Carrie’s Comeuppance

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Author’s note: This is a continuation of my Best Friends series. If you have not done so, I strongly recommend you read Best Friends Ch. 03 in the “Toys and Masturbation” section. Enjoy and Please vote.

It was difficult to guess just how Sarah had planned to pull it off, but she had implied that she wanted to bring her 24 year-old daughter, Carrie, over so that I could introduce her to “chaining”. In my thoughts, I had tried to anticipate every possible approach Sarah had in mind. I needn’t have bothered, because what actually transpired was not in any of the scenarios I had envisioned.

What I knew for certain, was that Carrie’s contempt for me was equaled in the visa-versa. Carrie was a spoiled rotten little bitch that treated her mother like shit. Carrie’s world revolved around Carrie, and when things didn’t go Carrie’s way, she berated her mother until mother would finally give in. It had been that way since Carrie was 5 years old.

I also knew that it had been 30 years since I have dipped my fingers into a twenty-year old pussy and if it happened, it would probably be the last time. Being a good Boy Scout, I got prepared. The chain I had purchased for Sarah was cleaned, inspected carefully for any rough mill marks, and sanitized. I had also prepared a towel, plastic bag to protect the carpet, a bowl and a tube of lubricant. With those items placed at the ready, I set up the video camera, out of sight, on a shelf in the corner of the living room. I showered, dressed in a tee shirt and boxers, and awaited their arrival.

Things went badly right from the get-go. Sarah had to practically drag Carrie out of the car when they arrived. Once inside, Carrie let me know that she had a date and they weren’t going to be staying long. Sarah ignored her daughter, poured a glass of wine for the three of us and took a seat in the living room.

Carrie grew immediately impatient. “You don’t have time for socializing. What are you, Deaf? I told you I need to get home!” Carrie was standing in the middle of the room with her hands on her hips and glaring at her mother.

“Relax, Carrie.” I injected.

“You stay out of this!” The little bitch barked at me.

Sarah ignored her daughter, she had spied the length of chain on the coffee table. “Is that for me?” She said with a gleam in her eye.

Following Sarah’s lead, I replied. “Sure is, it’s a bit longer that the other, but I think you can handle it.” I guessed that Sarah was trying to spur Carrie’s curiosity about the chain, but it didn’t work.

“If you’re going to sit there and talk about a chain, give me the fucking car keys! I’m going home!”

“George gave me the most incredible orgasm with a chain, yesterday, I was hoping to have him do the same for you.” So much for being subtle.

Now at this point a simple “NO” would have sufficed and it would have ended right there, but that was not Carrie’s style. “You what?” She screamed. “What a pathetic old cow you are! Can’t get a real cock stuck in that shriveled old cunt of yours, so you need a chain. What a fucking whore you are! Jesus, I can’t believe you, Dad is right, you are a slut. If you think for a half a minute I am going to let that disgusting mother fucker over there (she pointed at me, I told you she loved me) get any where near me with a chain or anything else, not only are you pathetic, but you’re crazy, too! No thanks! I can still get a real man. I’m getting the car keys and getting the fuck out of here!” Her tirade complete, Carrie turned and began to leave the room.

Whether it was reference to Sarah’s ex-husband (who was a useless drunk), the names she called her mother, or years of pent-up frustration or a combination of all doesn’t really matter, despite the cause, the effect was the same. Sarah jumped up from her seat, grabbed the exiting Carrie from behind and with a move a Judo expert would be proud of, swept Carrie off her feet, causing both to fall onto the floor. Carrie landed on her back, with her mother on top of her.

Sarah tried to use the initial shock of the tackle to her advantage. She tried to grab her daughter’s arms and roll her onto her back.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?” Carrie screamed.

Sarah didn’t answer, she conserved the energy for the struggle and she continued to try getting a hold of Carrie’s now flailing arms.

“YOU CRAZY BITCH!” Carrie screamed and with a burst of strength managed to shove her mother off of her and get to Bahçelievler Escort her feet.

Sarah recovered and grabbed the top of her daughter’s skirt, ripping it.


The daughter no longer tried to get away, but went on the offensive. Sarah was wearing a denim dress. Carrie grabbed the shoulder straps and tried to roll her mother off of her, but the thread holding the snaps gave away and Carrie found herself holding just the straps and lost the leverage.

Sarah managed to get her hands wrapped around Carrie’s wrists, and pin the girl’s arms on the floor. Carrie kicked and bucked, and managed to twist her head and bit her mother’s arm. Sarah’s hand released Carrie’s wrist, giving Carrie the chance to land a solid slap on the older woman’s face.

Trying to regain the advantage, Sarah grabbed the front of Carrie’s blouse, but the buttons on it ripped off, exposing a lacy bra, that was ripped away with Sarah’s next grab.

Both mother and daughter are of equal height- just a little over five feet. The daughter, however, at maybe ninety pounds, gave up about twenty pounds to her mother. It was the weight difference and rage-fueled adrenaline that gave Sarah the final advantage. After three or four minutes of grappling, clothes ripping and clawing, the mother managed to get her daughter rolled over. She then sat on her daughter’s back, facing the girl’s feet. As soon as Sarah got the girl pinned, she collected Carrie’s arms and placed them under her own knees. The only thing Carrie had left to fight with, was her legs, but all she could do with them was hit air.

Both women were panting from the exertion, but that didn’t stop Carrie from screaming oaths and epitaphs at her mother. She only stopped her verbal barrage when the weight of her mother on her chest made it difficult for her to breathe.

Red-faced and out of breath, Sarah rested a moment, while maintaining her perch. Turning her head, she said. “I’ve thought for a long time, that you’ve needed a good spanking and fucking. Well, now’s the time!”

Carrie tried to speak, but her mother shifted her weight, causing only a grunt from the daughter.

Sarah grabbed the tattered remains of Carrie’s tropical print dress and ripped it the rest of the way off. The dress was the wrap around type, which tied at the waist. Sarah ripped the heavier material from the top of the dress, freed one of Sarah’s arms, tied the cloth around it, then grabbed the other arm and securely tied the two arms together behind her back.

Once Sarah was assured that Carrie’s arms were securely bound, she slid off of her back. Feeling the change, Carrie tried to roll in the opposite direction. Her move was rewarded with a hard slap on her ass, forcing her back onto her stomach.

Sarah’s actions had taken me by complete surprise. When the wrestling match first began, my initial reaction was to intervene, but I immediately thought better of it. Seeing the determination on Sarah’s face made me realize that this was something that the woman had to do. She knew that the little bitch needed to be put in her place, and only she could do it-albeit a little late. I sat back and decided that I would only step in if either of the women was going to be seriously injured or my property was going to be damaged.

When Sarah had finally managed to pin her daughter, Carrie’s head was pointing at me and Sarah’s back was blocking my view. When she rolled off, I was treated to a clear view of Carrie’s cute, little, firm ass. The fabric of her thong underwear disappeared between two perfectly shaped, bare cheeks-each not much larger than my own hand.

I wasn’t certain that Sarah would follow through with her threat of spanking, but her first blow on her daughter’s naked cheeks, removed all doubt.

Carrie’s reaction to the first blow was another vitriol of oaths. Then she said, “When I get away, I’m going to call the cops and have your flabby ass sent to jail.”

The words sent a chill through my spine. Carrie was an adult and what Sarah had just done and was going to continue to do, was nothing short of assault. And if she followed through with her promise of a “good fucking”, the cops would add rape to the growing list of felonies. I looked over at the video camera, and made certain that the little red light was blinking. At least I would have proof that I had Bahçelievler Escort Bayan not been involved.

Sarah ignored her daughter’s threat, and landed another blow-followed by three more, each harder than the last. Carrie was no longer talking, but crying in pain. Three solid spanks later, her defiance was gone and she was pleading, between sods, for her mother to stop. She didn’t.

“I should have done this years ago!” Sarah exclaimed, just before landing another spank.

“It’s time you learn a little respect!” Another spank. The girls’ cheeks were now a bright crimson and decorated with a number of raised welts.

Carrie’s sobbing, became a full cry and scream with the new blows. I had seen enough. Just as Sarah wound up for another blow, I grabbed her wrist. Sarah’s head turned, her anger now focused on me. Tears were flowing from her eyes.

“I thinks she’s had enough,” I said softly.

Sarah looked at the result of her handy work on her daughter’s ass. “I suppose you’re right. But, I am not done, yet.” She got to her feet. “Don’t move!” She commanded Carrie.

Without the benefit of the shoulder straps, Sarah’s dress puddled around her feet when she stood. She simply stepped out of it and kicked it aside. She was not wearing underwear, and I immediately noticed her clit protruding prominently from her labia lips. Strangely, the confrontation had aroused her and a quick inventory check made me realize I was aroused, as well.

Sarah collected the chain, lube, towel and plastic I had set out. She then reached into her purse and pulled out a vibrator she had brought with her. The she walked back to her sobbing daughter, and instructed her to roll over and spin around. Carrie didn’t immediately honor her request, so Sarah threatened her with another spanking.

With her hands still bound, it was difficult for Carrie to comply, but eventually, she managed the task. Mercifully, her bound arms kept her tender buttocks from touching the floor.

Sarah grabbed the sides of Carrie’s underwear and began pulling them down. Carrie squeezed her legs together in protest. Sarah pinched a welted cheek-Carrie screamed. “Don’t push me,” Sarah said. “You can spread those legs for your worthless boyfriends, you can spread them for your mother.”

Long gone was Carrie’s resistance, but she tried to plead. “Please, mommy. Please don’t do this.” She sobbed. (From “cunt” to “mommy” in less than five minutes. Ah, the power of a good spanking!)

Sarah tugged again, and Sarah, not wanting another pinch, loosened her thighs and her thong was removed and tossed in my direction.

“Please, no mommy. Please.” Carrie kept pleading to her mother’s deaf ears.

Without ceremony, mother grabbed her daughter’s legs, bent them at the knee and spread them. I was looking directly straight at the twenty-four year old snatch. All but a small little patch of hair directly above her slit was neatly shaved.

Sarah placed the chain in the bowl, squeezed a bunch of KY into the bowl and mixed the two together. She didn’t bother to pre-lubricate her daughter’s vaginal lips, but immediately began to insert the chain.

Carrie may have inherited her mother’s petite frame, but she did not inherit her mother’s huge cunt. Each link had to be forced through her tight hole. I tried to count the links, as they were inserted, but it was difficult to concentrate. At some point, I had removed my rigid member from my boxers and, mindlessly, began to stroke it. By the time Sarah had stuffed as much of the heavy chain Carrie could accept, all I could do is guess how much was inside by the amount left outside-she had taken less than two feet.

The daughter’s pleading stopped after the first few inches of chain were pushed into her, and her sobbing had ceased as well-both replaced by the soft “mews” of pleasure. Each new link her mother fed into her was greeted with a rock of her pelvis.

Satisfied that her daughter’s vagina was filled to the limit, Sarah took the vibrator and began passing it up and down the girl’s slit. Carrie’s pelvis rocked in unison with the movement of the vibrator, and her moans of pleasure became louder. When Sarah sensed the Carrie was close to orgasm, she ceased.

“Don’t stop, Mommy. Please, don’t stop.”

Just as she had ignored her daughter’s earlier pleas, she ignored these. She took the other end of the chain and began sticking it in Carrie’s Escort Bahçelievler anus.

“NO! Not in my ass!”

“Never had anything stuffed up your ass?”

“No, mommy. Please, don’t.”

Sarah stopped. “Well, I think we should let George have some fun.”

“NO! Please!” The girl whimpered.

Sarah looked at me. Without saying a word, I begged off of the invitation. Sarah ignored my response.

“George, you must have some wonderful little toy we can stick in this little ass.”

I went to the bedroom and retrieved a small butt plug. Sarah was tormenting her daughter with the vibrator when I returned. Carrie was again pleading for her mother to make here come. As before, Sarah stopped the stimulation when the girl was near climax.

I dipped the butt plug in the bowl of KY and began rimming Carrie’s anus with the phallus. I could feel the heat emitting from the girl’s bright red butt and I could smell the musk from her wanton cunt.

“It’s too big,” Carrie protested when I began inserting the plug. “It hurts.”

This time, it was me who ignored the protests. I continued applying steady pressure to the butt plug until it was buried to the hilt. Carrie’s sphincter grasped the narrow base of the plug firmly.

Sarah placed the vibrator against the exposed base of the plug- eliciting an instant reaction of pleasure from her daughter.

“Please, mommy, I need to come.” The girl said as her hip thrust into the air hoping to find something to rub her clit.

“Who’s the whore now?” Sarah said coldly. “Who’s the slut? Who’s begging her mother to make her come?”

Carrie’s head rocked back and forth. Her need evident on her face and in her voice. “I’m sorry, mommy. I’m sorry. Please make me come.”

Sarah lightly brushed her daughter’s engorged clit. Her finger was immediately met with a thrust of Carrie’s hips. But, the mother pulled away.

“Who’s the whore? Who’s the slut?” She said continuing her torture.

“I’m the slut. I’m the whore. Please, make me come!”

Satisfied, Sarah adjusted herself so that she had a better angle to withdraw the chain, when the time was right. At the new angle, I could plainly see the mother’s naked crotch. Her thighs were covered with her own juices.

Re-adjusted, Sarah placed the vibrator firmly in Carrie’s slit. Almost instantly, Carrie’s back arched. Sarah pulled the chain. Carrie screamed, bucked and ejaculated, spraying her mother’s hand and leg with female come. The girl’s abdominal muscles undulated and she squirted with each massive contraction of her vagina.

Sarah had difficulty maintaining the vibrator’s position on Carrie’s wildly bucking and slippery crotch, but she managed to hold contact long enough to continue the orgasm until Carrie begged, in halting speech, for her to stop.

The mother unleashed the vibrator on herself. Within moments, mother and daughter were both in orgasmic ecstasy. Not wanting to miss any of the show, I was standing directly over the two of them, stroking myself. Sarah grabbed my swollen dick and stuck it in her mouth, taking its entire length. Almost immediately I came, spraying my load straight down her throat.

Sarah released my cock, licked her lips and gave me a wry smile. She cuddled up along side her quivering daughter and ran her fingers through her daughter’s short blond hair.

“How was that, my baby?”

“Wonderful,” the girl replied. “I’m sorry, mommy.” The words came out of Carrie’s mouth between contractions and she couldn’t keep her eyes open.

“I know, baby.” Sarah kissed her daughter’s forehead, rolled her on her side and untied her daughter’s wrists.

Sarah collected her dress. I told her she would find some safety pins to repair her dress in Ellen’s sewing room upstairs and that I would cover up Carrie.

I turned off the video camera grabbed the blanket off of the back of the couch and walked over to Carrie. I bent down to cover up the girl, but before I put the blanket on her, I stuck two fingers into her sopping snatch, eliciting a moan from Carrie, her vaginal lips tightened around them like a vise. I pulled the fingers out, sniffed and tasted the wonderful, young nectar. Then I retrieved the butt plug from Carrie’s welted ass.

Sarah joined me in the kitchen. “Sorry about all that,” she said. “I guess I should have done that years ago.”

“She’ll have to call in sick tomorrow. I doubt she’ll be sitting on that ass for awhile.” I said.

“I’ll put her in a cool bath with Epson Salts. She’ll be all right. Can you carry her out and put her in the back seat of my car?”

“Sure. Don’t forget to take your chain and Yoga tapes.”

“I’ll take the video you made today, too. I doubt you want Ellen to stumble on to it.”

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