Castaway Love Ch. 02

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The storm continued to rage throughout the night, battering the little life raft in its windy wake, the rain on the tent above us deafening. As night fell, Steve and I snuggled in together under the remaining thermal blanket and slept like the dead, rehydrated with the rainwater captured in our pot. Neither of us found the emergency rations overly objectionable and ate our fill of the cardboard tasting crackers, aware that we did not know how long it would be before we might eat again.

In the morning, I awoke wrapped in Steve’s strong arms, my face nestled against his warm chest. In that moment there was no place I’d rather be. At least I wasn’t deserted on this island completely alone, making Steve the most important person in my world. As I lay still, listening to his even breathing, it occurred to me that as far as we were concerned, the rest of the world really didn’t exist. There was no one to answer to, no societal norms to follow. We were free- truly free- even if that freedom came at a price.

I stealthily pulled myself from his arms, trying not to wake him, as I attempted to crawl quietly out of the raft.

“Just going to sleep with me and slip off in the morning?” I heard him say, “That’s usually my role.”

“I’m not slipping off,” I told him, laughing quietly, “Where would I go?”

“I gotta piss,” he said suddenly, rising from our makeshift bed to follow me out of our poor excuse of a shelter.

“My thoughts exactly,” I told him.

No sooner than we were out of the raft did we pull our dicks free and begin urinating. I looked at him, avoiding looking at his beautiful cock, and smiled. He smiled back, but obviously looked at my limp dick as I pissed.

“Welcome to freedom,” I told him.

“True, true, but I wouldn’t mind trading a little freedom for some creature comforts.”

“We’ve been here a day,” I said, shaking the excess urine from my dick, “And maybe that’s all we’ll be here for, but I’m sure we can do better with a little work.”

“So, what’s on the agenda for the day, boss man?” He asked, tucking his dick back into his shorts.

“I think we should check out that cave,” I said, beginning to fill our water bottles from the mylar lined trench of rainwater we collected, “Then find a more reliable source of drinking water. There might be a fresh water pool or something somewhere in the interior of the island. At least, I hope there is. Without water, we’re fucked.”

“Then let’s get busy because I didn’t hear anything about food on your list, and I’m keen on doing something about that soon.”

“Food is number three on the list,” I told him, “We can live longer without food than water.”

I finished filling our water bottles and Steve grabbed the flashlight from the emergency kit, testing it to be sure it worked. We walked up the shoreline, keeping an eye out for usable items that might have washed on shore in the storm. There was a bunch of drift wood, which might come in handy if we figured out how to make a fire.

The climb up to the cave was treacherous in our bare feet, but we found a way up. Steve entered it hesitantly, and I followed behind him. It was a roomy space, much bigger and better protected than I expected. The floor was flat, even, and dry, despite the storm. It looked big enough to move around in, but not big enough to stand upright in. There was a place near the entrance we could build a fire, if I ever figured out how to start one, and a place further back to stow away our meager possessions. Most important, there was plenty of space to make a bed.

“What do you think?” Steve asked me.

“I think we’ve found home.”

We climbed down and made our way into the interior of the island, searching for water. Sakarya Escort There was a small mountain in the middle of the island, and I suggested we explore around its base, hoping to find a waterfall or some other run off from the top. After two hours, we heard a roaring of water, then spotted a large pond beneath a water fall. I noted the two hour walk and made it my mission to find a faster path to the water. Steve had other ideas, stripping out of his clothes to dive into the clean water.

“Come on in!” he called to me after reemerging from beneath the surface, “The water’s great!”

Encouraged, I stripped out of my clothes and jumped in, abandoning my physical insecurities next to the buff man waiting for me. The water felt great, cool and cleansing against my bare skin.

For an unknown amount of time, we played, bathed and drank from the water. Fully refreshed, we made our way back up the bank and lay naked in the sun, drying off naturally. I looked at him, taking him in. His body was as beautiful as his face was handsome, and I was painfully aware of how well hung he appeared to be. How was I going to make it on an island with a walking, talking wet dream I knew I couldn’t have? He turned to face me, and I diverted my eyes, noticing for the first time a banana tree near the edge of the pond. It was large and robust with bananas. It was a quick source of food, but also a beacon of hope.

“Bananas!” I exclaimed, sitting up. He followed my line of sight, then smiled up at me.

“Not what I was hoping for, but it’ll do for now.” He commented absentmindedly.

“At least we won’t starve,” I told him as we made our way to the tree, “Besides, banana trees don’t propagate across oceans naturally. They have to be planted.”

“So, someone planted it here?” he asked, pulling some bananas free.

“That’s right,” I told him, taking a banana from him, “Of course, there’s no telling when this tree was planted, and it looks like it’s been here quite a while. It could have been planted by regular visitors, or by pirates a hundred years ago. Still, it’s a good sign we’re not the only people to be here. It’s a sign of hope of rescue.”

“And here I was getting used to sharing the rest of my life with you.” He smiled sarcastically, offering me a little wink.

“Keep talking like that while you’re naked and I’ll give you a reason to believe those words.”

He laughed, and I joined him, even though I wasn’t joking. Just give me an excuse to kneel before you and worship that thick, four inch flaccid cock, I thought to myself before shutting down those thoughts when I felt my own dick stir with the thought.

We both ate a couple of bananas, refilled out water bottles at the waterfall, then headed back toward the cave. By the time we got there, Steve dropped in the sand and carefully laid a bunch of bananas we brought with us down by the way up to our new home. I joined him on the sand and looked out over the ocean. There was absolutely nothing to see but the beauty of nature, which was not lost on me, despite my longing to be anywhere but where I was. My thoughts turned toward my father, and I got up, swallowing my pain.

“I think I’ll go pull the raft back here and see about setting up the cave for habitation.”

“Wait, I’ll go with you. I want to get the fishing equipment out and see if I can’t get us some sushi for dinner.”

“I’ll see if I can’t figure out how to make some fire,” I told him, scrunching up my face in disgust, “There is no way I’m eating raw fish.”

“Well, let’s see if I can catch anything first,” he told me, “I have to find some bait before I can catch a fish.”

We walked back to the raft, and Steve pulled out the Adapazarı Escort tackle. I pulled the raft up the beach to the cave, stopping occasionally to add empty bottles, drift wood and other interesting items to my load. At the cave, I carried up the contents of the raft and returned with a sharp rock to stab a whole in the side. My plan was to make a bed of tall grasses and palm fronds, then cover it with the raft. Within the confines of the cave, Steve and I would have to continue to sleep together, so I wanted to make it as comfortable as possible. I lay on the bed and tested it for the first time. It was lumpy, but better than sleeping on the cold, hard rock of the cave floor.

I fantasized about Steve for a moment, imagining his hard body pressed against mine, his stiff, obvious well proportioned cock piercing my flesh as we mated with wild abandoned. Then released the thought. I had to keep my hands to myself, I reasoned. He was straight, and that made him off bounds, especially under the circumstances we now lived in. I couldn’t afford alienating the only other person on the island- in the tiny world I now found myself.

When I finished, I headed back to Steve, who was casting his line in search of food from an outcropping of rock. Wondering what he was using for bait, I walked in the surf, enjoying the cool waters on my rock worn feet. About halfway back to him, I kicked something hard in the water. Looking down, I realized it was a capped glass bottle. Pulling it from the sand, I realized it was a vodka bottle, and it was half full of clear liquid. Giving it a sniff, I confirmed it was alcohol- and alcohol was flammable. Remembering Steve’s dead lighter, I pieced together how to make a fire before running toward Steve screaming with joy.

Steve noticed me and began to hurry my way. We met up somewhere in the middle, and I wrapped my arms around him in joyful abandon.

“What’s wrong?” he asked me with concern, holding me at arm’s length to look me over.

“Nothing’s wrong,” I told him, holding up my find for him to inspect, “I found a way to make fire!”

“Fire?” he asked looking at the bottle of vodka, “I don’t get it. Are you talking about getting drunk?”

“No, dumbass,” I scolded him with a smile, “We can use the vodka as an accelerant, and the spark of your lighter as an ignition source. If all works out the way I hope, we can make fire.”

“Handsome and smart!” Steve exclaimed with a chuckle, “Unfortunately, I haven’t had any luck fishing.”

“We’ll figure it out,” I told him, “People have been pulling food from the oceans for thousands of years. If primitive peoples could figure it out, I’m sure we can too.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. I’ll keep trying a while longer while you work on the fire. It’ll be nice to be warm tonight. It’s surprising how cold it gets when the sun sets.”

Steve gave me his lighter, and I tested the flint with a spark, then headed back toward the cave to collect firewood. Setting the bottle of vodka and the lighter at the bottom of the cave, I headed into the interior of the island and started picking up old wood from the floor of the jungle. While I was collecting wood, I noticed a couple of large crabs scurrying around and recalled them to being coconut crabs. I knew they were difficult to catch, and the large claw was to be avoided, but they looked like a good source of food, if I could get a fire going.

Hauling everything back up the rocky climb in three trips, I set up a hearth with loose rock I found around the cliff at the entrance to the cave, placing three rocks around the middle to support the pot for cooking, then began building a fire. Remembering what I learned from watching too Serdivan Escort much TV, I started small, then added the alcohol and held my breath as I flicked the lighter. On the fourth try, the sparks ignited the alcohol with a small whoosh, and I began adding more material, building the fire into an impressive flame.

Satisfied that I had the fire built up, I kicked back a few minutes and enjoyed my work, feeling the cave begin to warm slightly, watching the smoke drift out, occasionally swirling back into the cave with the ocean’s breeze. Steve appeared at the cave door and inspected the fire.

“Well done,” he told me as he sat down next to me, “At least one of us is making progress.”

“I saw some coconut crabs in the forest as I was gathering firewood.” I told him, draping a reassuring arm around his shoulder, “How about we try our luck there?”

“You’re on,” he smiled, rising to his knees, “Lead the way.”

I waddled out of the cave with Steve on my heels. Neither of us could stand upright in the cave, so walking around in a low stoop was the best we could do. Outside, we righted ourselves on the ledge, then crawled down the rocky path, trying not to cut our feet up on the rough volcanic rock. Some places were worn smooth, so we tried to hit those rocks as often as possible, but some places were unyielding and savage. It was something we just had to get used to.

In the forest, I continued hunting for fallen, dry wood while we hunted for crab. Spotting one, I tried to sneak up on it, but lost it as it vanished in a hole at the base of a coconut tree. Steve spotted another and rushed it, the knife in his hand. He stabbed it between its eyes, as I had instructed him, and we had our first crab. I eventually got another, pinning it to the earth with my foot while Steve killed it. Satisfied we had enough for a feast, we headed back to the cave. Steve carried the crabs victoriously while I gathered up my little pile of wood and followed behind.

I gathered salt water from the ocean, using my shirt as a filter, and returned to set the pot of water to boil. I had to guess how long we cooked the crab, using the change of color on the shell as a determining factor, then we feasted. With our bellies full and the sun setting on the horizon, we built up the fire.

Steve took out his wallet and removed something from it. He looked at it for a long time, then looked up at me.

“This is my girl,” he told me, showing me a photo of a blonde woman wearing sunglasses, holding a tropical drink in her hand. She was strikingly beautiful, from what I could tell, but wondered why he kept a photo of her wearing sunglasses. You couldn’t see her eyes, but you could see quite a bit that her swim suit barely covered.

“She’s pretty,” I told him, handing the photo back to him.

“She broke up with me last week,” he said forlornly, “Life as a yachty is rough on relationships. You spend too much time apart, live in different time zones, on opposite sides of the world. It just doesn’t make for stable relationships.”

“A lot of people have that same problem without the complications,” I reminded him, “Love is a weird, twisted thing. You never know who that one person will be who puts you ahead of the rest of the world.”

“Speaking from experience?” he laughed, “I mean, have you found your one and only?”

“All I’ve found were one night stands who pretended they didn’t know me when we would run into each other, but I believe in love. No one is going to convince me that two people can’t find that special connection with another person. The problem is there are so many people to choose from.”

We banked the fire and crawled into bed, warm and satisfied that we just might survive the life we were thrust into- as long as we continued to work together. I spent another night snuggled next to my handsome companion. Again, I fell asleep with a boner. Only this time, I felt the unmistakable hard flesh of Steve’s cock pressed against the back of my thigh as we spooned.

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