Cat Burglar Ch. 02

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It was 11:43pm, on Tuesday. My cell phone rang. Caller ID showed it was David. He lives in my neighborhood: Out my door, make a left, cross 2 streets, make another left, and his basement apartment is about two-thirds of the way down the block, on the left.

Fuck! He and I have an understanding: Whenever he’s horny, he’ll call. IF I answer, it automatically means that I am horny too, and ready (or will get ready) to get sexed.

“Hello,” I answered, my heart is already beating faster.

“There’s a Cat Burglar in the area…,” I heard David whisper.

He loved playing the part. Cat Burglar was our signal: My apartment door should be unlocked. All lights off. Everything, even all the lights on the TV cable box, charger light Everything off. The Cat Burglar liked to sneak in, get undressed at the front door, creep through the darkness, and find his victim in bed, sleeping heavily.

It had been about 3 months since I had heard from David, and I was horny as fuck for some of his freak sex. I needed to find out how much time I had to prepare: “When and where was he last seen?” I asked, my voice shaking from excitement.

“I heard he was walking in our area, about 15 minutes ago,” he replied, letting me know I had 15 minutes to clean my ass, get showered, unlock my door, and get on my stomach, in bed.

“Lock your door, and be careful,” he whispered, as he hung up.

My heart is racing. I sprint to the front door, UNLOCK it, then run to the bathroom, grab the empty enema bottle, fill it with some warm water, spit in my hand, pour my spit on the tip of the bottle, squirt the warm water in my ass to start the process. I tighten my hole to keep the water inside, as I leave the bathroom, and run around the apartment, getting naked at the same time. From my past experience with the Cat Burglar, I had learned to plug my TV cable box, and charger, both of which have lights, into a power surge protector; all I had to do was push one button, and all of the apartment lights are off.

The sensation to push the water out of my ass was pressing, so I ran back to the bathroom, and squatted to push out the water. Just a little dirty, so I squeezed one more bottle up my ass, brushed my teeth, then squatted and pushed the last water out. Clean. Cool, now I hit the shower.

David liked me clean, but nothing else. No soap as I showered, (just a good, hard rinse off), no deodorant, no cologne. I knelt down, squeezed hard one last time, pushing my guts out, to make sure no water was still in my hole. Clean.

Out of the shower, toweling off…I look gorukle escort bayan and it’s been about 13 minutes. Fuck! I CANNOT afford to be running around if the Cat Burglar comes in my apartment. That would fuck up the entire mood. I needed to be clean, in bed, covers up around my neck, before my door opened.

I throw the towel on the floor, close the bathroom door, and run to the bed. I get in bed, on my stomach, as I pull the covers over my body. My heart is RACING, because I know what’s in store: David is a freak, and I never know what to expect, so every time is a true adventure. OK Tony, I tell myself, take 3 deep breaths. I inhale deeply, filling my lungs up, hold it for a brief moment, then slowly release it, emptying my lungs fully. I began my second inhale, and I hear my front door open quietly.

My heart immediately begins racing again. He’s here! David was always VERY QUIET. Once my front door opened, I could never hear him, because the first thing I realized he did was remove his shoes before he walked in my apartment.

He enjoyed creeping to the bed, untucking the bottom of the sheet, and comforter on the bed, and crawl in from the foot of the bed — that way he had immediate access to my ass.

I can feel the covers moved on the bed. My heart is beating furiously, like a fucking drum roll. I feel air flow over my body, as the Cat Burglar moves into position. He had trained me, months ago, that whenever he came through, he expected my back to ALWAYS be arched HARD! I was arching so fucking hard this night, my back was aching.

F U C K! His tongue stabbed my hole. I could feel his hands grab my ass cheeks, and pull them apart. Licked it. Tongued it more, then I could hear him spitting on my hole. As I said, David was a nasty freak. I heard him sniff in HARD, pulling that nasty, phlegm (like when you have a cold, that nasty shit) out of his sinuses, and then spit that right on my hard-pulled, open hole.

Then he started moving his way up my body, licking and biting my cheeks, as he moved farther up my body. My breath is heavy, and my heart is racing as I feel his breath on the back of my neck.

I don’t know the name of this particular muscle, but it runs from the base of my neck to my shoulder. David loved to bite, and suck real hard on that muscle…he knows that is my weak spot. I love being marked up, bruised by his sucking…giving me hickies. I like my back to tatted with hickies, black and blue.

I can now feel Cat Burglar’s dick between my ass cheeks, throbbing near my hole. David’s dick is nice. nilüfer escort bayan It’s exactly 8 3/8″ long; I know because he MADE me measure it during one of our earlier sex adventures. It’s dark, almost a milk-chocolate color, with a nice, thick vein that runs down the middle. It’s nice and thick, like a Red Bull can, and gets even thicker as you get toward the balls. It’s cut, with a nice, mushroom head that gets bigger and shiny when it shoots it’s thick contents into my body.

My ass is still wet as fuck from the nasty phlegm he spit on it; I feel myself moving and positioning my hole to get closer to his pulsating dick. I can feel him biting and sucking hard on my neck, as he feels his dick getting closer to my hole.

HE FOUND IT! I feel him sliding inside me, not hard, not fast, but a nice steady pressure. He doesn’t stop until he’s close to hitting bottom.

“Ahhhh, be careful Papi”, I moaned, as I try to move away from his dick.

“Shut the fuck up”, he whispered hard, as he pushed harder, as my punishment for saying anything.

I moaned hard, as he bit my neck again, finally finding my bottom. I pushed even harder against him, making sure I could feel no space between his body and my hole.

Now he began fucking me. Cat Burglar liked pulling all the way out of my ass, not totally – the tip of his dick would always stay inside me. Then a nice, long stroke, back into my hole. He always liked hitting bottom. David could fuck, WELL! His dick wasn’t the biggest, but he knew how to use it, to please my hole as he pleased himself.

I’m still on my stomach, back arched hard, giving him total access to my guts. Cat Burglar has moved his arms, and placed them both around my neck, giving him the option of chocking the life out of me, if he chose to. I have my arms wrapped around his arms, trying to keep him from actually choking me. When David does this, I know the sex is getting good to him, so he’s getting ready to breed me. I can feel his feet digging into the bed, giving him more leverage, as he tightens his grip on my neck, fucking me like he doesn’t give a fuck about anything. He’s squeezing hard, and I’m pushing back onto his dick, as I try to keep him from choking me out, and his not knowing it.

“You like this dick?” he asks in my ear.

“Hell yeah, Pa! Fuck me, Nig!” was the answer I was able to gargle out of my throat, as I arched my back even harder, making sure he could slam me as hard as he wanted.

I could feel his body tightening up, and his stroke getting more deliberate, bursa otele gelen escort bayan more precise. He wasn’t using his entire body to fuck me; he was holding my neck, his chest covering my back, his toes are the only other part of his body touching the bed, so the only part of his body moving is his dick sliding in and out of me, like a fucking machine!

“Gimme your guts Nig! Right now!”

David had trained me that when I heard him say this, that was MY signal to push my guts out AT HIM! I was supposed to push out like I was literally trying to shit on his dick. He explained to me a long time ago, and showed me in the mirror, that when I pushed out at him like that, my hole would open up, totally. He could actually see inside my ass, especially since he had already opened it up by fucking my hole. My rose bud would open up for him.

“Here Pa…it’s YOURS!” I moaned, as I strained to push out hard, and open my guts for him.

“Fuuuuck”, I heard him moan.

“Take it”! he yelled, as he pushed his dick deep inside me, shooting his babies deep in my ass.

When David would nutt, he would normally stroke me deep, and hard, then his body would spasm and jerk, uncontrollably. As he went through the motions of his orgasm, I kept arching, and pushing my ass back on his dick, to make sure I got his babies as deep in my ass as possible. At this point, I had already stopped pushing my guts out, for fear of pushing out his babies, which I wanted to keep so desperately in my ass.

“Damn yo. Stay still”, he sighed, and laughed. I could feel his dick still contracting in my hole. Each time it would contract, my ass would respond naturally, by squeezing back.

We stayed in that position, me on my stomach, his dick still inside me, as I heard him trying to catch his breath. His chin is tucked in the crook of my neck, and his arms are still around my neck, but not squeezing, or chocking me anymore. I can feel him relaxing INTO my body even more. I have no idea how long he fucked me…everything is unplugged, so I can’t see the time.

I can hear him breathing more regularly now. I think he’s sleeping. I need to move, but this feels so good, I stay still, wanting to keep this feeling for as long as possible. Occasionally, I will squeeze my hole muscles…in MY mind, I think each squeeze makes more of his nutt come out of his dick, into my ass.

I think I fell asleep too, because I feel myself jerk awake, like I’ve been asleep. It’s the Cat Burglar, pulling his dick out of my hole. I intentionally squeeze my hole shut, ensuring his babies stay inside me.

He slides back down the foot of the bed, gently replacing the sheet and comforter, and leaves my bedroom. A few moments later, I hear the front door quietly close. I settle deeper into the bed, ass still wet with spit, and millions of babies swimming around in my ass. The Cat Burglar has struck again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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