Catholic School Confessions_(2)

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The following happened in my senior year at Catholic school.

It was the first day of school and I entered my homeroom class. My classmates were huddled into little groups, talking about what they did during summer. Being shy, I quietly made my way to the back of the classroom to my usual seat in the back row.

I was staring off into space and daydreaming as usual when she walked in. It wasn’t very often we got new students in our school, since we lived in such a small town, and this was definitely the new girl. She was slightly overweight but it looked good on her with her large breasts, full hips and her sexy round ass. She had bright red hair and pale blue eyes. I couldn’t stop staring at her. She looked around the room and saw me staring. Before I could look away she smiled at me and started walking to the back of the class.

She sat down at the desk next to me. She reached out her hand and said, “Hi, I’m Alexis!”

I shook her hand and shyly replied, “Charles, ” before looking away embarrassed.

Alexis started explaining how her family had just moved here because her father just took a job in town as the manager of one of our factories. Just then the bell rang and the class got quiet. Alexis smiled at me and as she turned to face forward in her desk she spread her legs giving me a glimpse up her skirt. My jaw dropped when I saw her black lace panties. I looked up and saw her looking at me. I blushed and she raised her eyebrows and started laughing at me.

“What is so funny, Alexis?” asked Sister Bridgette.

“Nothing Sister, I’m sorry, ” Alexis apologized.

First period was English and our text books were passed out as our teacher droned on about what we would be learning this year. Alexis continued to whisper to me, explaining about how she wasn’t really Catholic but that her parents thought the school would help her learn discipline. I guess she was whispering a little too loudly because when I looked up I saw everyone in class, including Sister Bridgette staring at us.

“Alexis, go to the principal’s office, now!” ordered Sister Bridgette.

Alexis gave me a little smile as she got up and left the room. When she returned about fifteen minutes later she was no longer smiling. She winced a little as she sat back down in her seat. I leaned over and whispered, “Did you get paddled?”

“Yep, but the jokes on them, I kind of liked it! Wanna see my red ass? ” she whispered back.

I blushed and looked away as my cock got rock hard. The bell rang and I panicked. If I stood up now everyone would see my erection, but it was not going down. I decided to stand up quickly and cover my crotch with my text book. I guess I wasn’t quick enough because when I looked over at Alexis she was staring down at my crotch. She smiled at me and asked, “Is that for me?”

I blushed and she laughed and we went off to our next class. For the rest of the day I showed her around the school and we talked and got to know each other. At lunch she sat next to me and rubbed my thigh under the table. She flirted with me all day, leaving me in an almost constant state of erection. When I got home in the afternoon, I went straight to my room, locked the door and masturbated. I came harder than I ever had in my life.

The next few weeks went on the same way. She flirted with me more and more. I was in almost constant pain from my never ending erections. She also kept getting sent to the principal’s office. Almost every other day she would get in trouble for talking in class, mouthing off to the nuns and other acts of defiance. Each time she would come back to class with a sore ass and a smug little smile on her face. Often she would offer to show me her freshly beaten buttocks. I was always too shy to accept.

One day Sister Bridgette gave us an assigment. She asked us to split into groups of two, research a subject and write a report on it. After our reports were graded and returned, one of us would read the report to the class. Sister Bridgette said it could be on any subject we wanted. When Alexis heard that she squealed, grabbed my arm and said, “You’re my partner!”

Which of course got her sent to the principal’s office again. When she returned, she whispered, “You have a computer, right? “

I nodded and she whispered, “Good! I’ll write the report tonight and bring it in tomorrow. All you have to do is type it up and print it out. Then we can turn it on Wednesday!”

She was so excited and I was so worried. I hardly slept at all that night wondering what Alexis had in mind. Granted, thinking about Alexis gave me other things to do with my Yenibosna Escort time since I couldn’t sleep.

The next morning at school Alexis walked in and dropped her hand written report on my desk. I started reading the report and my jaw dropped. “No! No way! We can’t turn this in!” I exclaimed.

Alexis just laughed. The paper was a very detailed report on oral sex. Fellatio, cunnilingus and even a little part on aniliingus. “Just type it up, I’ll take all the blame! After all, Sister Bridgette said it could be on any subject we wanted!” she said.

I debated with myself all day long about it but finally decided I could not tell Alexis no. I agreed to type up the report. That afternoon I sat down to work at my computer. She gave step by step instructions on each sex act in her report, sometimes offering little tips on how to enhance the recipient’s pleasure even more. I was so turned on that I had to stop typing several times to masturbate just so I could concentrate. When I was done I read the report over and over until I fell asleep.

The next day I gave Alexis the report. She read it, hugged me and said, “I wasn’t sure if you were really going to do it! Thank you!”

She hugged me again, this time squeezing my ass as she did. Then she proudly walked up and placed it on the teacher’s desk. Sister Bridgette barely glanced at the report and told Alexis she could sit down. Alexis smiled from ear to ear for the rest of the day while my stomach was twisted in knots.

I slept even less that night and was too worried to fantasize about Alexis. I was sure I would be expelled in the morning. The next day I told my mother I was too sick to go to school but she didn’t believe me. The entire ride in to school that morning I was afraid I was going to throw up. I entered the classroom and quietly took my seat as always. And as always Alexis bounced into the room, happy as could be. She poked me in the arm as she sat at her desk and told me not to worry, she would handle everything. With that, she reached over and squeezed my cock through my slacks. “Get it? I’ll handle everything?” she asked with a wink.

That snapped me out of my stupor and I looked up at her. I noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra. I could see her pink nipples through the thin white material of her blouse. She noticed me looking and her nipples got hard. I looked up at her and she blew me a kiss.

Sister Bridgette stormed into the room. She looked at us and shouted, “Principal’s office, now!”

We got up and left the classroom. I was scared out of my mind as we walked down the hall, I had never been sent to the principal’s office before. Alexis put her arm around my waist and pulled me close as we walked. She reassured me again that everything was going to be fine and then she leaned in and kissed my cheek. We stopped walking and I turned to face her. She leaned in again and kissed me full on the mouth. Our lips opened and she pushed her tongue into my mouth.

I was in shock but at least I wasn’t worried anymore. We walked to the office and sat outside Sister Mary’s door. After a few minutes the door flung open and Sister Mary stood in the doorway red-faced. “Inside, now!” she barked.

She told us to sit down as she pulled out our files. She looked over our paperwork as we sat quietly. I was scared to death of Sister Mary, she was a tall, strong woman. The Mother Superior of her convent and the principal of our school and according to my classmates, a terror with a paddle.

Finally she picked up our report and asked, “What is this filth?”

Before I could even react Alexis stood up and said, “Filth? I put a lot of research into that report. Wait… does this mean I won’t get to read the report aloud to the class?”

“Very funny young lady! Now, you will both be punished severly for this!” exclaimed Sister Mary.

“Don’t blame Charles for this, he had nothing to do with it. I wrote the report, I should be the one who gets punished,” begged Alexis.

Sister Mary looked at my file again and replied, “Well Charles, you have never caused any trouble in this school before so I believe that. But, your name is on this report and I want you to stay here and watch Alexis receive her punishment just as a lesson to you. Alexis, assume the position.”

I swallowed hard in fear as Alexis walked to and bent over the Sister’s desk. Sister Mary took her paddle off the wall and walked behind Alexis. “Watch and learn what happens to people who can’t obey, Charles” Sister Mary said calmly as she lifted Alexis’ skirt.

Sister Mary let out a gasp as Alexis’ bare Escort Bayan ass and pussy were exposed. “Where are your panties young lady?” she demanded.

“Oops, I guess I forget to wear them today,” Alexis giggled as she looked me in the eyes.

“I see you forgot your bra too!” Sister Mary exclaimed. Then remembering that I was there said, “Young man, look away!”

I tried but I couldn’t. I just kept staring at Alexis’ ass and pussy just a few feet from my face. It didn’t matter because Sister Mary never even looked back at me, she also was staring at Alexis’ nudity.

The first smack of the paddle brought me out of my daze, but instead of crying out in pain, Alexis moaned. I looked at her and she was staring at me with half-clossed, lust-filled eyes. Alexis’ moan seemed to infuriate the Mother Superior and she started striking her plump buttocks even harder. Alexis gasped, moaned and wiggled her ass with each strike, never taking her eyes off me.

After about twenty strikes Sister Mary put the paddle down on the desk. Alexis’ ass was bright red and raw. I also noticed her pussy was dripping wet. Sister Mary stepped over and sat down next to me. We both stared at Alexis for a few moments and then the Sister asked if I had learned anything.

I told her I learned not to disobey my superiors and she corrected me. “No no no. I meant did you learn anything from the report?”

I nodded as I looked up at Alexis’ face. She smiled at me, rolled over on to her back and lifted her knees up to her chest. I was just a few feet, from a wide open, dripping wet pussy. “Then show me,” Sister Mary whispered in my ear.

I was very confused. I looked at Sister Mary and she smiled at me, nudging me towards Alexis. I had no idea what was going on but I was not passing up an opportunity like this.

I knelt down in front of Alexis and started kissing her thighs. She moaned as she unbuttoned her blouse. I moved up her body and started kissing her breasts as she removed her blouse. I lost control and started savagely licking and sucking her nipples. She grabbed my head and cried out. I heard a moan behind me and looked back to see Sister Mary gently rubbing herself through her skirt.

I knelt back down on to the floor and went to work on her pussy. In my excitement I forgot all about the foreplay Alexis described in her report and started licking her clitoris. I licked and sucked her clit until I could feel her about to climax then I moved down to her moist hole. I licked around her entrance for a while and then started tongue fucking her. Her hips started bucking in rhythm to my thrusts so I went back up to her clitoris. I sucked and licked her hard clit until she covered her face and screamed into her hands to muffle herself. I felt her warm wetness running down my chin as her body shaked.

I don’t know what came over me because I couldn’t stop myself. I kept licking and sucking her completely through her orgasm. I just kept going and in less than a minute she came a second time. Again I continued but this time slowing my pace to let her catch her breath.

When she started breathing normally, I sucked her clit into my mouth and teased it with my tongue. Her body violently bucked from the sudden pressure on her clit. I pushed two fingers inside her pussy, and then remembering her report, I moved down to lick her anus. She moaned loudly and I felt her anus open, so I pushed my tongue inside. She pushed hard against me and I knew she wouldn’t last long. I went back to her clit, sucking and licking it as I pushed a finger up into her ass. She covered her mouth again and started screaming. She used her feet to push me away as her body convulsed over and over again. I watched her body writhe and wriggle as her orgasm subsided.

I stared at Alexis’ naked body for a few minutes before looking back at Sister Mary. She had her skirt pulled up and was slowly fingering herself. She smiled at me and motioned me to come closer. I knelt between her thighs as she reached out and pulled my head to her pussy. I tasted her wetness with my tongue and lips. She had a muskier taste than Alexis’ sweet juices but she still tasted wonderful. I dove in and started licking her from her clit down to her hole and back again.

As I was eating out the Sister, Alexis climbed down off the desk. She moved in behind me, her naked body pressed against my back, her arms wrapped around me as she kissed my neck and watched me eat the Mother Superior’s pussy. Alexis reached out and slipped a finger inside Sister Mary and started rubbing her g-spot.

Sister Mary’s body suddenly stiffened istanbul Escort and her thighs clamped down on my head. Her body shook uncontrollably as she moaned loudly. When she was done she pushed me away, into Alexis’ waiting arms.

As Sister Mary recovered, Alexis unbuttoned and removed my shirt and gently rubbed my chest. Sister Mary put her panties back on and pulled her skirt back down. She cleared her throat and asked if we had learned our lesson.

Alexis replied, “I’m not sure Mother Superior. Now that I think about, Charles did type up the report. Maybe he should be punished after all.”

“Perhaps you’re right. Charles, assume the position,” Sister Mary demanded.

I protested but neither of them would hear of it. Alexis pulled me to my feet and made me bend over the desk. She unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and took them off me. She then pulled off my uǹderwear and we were both completely naked before Sister Mary.

Before I could even prepare for it I felt the paddle smack against my ass. I yelped in pain and quickly another blow was delivered to my other cheek. Sister Mary handed the paddle to Alexis and she struck each of my buttocks. They switched back and forth for a while until the pain had become pleasurable and my cries had turned to deep moans. I also noticed that my cock had become rock hard again. I wasn’t the only one to notice as Alexis reached between my legs and started stroking and caressing me.

Alexis dropped down to her knees behind me. She caressed and kissed my sore ass. After a few moments she ran her tongue down between my cheeks to my sensitive asshole. I moaned and pushed back as she pushed her tongue inside me. Sister Mary watched in fascination as Alexis tongue fucked my ass.

Just as I was really starting to enjoy it she turned me around and took me into her mouth all the way down to the base. She started bobbing her head up and down on my rigid cock as she pushed a finger up into her wet pussy. She sucked me as she slipped her well lubed finger into my ass. I felt her press down on my prostate and I lost control and ejaculated down her throat. She passionately sucked and swallowed my cum until she drained me of every drop.

When I was spent she held me in her mouth and caressed my cock with her tongue. Sister Mary came over and started rubbing and gently pulling my nipples. She bent over and started licking and sucking on one while she played with the other. Alexis started sucking harder on my cock and I felt it start to grow in her mouth.

When I was fully hard again, Alexis bent over the desk. I moved in behind her and put the head of my cock against her entrance. I quickly slipped inside her as I fondled her bright red ass. Sister Mary stepped behind us and started fondling my cock and Alexis’ pussy. With her other hand she scooped up some of Alexis’ wetness and rubbed it against my anus. She slipped a finger inside my ass as she started roughly rubbing Alexis’ clit. Alexis slammed back into me to meet my thrusts. I knew neither of us would last much longer when Sister Mary started kissing my neck. Alexa cried out and came and I pulled out of her. My orgasm had already started when the Sister dropped to her knees to take me in her mouth. The first shot hit her cheek but the rest went straight down her throat. My second orgasm was even more intense than my first and I thought my knees were going to give out. Alexis got down on her knees and licked the cum off of Sister Mary’s cheek, then started licking the base of my cock and balls as I pumped the last of my cum into the Mother Superior’s mouth. After I finished, Alexis and Sister Mary french kissed, sharing my cum.

After we all recovered, Alexis and I got dressed while Sister Mary tidied herself up. She kissed us both, told us to behave and go back to class. In the hallway I stopped and asked, mostly to myself, “What the hell just happened?”

Alexis giggled, hugged me and said, “I have a confession to make, I set you up.The Mother Superior and I planned the whole thing. Remember my first day here when I got sent to her office? Well, when she paddled me, I moaned with pleasure instead of crying out. I guess that turned on the Sister because she started rubbing my ass and pussy through my undies until I came. Since then I kept doing things to get sent to the office, she paddled me and then we ate each other’s pussies until we couldn’t take anymore.”

“I told her that I kept trying to get you to fuck me but that you’re too shy. Together we came up with this idea. You’re not mad at me for tricking you, are you?” she asked.

I took her in my arms, kissed her deeply and assured her that I was not mad. After that we snuck off many times together, in and out of school for sex. We also got sent to the principal’s office at least two or three times a week.

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