.

“Are you sure you want this, Caren?” he asked.

Between kisses and groans she replied, “Oh yes! More than anything, now.”

“Tell me what you want from me, Caren.”

“I … I …um … want your thing inside me.” She said with hesitation.

He laughed softly, “It has a name, you know. It’s not a `thing’, it’s a penis, cock, prick, it gets called lots of names and you can use them, if you want.

“Um .. okay. I want your penis in me.”

“That’s better. Where do you want it?”

“Here!” she pointed at her swollen vulva. “I want it up inside my ….my …uh..cunt!” She blurted out. “I want you to make me a woman. I want you to fuck me!”

Her hot talk made Lance’s cock jump and his palms sweat. He wanted to be the first to plunge deep into her tiny little body and fill her belly with cum. Done right, there is something special about being the gateway to sexual elightenment. Lance took his time to make sure it was good for her.

With his fingers, he opened her vagina gently, causing her to moan softly. He worked the fingers around and in to spread her nectar over all of her labia, her clitoris and mound. Her light red fur was damp when he finished, her breath came as gasps and groans.

“I think you’re ready, now.”

“Ohgodyes! Put ..put it in me! OH PLEASE! …FUCK ME, NOW!” Caren cried out in passion.

“Lets take it slower, Caren. I’m going to let YOU put it in the first time. That way you can take as much as you want, as fast or slow as you want. Okay?”

Lance held her waist and lifted her above his pulsing penis. “Take me in your hand, and put it at your entrance.”

Caren Taksim escort did as she was instructed. She felt the heat of his dragon searing the outer labia as she coated the crown with her lubricating fluids.

“Whenever you are ready, slide yourself down. Fill your kitty with a hard cock for the first time!” He told her.

Slowly, at first, she split her body opening with the large head. She felt great pressure at the small cleft of her body. Nothing she had ever put in there was that large, hot and pulsing. Caren could feel Lance’s heartbeat as she lowered herself.

“OHMIGODLANCE!! Its big! … Oh,Yessss!” She cried out.

Her thighs trembled as she tried to keep from falling completely on to the thick penis. Her vagina felt as if it were splitting in two. Lance held her waist to ease the weight from her quivering legs. Caren stopped with about two inches of Lance inside the entrance of her vagina.

“Are you good?” He asked.

“So much.” She breathed. “Take it slow.” Almost talking to herself, “Ahhhhh…yesss…. there, now.” She lowered her tight sex even more.

Lance was grinning, but holding back the urge to pull her all the way down. He didn’t want to hurt her or make it uncomfortable. He controlled his desire and continued to let Caren set the pace.

Caren’s eyes closed as she continued her journey into womanhood, sighing deeply as the `dragon’ disappeared into her `cave’. She put her hand where their bodies joined and was shocked to find that she only had half of him inside! She could still fit four fingers between them, alongside his cock.

Suddenly, Lance saw her belly bulge and felt her vagina go loose. Her eyes closed tighter, and she dropped all the way down.

“OOOFF!” She exhaled quickly. “OHHHMIGODDD!” she wailed the instant she impaled herself completely. Her body quivered and shook at the realisation of what she had just done.

“OHHHH …. YESSSSSS.! Sooo fullll!” she moaned. “Feels sooooo goood!”

She started to move, but Lance stopped her.

“Rest for a minute. Let your body get used to it before you move, Caren.”

He felt her tight vaginal tunnel squeezing the length of his penis, her heart was beating fast, her face flushed and damp with sweat. He wouldn’t last long, he knew, it was the hottest, tightest kitty he’d been in for a long time. Caren started to move her hips and he could feel her cervix bump the crown as she pushed against his belly.

“MMM … Oh yes! .. this is good.” She cooed while her movements quickened. “Fill it up! Squirt your stuff in me! Make it cummmm!”

Lance groaned at her words, and did just that. The fire rushed through his belly and shot from the head of his penis. He loaded Caren’s tiny belly with jets of hot, thick cum. So much cum that it was pushing out around the tight seal of her vulva. Their bellies were soon coated with spunk and girl-cum, as Caren reached her second peak.

“YESSSSS!! .. omigod hereitis …. cccc… ccuummmmiiinnnngggg!!” She shrieked. Her body stiffened and quaked with release. She lost her balance and fell to Lance’s chest panting and moaning.

“Oh …OH …. Oh my! That was so hot! I could feel you shooting in me!” She finally gasped.

They lay still for a while, then rolled apart. Her legs spread wide and Lance could see the mixture of their essence dripping from her red, swollen crack. Without a word, he moved his face to her tender vulva and began to lick her clean. The heavy musk of their combined fluids was a rush to his senses. He consumed all he could, then captured a mouthful to share with Caren in a hot kiss.

At first, she hesitated. Then realising that HE had just kissed on her freshly fucked kitty, she pulled him closer and returned the hot kiss. She tasted herself as well as the strong salty flavor of Lance’s cum. It was an interesting mix that she, too started to enjoy.

“It’s all part of the `sharing’.” He explained. “There is more to sex than just `Stick it in, cum, and leave’.” Caren hugged him tight, then spoke softly.

“Thank you. That was everything I thought it shoul be, and more.”

“I’m happy that you approve, Caren.” He replied with another kiss.

“Can … can you … um.. Can you do it again?” She asked, looking at the still firm flesh between Lance’s thighs.

“Are you sure you want to?” Was his reply.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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