Casual WFH Fun

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It’s just a normal weekday and I’m sitting at my desk working. I hear you call out, “Baby, can you come here?”. I walk down to your office and pop my head in the door and you’re nowhere to be found, so I move down to the bedroom to check and you’re laying on the bed playing on your phone.

“What do you need baby?” I ask back.

Immediately you reply, “Strip.” Without asking any questions I remove all of my clothes and place them on the floor. I’m standing in the doorway naked, my dick already starting to twitch and get hard at the excitement of what’s to come. “Kneel at the foot of the bed. Hands behind your back, don’t touch that little baby dick.”

“Yes baby”, I reply obediently.

As I kneel at the foot of the bed, you wiggle your way down and place your feet in front my face. “Take off my socks and show me how much you love my feet.” Without answering I immediately pull your socks off, put my hands back behind my back, and begin to rub my face into your feet, gently kissing and licking from the ball of your heel up to your toes. I take your toes into my mouth and suck each one softly while running my tongue along the underside of them. You continue to play on your phone while I alternate between feet and making sure I am not missing Bostancı Escort a single spot with my kisses or worship.

“Thank you baby, that felt nice. I want you to stand up now.” You ask.

I stand up, my dick as hard as it can get, standing straight up with with pre-come dripping out of the tip. “Yes baby, thank you baby.” I reply.

“Get my socks and put them in your mouth. I want you to be quiet while I enjoy myself.” Even before you’ve finished talking, I have rolled up your socks and put them in my mouth. “Come closer and spread your legs a bit. Arms stay behind your back.” I do as you ask, and you pull your leggings and panties down a bit to get comfortable. With one hand you’re still playing on your phone, and the other just gently touching yourself. Before I realize what is happening, you kick me lightly in the balls. I can’t help but let out a small moan, which encourages you to kick me again, a little bit firmer. I can see you gently smile, clearly enjoying yourself as you kick every so often with no set timing to keep me unsuspecting.

“Ok baby, you can take the socks out now.” You tell me gently.

“Thank you baby.”

“I hope you enjoyed that but now I want to come and I don’t need you or your tiny Ümraniye Escort dick to do that. Don’t put your clothes back on, and shut the door when you leave.” You smirk as you say this, knowing full well that it’s both true and that it will turn me on more.

“Yes baby I understand.” I reply sheepishly before doing as asked and leaving the room.

I return to my office and sit on my chair, I am completely overwhelmed with desire and can’t think about anything other than tasting your pussy and being allowed to come. My dick stays rock hard, and my pre-come is coating the entire head of my dick and beginning to leak down the shaft of my dick and onto the chair. It feels like you are in there for an eternity and it drives me wild not knowing what you are doing and being so jealous that I can’t see you.

Out of nowhere, my phone vibrates and I can see you have text me saying, “you can come back in now”. When I get back into the bedroom, the bed is a mess, and I can see a large dildo, lube, and your wand sprawled out next to you. Your pussy looks soaked, your face is red and you look very relaxed and peaceful. “Ok baby I want to have a smoke now, I had a lot of fun.” You smile as you talk, continuing, “I want you to come here, Kartal Escort lie down on the bed, face down, put your face right here.” You point to a large wet spot on the sheet.

“Yes baby” I reply enthusiastically.

“Arms stay behind your back, and no rubbing that little baby dick on the bed while I’m gone.”

“Yes thank you baby” I reply again.

You get dressed and leave the room while I lay there without moving, face pressed right into the wet patch you’ve left on the sheet. Even though it’s embarrassing I’m thoroughly enjoying being able to smell your wetness and come and my mind races with what took place while I was gone.

You finish your smoke and come back into the room, laughing slyly that I’m still there face down. You smack my ass and say, “Ok baby, that’s enough. I want to have a nap. Why don’t you change the sheets for me so I be nice and cozy?”.

“Ok baby give me a minute.” I get up and go fetch some clean sheets to make the bed. You watch me as I do it naked. My dick throbbing and desperate for attention. As I finish making the bed you come over to me.

“Good boy.” You say quietly. Your finger reaches down and you swirl it over the tip of my dick, scooping my pre-come up before pressing your finger to my lips. Without hesitation I open my mouth and greedily lick your finger clean.

“This is for you. Now go back to work so I can have a nap.” You lay your other hand out in front of me. My cage is in your palm. “Oh baby, can you close the door on your way out?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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