Caught By My Aunt

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The summer after my 18th birthday I was sent to live with my aunt and uncle on their farm in Louisiana. A long time ago I discovered that I was not only interested in boys but interested in girls as well, and it was not long before my cousin Kay Lynn and I fell into bed. She was warm and soft and I would hold her in my arms for hours after we fucked.

Kay was my age with long blonde hair the straightest that I had ever seen. She was a country girl in every sense and was very naïve about most things. The first time it happened she had seen me taking a bath and commented on my shaved pussy. After a while she had decided to shave her own but was scared to cut her self and asked me to do it for her. I caressed her while I shaved and before I knew what was happening I had my tongue inside of her. Since that morning I had spent every night naked in her bed with my head pillowed on her large breasts.

She was a virgin before the first time I touched her, and terrified of what it meant to fuck her cousin, let alone be with another woman. But she had no other way to slake her lust so we spent our nights touching and kissing and feeling each other until the sheets were so stained we had to wash them every day for fear of being caught.

And it was a compelling fear. My aunt and uncle were strict Pentecostals. If they knew what Kay and I were doing to one another every night they would kick both of us out of the house. Kay wasn’t even allowed to wear skirts that came down to her knees outside of the house and she had to put on her makeup after she left each day. But somehow the religious oppression only served to fuel her desire and her passion and I was there to soak up every bit of it.

But there is a thing that happens to women sometimes when too much sun and too much sex combine to create an air of confusion and laziness. My aunt and uncle had a lake on their farm that they use for their cattle to drink from and there was a small dock that we could sunbathe on. Coming from the city I had plenty of small barely-there bikinis that I could wear. But Kay’s parents wouldn’t let her have a bikini. They said it was sinful for a girl to dress like such a slut. They said the body of a woman led men astray. With her body it wasn’t just men. So when we would sun on that dock she would wear a pair of bra and panties that covered as little as possible and only serve to wet my pussy.

The first time we almost got caught was on that very dock. I had worn my smallest white bikini under tee shirt and khaki shorts so that I could get out of the house without being noticed. When I made it to the dock far back in the field I stripped out of my shorts and T-shirt and arranged my bikini so that it covered my private areas again. The top especially was so small that I had to have it arranged just right to cover my nipples. Last year when I bought this set I had cut the padding out of it so that when it got wet it was completely see-through. I chose my spot laid on my back covered my eyes and waited for Kay to come. She had chores to do before she could join me.

The sun was bright and warm on my skin and I hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before so it wasn’t long before I was dozing on the hardwood dock. Occasionally I would feel a bead of sweat slide down between my breasts or legs, it served to heighten the awareness of my own body. I heard Kay coming and it broke me out of my light sleep. I sat up to watch her jog over to the pond. Her breasts much larger than mine bounced underneath her shirt. Her T-shirt and jeans were soaked from the sweat of her chores. She was the very vision of hot healthy sex. My cunt twitched in pulsed just looking at her. She came to me, bent over and kissed me, forcing her tongue into my mouth. Slowly she lowered herself on top of me smelling of musk and sweat.

Her mouth was greedy on mine but eventually she had to come up for air. She stood up and gave me a smile and stripped out of her extra clothes. Her T-shirt was an old blue thing that had the name of a radio station on it. She pulled it over her head putting on a show for my benefit. I expected her to have a braw underneath it, Sefaköy Escort but was pleasantly surprised. Her breasts were large and round and gravity had not begun to affect them as she was only 18. Her nipples were large and hard in the color of a rose. My breath caught in my throat. My heart beat faster. She reached down to the clasp of her blue jeans unlocked them and pulled them off of her wide luscious hips. She was wearing very tight boy cut panties underneath and I could see the swelling of her sex. There was a small dark spot in the front of her panties where they were already wet, god knows for how long.

The very moment she lay down next to me I was on top of her with one of her nipples in my mouth. It didn’t take long before she and I were acting purely on instinct. And that instinct is so powerful that we almost missed the sound of falling footsteps. Kay pushed me off of her and rolled into the lake to cover her bare top and wet panties. I have a very fair complexion and I knew I would be flushed but I hoped I could play it off on the heat. I rolled onto my stomach so that my own arousal would not show in my bikini bottoms.

The intruder was my cousin Bob. He was hardened, toned, and tan from his work on the farm. His stomach was perfectly flat with a sixpack and for the first time in weeks I was reminded I like boys also. I was always just a little scared of him because he seemed dangerous and hard. He smirked at my body and my small bikini. He was amused by my embarrassment. He was wearing a pair of shorts that seemed too small for him and I could see the outline of his cock. It twitched as his eyes soaked me in, his look was impure.

“Mom said to tell y’all to come in early for lunch”, he said. She wants you to go to the store with her later. She told me to come out here and make sure y’all weren’t doing anything you weren’t supposed to be.” Bob’s eyes moved from me to his Sister Kay who was sitting down in the water as low as she could. “Damn sis, I sure didn’t know you had tits like that, or maybe I would’ve come out here and seen you sooner. Poke them out of the water and let me see what you’ve been hiding all his time.”

Kay crouched down lower in the water and moved farther away from the dock. I’m not sure but she looked like she was just a little bit scared. Bob reached down and scratched himself through his pants. It was an ugly lurid gesture. “If you change your mind you know where to find me”. With that he walk off and I started breathing easier. As soon as he was out of sight Kay scrambled back onto the dock and began slipping her clothes on again.

“We have to be more careful she said. If anyone finds out we’ll be in more trouble than I can deal with. You have to promise me”, she said.

She was insistent, scared.

“I promise I promise”, I said.

We went back inside and spent the rest of our day apart.


The next few days went by without incident. Kay was more cautious when we were together and frequently she rechecked the door to her room twice before she would let me touch her.

One Saturday her father came to the door to take her for a doctor’s visit. It was time for her annual checkup. I was tired from all the swimming we had done the day before and asked if I could sleep in. My uncle agreed but grudgingly because he believed that people should wake up early in their life.

I went back to sleep easily in the cool quiet room and when I woke up I was quite disoriented. My thighs were still sticky from the night before and I felt I needed a shower. I wandered into the bathroom and took a look at myself in the mirror. It wasn’t the best I ever looked but I still thought it looked pretty hot. I have short strawberry blonde hair and it was messy from sleeping all night. The old white T-shirt that I was wearing was completely see-through and even as light is they are my nipples were visible through the material. I was wearing my favorite pair of white cotton panties and they had ridden up on me giving me a little camel toe.

I stripped off my clothes and looked at my reflection again. When you’re Sefaköy Escort Bayan a teenage girl it’s hard not to be critical of how you look but nevertheless I like my body. My tits are a medium c cup, and shaped perfectly. My hips are a little more narrow than I would like but you can see my hip bones and I’ve always thought that was sexy. I keep my pussy shaved bare just because I like to look at. And my skin is pale pale white.

I set the water for the shower as hot as it would go and within seconds of getting in my milky skin was turning red from heat. The first thing I wash in the shower is always my hair. I’ve never been one of those girls that only washes her hair every few days. After that I changed positions, then bent over a little bit, I spread my cheeks with one hand and lathered up with the other. Next came my pussy, and in the very moment I touched it I knew I had lost the battle. A wave of pleasure washed over me and I knew I had to satisfy it.

Without even thinking twice I plunged my index and middle fingers into my cunt. Even with all the sex I was having with my cousin Kay I was still unbelievably horny. I worked my fingers hard, not caring that it hurt a little. To be honest it kind of turned me on more. I’ve never been much for anal sex but there was something about today and it was different. My other hand made it down to my ass, still soapy from washing it, and I pressed my finger into the tight brown bud that was waiting.

My legs felt weak and I could barely stand up. Working both holes it only took seconds for my first orgasm to rip through me. I let out a series of hard choking gasps as I lost control of my muscles. I started moving my hands faster preparing for the next buildup and just before it came, my aunt to burst through the door in her dressing robe. She had heard my moans.

There was no chance for me to hide what I was doing it all. Maybe if she would have just caught me with my hand on my pussy I would’ve had an excuse, a way out, some explanation as to what I was doing. But the finger in my ass is what told the story. Not only was I masturbating but I was doing it with a finger in my ass and that made it a hundred times worse. One single glance at her face told me that I was in big trouble. I had defiled myself in her home and she was pissed.

She grabbed me by my upper arm and yanked me out of the shower. My finger had been deep inside of me and when she pulled my arm it forced it out, and it hurt. She yanked my arm again and I lost my footing on the wet tile floor. I was naked wet and soapy so when I hit the ground I skidded against the cabinets. She never let go of my arm just pull me back to my feet, with no compassion for my condition. She pulled me the five steps in to my cousin’s room and threw me down onto the carpeted floor.

“How dare you. How dare you come into my home and bring your sin. How dare you do that in my innocent daughter’s tub? Your own cousin has to bathe in there.”

I looked around for something to cover myself with but there was nothing. My cousin’s room was always clean with nothing out of place. My arm hurt from where she grabbed me, and hitting the floor twice would leave bruises. My aunt was so angry she was trembling. She had fiery red hair and the temper go along with it. Even though she didn’t wear makeup or dress in stylish clothes she was an attractive woman. Her breasts and hips were large like my cousin’s. In the struggle, the robe came slightly open, and even through my fear I caught myself staring at the inside mound of her left breast. But there was no lust in her eyes only anger.

“Well, I guess the only thing to do with a dirty girl like you is teach you a lesson.” There was an edge to her voice I didn’t like. I would have never guessed she was capable of the force she had displayed when she pulled me out of the shower. I was still soaking wet, and the room was cold, combined with my fear I began to shiver. “Well I guess it’s time for a little old-fashioned punishment that kind of thing your mother would’ve never bothered with.”

Slowly and deliberately she walked over Escort Sefaköy to my cousin’s dressing table and selected a large wooden hairbrush. She sat down on the dressing stool and hefted the brush two or three times. “Come here”, she said. “It’s time for you to learn something you. I guarantee you’ll think twice before touching yourself that way again.”

“No way,” I said. Looking at that brush and the thought of what she would do with that scared me. I never really trusted my aunt and the severe life she led made me afraid.

“Oh I think he will come over here. If you don’t I will call Bob in here and make him hold you down by teaching your lesson.”

The only thing that scared me more than that brush in her hand was the look that Bob had given me by the lake. That look told me he didn’t hold to the same virtues my aunt and uncle did, and as hot as he was I wasn’t sure I wanted him to take too much of an interest in me. So I stood up. I stood up, I walked over to my aunt and I stood before her naked, wet, and sore. But I looked right into her eyes and hid nothing of who I was. Whatever was coming next I would face it head on.

“Now,” she said very sweetly. “The first step is for you to be honest and admit to me exactly what you were doing.”

“You saw what I was doing”.

“Tell me. Tell me or it gets worse”.

“I was touching myself to make myself come”.

“I see. Well my dear the Bible warns you about that. A woman should not be touched by anyone but her husband. That includes herself.”

“What I do is my business”.

“What you do in my house is my business. And this will be your punishment. You stand there trying to be brave and knowing that you’re in trouble, knowing that you have sinned. Your breasts tell me that your old enough to have hair on your womanhood, but you are shaved bald exposing your shame. If I stuck my finger inside of you I bet I would find your maidenhead gone. But not just from the use of your fingers but from the evil some man has thrust into you. Even now standing in front of me I can see that the demon that sits between your legs is still aroused. Now come here and lay across my knee and I will help to purify you.”

I knew that I was about to get spanked by that brush but there was no way around it. So I walk over to her, lay down across her knees, and gritted my teeth as hard as I could. I would be damned if I let her hear me cry out.

She placed her left arm over my shoulders to hold me down and I felt my breasts squash against her left thigh. Her right hand went between my legs at the knees and spread them wide. As my legs spread my cunt opened leaving me completely exposed. I was at the mercy of this woman.

The first blow from the brush landed on my ass with enough force that it smacked my pussy also. I had never felt anything like it. It stung more than I could imagine, but there was something else. There was something base about the sensation, maybe it was because I was still aroused from the shower. But that first blow felt good. And that’s the last one that did feel good. The next five were delivered with such rapid succession that they almost felt like one blow by itself, but this time the skin was already tender, already sore, and all it did was hurt.

Despite myself I started to cry, but there was no sympathy from this woman. My aunt was hard and sure of herself and sure of her own righteousness. Blow after blow landed on my ass so hard that it was pressed into my pussy. Blow after blow made me squeal and whimper and squirm. I took 20 blows with that brush that day, and I’ve never been so humiliated in my life. My aunt pushed me off of her lap and onto the floor and walked out of the room without saying another word. But even that was not enough to break my spirit.

The very moment she left the room, I got up walk back to the dressing table and picked up that brush. I turned it over in my hand twice to look at the size and shape of it. The handle was thick and round and looked like the one penis I’ve actually seen in my life. I took it back to the bed with me, lay down on my back, bent my knees, and inserted that brush handle right into my burning sore pussy. Within moments I was coming again just as hard as before, all of my humiliation forgotten.

The very instrument of my humiliation was also the instrument of my pleasure and joy.

How often is this true in our lives?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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