Catching a Burglar

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“Hi, Daddy. What are you reading”

“Hey, baby. Just a novel. I’m trying to wind down so I can sleep. You seem pretty excited. Did you just get home? It’s kinda late.”

“Sure did, and you bet I’m excited. Three different grad schools have accepted my application!”

“Outstanding! It’s always good to have choices.”

“You know it. One is on the west coast, one’s on the east coast, and the third one is right here in town.”

“You’re going to have a big decision to make. Let me know how I can help.”

“I know how you can help me. I have to get up early. You know how to relax me good. Tell me a story, Daddy.”

“Sure. I’d love to. Why don’t you get ready for bed, and I’ll join you.”


(.)(.) (.)(.) (.)(.) (.)(.) (.)(.)

“Hi, baby. Slide over and let me join you. Let’s snuggle together and I’ll tell you one you’ll really like.”

“What do you have for me tonight, Daddy?”

“This one is called Catching a Burglar. The house was a lot like this one, single story, two bedrooms. The Owner lived by himself. He was a man about my age, early 50’s, but living by himself. It was nighttime, about two in the morning, and he was a light sleeper. He heard a strange rustling in the living room, and the noise woke him instantly.

“He laid there, trying to place the sound. As he slowly came fully awake, he realized that there might be an intruder in the house. Slowly, ever so slowly, the Owner slipped out from between the sheets. He was careful to make no noise. He didn’t want to alert whoever was in the living room – if there really WAS anyone in the living room – that he was awake and heading that way.

“He positioned himself in the bedroom doorway, careful not to cast a shadow. As his eyes adjusted to the dark, he discovered he was right. Someone was in the living room and moving around. He could tell the burglar wasn’t all that big. As a matter of fact, the burglar was quite small and moved very silently, examining his possessions. The fact that this burglar was in his home pissed the Owner off no end.”

“That would make me mad too, Daddy. Someone being in here while we were sleeping means they could hurt us or something.”

“Well, I’m here to protect you baby. Anyway, the Owner bided his time. He waited for the Burglar to face away from him to give him that extra split second he needed to make his move. And then it was time.

“The Owner burst out of his bedroom on a silent run and ran into the Burglar with a classic football move, and the two collapsed onto the couch. The Burglar was so shocked that there was no real reaction to the tackle other than an “Oof!” when they hit the couch cushions.

“The Owner reached up and snapped on one of the table lamps and got the shock of his life. The Burglar was a woman.”

“A woman, Daddy?”

“That’s right baby, a woman, dressed in all black. The Burglar was about your height and had that red hair like you do, with a light dusting of freckles across her nose. She was rather pretty, but mad as he was, the Owner wasn’t about to take any chances, even with a little bitty thing like her.

“He looked her square in the eye and growled, ‘Don’t even think about moving. Don’t even think about fighting me. I’m bigger than you, and I’m meaner than you, too.’ He was, too, His flying tackle took all the fight out of Isparta Escort her from the get-go. It wasn’t a surprise. There she was, maybe 5-foot-1, and there he was, 5-10 and muscular, a big naked man lying on top of her on the couch.”

“He was naked, Daddy?”

“Of course he was, baby. Remember, he was asleep in bed, and who do you know that doesn’t sleep naked? We both sleep naked, right?”

“Yes we do. It’s more comfortable that way. But you don’t seem to be comfortable, Daddy. There’s something of yours poking me in the leg.”

“That’s your own fault. Anyway, like I said, the Burglar didn’t have any fight in her. In fact, she was scared. She looked at him, and her voice shook as she pleaded, ‘Please don’t call the cops. Don’t call the cops. I don’t want to go to jail. I’ll do anything you want, just don’t call the cops.’

“The Owner stood up, while the Burglar didn’t move a muscle. She just lay there on the couch. ‘You better do what I tell you, or else. Do you understand?’

“The Burglar nodded. This was her first chance to take a look at the man who’d caught her. She saw an older man, gray hair, but with the physique of someone who’d lifted weights in the past.”

“Just like you, Daddy. I’ll bet she was looking at his dick, too. I would have been in her place.”

“I know that, young lady.”

“Well, was his dick as nice as yours is? Big and thick like this?”

“Not quite, but that’s because she wasn’t holding it like you are. Quit trying to distract me so I can tell the story.”

“Sorry, Daddy.”

“Yeah, I bet you’re sorry. Anyway, the Owner said to her, ‘Stand up, but don’t make any false moves.’ The Burglar didn’t have any choice, so she did what he demanded. Then he ordered her to do one more thing. ‘Strip down now,’ he said. ‘I don’t want you trying to run away from me. You’re faster, I’m stronger. Someone might get hurt, and that someone would be you.’

“She looked like she was about to make some sort of objection, so he barked out, ‘Now! No more bullshit!’ At that point, the Burglar knew the game was up, so she stripped off her shirt and tossed it to the floor. Off went her shoes, and then she peeled down her pants and stepped out of them. She paused, and looked at him. ‘Keep going,’ he said. ‘All of it. Bra, panties, the works.’

“The Burglar looked at him with a mixture of fear and defiance. She reached around and unsnapped the bra and flung it aside, then peeled down her panties and tossed them aside as well. The throwing motions made her tits sway from side to side.”

“Did she have big tits like I do, Daddy?”

“Baby, she sure did. The Owner couldn’t take his eyes off of them. They were perfectly shaped like yours, and her nipples were sticking out stiffly just like yours are right now. He stepped forward without a sound and cupped her breasts like this and rubbed his thumbs over those erect nipples and she shivered.”

“Oh yes, Daddy. If he was touching her like you’re touching me right now, of course she was shivering. It’s making my pussy wet, too. Was she getting wet?”

“Of course, baby. Her pussy was nice like yours, too. She had it shaved down to that little landing strip like you have.”

“If it’s trimmed it’s easier for someone like you to lick it. She sounds like she was a horny little thing.”

“I Isparta Escort Bayan told you she was a lot like you. ‘You’d do anything, hunh?’ the Owner said. ‘Here’s your chance to convince me not to call the cops. On your knees. You know what to do.’

“The Burglar knew all right, so she kneeled down in front of him, and yes she started doing that. His dick had grown stiff and hard, so she opened her mouth just like that and started sucking on the head. Yes. And then she began swirling her tongue on the underside and that made him rise on his tiptoes. Ohhhhh. And she looked at him while she was doing it and he felt himself get even more aroused. Baby, you look so sexy when you look at me while you have my dick in your mouth.”

“Mmmm. Mwahhh. That’s because I love sucking on that big ol’ cock of yours, Daddy. Mmmm. Mmmm.”

She bobbed her head up and down the shaft, and then she pulled it out and oh yes, started licking and sucking on his balls. Oh that’s good, baby. Oh my. Yes. Then she went back to work, taking in as much of his seven inches. As she could. And for him. The feeling was exquisite. Almost torture. As he put his hand on the back of her head. To guide her. To take him. Deeper. Into her. Mouth.”

“Mmmm. Mmmm. Mmmm. Mmmm.”

“And suddenly, he grabbed her head to stop her from her blowjob. Enough, baby. He had other plans for her. ‘You suck cock really good,’ he said, ‘but it’s time to move into the bedroom. Get up and start walking.’ She complied and headed back to where he pointed.

“As they reached the bed, the Owner snapped on the lamp on the nightstand and gestured for her to climb onto the mattress. She did as he wished.”

“Did she know what she was going to have to do with him, Daddy?”

“She had a pretty good idea. She moved onto the bed and lay down on her back. That’s when the Owner shocked her, and started doing this.”

“Oh, Daddy, I love it when you suck on my tits. She felt his tongue flick across her left nipple as his hand kneaded and caressed her tit. Oh yes. Then he changed sides and gave the right nipple the same attention. Just like that. Yes. Yes. But then he stopped? Daddy?”

“He sure did. He stopped because he slid down her torso. Planting a kiss. Or two. Along the way. Until he got down to her pussy. He eased her thighs apart and gazed upon her slit, shiny and wet. He breathed in her aroma, and went to work.”

“Ahhh. She couldn’t believe the sensation when he began licking her. Oh. His tongue traced around the outer lips just like that Daddy, and when she felt his tongue touch her clit she. Gasssped. And when he gently bit and suuuuuuucked on it she. Started. Squirming. Daddy. Ohgodyes. Ahh, aah, aah, the sensations. Went through. Her. In. waves. Ohyesyesyes! And then he stopped? Daddy?”

“That’s right baby, he stopped eating her pussy. He looked at her, his chin dripping her juices and rose to his knees like this. But he didn’t slide forward right away. He took his right hand, wiped his chin, and told her, ‘Now we’ll really see what you can do.’ He moved between her upraised knees. ‘You entered my home without permission. Now, I’m going to enter you.’ Then he did.”

“Daddy! Ohmygod that’s big. Yes. Fuck. Yes.”

“Fuck, indeed, baby. He slid his cock deep into her pussy. It was sopping wet, but nice and tight. Escort Isparta But he didn’t slam it home after the first stroke. He went nice and slow, just like this, in and out, in and out. He watched her huge tits sway with the effort. You like that?”

“OH YES! It’s nice and deep. Oh. God. Slow and deep. Yes.”

“He was determined to make it last, and make her pay properly for breaking into his house. He was breaking into her cunt at his own pace. Nice and slow to make it last. God that feels good.”

“Yes, Daddy. Your cock feels so good inside me. Yes. Oh. Yes.”

“The Burglar was his fucktoy, and the Owner wanted her to know that he owned her tonight. Nice. And. Slow. Did she know it, baby?”

“Fuck. Yes. She. Knew. It. Ahhh. Am I. Your. Fuck. Toy. Daddy? Say. Yes.”

“Yes, baby, you are. You’re Daddy’s fucktoy. God your pussy feels good.”

“Oh. You’re deep. Daddy. Fuck. Fuck.”

“The Owner figured he’d made his point. It was time to. Pick up. The pace. He began driving. His. Dick. Deeper. Into. Her. Yes. And he slowed for a second and put her ankles up on his shoulders just like this. And. Sped. Up. Again.”

“Aaah. Aaah. Aaah. Deep. Deep. Deep. Daddy. Daddy.”

“And it was time. He felt. Her pussy. Contract. And then. He. Let. Looooooose. Ahhhhh.”

“Ahhh. I’m cummming. Daddy.”

“Ahhh. He filled her with his cum, shot after shot into her sopping wet pussy. Baby.”

“Daddy. Oh. She loved the feel of her pussy filling up with all that spunk. Yes.”

“Daddy likes cumming in your beautiful pussy baby. Oh yes. Ah. Yes. He looked down at the Burglar. Her face was flushed beet red from her orgasm. Her nipples were stiff, and her breath came in gasps. He laughed and said, ‘See what happens when you try to break into my house? What happened to you tonight?’

She looked at him. ‘First, you tackled me, then you made me take off all your clothes. I knelt in front of you and sucked on your cock, then you dragged me back to the bedroom, sucked on my tits, then you ate me out. And then you spread my thighs and fucked my pussy with that huge dick of yours and filled me with cum.’

“The Owner smiled. ‘That’s right. That’s exactly what I did. And my dick is still deep in your pussy. Now I’m going to tell you something. If you try to burgle my house again, you’re going to get the exact same treatment, except next time I won’t be so nice.

“‘You do this again, I’m going to tie you to this bed and I’ll fuck you all weekend long before I let you go. Do you want to spend two days with your legs in the air, getting fucked by my big dick? You’ll have so much cum inside you it will be dribbling out of your ears. You’ll go home bowlegged. You understand? You get what I’m saying?’

“She nodded her head. ‘I understand. Lean forward. I’m going to tell you something.’

He leaned forward. The Burglar whispered, ‘You need to take a Cialis pill next Friday night. And leave the door unlocked. It’s easier to get in without having to pick the lock.'”

“Daddy, what did the Owner say to that?”

“Baby, he didn’t say anything right away. He just looked at her and smiled. Then he said three words.”

“What words were those?”

“‘It’s a date.'”

“Daddy! You are so bad!”

“Yeah. Ain’t it cool?”

“You tell good stories, Daddy. I like the way your imagination works. I like it a lot. You sure think deep thoughts. I like it deep. And hard.”

“I could tell. Well, baby, you sure inspire me to do good work.”

“Thanks for the story, Daddy. Now I’m all relaxed and sleepy. Good Night. ”

“G’night, baby. Sleep good.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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