Caught Ch. 02

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Reader be aware; this is a story within a story. This story is about a man named Brian who is writing a story about two fictional characters named Yvette and Stuart. Brian’s co-worker is named Evelyn. Evelyn is intrigued by reading Brian’s story.

Certain passages that begin with the term [Open Doc] indicate that a character is reading a story. The term [Close Doc] indicates that the character has finished reading.


[Open Doc]

Yvette looked around her with no small amount of concern.

This downtown pool hall was full of well-dressed men, most of them in suits. She couldn’t see any women besides the scantily clad servers. Some of the men looked her way. The ones who did not were engrossed in games of pool or in talking to their friends. The men who looked at her grinned and poked each other with their elbows as she walked past in Stuart’s wake.

These men were quite used to seeing strikingly attractive women. Receptionists, high-powered traders, sales reps and bank managers; women employed in the corridors of power were typically amazingly beautiful.

With her soft Asian features and deep dark eyes, Yvette was easily as appealing as any of the women they were used to seeing. However, these men were not used to seeing women of that caliber dressed as Yvette was. She wore a mini-skirt that hugged her rounded bum and hung down only a few inches passed that. Her white blouse was a button down affair that was quite chic. It was semi-transparent and she had a matching white demi-bra underneath that held her boobs up but did little to hide them. There was a hint of rose pink from her nipples peeking just above the bra cups that could be seen if you looked closely enough.

She felt uncomfortable seeing all these men ogling her.

Before arriving here, Stuart had pulled her out of the car, bent her over the side door and fucked her mercilessly for ten minutes. The road-side parking lot was dark and there were few lights to illuminate them and few people to see if they were. For that she was grateful.

After cumming inside her and watching his sticky semen drool down her thighs, Stuart pocketed her panties and now, here she was, walking through a pool hall full of men wearing a micro mini-skirt and no panties. She felt like a stripper, or a wanton slut.

“Maybe I am a wanton slut,” she thought and felt her nipples harden as soon as the thought occurred to her.

She cringed inwardly at her own lasciviousness and kept her eyes on the floor as she followed Stuart. He led them to a large pool table in the corner and put a set of Boston balls on the table. The lights over the table came on and she looked around the room nervously as he grabbed a cue and held it out to her.

“I don’t know how to play,” she lied.

“No problem,” he said, “I’ll teach you.”

Yvette swallowed nervously and looked behind her. By now there were over a half-dozen men watching her; they weren’t even trying to look like they were doing otherwise.

“Stuart,” she said quietly, “I don’t feel right about this place. I want to leave.”

“Nonsense!” he said with a smile. “We’ll just play a couple of games and then we’ll get out of here.”

One of the servers came over wearing a tightly fitting T-shirt and equally tightly fitting shorts. Stuart ordered a wine for Yvette and a beer for himself. He also ordered two doubles of whisky.

“Whisky?” Yvette asked in shock. “You know what whisky does to me.”

“Don’t worry about it!” Stuart said with a laugh. “We’re here to have fun!”

With several misgivings Yvette sipped at the whisky and then took a slightly larger gulp from her wine glass.

Stuart set up the balls on the table and took the first shot. After the break he told her to take her shot.

With one more wary glance around the room, she moved to the side of the table closest to the wall. She bent over the table and took her shot.

Stuart grinned when he saw the back of her dress rise high enough to show the curve of her buttocks. He loved looking at her bum!

They took several more shots, neither one of them sinking more than one ball each. After Yvette had finished half of her whisky she became less cautious about where she stood to make her shots.

One particular shot she had to make required her to bend far over the table to reach the cue ball almost on the far side from her position. As she bent over, the crowd of men watching their game had increased to about fifteen. Her dress rode up past her bum and now both her ass cheeks were on display as well as a small tuft of black hair peeking out from between her legs.

A few of the guys guffawed and she looked back over her shoulder to see she had an audience. Looking further she saw her dress was doing nothing to hide her charms.

In shock she scurried to the side of the table closest to the wall and looked down at the floor in shame.

Stuart brought her half-empty glass of whisky to her and she gulped it down. She picked up her wine glass almanbahis and sipped at that until the burning embarrassment faded.

Stuart ordered another beer for himself and a glass of wine and another double whisky for Yvette.

The game went on again for a while with neither of them sinking any balls.

After her second glass of wine was gone and her whisky mostly gone, Yvette bent down to take another shot. Stuart moved behind her and placed his hand on her bum. She looked over her shoulder at him and told him to stop, but her giggling told him she did not really mean it.

He placed his hand over her pubis and she jumped causing her cue to swat the white ball to the side. It skittered down the table and knocked a ball in the pocket.

“You shoot again,” he said.

She kept her eyes on the table, studiously ignoring the group of eight or so men gathered around in a semi-circle.

She bent over the table to shoot and, once again, Stuart stepped to her side and placed his hand on her bum. With his other hand he raised her tiny skirt up and over her back and all the men watching moved closer for a better look.

He put his hand over her mons and toyed with her labia. Yvette sighed and leaned forward with her hands outstretched across the table. The game was completely forgotten now.

He tweaked her lips and tickled her clitoris as she squirmed and moaned. She humped back against his hand and started grunting.

Stuart pushed two fingers inside her and started moving them in and out rapidly. Yvette gasped and rocked back and forth with him. After a half a minute she went rigid and silent. Her mouth opened wide and she shuddered as she came.

After a few seconds she relaxed and Stuart rolled her onto her back. Her legs were splayed wide showing anyone who looked her glistening pussy lips. Stuart opened her blouse and pulled her demi-bra down enough to expose her nipples.

He filled his hands with her breasts and caressed them as the men watched.

The group watching had increased to about fifteen and Stuart saw a man coming from around the bar in their direction.

He threw a wad of cash on the pool table and gathered Yvette into his arms. Her skirt fell back into place and the front of her blouse closed. He walked her to the door and out into the street.

Once in the car, Yvette leaned across the seat and took his cock out of his pants. She sucked him aggressively, her cheeks puffing in and out with the rhythm and Stuart felt himself getting ready to cum.

Right after he shot his semen into her mouth there was a rapping on the window. He looked to see two of the men from the pool hall holding their phones up to record video of the action in the car.

Yvette looked up to see the cameras and smiled broadly. She scooped up the semen that dribbled down to her chin and fed it back into her mouth with her finger.

[Close Doc]

Evelyn squirmed in her seat as she closed the document. She received an email from Brian asking if she wanted to read the latest. She realized now she should have waited til she got home.

Feeling very aroused from reading the passage she glanced furtively around to see whether anyone else was aware of her current state. It seemed that neither Serena, her coworker, nor Mat, her boss, noticed how turned on she was right now.

She rubbed her thighs together and inwardly winced at the squishiness she felt. She glanced around once more to ensure no one was looking her way and cautiously placed a hand on her panties. They were soaked! She closed her eyes in frustration and realized she would have to take them off.

She took a moment to compose herself, tugged at the sleeves of her powder-blue cable-knit sweater and then stood to go to the washroom. She smiled nervously at Serena as she passed her desk and then resolutely stared at the floor for the walk to the ladies room.

Once inside she hurried into a stall, whisked her wet panties to the floor and sat down to pee. She sighed and reached for a tissue after she finished. When she touched the soft wadded paper to her vagina she jerked and let out a small yelp. She was so sensitive! The tingling sensation she was feeling was immensely strong and she swallowed as she realized how responsive her intimate parts felt right now.

She strained her ears for the sound of anyone coming in to the washroom, or even passing by in the hallway outside. Hearing nothing she firmly clamped one hand over her mouth while she gently ran her fingers over her vaginal lips. She moaned quietly and closed her eyes as the tingling spread from her pubic area and to her nipples. She felt them harden and wished she was not wearing a bra so she could feel them pucker against the fabric of her sweater.

With determination she swiftly flicked at her button and tried not to cry out loud. After less than a minute she brought herself to a mini-orgasm that sent goose pimples all across her body.

It didn’t completely satisfy her but it did take the edge almanbahis giriş off her arousal so she could put off doing any more until she got home.

She reached down for her panties and grimaced at the sodden fabric. She stuffed them deeply into her purse and then stood up, smoothing her mini-dress down as she did. She pushed open the stall door and surveyed herself in the mirror.

Right away she could see the tell-tale flush of arousal across her neck and chest. It spread also to her cheeks and she blushed just looking at herself.

She washed her hands and frowned as she realized she could smell her own scent on the air. She dug through her handbag and pulled out a wet towelette. With a cautious glance to the door she lifted the front of her skirt and wiped at her labia with it. She did the same twice more before she was satisfied that the wetness had dissipated enough and then pushed through the door into the hall.

Brian was on his way to the factory for his last round of checking the production output. With that and little else on his mind, he focused on the floor and walked into the hallway outside the washrooms. There he was suddenly stopped short with an armload of Evelyn.

She gave a yelp as she found herself lifted off the floor. He tightened his grip around her waist and did not loosen it until he was sure she had her feet underneath her.

As soon as he released her he took a hasty step back.

“Are you okay?” he asked her frantically.

“I, I’m fine,” she stammered breathlessly.

“Really,” he said with concern, “are you sure you’re okay? I’m really sorry! I just didn’t see you until too late!”

Evelyn stepped back a pace and put her hand to the side of her face self-consciously. “I’m really okay,” she said weakly.

Brian continued to look at her with concern. He lightly placed a hand on her arm and gave her a gentle nudge toward a couch a few paces away.

“Are you sure?” he said. “You look a little flushed, maybe you should sit down.”

“Do you really think so?” she asked with wide eyes.

“Yes!” he said emphatically. “Your neck and cheeks are bright red!”

“I, I’m really fine!” she said with finality.

She brushed past him and scurried toward her desk. She paused at the door to Mat’s office and knocked.

“I’m not feeling well,” she said hesitantly. “I’m going home early.”

Mat nodded and told her to go home and rest.

She hurriedly gathered her things from her desk and rushed out the door to her car. Once in the car she took a deep breath and looked at herself in the rearview mirror. She studied her appearance, especially the rosy flush that had spread even further up her cheeks and winced as she squeezed her thighs together. The same squishiness she had felt earlier was back only it was more intense.

After driving home she rushed into the house, ran upstairs without taking her coat off and threw herself onto the bed. She spread her legs wide and plunged her fingers inside her. She didn’t stop until she had cum three times.


Evelyn’s sleep that night was fitful. Her dreams kept her tossing and turning and she woke up feeling breathless and disturbed.

That night before bed she tried to convince her husband to have sex. At first he brushed her off telling her he’d had a long day and was very tired. Once under the covers she coaxed him with some deft movements of her hand. Again he tried to brush her off but after he was hard he realized she was not going to stop.

He pushed her onto her back and plunged head first between her thighs. He licked her until she came and then mounted her. After a few minutes of thrusting he came inside her. He rolled back onto his side of the bed and told her to let him sleep.

Evelyn lay back and smiled. She loved her husband and she loved having sex with him. They were not very experimental, but they did give each other oral and they usually had orgasms before they were done. Tonight she was happy to have her husband cum inside her and she enjoyed the stickiness of his semen dripping between her thighs to her butt crack.

She squeezed her thighs together and was suddenly reminded of the feeling she experienced at work after reading Brian’s story. The squishiness was back and she slowly rubbed her thighs together to savor it.

Of course, thinking back on that reminded her of Brian’s story.

By the time she got to sleep she could think of little else.

Her dream began in the pool hall. She was an observer. She saw Yvette across the room wearing her ridiculously short skirt with Stuart standing slightly behind her while she bent over to play pool. Evelyn had created a face in her mind to go with the name. She was Chinese, like her, short and curvy, like her, but with a seductive glint in her eye that she knew she could never pull off. She was way too conservative to be anything like the girl described in Brian’s story.

Stuart looked vaguely almanbahis yeni giriş familiar but she found herself concentrating only on Yvette.

She walked slowly toward them and then she was standing against the wall behind Yvette. There was a circle of well-dressed men standing around the pool table, all of them ogling Yvette as they drank their beers and poked each other with their elbows.

Yvette bent over the table to shoot and looked over her shoulder at Evelyn. She smiled and raised her bum as she stretched to make her shot. Evelyn gasped when she saw Yvette’s bare backside. When Yvette raised her leg slightly to reach across the table, her bare pussy came into view with its neatly trimmed bush fully visible.

Evelyn bit her lip and realized that seeing the other woman this way was making her hot. She didn’t quite know why; she had never been attracted to women before.

Yvette finished shooting and sauntered to the opposite side of the table. She bent to shoot again with her back to the men in the crowd. As her skirt rode up the men behind her were grinning broadly and smacking each other with their open hands as they watched this girl show them everything she had.

She lined up her cue and then looked up and smiled at Evelyn.

Standing with her back to the wall, Evelyn was shocked to see her own face; Yvette had become Evelyn.

Still bent over the table, she wriggled her backside seductively. First one and then two more men from the crowd approached her. She looked over her shoulder and smiled at them. One of them undid his pants and dropped them to the floor. His cock was erect and dripping. She took it in her hand and guided it to her entrance from behind. The man pushed it into her and began sliding in and out.

Yvette sighed and moved with the man. She cooed and moaned and sighed as she was penetrated.

Evelyn still found herself a spectator, but she was watching herself getting fucked from behind in a room full of men. Yes, it was Yvette, but she had her face, her body; she was even wearing one of Evelyn’s favorite mini-skirts. It was black suede with a zipper that went from the waistband to the bottom hem. That zipper was currently undone all the way to just below the waist.

She had both hands on the edge of the pool table now and was pushing her hips back as far as they would go. The first man had cum inside her and now there was a second man pushing into her from behind. After a few thrusts he too shot his semen inside her. A third, fourth and fifth man took his place.

Evelyn woke up with a sharp gasp while rising to a sitting position in her bed.

“What’s wrong?” her husband said groggily as he turned to her.

She took a couple of deep breaths and looked his way. “Just a bad dream,” she said, “go back to sleep.”

She lay back down and stared at the ceiling for a while and tried to forget about her dream.


Brian woke up the next morning to find four text messages on his phone. He opened the app and his eyes opened wide. In the messages, all from the same number, there were three pictures, all of them taken in a dimly lit room, and one audio file.

The first image showed a woman with pale skin wearing a see-through nightie. It was white and had buttons down the front. All the buttons were undone except for two at the bottom. The front was open wide enough to show the swell of a pair of very well proportioned breasts. The woman had her left arm crossing her chest and reaching down to her lower body. The upper arm covered one of her breasts completely. The other breast was partially visible through the negligee; the dark shape of her nipple showed clearly against the pale white skin.

The shot showed the woman from her thighs to the top of her head though the black hair was thrown forward to cover her face. Her thighs were closed tightly together with her left hand thrust between them.

The second photo showed the same woman sitting back against the base of what appeared to be an easy chair. She was sitting on a beige rug with her back against the chair and her left leg drawn up with her knee almost reaching her chest. Her nightgown was wide open exposing both of her breasts, her tummy and her thighs. It was obvious she was not wearing panties though her hand was buried between her legs hiding everything but a hint of jet-black pubic hair.

Again, the woman’s face was obscured by her hair.

The third picture showed the woman splayed out on the rug with her legs wide open. Her pubis was completely exposed showing a glistening wetness coating the puffy labia. Her face was turned to the side toward the back of her shoulder. The hair did not hide the face but the scant profile from her ear to her cheek did not give any hints about the woman’s identity.

As he feasted his eyes on the images he opened the audio file. He recognized the woman’s voice from his late-night telephone call the previous week.

“Unh,” she moaned, “can you see my body? I’m showing you my tits! See me in the first picture? I’m dreaming about you and I’m so hot!”

The woman’s voice was seductive and sultry, He thought he could hear a slight accent but he wasn’t sure.

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