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I am in my room, at The Lodge at Pebble Beach (Carmel, CA) — at a company meeting. Hungry. But feeling kinda horny for some reason. I take a shower, dress nicely, and go to the Louis XIX room, a small romantic cafe at The Lodge. I enter the bar, and see you! Sitting alone at a table! Lovely You!! A sweet but sensuous face. Curvaceous body. I ask if I can join you, and you nod yes, but only for a bit, as you are expecting someone. We have a margarita, and then another. Small talk. You are dressed in a black silky dress, clinging to your body. Conservative, but showing a bit of cleavage, teasingly so. And finally you announce that it looks like you’ve been stood up. “Oh sorry about that,” I say, but thinking, My Lucky Day, and invite you to have dinner with me.

We sit in a corner of the dimly lit small dining room. A burning candle at our table. Famished, we order our dinner plus a nice Cabernet with it. We continue talking, in a quiet voice, necessitating us to lean forward in order to hear each other — and this is showing me a little more of your lovely breast cleavage. The whiteness of your skin in contrast to your black dress. You catch me staring at them and we both blush but say nothing. Then we talk and chat as if we knew each other for a long time. A combo is playing slow romantic music. I ask if you would like to dance, and you say “yes.” I am getting more and more turned on by the minute. You put your arms around my neck, and my arms and hands are around your waist. Dancing cheek to cheek. Smelling the fragrance of your hair as I nuzzle my face in it.

I feel your body pressed into mine. I am aware of my erection pushing on your belly, and wonder if you notice it too. I am hoping you are aware and I think you are, because there are subtle grinding of your belly on me. Still dancing, I step back with my left foot, but leaving my right foot planted which causes your groin to press into my right upper thigh, and again, I feel a subtle grinding of your groin into me. As the heat rises within us, I breathlessly whisper in your ear, giving me an excuse to nibble on it, “your guy doesn’t know what he is missing.”

I ask if you have a place to stay, and when you say no, I invite you to stay with me — Your yes answer almost makes be collapse with anticipation. The dance is over, I sit you down, and talk to the maitre d’ for a minute. We decline the dessert, and go out into the rapidly chilling outdoors, walking hand in hand, to our room, on the second floor. “I have a surprise for you,” I announce while opening the door. A lit fireplace and Champagne in a bucket, already opened. Red and white roses on our bed. It’s what I talked to the maitre d’ about at the dining room. almanbahis We hug, briefly, gently, and go out onto the balcony and watch the sunset — over the ocean, the 18th fairway and green of the Pebble Beach Golf Course. A magic moment! My arms around you, protecting you from the chill. We go inside, standing in front of the fireplace.

And suddenly, we are kissing. Gently at first and then more urgently. A wet, but not a sloppy kiss, hungrily, with our tongues probing wildly. The anticipation of this moment, for the past few hours has caught up to us. You begin to undo your dress and I stop you. That’s my duty, and I proceed, unzipping your dress. And you are doing the same to me. In no time, we are down to my shorts and your bra and panty. I step back, give a whistle, that is more of a sigh. You ARE BEAUTIFUL!! Black bra, bikini panties. setting off your white skin! Again, we hug. Kiss.

Your bra comes off, and simultaneously, so does the panties, and my shorts. Another hug, which is more of grinding our hot bodies together than a hug. My erected wet cock is sliding on your belly and you grind on it wantonly. My hands roaming on your back, and your buttocks — so smooth, soft and yet so firm. Kissing with wild abandon — rather frantically. We inch towards the bed and then falling onto it — you on your back, and me on my side, facing you. I gaze into your eyes, and then my sight devours your body, your firm uplifted breasts standing tall and proud for me with pointed nipples. The flickering light casting shadows on your pubic hair. Our hearts beating rapidly and our breathing is a series of sighs and moans.

We resume kissing — almost mashing our lips together, passionately — my hands on your breasts — kneedling them — weighing — caressing — teasing. My fingers playing with your nipples. They have become so erected and tingly. You are not idle. You grab my hard, erected, throbbing, and wet cock. You smear the clear, abundant precum flowing from slit at the tip of my cock all over the glans and all up and down the shaft, and with a loose fist, you slowly begin to slide your hand up and down. Your hand and fingers are so soft. The pleasure is so exquisite — The initial contact of your hand on my cock makes my whole body jump and with the stroking — makes me start to thrust into your hand. Oh, my God, I’ve been so pent up, and so have you. With your free hand, you guide my hand down to your pussy. My lips now on your breast, teasing, sucking, biting on them.

With my hands now guided to your pussy, I find the wetness — oh so wet!! Your inner lips and clit are so erected, puffy, spongy, and slippery. I am sliding my fingers up and down your almanbahis giriş pussy slit. Your erected clit is trapped between my index and ring fingers. Intermittently probing your pussy hole and feeling it spasm on my fingers. And with each slide of my fingers upwards, my middle finger grazes over your exposed clit glans and makes your body jerk. You immediately thrust, and clench your buttocks, which makes your pussy hole spasm and increases the wonderful sensation. You wildly gyrate your pussy and pelvis on my hand. The long anticipation and teasing, has had its toll.

You start to cum! You can’t hold it back. And with your cuming, you rapidly stroke my cock. I try to hold it back, but the sight and feel of your cuming, is too much. I start to ejaculate, pumping, squirting my cum all over your hand and partly on my belly and your hip. And you, cuming, so hard, so intensely, still thrusting against my hand and palms.

Both of us are moaning and mumbling unintelligible words, but obviously of how good it all is. And finally, we subside together. panting, breathing hard, heart beating so hard. We hug, kiss, moan together. Subsiding together. You are so wonderful. So beautiful. And the teasing and culmination was the same — so beautiful and wonderful. We talk abut the evening. How I was taken when I first saw you — Smitten by you. And you tell me, how nice it was for you to have the drinks, the dinner. And so glad that I was interested. You knew my frequent peeks at your breast cleavage was exciting me and that in turn, exited you. And when we danced, you felt my cock against your belly. You thought you could feel it throb. How you wanted it right then and there. And when I pressed my thigh into your pussy, you tried to communicate, without words, how much you wanted me.

And in our discussions, IT STARTS AGAIN. You are teasing my cock, caressing it and making it erect again. The wetness reforming and I am feeling horny again. I WANT YOU, AGAIN.!!! AND YOU WANT ME!! Again, this time, more slowly, more lovingly, I begin to caress you. Kissing your ear, blowing into it. Tonguing it. Brushing our lips together and then riming your lips with my tongue. Again, the passionate kissing, this time with a bit more of caring and love. My hands caressing your body, your breasts. This time, gently, lightly — sending shivers down your body. My lips follow my hands. To your breast. Sucking, warmly. pulling on your nipples with my lips. Then repeat sucking until I have as much of your breast in my mouth as I can get and then swirl my tongue all around the aureola and nipple — making your push your breast into my mouth even deeper. Mmmmm, the wonderful distinctive taste!

My almanbahis yeni giriş hands caress your belly, and I see the muscles underneath to twitching. I am making teasing circles with my hands on your belly and each circle is lower and lower until it reaches the mons — the mons of beauty and Venus. Your thighs spread for me allowing my hand to cup your pussy. I squeeze the other lips together and rub gently making you moan and thrust your pussy into my hand. I now lie between your wide spread thighs. Your knees are flexed which exposing your beautiful pussy to my wanton but loving gaze. The beautiful mons, covered with the silky pubic hair. The inner lips are so swollen and engorged. Your clit so erected and even throbbing in tune with your rapid heart beat. Your juices smeared over your genitals, your inner thighs. Glistening in the fireplace light.

Smelling the fragrant musk is intoxicating me. My tongue tip only, circles your pubic hair. Then the inner lips. Finally ending up at the base of your clit. My wide open mouth now covers your pussy, my tongue in your hole, twirling in it. I close my mouth, ending up at the glans of your clit and Stimulate it with the smooth under surface of my tongue which makes your body jerk, with the excruciating pleasure. I am feeling your pelvis clench, tightening and relaxing alternately — making you close to a cum, but not quite there.

I slowly rise. My breast and nipples press on your pussy, letting my heart beat so rapidly on your pussy, and then slowly inching up your body, kissing and nibbling your body until I reach your face and your lips. My erected, almost bursting cock now at the love entrance. Slowly, I thrust and you thrust, inching my cock deeper and deeper. So tight, So warm, and so loving. Until I am fully in you, filling your hole completely. Your thighs and legs are locked around my waist. We relax for just a few seconds and then we begin thrusting, slowly at first. I grind my pubic bone on your clit and mons at the end of each deep thrust and with each in and out motion, the top of my cock shaft glides past your clit glans. Feeling your body writhe, hearing you moan, sigh, feeling your vagina clamp on me, and convulsing on me.

You begin to moan those wonderful erotic words: “I feel sooooo good!”, “I’m going to cum!”, “I”m there.” “NOW!!!!” “I’M CUMINGGGGGGGGG!!!” You suddenly arch your back, lifting me with your strength. You scream, and that is too much for me. Deep within you, I start to cum. You can feel each jerk, spurt of me. Deep within you. Setting off more of your cum. I am moaning and grunts coinciding with each of the spews from my cock. Long, intense, almost painful pleasure. Seemingly a long time, but over too soon.

My cock still deep inside you, our bodies begins to relax, and our breathing and heart rate comes back to normal. Looking into each other’s eyes.

“My luckiest day,” I say.

“The start of something very wonderful,” you answer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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