Catching Mom Ch. 01

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It was a typical Tuesday morning in the Hannity household. As she always did Melanie Hannity had made breakfast for her husband, Alan and their son Danny – this year Alan and Melanie’s daughter had left for college so the family was just the three of them. Danny was now a senior in high school, a good kid, a four year letterman in wrestling who dated the beautiful daughter of the Hannity’s long time neighbor’s the Blanchards. Fred Blanchard and Alan, the fathers of the two families, worked together and were best friends, and it had long been assumed that Danny and Heather would one day be married.

This morning everyone was in a good mood, Danny’s classes were winding down and since it was his senior year, school was now more of a social life than an academic obligation. The family sat around the kitchen table, where Melanie and Danny discussed their upcoming days and Alan read the newspaper.

“Oh, by the way,” Alan said absently, ” You might want to call the plumber again, the bathtub drain is very slow again.”

“I should have married a bald man,” Melanie laughed lightly as she ran her hands through Alan’s thick head of hair. Alan hated to have his hair touched, as he spent a long time in the morning getting just so. He jerked his head away a little too violently. Danny noticed the action, but said nothing. After breakfast Danny and Alan kissed Melanie goodbye and left for school and work respectively.

Melanie thought about calling the plumber, but decided that she would try a store bought de-clogger first and went upstairs get ready for the day, she needed to take a shower. She looked at her bathtub with dismay and decided that instead of standing in ankle deep water in her own shower she would use the kid’s bathroom. She undressed, threw her bathrobe on, and headed down the hall.

Once inside the bathroom she took her robe off and climbed, naked, on to the scale. She smiled to herself when she saw she was down to 135, a perfectly respectable weight for a 41-year-old mother of two. Melanie glanced at herself in the mirror and was happy with what she saw, she was still a very beautiful woman – 5’6 with large, but firm breasts, her hair was a rich, dark brown, with still no signs of gray. Her skin was almost olive and her eyes looked black and sparked like gems, her teeth were white and straight – a natural beauty.

“Hmm, looks like I could use a little trim,” Melanie thought to her self as she ran her fingers through the pubic hair surrounding her pussy. When she touched herself there, she gave herself a little charge – it had been too long, she thought to herself, since Alan and she had made love. It bothered her that she and her husband didn’t have sex all that often anymore, but she figured it was just part of being married for 20 years. She wondered sometimes what it was like for other couples, but since she had lost her virginity to her husband, and had never cheated on him, she had no idea.

As Melanie was upstairs pondering these thoughts, her son Danny had come back in to the house. Half way to school he had realized he had forgotten a book he was supposed to return, so he turned around and went home. When he came through the door Danny realized and he had to pee, so he bounded upstairs and headed for the bathroom. It didn’t register with him that the door was closed, and with out a thought Danny opened it and walked right in on his naked mother.

Melanie, who was standing next to the sink, trimming her bush, gasped when she saw Danny, in shock she dropped the scissors she was using and they clattered noisily in to the sink. Danny too was stunned, he had always thought of his mother as beautiful, but up until this moment he had never realized how gorgeous she was. Her tits were Kayaşehir Escort so much bigger and heavier than his girlfriend Heather’s, and her body was toned and dark. But what really caught his attention was her beautiful pussy, lush and dark, it looked spectacular, especially with Melanie standing there exposed with her fingers buried in the dark patch.

For a long moment neither of them moved, finally Melanie gathered her wits and turned to look for her robe, which she soon realized, was on the door behind Danny. Since there was nothing to cover herself with, she tried to use her hands, but her tits were far to big and the pose she struck ended up looking more erotic than coy. Danny for his part stood stock-still and continued to stare – neither of them said a word. Finally Melanie broke the silence.

“Danny, get out of here,” she cried. Danny stood like a statue for a few moments until Melanie repeated his name, finally he snapped out of his daze and apologizing left the bathroom. As he left Melanie noticed the enormous hard-on that had sprung up in his pants. “How big is he?” Melanie thought to herself, before shaking her head to rid herself of such a lewd thought about her son.

Outside the bathroom Danny was shaking, he ran to his room, grabbed the book and bolted out the house. His mind was reeling from what he had just seen, and how it made him feel.

That night at dinner Danny and his mom barely spoke or looked at each other. Melanie felt the tension was so thick it could be cut with a knife, but to her amazement her husband didn’t seem to notice. After dinner, Danny said he was tired and was going up to his room to do homework and to turn in early. Melanie was relieved, she thought maybe after a night’s sleep things would start getting back to normal.

At breakfast the next morning things did indeed seem to be returning to normal, Danny was his old chipper self – now not only was he talking to Melanie, but when he spoke to her he made direct eye contact. Just as Alan was about to leave for work, Danny pulled his mom aside and said he needed to talk to her. Melanie nodded in agreement and Danny stayed behind as Alan left for work. Once they were alone Danny asked his mom to sit down with him.

“Are we going to talk about yesterday? I’m very sorry about that,” Melanie said.

“There’s nothing to be sorry for it was an accident. But, mom, I can’t stop thinking about you. I couldn’t sleep last night,” Danny said. He was obviously trying to say something but Melanie couldn’t figure out what. “Mom, I thought about it, and thought about it, and I’ve come to a decision.”

“A decision,” Melanie asked confused. What was he deciding about?

“I don’t know if you know or not, but I’m no longer a virgin, Heather and I have been doing it for the last few months,” Danny said.

“That’s OK, ” Melanie replied, still confused about what Danny was saying – was he embarrassed about his obvious erection yesterday?

“Mom, I’m sorry I always thought Heather was pretty, but after seeing you yesterday I now realize she doesn’t hold a candle to you”.

“Thank you…I think,” said Melanie, more confused than ever now. Danny was obviously trying to screw up his courage to tell her something.

“Mom, I realized last night, that if I — if WE don’t do something about yesterday, I’d never forgive myself, I mean I couldn’t live with myself, I can’t get the image of your beautiful muff out of my mind, I got to see it again…Mom, I got to fuck you.”

At first Melanie didn’t think she heard him properly, but when she asked him to repeat himself he did. Melanie had never heard such crude language from her son – her husband had always been very strict Kayaşehir Escort Bayan and no one in the family cursed. Blood rushed to Melanie’s face and she struggled to say something. When she did, her voice came out as a whisper.

“Oh my god, Danny, what are you saying?” she asked.

Danny stood up and unzipped his pants, with a smooth motion he pulled out his huge prick, which was now erect and showed it to his mother. For a moment mother and son stared at each other in the opposite positions from the day before. Danny’s cock was think and erect, and Melanie realized that she had never seen such a big cock in her life. It was so beautiful, she thought to herself. She fought off the urge to reach over and touch it.

“Put that away Danny,” Melanie finally said, ” I’m your mother, you’re not supposed to show me something like that.”

With a bit of a struggle Danny put his cock back and zipped up. “How big is that thing,” Melanie thought to herself.

“Sorry, that was uncalled for I guess, but you make me want to do crazy things. Mom you always said that I could get anything I truly set my mind to getting. Well I’ve never wanted anything as badly as I want you. We’ve got to do it.” Danny said.

“Danny we can’t, if your father found out he go crazy,” Melanie said.

Danny was thrilled that his mother’s objection was that his Dad might find out, she hadn’t told him that she wasn’t attracted to him, she was simply worried that someone might find out. He quickly realized that he might be able to use this to his advantage.

“I intend to tell him tonight about my feeling, I’ll let the chips fall where they may,” Danny replied.

Melanie was shocked, he wouldn’t – she knew what would happen if he did, Alan would go ballistic and all hell would break loose, Alan would kick Danny out of the house and the family would never be the same – all because of some adolescent stupidity. She Begged Danny not to tell his father anything. Danny, who wanted to do the honorable thing finally, agreed not to say anything, but he laid down his conditions for silence.

“This weekend when Dad goes away to his Promise keepers meeting, you and I will spend the night in bed together. I can’t force you to have sex with me, but you have to go to bed naked with me – if you do I promise it’ll be our secret.”

Melanie agreed to think about it, after Danny left that morning Melanie sat down and tried to think things through. She knew that she would do just about anything to keep Danny from saying anything, but she also knew that having sex with her own son was out of the question. She decided to go through with Danny’s plan, figuring that she would control the situation, and at some point he would come to his senses and remember what their relationship was. As Melanie sat there thinking, what she wasn’t admitting to herself was how flattered Danny’s attention had made her feel. After years of not talking about sex in her marriage, just the sound of the someone saying the word fuck to her turned her on, the fact that it was her own son, somehow had made it more forbidden and exciting.

That night, after dinner, while she was washing the dishes and her husband was in the next room watching T.V, Danny snuck up behind Melanie and gently slid his arms around her, grasping her tits.

“What are you doing?” Melanie asked trying hard not to show any emotion. Danny’s hands felt good, with their soft but firm grasp on her big breasts, but she couldn’t let him know that. She hoped Danny didn’t notice that her nipples had become erect as she felt Danny’s big penis pressing hard against her butt.

“Holding the woman I love,” Danny replied, “have you thought anymore about my proposal?”

“I Escort Kayaşehir have,” Melanie said, “here’s the deal. When Dad goes away we can spend one night in bed together. You can hold me as much as you want, but I’ll be wearing a night gown, and under no condition will we have sex.”

Danny thought about that, and agreed on the condition that he be allowed to pick out what she would wear that night, Melanie quickly agreed as she was getting nervous about her husband walking in and finding them. When they had struck a deal Danny kissed Melanie softly and wetly on the neck and then let her go. Melanie found herself both relived that he had let her go and strangely turned on by the kiss, it had been a long time since she had been kissed so lovingly.

As for Danny he knew he was behaving irrationally, but he couldn’t stop himself. After seeing his mother naked that day, he was like an animal acting on pure instinct. Nothing was going to satisfy him, and since he had always been taught by both his parents to go for what he wanted in life, and he had never wanted something so much, nothing was going to stop him.

The next evening, the one before her husband left for the long weekend, Melanie pulled Danny aside and asked him to let her out of their agreement. He refused, even after she accused him of being willing to destroy their relationship for his selfish desires.

“Mom,” said Danny, ” don’t you think I know the risk I’m taking, but I know if I never have you it will also wreck our relationship. I’ll always want you in this way, I’ll start to resent you for not giving me a chance to show you how much I love you, and it will put a distance between us. I’m hoping that what ever happens Friday night, we’ll be closer than ever for having shared this experience. I’m doing this to save our relationship.”

That night, after everyone had gone to bed, Melanie took a hot shower and thought about what Danny had said. She found his words touching, and even some how admired his courage for being able to go after what he wanted. She knew she loved him, knew that she some how found him more attractive than almost anyone she knew – with out knowing it she too shared Danny’s animalistic desire. What if she allowed something to happen she thought to herself, would it be that bad? She knew it was wrong, but standing there with the hot water cascading over her body her mind couldn’t grasp why it was so wrong. Her hand, almost as if it had a mind of it’s own dropped down and started gently massaging her already wet pussy. Melanie leaned back and her back made contact with the cold wet tiles, it sent a charge through her and she felt like she was suddenly running a fever. Melanie couldn’t remember the last time she had felt so sexually alive, as her middle finger now slipped inside her sopping vagina Melanie let out an audible gasp. One hand was now moving in a quickening rhythm as her finger began to slowly piston in and out of her torrid cunt. Her other hand started to massage her big breasts.

She tried not to think of her son, but it was no use, and her reeling mind kept returning to images of Danny’s big cock, his arms, his back, she began to imagine what it would feel like to be holding on to his body as he filled her. Melanie’s legs began to tremble and with so many sensations over coming her she let her body slowly slide down to the shower floor. She was now in a sitting position as she continued to rub herself, the water cascading over her feverish body. With a loud cry she came in a wrenching orgasm, through gritted teeth she muttered, “Danny, I’m cumming”, as her body bucked and heaved on the ground.

“I’m going to hell,” Melanie said to herself as the water continued to fall on her spent body. She laid there for awhile thinking what she had just masturbated too, and then she got out of the shower. As she toweled herself off, her mind kept coming back to the same question – ” What will tomorrow bring?”

To be continued…

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