Catching Fish Ch. 04

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Author’s note: Coach Fish knows his two students worked together to seduce him, and now that things are in the open between the three of them, he’s glad they did. He is going to visit Kylie for the second time after school today.


I’m trying to stay on task, but the minutes are just dragging by – and it’s only the second period of the day! Visions of the wild afternoon Kylie and I had spent the day before yesterday kept crashing in when I was trying to concentrate. Nothing new there…this had been happening ever since we’d fucked. The way she responded to my tongue, the way she pulled her legs up and shook when she came, the incredible heat and tightness of her tiny pussy…these thoughts were constant companions in my mind. And I was going to be with her again today.

No wonder I couldn’t concentrate.

Fourth period finally, and the students all come crowding in. I know it’s coming, and steel myself to act normal…but it doesn’t matter. As soon as I catch sight of her, I smile – and there is no one else in the room. Jeans, spaghetti strap tank covered by a loose and unbuttoned translucent shirt tied at the waist…somewhat conservative, but showing off her petite body to great effect. Her tight jeans rode low on her slim but curvy hips, and hugged her tight little butt. An inch of creamy white belly, then up to her…hey…he knew them now – these were larger than they were supposed to be – she must be wearing a padded bra again. Slim arms and neck, her brown hair brushed back showing her beautiful heart shaped face. Large expressive blue eyes, small nose and pink lips.

She really IS a knockout.

Working REALLY hard, I’m able to pay attention to everyone else and get myself through the period. Lunch starts, and Kylie comes up to double check our meet after school. Bright smile, and she’s out to eat lunch with her best friend Shannon and her basketball buddies.

But, only for a few minutes. In the middle of lunch, they both came back to see me. Next to each other, they looked completely different. Where Kylie was small and petite, Shannon was only a couple inches short of six feet. Dirty blond hair a little past her shoulders, nice oval face – more beautiful than pretty – wide shoulders leading to average sized but apparently very firm breasts. Flat stomach, flaring hips and long, LONG athletic legs. Skin a perpetual tan, she looked like she just walked off the beach. She dressed like it too – in flip flops, baggy tie top khakis and a beat up collared t.

“Shana had another fight with her Dad this morning. He’s an asshole, so her Mom said she could come sleep at my house again tonight.”

“Hmmm. Should we cancel?” I ask, disappointment flowing in.

“No, no,” Shannon says. “I won’t get there till after work.”

“Don’t worry Coach…we’ll have plenty of time.” Kylie’s smile twinkles at me.

The infinitely long day finally draws to a close, and we drive to her house, splitting at the turn off – she parks in front, I’m in back. She is waiting with the back door open, I walk with her into the kitchen, close the door, and take her into my arms. I hold her small body, pressing mine into hers, caressing her back. She pushes her hips into me, rocking them against my dick. We are deeply kissing right away, tongues battling and lips sliding over each other. As we kiss, she pulls me into the living room and sits me down in a chair. Climbing sideways on my lap, we continue mashing our mouths together, and now I reach for her breasts as she starts working my belt and zipper. Not a word has been said.

So much for going slow!

She’s faster then I am, and gets off my lap to pull my slacks and briefs down. As she stands up, she unbuttons my shirt while I take off her outer shirt…but before I can get to her tank, she pulls my shirt off, throws it on the couch, and kneels back down in front of me. Both tiny hands on my cock, gently caressing it, she watches as it visibly grows in front of her.

“Oooooo Coach…I love your dick,” she coos, stroking it up and down. “You said last time was for me. Well, now it’s your turn,” and with that, she slowly brought her little pink mouth to my cock, and gently kissed the tip. Tiny tongue out, she starts to make little circles on the tip of my cock, while using her lips to swab the whole head. Slowly taking more in, she is soon sucking on the end of my cock while swirling her tongue around the sensitive head.

In fact, too sensitive! She’s working the head too much, and not even touching my shaft. I try to start a little in and out motion in her mouth, but her tongue is in the way and I don’t want to shove. I gently pull out, and tell her “The end is really sensitive…like your clitoris. You have to be gentle there. Here, use your hands to stroke me.”

She wraps her pretty hands around my dick (her fingers can barely make it around), I put mine almanbahis giriş on hers, and show her how to stroke up and down without giving me a burn. She’s starting to get the hang of it, stroking while slobbering and sucking on the head. I’m stiffening up and starting to really enjoy it – and someone knocks on the door!


We both look at each other, and from the other side of the door we hear Shannon’s voice: “Hey you two! Stop what you’re doing and let me in…I got off work early.” Kylie is fully dressed, and I’m naked as I came into the world. We gather my clothes, she shoves them to me and tells me to go into her room. I close her door, and decide discretion is the better part of valor – I start getting dressed again.

I can hear them talking in the living room, but not what they are saying. After a couple of minutes, I’m wondering if I should come out and say hi, when I hear the tv go on…pretty loud. Moments later, Kylie comes in the bedroom, and closes the door behind her.

“She got off work early, and couldn’t go home. She’s got all her stuff, and just wants to watch tv while we…” she drifts off.

“That doesn’t feel weird to you? I mean, us doing it with her just a few feet away?”

“No, not really. I told you we had no secrets from each other. Shana is a lot more experienced than I am – she’s the one who taught me how to, well, take care of myself. She gave me my vibrator and showed me how to use it…we’ve both seen each other’s “O” face. I’m not shy around her. The question is…how do YOU feel about it?”

“Like I said – weird. I’ve never had an audience before – at least that I’ve known about.”

“She won’t hear anything. You can hear how loud the tv is. We’ll just be quiet,” she smiles. And with that, she unbuttons her jeans, wiggles and works to get them down her hips, then drops them off her legs and steps out, standing up in her tight little yellow panties. Crossing her arms, she pulls the tank over her head, and uncovers her soft white padded bra – the same one she wore the first time I saw her naked breast in class, what was it…2 weeks ago?! Damn!

By now I’m shedding clothes and moving towards her. She reaches behind her to unhook her bra, and lets it fall as we embrace. Naked skin on skin, I can feel her hard little nipples as she mashes her chest to mine and thrashes her tongue around in my mouth. We pull each other’s underwear off at the same time, and lay down on the bed, naked, rubbing our bodies together while we kiss. Side by side, she moves one of her thin legs between mine and slides it up to my crotch, and soon we’re humping each other’s thighs as we rub and caress their skin.

I’m hard, she’s wet, and we’ve only been at this a couple of minutes! I’ve got to slow this down, and fortunately, I know just what she likes so I can get a break.

Gently pushing on her shoulder, I get her to roll on to her back, and start kissing my way down her neck. Across her collarbone, near her armpit, then up the side of her ribs to the edge of her breast. Keep moving up, soft pillow below my lips, I work my way up to her pink little nipple, and draw an “Aaaahhhh” from her lips as I suck it into my mouth. In fact, I can suck most of her little titty into my mouth, and I do – swirling my tongue around the nipple. She grabs my head and pulls it to her chest, moaning and rubbing her pussy against my side.

I am intoxicated by her body. Her smell, her smooth skin, the heat that radiates from her…all are driving reason from my brain. My senses are totally focused on her, trying to see/feel/hear everything about her at the same time. No past or future or thoughts other than living in this incredible moment.

Which is probably why I didn’t hear the tv go off.

I replace my mouth with my hand, squeezing and kneading, and work my mouth over to her other breast, slobbering my way around the base. Again work up to the stiff little nipple and suck it hard.

“Ohhh Coach…I love when you play with my boobies. I know they’re small…”

“NO!” I say, with a mouthful of soft teen tit, “They’re PERFECT for you!” Of course, it came out a little garbled ’cause I had most of her little mound in my mouth at the time – but she got the message.

“They’re reeeeeeally sensitive…ohhh…mmmm, yeah…suck on my nipples Mr. Fish. Ohhhh…OHHHH…that feels SOOOO good…”

She’s been humping my stomach and side the whole time I’ve been doing this, coating me with a smear of her nectar. She’s always been really juicy, so I figure I better take the blanket off the bed. She lifts up her little butt to help me as I pull it down, then sets her ass back down and wiggles it into a good fucking position on the mattress.

As she lays back, I pause to look at her beautiful body. Past her flattened breasts, over her visible ribs to her sunken stomach, down to her slim hips…bounded almanbahis on each side by a protruding pelvic bone. And there, in the center, her bald little molten core. Soft pillow outer lips, tiny slit in between with little pink inner lips peeking out…the whole area was glistening slick from her oily hole. She smiles at me, and spreads her legs so that her outer lips separate, and I can see her cute little pussy spread out before me.

I dive between her legs, and start with one long lick, from her little pink asshole, over her taint and pussy hole, up her juicy slit to her tiny nubbin of a clit. Kylie’s whole body shudders as she grunts out an “UuunnnnGGGHHHH!”, and I start buffing her clitty. As I lightly flick her fuck button, my finger is moving around by her hole. Not trying to push in…just moving and smoothing the outer area, sometimes moving up to the slit, sometimes down to the taint.

By now, Kylie is thrashing on the sheets, whining and moaning my name, and starting to flex her hips against my finger. I take the hint, and start pushing it into her tight little box. I get my finger in about an inch, feel her pussy squeezing it REALLY hard, so pull it out slowly, swirl around, and push it back in – all the time softly working her clitty and slit with my tongue. This time it goes in up to my second knuckle. She’s loosening up fast!

I turn sideways across her body so I can eat and finger her pussy with one hand, and use the other to play with her titties. It makes me face the door, and I notice it’s open…about halfway. The full length mirror on the inside reflects the hallway and loveseat in the living room I sat in that first time I saw Kylie strip. No one in sight.

The memory that Kylie had closed the door was in my head, it was just so far down on the list of things important to me right now that it didn’t register. I had a squirming, thrashing, moaning teenager under my hands and mouth, and I knew just what to do with her. Everything else could wait.

By now my whole finger is inside her hot little box, and I start to slowly fuck her with it while keeping my mouth on her clit, mashing my tongue all over the button with steadily increasing pressure. Her panting breath, pink rash on her chest, and legs being pulled up and wider signal her coming orgasm.

“Oh Oh Oh Oh OH OH OH OH” she chants as she starts to pump her pussy on my finger really fast. Feet pointed at the ceiling, toes clenching, the tremors start in her legs first, and work their way down into her whole body. She squashes down on my finger as hard as she can, and screams:

“Oh god oh god OH GOD OH GOD OH GAAAAAAGGGHHH!” as the pleasure storm courses through her little body. Legs thrashing, teeth grinding, holding her breath, she rides the wave for as long as it lasts…finally gasping for air as it subsides.

A half a minute to recover, and Kylie quickly gets on her knees and flips me on my back. She straddles my hips, and sits her steaming pussy right on top of my cock. Hands on my chest, she starts wiggling her hips until she gets my cock to line up inside her crease, but outside her pussy, and starts to move up and down like she’s fucking me on the outside…the same way we started last time.

She looks down and smiles at me, arches her back and starts to move a little faster…and looks towards her door. I’m concentrating on not slipping out of her crease as she moves so fast, but I have time for a quick glance. Shannon is sitting in the loveseat, leaning back with her legs straight out in front of her, watching us as she moves her right hand furiously inside her pants. Holy shit.

When Kylie looks back at me, she slows her movements, reaches behind her to grab my dick, and raises herself so she can point it at her little hole. Rubbing the head in circles around her tunnel, she finally centers it and starts to bear down. I immediately slip a couple of inches in, and Kylie and I look at each other in surprise. Wow…that was a LOT easier than the first time!

Smiling and confident now, Kylie lifts her pussy off my cock, then bears down again…then up and down again…and again…and…I’m suddenly completely inside my pretty little student’s steaming cunt! She gasps (I realize this was a lot easier for me than for her) and gives me a proud smile as she starts to slowly slide up and down my raging hard on.

“This time I’m going to fuck YOU.”

I lay back, reach up to cup and play with her titties, and enjoy the sensation of my beautiful little high school student working her tight pussy on my cock. Furnace hot, oily slick, and tight as a vise, Kylie’s little cunt was the best fuck I ever had.

She was working hard now, sweat poring from her body, dripping onto me, panting instead of moaning – I think she was getting tired.

“Do you want to flip over?” I ask.

“Uh huh.” I grab her tight, keep almanbahis giriş my dick inside her, and roll her over to her back. She spreads out her hair(thinking of beauty at a time like this?!), then reaches up to hold my shoulders as I start to pump.

Nothing fancy here. I’m careful not be too rough, or go too deep, but it’s full on boning time now. I slowly slide all the way up inside her, then a little more, till I can feel her soft muffin against my pubic bone. She is spreading her legs and wailing, and I slide it all the way back out to the tip. She looks me in the eyes, grasps me tight, and looks to the ceiling and wails as I slide it all the way in again. And again. And again. Each time she pumps her legs wide, and moans with the stroke.

As I begin to pick up speed, she’s starting to look like she’s getting close. Legs as wide as she can spread them, her grip painfully clutching my upper arms, and her “HUH…HUH…HUH!” in time with my thrusts is getting louder. Sure enough, a moment later she raises her legs, clenches her toes as her heels reach for the roof, pumps down onto my dick, and her body shudders as she grunts out her orgasm.

As she cums, Kylie’s pussy clenches and throbs on my cock, making it almost impossible to keep thrusting. I keep tiny little pumps going until she comes down from her peak and she starts opening again. Soon, she is laying back, trying to catch her breath while I am furiously pumping away at her pussy. Now, I am the one sweating, going faster and faster, drilling her little cunt while I chase the prize.

She has recovered by now, and knows it’s her turn to pleasure me. So she spreads her naked little teenage hole as wide as she can, grabs my butt checks to pull me in tighter, and starts to talk dirty to encourage me.

“Yeah Mr. Fish, that’s it…fuck me baby, fuck my little pussy. Uh huh, Uh huh…do me baby, fuck me with your big hard dick. You feel so good inside me…you feel so good…come inside me baby, come inside me. I want you to come in my little pussy.”

By now I was on the edge, racing inside her tight little cunt, feeling the orgasm rising inside of me. Closer, CLOSER CLOSER!! “AaaahhhgggHHHHH!” Grabbing Kylie’s little hips, I pulled her tight and rammed my exploding cock as deep as I could into her tiny little hole, firing blast after blast into her hot and greasy cunt.

Slow thrusts as I slow down, feeling her juices and mine mixing and coating us both. My breath starts to return, but I’m too beat to stay on my knees and elbows, so I roll off to her side. She turns towards me so we can embrace in the afterglow, and gives me a languid, satisfied smile. She then looks past me (towards the door), and smiles again. I hear a board creek in the hallway, then the front door closing.

I look at Kylie, stroke her hair and breasts, and say “She was watching, wasn’t she.”

“Uh huh.”

“Have you guys done that before?”

“No. The most we’ve ever done is seen each other masturbate. She wouldn’t have wanted to watch Jake or Jeremy anyway. But she wanted to watch you.”

“Us. I think a big part is seeing you get screwed.”

“More like she likes to see me screwed WELL. And she just did!” She nuzzles my shoulder and I pull her close.

“I don’t know Mr. Fish. When this started, it was all about getting someone for me. Shana didn’t need any help, she’s been at this for a long time, and like I said has a steady boyfriend. But as this has all gone along, I think she’s starting to crush on you.”

“Hmm. I don’t know how to feel about that. More importantly, I don’t know how YOU feel about that.”

“Oh, I hope you guys hook up! You’re my teacher here, not my mate. And I think you’re pretty good at what you do…you’ve sure made ME feel it. If you can make her feel it too, all the better.”

“I don’t know. You’re the one I’m always thinking about, you’re the one in my dreams. I wouldn’t want to risk that.”

She sits up on her elbow, and looks me in the eye. “You couldn’t risk anything silly…that’s SHANA. We’re besties, in everything.”

She lays back down and hugs my side, one hand idly playing with my chest hair. “Doesn’t really matter anyway. She was probably just watching to pick up some tricks to use with Steve.”

“She was doing more than watching.”

“You saw that, huh? Well, I’m glad that we all had a good time then!” she giggles, and rolls over on top of me. Kisses my lips, and says;

“You gotta go. She’s probably sitting out front in her car, waiting for me to come out and tell her you’re gone. Then she’ll come back in, and I’ll tell her everything that happened, and she’ll tell me what she’s thinking.”

I laugh as I stand up and start recovering my clothes. “I thought it was the GUY who always wanted to jump up and take off right after sex, and now you’re kicking me out! There goes another stereotype.”

She gets up and rubs her naked body against me, one hand around my waist and one behind my head, and gives me a deep passionate kiss. She pulls back, looks deeply into my eyes, then says, “I’ll miss you. Now go.”

And I went.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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