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He’d been hanging around this one for some time, he just couldn’t get enough of teenage girls; they were easy to seduce and were unlikely to tell their parents they’d been fucked, besides the threat of a beating usually stopped the ones he’d had to force himself on to, they having got cold feet, from going to any authority. His lifestyle renting cheap trailers short term, and bumming from one town to the next, made him cocksure of never being caught. His cock swelled as he thought of the cute pig-tailed Cindy he’d befriended when hanging out by the music store; today was the day, he’d take her in the old Impala, drive somewhere remote and fuck her senseless. She’d be here at the mall car park any time now; he rubbed his cock through his jeans as he thought of poking the softly freckled, creamy white skinned ginger teen.

Cindy signalled to the women in the car as she spoke into her phone.

“Yes, I’m as ready as I’ll ever be, I won’t let you down, transmitter’s now on, see you later.” Cindy adjusted the tight pink skirt she wore, lifting it high to expose her soft white thighs; her slender legs now fully displayed with white knee-length socks and red sandals. Her pert little breasts showed her excitement by way of her nipples poking through the tiny black boob-tube; her white exposed shoulders brushed either side by her ginger pig-tails, a sweet face with slightly up turned freckly nose, green eyes and red lipstick pout. Though she had done this several times before, the thrill of being fucked by a mature male had her pussy nicely aroused in her tight satin panties. She crossed the road and entered into the mall car park, making sure the device in her clutch bag was on.

Fenton grinned as he poked his head from the old Impala; it was distinctive, but not that distinctive in this part of the world, painted black it was almost Ataşehir Anal Escort obscure amongst the candy coloured Mustangs and Chargers that frequented the suburban sprawl. His cock stiffened as he viewed the nubile Cindy; she lowered her head as she smiled softly, expertly increasing her jail-bait appeal tenfold. Fenton took a swift look around and then ushered her into the car; her white thighs glowing against the black leather upholstery. At 45 Fenton was as old as the Impala’s bodywork, but had little interest in women his own age; this was to be changed for him very shortly, as his cock surged as rigid as the gearstick he now shifted, his fate was sealed.

Cindy had been particularly easy to entice to this appointment, but this didn’t arouse any suspicions in him; he’d had many nympho teens before, the expertise of a mature man being preferable to the usual spotty youths. Cindy’s hand reached across and fondled his cock as they drove to the outskirts of town. Her enthusiasm ensured he concentrated on what was ahead, in his anxiety to get her somewhere remote, and quick.

Long, elegant nylon-clad legs squeezed at the accelerator and brake pedals in the stately and modern compact Chevrolet which followed 300 yards or so behind the Impala. In the passenger seat an equally elegant woman in her fifties clicked away with her digital camera on zoom. The brunette and shapely middle-aged driver to whom the legs belonged smiled as the camera snapped away.

“He’s in good shape Lauren; I think Hortense Montgomery would be pleased to have his services.” The auburn haired photographer laughed as her delicately manicured fingers rested from the shutter button for a moment.

“Oh how sweet that would be! From slim young girls to that fat domineering matron… yes Marlene that would be very fitting come to Ataşehir Yaşlı Escort think of it.” The two drove straight on as the Impala took a dirt track to the left. The two carried on a few hundred yards and waited for the dust to settle before doing a U-turn and driving sedately up the track so as not to disturb the dust.

Fenton brought the Impala to a stop, half hidden by trees, just off the track to Mason’s farm; which had been derelict for the past few years. This had been a favourite spot with him in recent weeks; no chance of being disturbed here. He lowered the seat slightly and coaxed Cindy into the rear where the bench seat offered a more comfortable approach. She played a little coy for a few moments while Fenton made the standard amorous gestures, kissing her soft red lips and squeezing her tiny waist. He then thrust his hand down between her legs impatiently, feeling her sweet camel-toe through panties which were now wet with arousal. Cindy let out a soft vulnerable moan, making Fenton’s cock bob up and down as he wrestled to free himself from his jeans with the other hand.

Cindy now lay back with her legs in the air eyeing his stiff cock lustily. He near ripped off her panties and surveyed the beautiful tight little hairless pussy before him. Cindy spread her legs obligingly as Fenton went down and licked at the sweet feminine essence. He was really going to enjoy fucking this one. Cindy moaned as Fenton slid his stiff cock into the hot tightness of her pussy, her white socked legs with knees bent, wavered as Fenton jerked back and forth in ecstasy as he approached orgasm, oblivious to the needs or feelings of his youthful conquest. He also remained oblivious to Cindy’s practised change of facial expression as she viewed the camera at the window; she now portrayed a young girl in some distress.

The Ataşehir Zenci Escort two women waited until Fenton grunted with pleasure and bucked uncontrollably, Cindy now whinged through crocodile tears, as she too managed a sweet orgasm, enhanced by the satisfaction of pleasing her mistresses. Fenton jumped in shock as the door was swung open; the camera catching his dripping cock in all its glory as he pulled it, spent, from the nubile Cindy.

Lauren snapped away before passing the camera to Marlene who strolled back to their car, parked 100 yards or so down the track. Fenton again wrestled with his jeans as he watched the shapely woman strut away with the camera. Lauren stood in his way to ensure he didn’t bolt for Marlene and the evidence, she looked at him sternly.

“Sex with under-age girls; you can imagine how that would go down in court in this state. You can also imagine how the other inmates at the pen would view that too.” Fenton brushed past Lauren and thought of running after Marlene to grab the camera; these were only two women after all. Lauren noted his anxiety.

“I hope you’re not going to do anything which would add assault to those charges; unless you’re considering murdering three women, little Cindy here has your DNA tucked away inside her, the camera would just be an afterthought.” Fenton pulled at his hair as he looked at Cindy, who was busy replacing her panties, with a smug look on her face. At nineteen, she looked a good four years younger than her actual age, and she wasn’t about to let Fenton know the truth; he belonged to the ladies now.

Fenton, who was now as white as a sheet, looked first to the sky and then at Lauren, who crossed her arms and smiled assertively.

“Of course, there is an alternative to prison.” She handed him a card and helped Cindy from the Impala.

“If you’re not at that address by 2:30 tomorrow, the police will be treated to a picture show.” Fenton breathed a sigh of relief as the two walked back to the waiting Marlene. He leaned on the roof of the car and was close to throwing-up with fear. Just what did these women want from him?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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