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When I walked in on you last night, I caught you doing exactly what you said you’ve been doing, your legs drawn up so that your knees were up near the sides of your full breasts. You seemed a bit startled at first, but quickly recognized that it was me, and something in my look assured you that it was all right to go on. And you did, a little self consciously at first, but then as if you were putting on a show for me as well as yourself.

“Keep your legs drawn up like that, that is my only request for the moment,” I said. I did not touch you, but rather walked around you, looking closely at your face and hair, which was a little mussed, then your breasts and belly. With your legs like that, your pussy was tilted upwards and spread well open. Bending down to inspect more closely, I took a good look — your outer labia were puffy and flushed, your inner lips long and dark, fluttering out from your center like butterfly wings. Your clit lying between those delicate lips — a pretty little nub, more than a nub, really a tiny finger almost, or a tiny cock. Your pubic hair was damp and I was able to catch a good whiff of your strong, electrifying scent.

As you continued, i took my own clothes off, and as my boxers came off you could see my erection spring out at attention. Red, pulsing with my heartbeats, its smooth bulbous head flaring out from the shaft and tapering down to the tip, which had an opening like a little eye. I stood before you, my cock over your open legs. “Don’t forget, we have all night,” I said. And with that, I lowered the shaft onto your vulva, laying it between your glistening lips — ohh, the touch of you — you were warm and wet there, balçova escort and I know that you enjoyed the sensation as much or more than i did. I moved the shaft up and down, slowly, gently, in your slit, moistening my cock with your juices. You began to moan.

I stood up and moved my hips away from you, placing my hand, pressing, where my cock had been, so that you would not feel the absence of it so much, too quickly. Removing my hand, i stood before you and slid my palm up and down my shaft, up and over the head, coated with your liquid. Your hands moved down to touch yourself and we watched each other pleasure ourselves. I bent down over you and kissed your mouth, our tongues stroking each other. I kissed your breasts, lingering over each nipple and sucking it, squeezing it between my lips, nibbling gently, then a bit harder. I touched my cock to your breasts, sliding it over their soft firm flesh.

This could not go on much longer, I could tell by my own reactions and by looking at you. Looking around the room, I found your panties on the floor and picked them up, and as you watched, and as I stroked with one hand, I touched the fabric to my hips, my lower belly, my pubic hair, over my cock, then wiped them over the wrinkled skin of my scrotum — that touch was what finally caused the liquid to rise from somewhere beneath my pubic bone, up into the tube that runs along the underside of my cock, and then the spasms took over — I needed to squeeze, eject, ejaculate my semen out and into the crotch of your panties, filling it with a warm white gel as you yourself came, screaming, your face contorted with foça escort pleasure, your fingers clasping at yourself. Both of us were breathless, glowing, as we gazed at each other.

But I had more in mind for you. I needed some time to recover, but you were once again ready for more, so I knelt in front of your open thighs, my face at the level of your very relaxed and satisfied pussy. With your legs like that, I could look right into you – you were open, leaking your clear liquid, which ran down to the cleft of your buttocks. I leaned forward and pressed my lips against yours, firmly, and your hips pressed back into me. I pulled back slightly, then extended my lips in a kiss, moving my lips as they met yours, nudging them in to separate your inner labia. Feeling your clit inside, I made my lips into an “o”, taking it inside my lips and kissing, squeezing it between my lips, sucking a bit, manipulating you there. Slipping my tongue up along your slit, up towards your clit, sliding its warm slippery touch up and down your lips, taking each inner lip between mine and caressing its length. My tongue slid further down, slithering its way to your entrance, pressing hard along the strong muscle that guards the entrance, tracing that “o” before pushing its way inside you, just barely inside at first, but then pushing in, in as far as I could extend my tongue — you pressed into my face to help it, to take as much in as you could and still there was not enough tongue to fill you.

I returned to the top of your vulva, kissing the place where the lips all come together at a peak, kissing and sucking your clit, my fingers torbalı escort pressing alongside your outer lips and then alongside your pubic bone and the place where your leg meets your body, that soft crevasse. Pressing with my fingers alongside your opening, and down to the area below there, between there and your anus. Your hips thrust more insistently now, and your cries begged for me to continue. I pushed a finger inside you, continuing to kiss your upper vulva, then another finger, and I could tell that another climax was imminent — so I reached down and found your panties, the ones I had come in, the ones with the crotch still filled with my sperm, and I put that wet fabric against you and, as I continued to eat you, pressed it into you, filling you inside with the fabric that was soaked with my come. You knew it, you knew what it was, and more than even the touch of it, the idea of it drove you wild and your contractions began, hips bucking, that muscle at your opening contracting hard, squeezing the panties inside you, squeezing out the semen, which ran both into your body and seeped out of your opening as you wrapped your legs around my head, squeezing, bucking, crying my name, oh, ohhh, ohhhhh nickkkkkkk!

By this time, my erection had returned and was aching. I stood over you — you were breathless, spent, glowing. You pulled your legs up again, and I placed the head of my cock at your entrance, which was tilted up towards the ceiling. I drove down into you, slowly, deliberately, then withdrew all but my very tip before driving down hard, fast, deep into you. Your breasts rocked to the rhythm I established, and I wanted them in my mouth but this could not happen as I drove into you again and again, unrestrained until I ejaculated again, this time into your innermost depths, far inside you, the tip of my cock near the opening of your womb, coating it with that same white gel. I collapsed on top of you and we fell asleep intertwined.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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