Case Files of Nick Stud Ch. 2

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Chapter Two: Cops

I had just been orally serviced in a most delightful manner by this very buxom redheaded woman and could see a needy look glinting in her eyes. Now my Momma had raised me to be always polite to women and my old man would have knocked me into next week if I hadn’t given back in kind. My hand found her hips pulled her between me and my desk. As she slid her rump onto the edge I assisted the slit of her dress to remain parted. She opened her legs presenting me with the sight of her nakedness, and do I mean naked. Only a small patch of bright red hair was tufted above her otherwise bald sex, the well swollen lips glistening with moisture seeping from inside. Centered below the curly reds and just above her opening sprouted her button of joy unsheathed in all it’s aroused glory.

“Just to keep things on a strictly business level,” I grunted clearing my throat, “it’s only proper I should give you a receipt for your down payment.”

Her scent wafted to my nose as I drew closer. My tongue flicked out snapping over her swollen button. Sandy gasped loudly as more moisture oozed from her body. I lowered my aim tasting of her, the sweet nectar of her body as it began flowing more freely. Probing inside I found more and relished it while digging like a miner of gold searching for the mother vein. Sandy pulled my hands from her hips bringing the up to her chest. I nearly jerked my head from between her thighs as my hands were pressed firmly to her breasts, the nipples like golden nuggets hard in my palms. Involuntarily my fingers began closing, feeling her firm hot flesh as they began pressing deeply into her mounds.

“Yes, oh yes,” she panted. “There, probe deeper there. Oh yeah, grip me harder,” her voiced gasped assisting my hands and fingers upon her buxom chest.

I had yet to see them other than being covered, but my large hands told me volumes. None of my fingers had yet touched the skin alongside her globes and that made the pair in excess of 42DD in size. Drinking in her fluid from the southern reaches my fingers moved to caress and find her nipples. No blind man could have been more attuned in feeling them, finding both like diamonds in hardness. It was their size that amazed me most, both being at least an inch long and easily as thick as my thumbs.

Sandy’s hips began moving, pressing her sex more firmly to my face trying to force my tongue deeper, but I was going to make her wait. I lifted up slightly allowing my oral organ to quickly flick Ankara travesti over and lap at her button sending shivers of pleasure up and down her body. She responded by groaning loudly, her breathing now coming in short rasping gasps. I knew it wouldn’t be much longer and again delved inside while working her nipples between my fingers.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh, yyyyyyyeeeeessssssssssssssssssssss,” she suddenly gasped, her hips jamming hard to my face and her body going stiff. “Now, I’m going to ccccccuuuuuuuu.”

The size of her mammaries seemed to swell larger in my hands as she sucked in a huge gulp of air. I could feel her body shaking as the orgasm overtook her with a near violence. The only sound now left was the rushing of my own blood, her thighs clamping tightly around my head to close my ears to the outside world. Instantly my seeking tongue was burned, my mouth flooded. Although my lips were tightly clamped to her sex Sandy’s climax was so intense some of her fluids seeped out only to drip from the bearded stubble on my chin. What seemed like hours lasted, I’m sure, only seconds as she slowly came down from the clouds.

“Wow,” she exclaimed breathing heavily. For the first time I saw her naked bosom lifting up high and coming down almost causing me another erection. “If that’s only a receipt for a down payment I can hardly wait for the final bill.”

We took turns using the lavatory down the hall and cleaning up. Back in my office Sandy sat quietly in the chair with the look of a contented cat on her lovely face. I smiled and began writing.

“Now tell me why your sister wanted protection. From what I’ve seen so far she waited to long.”

“A few years ago Joan got involved with this guy. He got her started on drugs, you know how they work. Just small free hits, but enough to get her hooked. A couple weeks later she was sleeping with him ’cause he wouldn’t give her any more unless she did. Well it seemed like that’s all he wanted, but that soon changed.”

“What was she on?” I wanted to know.

“Crack. Well Joan wasn’t doing so good and looked even worse. This guy, Wilkes, had been increasing her dose unknown to her. Before long she was in way to deep to bail out. That’s when the shit hit the fan.” Sandy was sullen as she spoke and took a long pause.

“OK, he upped her fix. Then what?” I wanted to know.

“Wilkes told her he couldn’t keep giving her the stuff for nothing. I knew Joan didn’t have and money, Konya travesti hell she wasn’t even working. He told her of some friends of his, business friends he wanted her to entertain.”

“Yeah,” I sighed heavily. “Entertain and screw, right?” It sounded harsh but Sandy needed to hear the words. I know from experience.

“Look, Joan wasn’t some kind of cheap whore, you know. She was a good kid and was really friendly. She liked everybody,” Sandy retorted and angry look on her face.

“Don’t mess with me Sandy. I know just what this guy was up to all along. Get some good looking dame hooked on drugs, don’t charge nothing then set her up as a hooker. She ain’t the first and definitely not the last. Now grab hold of yourself and face the facts. Your sister was being turned into a whoring slut. Right?” I scowled. There was a long pause before she answered.

“Yeah, she started being a slut. At first it didn’t seem so bad. All she had to do was put out for some guys and she would get her fix. Then it went really bad. Wilkes turned her out on the street. She began turning tricks, sometimes eight or nine a night. Being so young and pretty with a good body Joan was easily able to command a hundred dollars or more each time.”

Sandy paused again tears coursing down from her eyes. I couldn’t help but notice how her breasts bobbed as her sobbing clutched her chest. My mind flashed back to less than half and hour before, but I felt no arousal. Not that I was going soft, mind you, but Sandy’s story wrenched at my heart. OK, so I do get sentimental at times, is that a crime?

“Then came the Cops. Wilkes, it seemed, knew almost the entire force. Joan never got busted on the streets even though lots of other girls did, some of them only a few yards away. I knew it was Frazer.”

“How do you know for sure it was him? I mean I know the guys a sleaze and don’t deserve to breathe the same air as you and me, but I need proof.”

“I was over at Joan’s apartment one day. She had been sick and I pressured her into telling me all about what had been going down. The bell rang and her face turned absolutely white, I mean like a sheet. Joan had me hide in the closet, but I kept the door open just enough to peek out. Frazer came in, slapped her around some before ripping off her blouse. Seeing that I almost came out to claw out his eyes, but something Joan did stopped me.”

I waited for several minutes before prompting her to continue.

“He just stood İzmir travesti there,” Sandy continued, “his eyes glued to her chest. Joan removed her bra and let him paw her breasts. At one point I could see his fingers digging deeply into her flesh, the pain causing tears to gush from her eyes. He must have been pushing down because Joan sank to her knees, reached for his pants and opened them. He wasn’t wearing any underwear and if it hadn’t been my sister I would have laughed. Frazer’s penis, even hard, was about the size of your thumb.”

Now I’ve got to stop you here and point out something. I have very large hands, long fingers with long thick thumbs. Even still, that made Frazer less than five inches long and barely an inch thick. He might look and sound tough, but now I knew what he didn’t, something to keep in mind. I told Sandy to tell more.

“Well, he had forced her to her knees. They were standing so I could see everything. Joan opened her mouth and Frazer jammed himself inside. His fingers gripped her hair and he forced her head up and down his penis, well, it looked like a penis. Like I said, it would have been funny, but it was my sister. It only took him a minute or so before he was done, then he shoved her to the floor and left.”

“He didn’t see you?” I asked writing furiously.

“No, he’s never seen me. In fact I don’t think he even knew Joan had a sister. When I asked her what that was all about and she told me Frazer was Wilkes’ boss. I know that doesn’t make sense, but I later found out Wilkes is a cop, a detective in vice same as Frazer.”

“Hhhhmmmmmm, I was wondering why Frazer was asking questions about a traffic accident and death. Makes sense now. OK Sandy. I’ve got enough to start with now. There’s some questions I’ll have to ask later so I’ll need your phone number. Might as well give me your address while we’re at it, never know when I’ll need to drop over and discuss things privately.”

“I can guarantee things will be very private,” Sandy quickly replied her entire being suddenly glowing. A huge smile erupted filling her face. She gave me the information and added, “Don’t take to long or I just might forget who you are.”

If that ain’t an invite then I don’t know what is. I got up and walked her to the door, all three steps it took to cross the expanse of my smaller than a broom closet office, held open the door and stood facing her. Sandy lifted herself onto her toes and lightly brushed my lips with hers.

“Thanks Stud for everything and I do mean everything,” she breathed softly. “I can hardly wait until our next meeting, soon I trust.”

I stood there watching the gentle swaying of her hips as she walked down the hall. My greatest regret at that moment it wasn’t a longer hallway.

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