Casey’s Double Life

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Letter from the author: This story contains these of male submission and a bit of humiliation, along with some female domination and cheating. If you find these themes offensive, please find another story. Leaving comments about what a pussy the main character is or what a slut or bitch the female character is, is just counterproductive. That’s why I know longer allow my favorite commenter Mr. Anonymous leave his negativity at the end of my stories. I do however enjoy comments good and bad as long as they are constructive or have a shred of thought to them. Thanks to all of the readers who have encouraged me to continue to write. Please let me know if you think I should continue this story beyond this chapter.



The phone rang and startled Casey from his slumber. Groggily he grabbed his cell and looked at the display. He recognized the number as Tabitha, his ex-girlfriend. He sighed deeply and pressed the talk button.

These late night phone calls were not uncommon over the last year since Tabitha had dumped him. Most of the time it was because she had just been dumped by some new guy and needed a confidence boost from the guy who had treated her like a queen for the previous four years. Casey had been there every time this had happened since their break-up…..all five times. It usually went something like this:

“Can I come over so we can talk?”


Then she would come over, tell him what an asshole this latest guy had been to her. Casey would tell her how she deserved better. She would ponder why she ever let him go and then they would eventually have sex. This would be followed by Casey getting his hopes up for about a week or so as Tabitha called and they talked like old friends. However, there would eventually be another, better looking, more “Manly” guy who would come around and sweep her off her feet leaving Casey in ruins.

Casey couldn’t help himself, he loved her and he wanted her more than any woman ever. The day she dumped him was the worst day of his life. It was your typical break-up speech except for the crushing blow when she told him, “The sex is kind of one sided.” In other words, you enjoy sex with me, but I don’t enjoy it with you. What Casey heard was “Your little dick doesn’t do it for me.” Casey had always been self conscious of the size of his dick. He always feared he would lose woman because of it. The comment Tabitha gave him only confirmed his insecurities.

Tabitha did enjoy aspects of the sex. Casey was a great pussy licker, and even liked licking her ass. She loved the submissive nature with which he did it, and the way it made her feel like a queen. So whenever some “Real man” dumped her ass, it always felt good to have Casey boost her confidence with his words and with his tongue worship of her body. She would of course throw him a bone by letting him fuck her, but it always reminded her why she broke up with him in the first place, the unsatisfying sex his little dick provided.

As Casey put the phone to his ear he told himself this time would be different. He had a girlfriend now. He was not as desperate as before. He would tell Tabitha no when she asked to come over.


“Casey?” Tabitha’s voice came back.

“Uh huh.” He mumbled half asleep

“Were you sleeping?”

“Yes, it’s 1:00 in the morning, of course I was sleeping.” He kind of snapped, asserting his plan to make this conversation short.

“Oh, I’m sorry babe. I was just calling to see if you were still up. I wanted to come over and chat for a while.”

“You can’t Tabby.” He told her.

“Oh, why not? Do you have company?”

“No, not now, but I’m seeing someone.”

“You are? That’s great Sweetie. Who is she?”

“Just a girl I met at through a friend.” He was awake now and a little irritated too.

“Tell me about her.”

“She’s just a girl Jesse’s girlfriend knows.” He told her not wanting to share too much.

“Come on, Babycakes, tell me all about your new girl.” Tabitha teased, using her pet name for Casey.

“Stop it Tab, I have to work in the morning. I have to go.”

“Please Casey. I need someone to talk to.” She pleaded.

Casey could hear the sadness in her voice, and his defenses began to crumble. However, he was smart enough to know that if he let her come over, he would not be able to say no to her.

“Ok, Tabby, we can talk, but just on the phone. I don’t want to have to lie to Cara.” He was instantly mad at himself for using her name.

“Cara huh? That’s a cute name.” Tabitha replied.

“Yes she is cute.” He said a bit curtly. “Now what’s making you so sad?” He asked, already knowing the answer.

Tabitha proceeded to tell the story of her latest beau and how he had used her for sex and dumped her like a common tramp. The conversation moved from her story to her and Casey, to the past and so on. Then of course Casey would have to ask.

“Was he a big guy?” he asked nervously.

“No not really, he was just a bit taller than Ataşehir escort bayan you and a bit heavier.” She replied.

“No I mean……..was he big… know.” He didn’t know why he asked, and he hated himself every time he did, but his anxiety about his little dick made him ask and it seemed to be a way for him to know there was nothing he could have done to keep Tabitha. She just needed a bigger dick. It was something he had no control over.

“Oh you mean……….Yes, he was pretty big.” She almost said it with an admiring tone of voice.

It made Casey feel small instantly. Then there was the awkward silence before Tabitha would change the subject back to the past. Each time their past relationship came up, Tabitha would ask Casey about Cara and try to compare Casey’s latest to herself. She even got Casey to admit that Cara was something of a prude when it came to sex. Tabitha preyed on Casey’ love of naughty sex to corner him in the conversation several times, but every time she asked to come over, Casey held firm. Finally, Casey looked at the clock and noticed it was approaching 3:00AM.

“I gotta go to work tomorrow Tabby. I gotta go.” He told her.

“OK Baby, I’ll let you go. Thanks for listening. You’re the best.” She told him.

“Oh yeah, then why did you dump me?” He snapped.

“Stop it Casey. You know your Tabby cat will always love her Babycakes.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll talk to you some other time, be good.”

“I’m always good.” Tabitha retorted sexily.

“Good night Tabitha!” Casey snapped.”

“Good night babe.”

Casey hung up the phone and went to relieve his bladder. After that, he headed to the kitchen for something to drink. He was not in there more than two minutes when there was a knock on the door. He immediately thought it was Tabitha, but there was no way she could have made it there from her house that quickly. Sure enough, as he peered out the peep hole he spotted her standing on his apartment porch.

“You have to go Tabitha.” He told her as he swung the door open.

She stood there in an over coat that ended just below her knees. He could see that she was wearing black fishnet stockings, and high heels. He instantly he got a chill. Without saying a word, Tabitha opened the coat, removed it and dropped it at Casey’s feet.

“I’ll bet you can’t say no to this.” She quipped. She stood in front of him in nothing but a half cup bra, g-string panties, garter belt, and the afore mentioned heels and stockings. Everything but the stockings was black satin. Her perfect dark brown nipples were exposed and rock hard, as was Casey’s dick instantly.

“Tabitha, I can’t please.” He almost begged.

Tabitha tweaked both nipples of her D cup breasts seductively, “Come on Babycakes, you know you wanna suck on my nice big titties. Does your sweet little Cara have titties like this?” Tabitha had her own insecurities, but her body was not one of them. She knew Casey couldn’t say no to this offer.

The answer to that question was a resounding no. Cara had nice little tits, but they were more like a small C cup, compared to Tabitha’s that looked closer to a DD than a D. Those tits and her outgoing personality is why she never had a problem finding her next fuck buddy.

“Stop it Tabby you gotta go.” His demeanor was already changing. He could not resist her. He just couldn’t.

Tabitha ignored him and walked into the apartment. Before he could protest again she dropped to her knees and rubbed his throbbing dick through his tented boxer shorts. Then moving them so his prick popped out through the fly hole, she grabbed it and looked up at him.

“I’ll bet Cara won’t do this.” Then she swallowed his stiff rod all the way to his balls.

Casey could do nothing but close the door and watch the love of his life suck his dick. Oh how he loved it when she did that. It was always how she made him do anything she wanted. However, this didn’t last long. It was just Tabitha’s way of getting him to give it. After a few minutes of this, Tabitha stood and walked into the bedroom. Casey followed like a puppy dog. When she got to the room she stopped, grabbed her panties and pulled them down. She bent at the waist and made sure to keep her legs straight so Casey got a long look at her ass as it stuck up in the air. Then she crawled up on the bed, rolled on her back and spread her legs wide.

“Come on baby, come eat my pussy.” She told him as she rubbed its smooth exterior.

Casey didn’t hesitate one bit. There was no thought of Cara now; there was only the thought of diving between Tabitha’s legs and devouring her sweet pussy. His tongue plunged between her lips and lapped at her nectar. He loved the taste of her pussy, and it showed. He licked and sucked on her clit. He lapped at her pussy like a dog drinks from a bowl of water. Then he plunged his tongue in as deep as he could to her moist love canal. He was so hot for her he never though once about how he was cheating on the sweet girl Escort Ataşehir he had been dating for over a month.

“Oh yeah babe, that’s it. You know how I love your tongue. Yes, oh, my, right there. Oh yeah. Lick me make me cum Baby.” Tabitha moaned.

Casey took her direction and sped up his efforts. He licked harder and tongue fucked her deeper. Then he nibbled on her engorged clit.

“Oh Yes!” Tabitha screamed. “Harder, bite my clit harder!”

Casey did as she told him to. This continued for about ten minutes before Tabitha grabbed hold of his head, shoved it hard against her juicy snatch and screamed with delight as her orgasm crashed though her body. Casey just continued to devour her pussy as it flooded his face with her cum. Tabitha rode the pleasure her body was experiencing for all it was worth. Bucking and screaming loud enough to wake the neighbors. Casey didn’t even care. He just enjoyed his time between Tabitha’s legs for as long as it would last. Finally her clit was too sensitive for his touch and she told him to stop. He climbed up her body and tried to kiss her.

“Oh no, not with that all over your face.” She told him referring to her juices which covered his entire face from the nose down.

Casey flopped on his back next to her and waited for a minute for Tabitha to fully recover. Then he asked, “isn’t it my turn?”

“For what?” Tabitha asked.

“For my blow job.” Casey told her.

“Not tonight Baby, I’m not really in the mood for that.”

“What do you mean? You already did it earlier.” He protested.

“Yeah, but that was before I came. You should know I’m much hornier before I cum.” She giggled as she finished her sentence.

Casey let out a dejected sigh. Then he said, “Can I make love to you then?”

“I guess.” Tabitha scoffed. She really wanted to leave now that she had gotten hers, but she couldn’t do that to Casey. She really did care enough for him not to treat him that poorly.

Casey didn’t even notice the disappointment in her voice. All he heard was yes. He climbed on top of her and instantly drove his dick inside her. Oh the feeling. He loved how her pussy felt. It seemed to be the best feeling pussy he had ever felt. It was like a velvet glove holding his prick. He began humping her a bit faster and a bit deeper. He watched as her tits shook back and forth from their crotch bumping. He was in heaven and wished he could stay there forever.

Tabitha on the other hand was not enjoying this as much as he was. In fact she was not enjoying this much at all. Sure her pussy could feel his dick penetrating her, but once again this feeling brought back all this memories and all the disappointed nights in the past. She wanted to get this over with as soon as possible. She noticed Casey’s eyes fixated on her chest and used this to get him hotter and closer to cumming. She grabbed both of her substantial mounds and even pinched her nipples.

“You like looking at my big titties don’t you Babycakes?”

Greg just grunted and nodded his head.

“You like watching me play with them?”

He nodded again. His thrusts got harder and more frequent.

“You like it when I pinch my nipples?”

“Uh Huh!” He grunted. His effort was really urgent now.

“You gonna cum baby?”

Another nod and another grunt came from him. He humped her viciously for another minute or so before she really got bored with it. Then it hit her, the one thing that always made him cum instantly. She reached up with both thumbs and forefingers and pinched his nipples lightly.

Casey let out a primal scream and thrust forward hard once. His dick shot its load inside her jet by jet. He didn’t move his hips once, he just grunted and pushed his dick in as deep as he could until he emptied his balls inside her womb. He collapsed on top of Tabitha breathless. He huffed and puffed trying to catch his breath.

When he seemed to be recovered, Tabitha gently nudged him to get off. Casey did, rolling on his back in complete satisfaction. Tabitha sat up and leaned forward letting Casey’s cum drip out onto his bed leaving a wet spot. As it dribbled out of her she thought to herself how much trouble Casey would be in if Cara were to see it. Then she got out of the bed and grabbed her panties.

“Thanks Babycakes, it was fun.” She said.

Casey couldn’t tell if she was being sarcastic of not. He wanted to get up and follow her out to the door. He wanted to ask her what this meant, he wanted to kiss her goodbye, but he was exhausted and all he could do was yell to her to please lock the door on her way out. Five minutes later he was fast asleep.

Tabitha collected her coat and put it on in the living room, she went to put her panties in her pocket when a little of Casey’s cum oozed from between her pussy lips. She reached down with her panties and wiped up the gooey mess. She once again went to put them in her coat pocket when a devilish idea hit her. She took the soiled garment and stuffed it between Ataşehir Rus Escort the couch cushions, but made sure to leave just a little showing, once again hoping that Casey’s new woman might find them. Then she giggled a bit and headed out the door.

It was only an hour and a half later that Casey’s alarm went off. He groggily shook the cobwebs from his head. As he tried to get up he noticed his sheet sticking to his back. As it let go he looked down and saw the dried cum stain from his adventure last night. He cursed himself for letting that happen, and instantly the guilt washed over him. How could he do that to Cara, she was so sweet and she didn’t deserve that. He promised himself he would not let that happen again. He got up, showered and dragged himself to work.

The whole day he was tired and really irritated with himself. It only got worse when Cara called to say hi and see if she could come over and cook dinner for him. He agreed, but it only made him feel guiltier. When he got home, Cara was waiting for him in the parking lot. He kissed her and they walked up to the apartment. She started dinner and he went to the bedroom to change. As he sat on his bed he noticed the cum stain again. He panicked a bit, but then just threw the covers over the bed. His guilt almost caused him to confess several times during the night, but that all disappeared when Cara got frisky and they started getting busy on the couch.

“Let’s go to your room.” She told him.

“No!” he almost shouted, remembering the cum stain on his bed. He gathered himself. “Let’s do it right here, it’s more spontaneous.”

Cara giggled a bit and started kissing him again. Soon they were naked and Casey was between her legs in the missionary position. Cara was moaning appreciatively and Casey was caringly making love to her. His hand was near the edge of the cushion and it caused the corner of it to curl up. Casey instantly noticed something between the cushions. It didn’t take him long to realize it was Tabitha’s panties from last night. He instantly dropped down on to Cara and began slowly pumping inside of her as he reached back and removed the panties from the couch. He then slyly slipped them under the couch. As he did this, Cara hugged him tightly and moaned her approval. He felt so guilty, guilty enough to start losing his hard on. He again panicked and didn’t know what to do. He was already inside of her so it was not a total loss. He just kept pumping her with his wilting dick, hoping the feeling would bring it back.

Cara noticed something was wrong. She could tell his dick was not as hard as it had been before. She started kissing his neck and shoulder; she moaned a bit louder hoping that would help. Casey felt what she was doing but couldn’t get the guilt out of his head or the thought of Tabitha last night either. He thought of her standing at the door in her sexy lingerie and then he thought of her on her knees sucking his dick. Suddenly his soft dick was not a problem. Thinking of Tabitha was working. He closed his eyes and imagined the rest of last night. He pushed up on his arms in a push-up position and began fucking Cara harder. The image of Tabitha lying under him playing with her full breasts hit him and her fucked Cara harder.

Cara felt his urgency and liked the feeling of his harder, faster effort as well. Her breathing became shallow and she moaned louder: figuring it was her efforts that were helping. Casey was pounding her hard and fast now, and Cara was moaning and encouraging him, “Yes, Oh Yes, That feels so good, Casey.”

The sound of her voice broke him from his train of thought, but didn’t diminish his effort or pace. Soon Cara was moaning louder and her body began to shake as an orgasm ruffled through her. This turned Casey on more and he came just after she did. He grunted loudly and came inside her pussy. Cara loved him cumming inside her, and relished the feeling. Casey finished and collapsed on top of her.

“Wow, what got into you?” She asked. “Don’t get me wrong, I liked it, I liked it a lot.”

Casey was a bit flustered by her question, but thought fast. “Just you babe.” He told her.

“Well, I will have to do that more if it has that effect.” She replied, thinking of her moaning and encouragement.

Casey just smiled and felt ashamed.

Later that night, after Cara had gone home, Casey sent a text to Tabitha. It read, Thanks for leaving your panties in the couch you bitch.

A few moments later a return text, Oh I must have dropped them when I left 😉

Yeah right!, Casey replied.

Nothing happened for the next couple days. Then one evening around 7:30 Casey got a text. Is she there? I’m horny. I wanna come over.

Casey panicked. Cara was sitting on the couch just a few feet away.

Yes, she is!! Stop it! He replied.

My pussy is all wet. u wanna lik?

“Who is that?” Cara asked after the second text came through.

“Just Jesse.” He lied.

“Oh really? What is he doing? What does he want?” Cara asked. She really liked Jesse, he was Casey’s best friend and his girlfriend Jenna was Cara’s best friend. They often did things together. “Maybe we can make plans to get together with Jenna and him soon.

I’m playing with my pussy right now. Tabitha teased him with another text.

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