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It was a beautiful warm sunny evening as my wife Joyce and I sat in our hot tub on the porch of our 24th. floor penthouse condo overlooking Sand Key and the beach of Clearwater. Joyce looked at the clock on the deck and started to jump up exclaiming “Oh no, it’s already 6:30 and our company will be here in and hour.” Joyce got out of the tub and began to dry herself off.

Joyce and I had been married for 10 years and she looked just as good now as the day we met. Joyce was light skinned and stood 5’5”. She had shoulder length brunette hair and a great figure. She normally weighed around 105 lbs. and had 34B tits with long nipples. Joyce was now six months pregnant with our first child at the age of 34. Her belly was really growing and her tits had begun lactating and grown to the point she had to wear a maternity bra already. Her OB said she had got her milk in early due to the excessive manipulation she received during our sexual escapades. Joyce normally kept her pussy shaved clean, but with the overhang on her belly she had now sprouted a fairly heavy black bush. She looked stunning standing in the sunlight drying off.

I slipped out of the tub and came up behind her as she bent over to dry her feet the best she could over her belly. My 7” rock hard cock caught her square in her ass and I pressed against her. Joyce responded by slapping me around her side and telling me to “quit”, we did not have time for this now. She went into the house and I heard the shower running. I slowly dried myself off and tried to think of something different. Soon five of our best friends would be over for dinner and to watch the pre-season Buccaneers game on TV. I had been looking forward to their visit but now was thinking of Joyce and wishing I could cancel the invitation.

Soon Joyce and I were showered and dressed and putting out a few snacks for our guests. Joyce was wearing a large white top that revealed her engorged breasts and an above the knee skirt. She had protested when I picked her outfit, but I had finally convinced her to wear it. She was shy and not very much of an exhibitionist. I thought she looked great and couldn’t wait until the game was over and our company would leave for the night.

The phone rang and the doorman announced that all of our guests were now downstairs. I told him to allow them up and went to the door to greet them.

The elevator opened and Jim and Carol stepped out, Jim was an old high school buddy and his wife Carol was his high school sweetheart. Both were in good shape and attractive. Jim and I were both 37 years old and old friends.

Bob and Sue followed, Bob was also my age and an old high school buddy, Sue was 30 and he had met her while doing a photography project in the Bahamas two years ago, I really did not know her very well. Sue had been a model and was extremely hot looking; Bob like me had a bit of a beer belly and was average looking.

Another friend of ours was also in the group, Ted. Ted was older than the rest of us at 44 and had been a friend for the last 15 years. Ted owned a small bar where the guys and I would often meet to watch the game and just mess around. He had recently divorced his wife and was now alone. Ted was a good looking man for his age and the women really liked his warm personality. I greeted each of them and invited them inside.

Once inside we all chatted about Joyce’s condition and went out to the patio to light the grill and threw some burgers on before the game. Joyce made each of us a drink and herself a tall glass of water and the women settled down to talk while the guys and I stood around the grill and talked about the Buc’s chances this year. We all ate and then moved inside to the living room as the game began. Joyce continued to fill our glasses and by half time we were all feeling pretty good. Joyce was teasing us about our state of intoxication as she had been the only one all night not drinking. I think she purposely had kept our drinks flowing just for this time.

Sue and Carol began complaining that the game was boring and they wanted to do something else. We teased them and soon the game had come back on and we sat watching intently as the girls went out to the patio. By the time the game was over Jim, Bob, Ted and I could hardly walk to the bathroom and returned to the patio to see what the girls were up to. Sue and Carol were in the same shape we were in and Joyce just laughed at us.

We sat around the table and had another drink when Bob and Sue suggested we play some cards as we sat around drinking. Joyce went to get the cards and when she returned the front of her white shirt now had a wet spot where her tits had leaked some. Ted remarked about how beautiful she looked and she just blushed and sat next to me. I think all of us felt a little uncomfortable as we had never really talked about sex or anything of that nature before in each others company. As we played a few hands of poker Ted continued flirting with Joyce. Instead of being vip escort upset it was actually turning me on and I think Joyce was really flattered by his attention.

After several hands Ted got up and stated that he was out of money as he did not bring much with him tonight. He suggested that he be allowed to sell clothing items to continue to play. Each of us laughed and we jokingly agreed. A few hands later and Ted was now sitting in only his jockey shorts which showed a large hard-on that he was sporting. The women all had their attention on Ted’s groin and weren’t doing much to conceal their interest.

Bob and Sue were now out of money and said they were now using their clothing and Jim and Carol quickly followed. Within an hour only Jim had on Jockeys, all the rest were naked. Jim, Bob and Ted were each sporting hard-on’s that the ladies were watching and teasing about. Ted’s attention was still on Joyce and she loved the attention. Ted suddenly stated it was not fair that all were now naked and that the sexiest woman at the table was still completely clothed. The rest all chided in with their agreement and Joyce really blushed. Ted then suggested that if anyone wins a hand they could either buy a piece of our clothing or buy a sexual favor from someone with a loosing hand. All agreed and I did too. My own raging hard-on from watching Ted and Joyce was begging for release. Joyce protested some but finally gave in with the coaxing of the women at the table.

After a few more hands Jim and I were now naked too and Joyce was still winning. Suddenly with the next hand Ted’s luck seemed to turn and he won big. He looked at Joyce and told her to remove her top and show us her big beautiful tities. Joyce turned red and tried to get out of it offering to pay from her pot she had accumulated, but Ted persisted. I think the attention finally persuaded her and she removed her top exposing her bra-less firm tits. The lack of my manipulations on them had them engorged with milk and they were slowly leaking their white gold juice from around her hardened nipples.

Ted just smiled and dealt another hand. Again Ted won and the object of his desire was Joyce. He told her to remove her skirt. Joyce protested again and everyone tried encouraging her. Slowly Joyce rose up and standing with her back to the table slipped the skirt off her hips and down her legs leaving only the black crotch less panties I had selected for her on. She sat quietly and her face was a bright red color. Watching Joyce strip in front of all these hard dicks had me really turned on and the pre-cum dripping from my raging cock.

Ted dealt again and quickly won this hand too. Joyce complained that he must be cheating and Ted stood up next to her with his 11” rock hard cock that was as big around as Joyce’s forearm just inches away from her pretty little face. Ted asked if she wanted to search him for any hidden cards. Joyce nodded her head “no” but just stared at Ted’s cock.

Ted sat down and told Joyce for her questioning she would now stand on the table and slowly remove her little sluty panties. Joyce began to again protest but Ted stopped her short telling her only a cock slut would wear panties like hers. Joyce seemed to respond to Ted’s now dominant behavior and to my complete surprise crawled up on top the table and slid her panties off her hips down to her ankles. Ted told her to bend over and pick them up and she did exposing her pussy and puckered ass hole to Ted and I. I could see that her pussy lips were engorged and she was really wet. Joyce sat back down and looked and Ted and Said “deal”.

The next couple hands Ted also won but he shifted his attention to Carol and Sue instructing them to get up and bend over exposing themselves and a few other things. I could tell that Joyce was feeling deserted. The next hand Ted looked at Joyce and told her to get up on the table and to lie on her back. He told her that Bob and Jim were going to hold her legs spread out while he explored her pregnant pussy inside and out for five minutes. Carol. Sue and I would watch. He then said to her “now take your place on the table you little cock slut” surprisingly Joyce did not resist and climbed up onto the table spreading her legs. Bob and Jim both took their position each holding a leg up and out giving us a full view of Joyce’s spread wet pussy.

Ted began by pulling on Joyce’s outer pussy lips and tugging on them while calling her a slut and asking her how this felt. I could not believe how turned on I was sitting their stroking my cock and watching Jim and Bob stroke their cocks watching my wife be explored by this stranger. Up until this time nobody beside me and Joyce’s OB/GYN had ever seen her naked. Ted continued his explorations running his finger around Joyce’s cunt and then dipping two fingers straight into her sopping cunt. He was not being gentle and Joyce was responding by bucking her hips upward to meet the thrust of his fingers şirinevler escort as they fucked her. Both of Joyce’s tits were flowing with her sweet milk and she was moaning lowly. By this time Carol and Sue were busy masturbating their own clits and rubbing their tits as they watched, everybody had their eyes and attention glued to what Ted was doing. Suddenly Ted pulled his fingers from Joyce’s cunt and told her five minutes was up. Joyce just laid there and finally got up and sat down.

I won the next hand to my surprise and Ted told me that I could not ask a favor from my wife but from anyone else at the table. This was awkward since none of us had ever engaged in any of this type of activity together before. I looked at Sue and told her to take the position that Joyce was in a minute ago and that I would be able to lick her pussy for two minutes. I looked at Bob and he just smiled at me while rubbing his cock. Sue smiled and took her position removing her hand. I looked over at Joyce quickly realizing what I was doing and she was still staring at Ted.

I got down between Sue’s legs and could smell her heavy sex scent. I stuck out my tongue and licked her slit from top to her anus and then back up. Sue squirmed and moaned “ohhh yessss” and I continued my licking each time sticking my tongue a litter further in. I finally found her clit and took it between my teeth lightly. I heard Sue begin to orgasm and looked up to see Bob was standing at her stomach and had masturbated himself and was shooting his hot load all over Sue’s stomach. Sue bucked her hips up burying her crotch deep into my face and I drove my tongue in as deep as it would reach. Bob’s cum had run down and I suddenly realized I was tasting both Sue and Bob’s cum mixed together. It tasted sweet and I wanted to continue but was pulled away by Ted who advised it was “time”.

We all took our places back in our chairs around the table and I dealt the cards. Joyce was sitting with her milk running down her breast and down her stomach. This round Bob won and he looked squarely at Joyce. He told Joyce that she would get up on the table and allow him to suck on her tits while she jacked his now hard again cock. He then added that while I watched she would use her other hand to jack off Jim and with her mouth she would suck off Ted. This would continue till all three men had dumped their load onto her tits and belly. Joyce didn’t look to me but instead to Ted who motioned for her to take her place on the table.

Bob began slurping at her tities and was getting a mouth full while she grabbed both his and Jim’s cocks and began to vigorously jack both of them off. Ted took his place over her head and lowered his huge cock to her lips. Joyce stuck out her tongue and began licking the drops of pre-cum that had formed. Jim was now slurping on the other tit and both her humping Joyce’s hands. Joyce continued to work on Ted’s massive cock stretching her mouth to finally get the head into her mouth. Ted began slowly pumping himself in and out each time getting more of himself inside of Joyce’s mouth. Sue and Carol were busy working on their own cunts and nipples. Bob and Jim both moved away from Joyce’s tits and pulled their cocks close as Joyce continued masturbating them until they erupted huge amounts of hot sticky cum all over her swollen tits. I didn’t think they were ever going to quite. Finally they moved away and Joyce turned her complete attention to satisfying Ted. With one hand she toyed with his balls and she took the other and began playing with his ass hole. I wasn’t long after with Joyce’s talented mouth and hands that Ted pulled out of her mouth and began tit fucking her dumping at least a pint of cum onto her tits and belly. I looked into Joyce’s face and could see a lust in her eyes that I had never seen before.

The next hand was won by Joyce and I was in for a big surprise. Joyce looked at me and then to Bob. She told Bob to bring me to Ted and place me over Ted’s lap but up and to hold me there as Ted was going to deliver 25 blows to my bare ass for making a mess of the patio. I could not believe this and before I could voice my protest Bob had grabbed me with Jim’s assistance and I was begin held over Ted’s lap. I could feel Ted’s massive hard-on digging into my own groin and Ted began with a sharp blow to my ass. I had never touched another man nor been touched this way. Until now our sex life was hum-drum and aside from getting Joyce to go naked on the secluded patio in the hot tub we were pretty boring. My ass stung as Ted continued his assault on my backside. When he finally finished his 25th. stroke my ass felt as if it was on fire. I got up and embarrassed slipped into my chair adjusting my position to keep the pain at a minimum. I looked to Joyce and she just laughed at me.

Carol won the next hand and quickly exclaimed that she wanted to see Ted sink his big cock into Joyce’s pregnant wet pussy. She instructed that she elit escort and Sue would also be involved and that Bob and Jim would also assist. I was told I could only watch and not touch myself.

Carol laid Joyce onto a chair cushion and then had Ted get underneath of her. Joyce was semi sitting on Ted’s lap and Carol guided Ted’s once again raging cock into Joyce’s tight little hole. It took several tries for Ted to get himself all the way impaled into Joyce, but finally Joyce was rocking on top of Ted’s monster meat. Carol took Bob and placed him in front of Joyce’s face and to my surprise Joyce took Bob’s cock into her mouth and began sucking him for all she had. Carol still was not finished and brought Jim over in back of Joyce. She took a bottle of KY from her purse under the table and lubed up Jim’s cock before moving to Joyce’s tight puckered ass hole. Joyce did not seem to mind as Carol guided Jim’s 6” into Joyce’s virgin ass hole.

I was in misery as I watched my cute little pregnant wife getting brutally fucked in every hole by three of my best friends. My cock was about to explode itself but I could not touch it. Each of the guys finally finished and dumped their hot loads onto Joyce’s body before being sucked on and made hard again by Carol and Sue. Carol and Sue also had Joyce to suck their cunts as the guys continued to trade positions and each take Joyce several times. Each time one of them would get ready to cum Carol would guide them to dump their load onto Joyce. She was covered from her hair to her toes with gallons of cum and none of it mine.

After what seemed like hours the guys were exhausted and laying around the patio unable to get hard again. They had all fucked Joyce in all of her holes several times and Ted had stretched her pussy and ass hole so that they looked like they were gaped open. The cum on her body looked like it was several inches deep in places. Her tits were again leaking fountains of her milk down her chest. Her belly was bulging out and as she lay on her back with her legs bent at the knee I could see her cunt hair matted with loads of mixed sticky cum. Her pussy lips were parted wide and her exposed ass hole was still gaping open. My arousal jumped as she motioned for me to come to her.

As I neared Joyce she told me her tits hurt and that her pussy and ass hole hurt also. She asked me to kiss her and relieve some of the fullness of her breast. Without thinking of the globs of cum covering her body I started to suck her nipples getting mouthfuls of hot sweet milk mixed with the salty taste of mixed cum. I finally sucked both tits dry and Joyce took my hair and guided my head down between her legs. As I began to lick her parted pussy lips she turned me onto my back and mounted my face moving her used pussy and ass hole over my mouth. I used my tongue to lap up her juices mixed with the cum that covered her hot holes. I could feel someone straddle my raging cock and looked to see Carol mounting my cock. I continued to eat out Joyce’s holes as my hips bucked to match Carol’s grinding on my throbbing cock. It did not take long for my cock to explode deep into Carol’s womb and I could feel her vaginal muscles contracting to milk every last drop from my cock.

As my cock went limp and slipped from Carol’s pussy she said “I hope you have knocked me up the way you have Joyce.” Joyce got off my face and lay down beside me and I could feel someone now sucking my soft glistening cock with their warm mouth. I peered down to see Sue with my whole soft cock in her sweet little mouth. She continued to work on my growing cock and balls with her expert mouth until I was once again fully hard and ready to go.

Sue got up off her knees and went over and leaned over the hot tub exposing her hot little shaved hole and pretty little puckered ass hole motioning for me to come over to her. As I approached he from behind she said “I want you to fill me with your seed and knock me up too.” I felt hands on me and looked to see Bob helping to guide my now strained cock into his wife’s hot wet pussy. I started pumping in slowly until I was buried inside her tight little pussy. The grip she had on me was the tightest I ever felt. Slowly I started to stroke in and out just a little at a time, her tightness gripping my cock like a tight glove. I fucked Sue for several minutes picking up the tempo with her hips driving back to meet my thrusts. Bob was still in back of me rubbing my balls and my ass as I pounded his wife with my throbbing cock.

I could feel Bob pressing the tip of his own cock into my ass against my own hole now as I continued to pump into Sue. As he got the head in he continued moving to meet my thrusts into his wife and drive his cock deeper into my ass with each thrust. It hurt like hell but felt great at the same time. Once Bob was fully into my ass he began to match my movement and Sue’s. It did not take long of his hitting my prostrate till I grabbed tight hold of Sue’s hips and drove my cock deep into her womb and started shooting hot globs of my fertile cum into her holding on tight. Sue let out a loud moan and started to cum with me tightening her already tight vaginal muscles milking my cock of all its juice. As she milked me my anal muscles contracted bringing Bob to his own orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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