Carol’s Fateful Decision Ch. 09

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Due to the foreseen twist in the story we need to elaborate on the relationship of the four Hopkin offspring and their ladies.

Tom was the oldest son at thirty- five he was going with Katherine who’s nickname was Casey. She was friends and lives with the sisters Tina and Gina. Casey was thirty-four, a red head five feet five inches tall with a thirty-six, twenty-five, thirty-eight figure.

Bill was thirty — one, his girlfriend Gina who we have met intimately was twenty-nine and of Italian descent

Eric was twenty-nine, his girlfriend, Tina she was twenty-five, Gina’s Sister and Lesley’s friend. Tina, also Italian and built similarly to Gina but a little shorter.

JJ who was the most perverse of the sons, just proposed to Lesley. He was twenty-six and Lesley was twenty-three she has her own apartment.

The group had hung around together for over five years and the association had morphed into a bond of the eight young people with their respective ladies. It became a tight knit group. Each of the Hopkin’s offspring bonded with the ladies they had most in common with over the last three or four years.

As you already know Lesley was a Geologist and works for the Federal Government. Casey was a lawyer, Gina and Tina are also lawyers that spend most of their time on Pro bono work for abused women. Casey, Gina, and Tina work at the same law firm. The one the sister’s father owns.

Each of the young men work together but own their own businesses. Tom has Hopkin’s Construction Service. Bill has Hopkin’s Architectural Service. Eric has Hopkin’s Structural engineering. JJ owns Hopkin’s Mechanical engineering Service.

When we left off there was an unforeseen surprise. JJ proposed to Lesley after she demonstrated she was the perfect mate for him.

After everyone left JJ’s home, Lesley stripped JJ in the kitchen and pulled him by his pecker into the dimly lit living room which was in the front of the house. It was dark out. Lesley gave no thought that they could be seen as she polished his knob, knelt in front of the chair she pushed him into which faced the large, uncovered picture window. She now knows what JJ meant by; he wanted her to be more like his mother after she witnessed the recent performance by the mature threesome. “I will be nude for JJ whenever he asks. My exposure and the sex in public was awesome today, but we will have to set some ground rules, so I don’t end up on the wrong side of the law.” She thought as she pleasured her betrothed.

“I’m going to cummmm.” JJ moaned and painted her tonsils with cum. With all the recent stimulation and the erotic afternoon. He never lost his hardon.

“I need you in me JJ.” Lesley moaned with erotic need, as she mounted JJ’s upright picker, and rode to a joyous orgasm as JJ painted her cervix ten minutes later. They rested still connected, Lesley flexed her pussy muscles to keep JJ excited and from fall out.

Lesley was pensive as she rocked on JJ’s cock. She looked at JJ with a conflicted look, she asked. “JJ you are very familiar with your mother’s body. Have you had sex with her?”

With a surprised look on his face, he turned red and thought how to best answer the question. “Would it make any difference in the decision you made to marry me?”

“No, I just need to know the truth.” Lesley stated but she knows what the answer should be, by the embarrassed expression on his face.

“Yes, we all had sex with our mother the first time we got together to examine her.” JJ admitted with some fear. “But that was the first time, when we were young we never even saw our mother in her bra and panties she was always dressed or in a robe in the morning.” He explained further to let Lesley know it was only the first time.

“I’m glad you told me the truth because I could see the way you touched your mother and she didn’t reprimand you, that you have been intimate with her.”

“So, we’re good?” JJ asked with an embarrassed smile at his admission.

“I liked the intimacy I had with your mother also.” Lesley admitted with a far-away look in her eyes.

JJ wouldn’t have been more surprised at his Fiancée’s admission if he woke up in the morning with a pair of tits attached his chest. “She is a good teacher isn’t she.” The only come back JJ could think of as he remembered how she sexually satisfied him, and he now knows his betrothed enjoyed the interaction with his mother also.

“And she knows how to handle a pussy.” Lesley giggled.

As you might have guessed the newly engaged couple fucked their brains out all night and due to their overactive libido, they called into work to say they would be late the next morning.

We have to find out why the mature Trio hastily managed a graceful exit after the surprise engagement proposal.

The couple was glad the trio left after Lesley received her engagement anne seks hikayeleri ring. The young couple thought that the older trio wanted to give JJ and Lesley some privacy, but in reality, Carol wanted to go back home to quell her sexual need. She was on sexual overload because of the afternoon show she put on with Lesley, and the fuck-fest they had, she and Lesley were persuaded to be nude in public. The biggest turn on was JJ would wed Lesley and the possibilities that brought to the family. Carol dripped her arousal down her legs as she thought of the erotic fun, she had that day and as she looked forward to more sexual encounters.

The two men diddled Carol’s pussy as Walter drove home. “Hopefully we will get Carol sated manually.” Jon thought as he worked his fingers into his wife’s swamp beside Walter’s fingers.

Walter drove with one hand and finger fucked Carol with the other hand as he thought. “I don’t have any starch left in my pecker tonight hopefully we can satisfy Carol orally. Since the Doctor brought the Medical Model vocation to her attention, she has been insatiable. She wants to condense the pleasure she missed over the last forty years into a few months it seems.”

It was dark, after ten, Walter parked the truck in the driveway. Jon opened the garage door. Carol was horny and could only feel marshmallows in the guy’s pants as they motored home. When Jon got out, she turned and spread her legs to see if she could get one of the men interested. Walter came around and looked at the mature woman’s well fucked box and he could feel his pecker rise somewhat. Carol noticed!

Carol knows. “Jon gets turned on by public displays. Hopefully he can get it up for the occasion also?” She thought as she was helped out of the truck and walked around front. Put her hands on the hood and leaned on the truck. “Anyone want to play hide the salami?” She asked in erotic need, as she spread her legs to expose her wet pussy.

Walter was the first to take interest in the nude woman spread in the front of the truck, dropped his garments, and stuffed his semi hard cock into Carol’s pussy with some difficulty. He started to pump away, and this put more starch in his member. Jon came around to watch the couple fuck, and tripped the motion light, so it looked like they were in a porno movie. “Hopefully Walter will cum before they’re caught.” As he watched his wife of forty years, fuck the friend who saved his life in a combat situation. Now you understand why the three are so close!

Walter and Carol powered through the distraction. “He must have blown dust into my pussy, as I didn’t feel any noticeable sensation of bodily fluid transfer, when he came. I only felt his pecker pulsate.” She thought before she went over the edge and screamed loud enough to wake the dead.

Jon grabbed Carol, who was disorientated, still in an orgasmic state, and pulled her into the garage. Walter fell back against the car in the garage. Jon hit the garage door button just as Walter grabbed his pants. They could see lights in the neighborhood come on as the door went down.

“Boy! That was a close one.” Carol giggled, sated for the time being.

“I think we should come up with shoes made of synthetic materials with a pussy’s characteristics. We would make millions.” Jon ventured as he realized. “A woman’s pussy can take a pounding and they want more.”

“What’s that Jon. One size fit all, and you can’t wear it out no matter how hard you pound it. Another feature it goes back to its original size after a while when you’re finished.” Carol giggled as she was led to the shower by her two men. They showered, dried each other, and went to bed. She had a lover on each side of her. She smiled and went off to a peaceful sleep. Both men cuddled with her in slumber.

Tuesday the phone lines were ablaze with the news of the JJ’s proposal. A meeting was called between the lady friends of the Hopkin boys that Tuesday night.

The four Hopkin Brothers bowled on Tuesday and Thursday nights. The nights the young men bowl was hens nights for the girls.

Tuesday found Walt and Jon in the workshop after breakfast to put the final touches on the new toy for Carol. She was in the back yard with a book as she tanned. Six of the neighborhood boys spotted her and cautiously snuck around to get a better peek at the mature nude beauty. Joey told them about the encounter when he delivered the pizza, but they didn’t believe their former high school teacher let him see her nude. Now they know he was truthful.

They went to his house. “Joey we just saw Mrs. Hopkin in her backyard in a lounge chair nude as she read a book.”

“See I told you and you didn’t believe me.”

“I wish we could get a closer look at her for an older woman she is beautiful.” One of the young men said.

“I may be able to make that happen, but it will cost you fifty bucks apiece.” Joe said as the six guys always picked on Joe, because he needed to work to help his family. This was their payback for the way they treated him.

“Really we don’t believe you.” They group of eighteen-year-olds laughed.

“Get your money ready no cash no view of the lovely woman’s assets.” Joe stated as he walked away and to the Hopkin home. He saw the shop door open, walked up to the door, and stood there until he was acknowledged.

“Hi, you’re the pizza delivery man that came to our house the other day.” Jon said with excitement.

“Yes, that’s me.” He admitted with an embarrassed smile on his face. “M-Mr. H-Hopkin did you mean what you said that I could get a closer look at your w-wife sometimes?” Joe stammered embarrassed and in a whisper.

“Why yes Joey, I think that could be arranged.”

“That would be great, my friends and I are taking anatomy in college, so it would be a help to have some prior instruction on anatomy, especially of the female form. I know Mrs. Hopkin was a teacher at the high school when I had her last year.” Joe babbled because he told a lie and at the news they may be able to get a closer look at the mature teachers charms.

“Let me see what I can do. Come back here to the shop with your friends at one O’clock. I will have an answer for you then.” Jon explained with uncontrollable excitement. To the young man who almost came in his pants at the news. Joe left with a wide grin on his face.

Joe ran over to the group who waited down the street at the park. “Get your money ready. We have to be at the Hopkin residence at one this afternoon. All of you are taking anatomy in college in the fall.”

“I’m not going to college in the fall I am going into the Army.” One of the guys said.

“If you want to examine Mrs. Hopkin closely, you’re taking anatomy.” Joe reiterated.

“Okay, we got it. You better not be bullshitting us, or we will beat you to a pulp.” The spokesman for the group vowed.

Meanwhile back in the shop.

“Okay buddy, how are you going to pull this off?” Walter asked.

“You watch the master manipulator at work.” Jon said as both went into the back yard and the two watched Carol for a few minutes as she read her book and subconsciously rubbed her pussy lips between her fingers. “She’s horny!” Jon whispered to Walt. “Hi Carol, it’s time for lunch what do you want.” Jon boomed as they walked behind his naked wife.

“Jon don’t do that! You scared the shit out of me.” Carol screeched angrily, not so much that Jon scared her, but she was embarrassed she was caught by the two men as she played with her pussy lips.

“I don’t see any brown scatt on your lounger or under it.” Jon laughed and Walt snickered.

“Can you make a few sandwiches?” Carol asked to change the subject.

“Sure, anything for you, my love.” Jon acknowledged. The two men went in, prepared lunch and brought it out to the patio for consumption along with non-alcoholic beverages.

As they ate. “Carol, remember the pizza delivery man, Joe?” Jon asked as he watched his wife’s face.

“Yes Jon, I had him in school he was a nice young man who came to me for extra instruction. He was conscientious but he had a hard time in school, his family had financial problems, he had to work, and many of the boys bullied him. Sadly, he didn’t have many friends.

“Well Carol, you can make him a happy young man today if you choose. He approached me this morning. It seems as though he wants to take anatomy this fall and would like your help.”

“Jon did you call him, like you did the AI guys?”

“No Carol, the young man approached us in the shop this morning. It embarrassed him to ask for help, but he said you helped him along with other students a great deal in school and wondered if you could help them with the college courses.” Walter explained.

After a few more bites of her sandwich, with a drink of lemonade. the thought that she was horny, and her desire to show-off. Helped her make her decision. “Yes, I could help him. What time is he coming over?” She completely missed the word ‘them’ in the dialog.

“The group will be over around one this afternoon.” Walter emphasized to make sure she knew there will be more young men than just Joe.

“So, it’s not just Joe, but more young men. Do you know how many?”

“He said you helped the group that is coming over here. Is that a problem Carol?” Jon asked.

“Oh, what the hell, what’s the difference if I show my pussy to one guy at a time or a hundred.” Carol laughed as the former conservative woman looked forward to her exposure to young men she taught last school year. “I can’t believe I consented to show my pussy to my former students. Will they think I am a slut or love me for giving them the opportunity to see a mature woman nude?” Carol thought she was Conflicted.

Carol went into the backyard again, she rubbed suntan lotion on her body, and continued to read while she awaited her guests. “I can feel my pussy leak onto the lounger.” She thought as she tried to read her book. “My book pales in comparison to being nude in front of the kids I taught.” The thrilled woman thought as she rubbed her pussy lips together.

The men cleaned up after lunch and went to the garage. They could see the young men as they pushed around Joe a few houses down from the Hopkin property. Walter and Jon flipped over into seal mode as the two men didn’t like to see anyone bullied. When the group came to the shop at the appointed time. “Joe, are these the guys that would like help from my wife?” Jon asked as Walter stood with arms crossed ready for action.

“Yes, Mr. Hopkin they are.”

“Come in here boys.” Jon said in a voice that demanded the young men’s attention, and followed the older men into the shop. He opened a cabinet. In the back of it was a ‘sixteen by twenty photo’ with a caption at the top ‘Seal Team Six’. “Gentlemen look at the photo closely.” Jon demanded. Two men were circled in the photo with a large assortment of combat medals laid out in the cabinet. “Recognize anyone?”

“Is that you two that are circled?” Joe asked with admiration.

“Yes, it is. Before we go any further you will have to promise us you will not tell anyone, that we are former seals and about what will transpire this afternoon.” Walter explained.

“Gentlemen let me be very clear, it will not end well for you if I hear rumors about my wife that smear her good name. Can you guarantee us that you will abide by our wishes?” Jon explained in no uncertain terms.

“Y-Yes W-we U-under S-sand.” Joe stuttered now nervous about the lie he told and the other young men nodded their assent to the rules also now in awe of the two older men who stood before them.

“Joe, I saw the guy’s gang up on you. That will never happen again to Joe, right guys.” They all agreed they will never pick on Joe again. “One other thing my wife is gracious enough to work with you on the anatomy of a female. Show respect or we can make you disappear.” Jon smiled as he put the fear of God in them even more.

“Does everyone understand the ground rules and has everyone paid Joe.” Walter asked as he overheard them refuse to pay Joe. “Oh one other thing we need to mention Carol gets a hundred dollars an hour as a medical model, donations are accepted for her time.” Walter continued.

“Yes, we have the money right here.” They said as they counted out the cash to give Joe. “We will take up a collection to pay Mrs. Hopkin also.” The boys stated scared they wouldn’t get to see the mature woman nude.

“Joe pay Carol for her time today. Guys you’ll reimburse Joe, won’t you?” Jon instructed as he looked each of the young men in the eye. To see if there were any negative comments. “Now that we settled that. Let’s go over to see my wife.” As he marched the group over to his wife.

When the relieved young men saw their former teacher in the lounger. They stood stock still as they watched Carol rub her pussy while she read. They weren’t prepared for her naked beauty. They thought of her as their English teacher Mrs. Hopkin, not the sexy bombshell they saw in the lounger presently.

The group walked over to Carol’s lounger; she didn’t stop her self-pleasure even though she felt their presence next to her. Because it felt good to have her fingers on her sex, while the young men watched. They gawked at her as she rubbed her pussy. She let out a soft moan that almost had them cum in their pants it was such an unbelievably sexy situation they were in.

Joe cleared his throat to let her know he was there. “M-Mrs. H-Hopkin thank you for your help with A-Anatomy. We want to pay you for your time.” Joe faltered, as all the young men’s eyes didn’t blink afraid, they may miss a part of the older woman’s naked Charms or her actions.

“That isn’t necessary. I’m a teacher and want to help you. Save the money you’re going to need it for college.” Carol graciously refused to take payment as Jon and Walter knew she would do this for free. “Let’s go into the exam area so we can get started.”

Jon led the way to the family/exam room. Walter went back to the shop to check the sex toy one last time before they unveil it. The students followed the mature nude vision of erotic sexuality, their eyeballs out at the end of their noses. They went into the exam area/family room to be met by another erotic item to them. The exam chair with its stirrups that will hold the nude teachers legs, spread wide, as each of her former students have a chance to check out her pussy.

“Please sit I need to get your names.” Jon said to the spellbound young men, this was more than they could fathom.

“Jon you have: Ted, Arnold, Matt, Ed, Tyler, Rick and of course you know Joe.” Carol said, as she pointed to each of the young men she had in her class for her husband’s benefit.

The thoughts that went through the young men’s heads as introductions were made.

Ted thought. “We are here with our former teacher she is nude and she acts like she has clothes on.”

Arnold thought “I never would have thought I would see Mrs. Hopkin nude; she is beautiful.”

Matt thought. “I wonder if she will let us touch her body as she instructs us.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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