Caught with Chin

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It had only been two weeks since my ex wife kicked my daughter Rachelle out and she moved back in with me, and already there was going to be trouble.

As I drove home from work, I spotted her boyfriends car parked about 2 blocks from our house on a side street. I had already told her that she was not to have that guy in my house when I was gone, and she was defying me already. Now I can see why my bitchy ex-wife kicked her out, I thought. And on her 18th birthday, she shows up on my doorstep, bags in hand and homeless. What is a father to do?

I pulled my car over and parked a house up from mine on the side of the street. Quietly I crept up to my front door and unlocked it. I determined that I would catch them in the act, and confront them. I hated that little Asian prick she was dating anyways, and this just gave me a good reason to kick his ass.

Slowly I moved down the hallway to where I could hear the bedsprings squeaking in her room. I could hear Rachelle’s labored breathing, and his as well. I slowed just outside of the doorway and peeked around the corner.

“Oh god baby, you have such great fucking tits!” Chin moaned at her, as he pushed Rachelle’s’ tank top up. His hands moved over her large tits to the top of her bra, and pulled it down. Immediately, her massive DD tits popped out, and he pushed one into his mouth as far he could. Chin began to slobber and suck on it.

Rachelle had her legs spread with Chin between them, and was grinding her crotch against his legs. I could not see exactly where her hands were, but I heard a zipper going down and had a good idea of where they might be “I want your cock in my mouth right now.” She moaned at him seductively..

“Baby I want you bury my cock in your cunt right now! I am so hard for you.” Chin said as he stood up over her.

For the first time since I had arrived on the scene, Rachelle opened her eyes, and immediately caught a glimpse of me standing in the doorway. “Oh shit!” she moaned, as she pushed Chin away from her. Desperately, she tried to tuck her tits back into her bra..

I moved in and grabbed Chin by the shoulders. I spun him around and was in his face before he could even react. I grabbed him by his shirt, and his pants slid down to his ankles. I could see his stubby little dick was melting fast, and fear was all over his face.

“Daddy! No!” Rachelle screamed as I drew my fist back to punch this prick. “Please don’t daddy!” she cried.

Chins eyes closed as he awaited my fist in his face, but instead I simply lowered it to my side and shook his shirt in my other hand.

“You have exactly 5 seconds to be out of my house or I will beat the living hell out of you.” I snarled at him.

Chin reached down to hoist up his pants, and ran out of Rachelle’s room, calling to her as he went down the hallway.

“I’m sorry baby, but your dad scares the hell out of me. I think we better break up!” he screamed as he slammed the front door.

I turned and looked at my daughter. What I sight she was to look at! Her hair was all messed up and tears were already starting to fill her eyes. But really, that wasn’t what I was looking at. I could still see most of her black lace see through bra, and her tits. Her panties were matching, and pushed up against her cunt. From the looks of them, they were soaking wet. I could vaguely make out the outline of her lips.

I wasn’t even sure of what I was going to do when I went up to her. Part of me was pissed off and wanted to punish her, but the man part of me was turned on seeing those big tits and wet black panties. I moved in and plopped down close to her on the end of her bed.

“Oh daddy” she softly whimpered, and put her head into my shoulder to cry. I wasn’t sure if it was an act to gain sympathy, or something real, and frankly I really didn’t care. From my new vantage point I could see right down her top and see her hardened nipples poking right through the fabric of her bra. My cock sprang to life in my pants.

“I’m so sorry.” She whimpered. “I know you said not to do this, but I am 18 now and a woman.” She looked up at me with her big brown eyes, so much like her mothers. “I just have needs and Chin says he loves me.”

I grunted my disapproval of the mention of Chin, and she read it perfectly. She put her head back down on my shoulder, but her eyes betrayed her as she caught sight of the giant budge in my pants.

I put my arms around her and pulled her close to me, but somehow she managed to keep her face looking straight down at my crotch. Her bare skin under my fingers felt electric; this was a feeling I had Topkapı Escort never felt before when hugging my daughter. As I touched her, my cock began to leap in my pants and bounce up and down uncontrollably.

Rachelle giggled softly to herself, but I heard her. I knew she was laughing at my hardened cock in my pants. I tried to think of something else to make my raging erection go away, but each time I closed my eyes, I saw Chin pulling out those massive tits I had not seen in so long, and pictured again and again those massive areola and nipples.

“I had better never see that little fucker in my house again!” I whispered in her ear.

I tried to stand up, but Rachelle clung to me even tighter, and pulled me back down to her. I sat there as she nuzzled into my neck, feeling my cock surge again in my pants. If I didn’t do something fast, I knew I was going to cum.

“Oh daddy.” Rachelle whispered. “Just hold me for a minute more.” She nuzzled right up my neck to my ear, and softly whispered “Just for one more minute”

Her soft voice in my ear was driving me crazy. I could feel her nipples boring into my chest as she hugged me closer. Slowly her arm went from around my shoulder to down my back, and then back up again.

I turned my face into her neck, and smelled her womanly scent.. Her recent activity with the little prick had made her a little musky smelling and it was turning me on even more. I heard her let out a little moan as I placed my lips against her neck.

She kissed my earlobe and pulled it into her mouth with a light sucking motion. She then ran her tongue all along the outside of it. Her hand trailed along from my back to my lower back, and then finally came to rest on my upper thigh.

This couldn’t be happening, I thought. “This shouldn’t be happening” I moaned lightly. Her light touch on my thigh was intoxicating. “I am your father, Rachelle” I said as I kissed the nape of her neck.

“What you are, dad is horny as hell, just like me. I can see it in your eyes. I can see it in the hungry way you were looking at me. You looked like you wanted to eat me alive for a minute there.” She paused and came around to hold my face in both of her hands for a moment. Then slowly she slid one down my cheek, trailed down my chest and stomach and placed it directly on the bulge in my pants. “And I sure as hell can see it here.” She whispered as she leaned toward me.

I could not will myself to stop as I leaned in and hungrily kissed my daughter. All restraint and inhibition was replaced in that moment by raw desire. No more did I see my little girl who I had brought into this world with her mother taking my seed, but rather a beautiful, vibrant, sexy young woman who any man would love to fuck, even if only in his wildest dreams.

Our tongues intertwined as I hungrily explored every area of her mouth. I pulled back a little for a quick breath and she pulled me back and attacked me passionately. My hands came from her back to her chest, and I slipped both of my hands under her massive tits, and gave them a gentle squeeze from the bottom. I rolled my thumbs up to feel her enormously engorged nipples, and slowly rolled them under my thumb.

Rachelle moaned and her breathing went fast and hard. I could tell that she was about to cum already. Her hands worked at my pants and soon she had my fly wide open. She reached in with her long fingers and grasped my swollen cock. Her hand barely fit around it, and just her touch almost made me shoot a load on the spot.

“God damn, Daddy!” She moaned at me. “Your fucking cock is HUGE!” Slowly she began to rub up and down my 7 inch shaft.

“You made it that way sugar. You and this fucking hot body of yours.” I whimpered as I pushed her tank top over her head and unclasped her bra from the front.

She leaned in and kissed me even more passionately as I slid her DD tits free, and massaged them in each hand.

“Oh fuck!” she moaned pulling back from our kiss. “That feels so fucking good. Suck them Daddy. Suck my tits” she cooed.

I was more than willing to comply. I slipped my mouth down and kissed the tops of both of them. I slowly slid my mouth over the left nipple and gave it a little light bite and tug. Rachelle squirmed a little, and moaned very loudly.

“Oh my fucking god!” she moaned out louder. “That feels so fucking amazing.” She picked up the pace on my cock, rubbing it up and down quickly. She slid her hand down to cup my balls which were tight as hell and about to burst.

“Baby don’t do that just yet. I need to save that for a little bit. Topkapı Escort Bayan If you keep doing that, you’re gonna make me cum to soon. ” I moaned at her in between sucks on her tits.

Slowly and unwillingly she slipped her hands out of my pants. Immediately I regretted telling her to stop and my cock bounced and strained for her hand again.

“Daddy, I love you so much.” Rachelle said as she pulled back from me and slid down the side of the bed to her knees. “I want to make you happy daddy. Only make you happy…” she cooed, as she placed her head right above my cock. Slowly she opened her lips, and put my cock head in her mouth. She placed her hand on the shaft of it and began to pump it while she sucked the head of it.

I began to feel the tightness of my balls spasm, and before I could say anything, I started to shoot giant wads of cum. Rachelle tried to pull back but she still got most of it down her throat and all across her face. She even had a bit of it in her bangs across her forehead.

She looked up me, with her big brown eyes and my cum dripping down her nose. She slid her tongue out of her mouth, and licked the cum dripping off her nose. She painted her mouth with it a little, then swallowed a big glob that fell against her lower lip.

“Mmmmm” she cooed as she sucked in my spunk. “You taste so good, daddy.”

I reached down to stroke her hair, and she grabbed the corner of the bedspread of her bed and wiped her face.

“I must really turn you on, don’t I daddy?” she whimpered at me seductively. “Does your little girl make you want to cum on her face daddy?” She playfully asked.

“Oh God, Rachelle..” was all I could respond. Slowly she slid my half flaccid cock back into her mouth. She maintained eye contact with me as she slid my cock in and out of her mouth. Each time she got the head, she sucked on it a little harder and it popped each time she slipped it out of her puffy red lips..

Soon my cock was getting hard again. I could feel the blood rushing back into it, and I realized I was about to have my first hard-on just after having sex in my whole life.

“Daddy wants some more.” Rachelle cooed as she licked my cock from the underside: from my balls up to my dick head. “Don’t you daddy?”

“Yea baby.” I feebly said. The feeling and the sight of my steadily growing cock sliding in and out of her mouth was turning me on more than I had been in years.

“Mmmmm” she said as she slid her lips up and down my pole. “Its so big daddy! How did mom ever get used to this!”

I reached down and grabbed Rachelle by her light blond long hair. “Baby, you made me feel so good. I have not felt this alive in years”

Rachelle slid up my body and came up to kiss me again. Her tongue slid into my mouth and I could taste the saltiness of my own cum along with her saliva.

“Daddy knows how to turn on a woman!” she moaned. “Make me cum now!” she begged as she slid her panties off and laid back on the bed.

Slowly I licked down her body to her bald little pussy. She spread her legs wide for me, and I licked her outer labia. Slowly, down one side and back up the other. I slid my tongue into her inner lips and found her hard little clit. I massaged it with my tongue as I slipped a finger into her waiting pussy hole.

Rachelle lifted her hips to accommodate my advances and began to moan loudly and run her hands through my hair.

Feverishly I lapped up her delicious cunt. When I hit just the right spots, she would grab my hair and push my face into her twat. Soon her pussy juices were all over my face, and I slipped in a second, and then third finger into her juicy love canal. I slurped and sucked her cunt for all it was worth, while vigorously pumping her hole with my three fingers.

Rachelle’s hips began to buck and I knew she was about to cum. While she arched her back and began to moan in one long continuous sound, I looked down and saw the tight little pink rim of her anus. I slipped out my index finger and pushed it in to the first knuckle.

“Oh my fucking God!” she screamed out at the top of her voice. At first I wasn’t sure if I had hurt her, but as she ground her ass into my hand and pushed my finger all the way into her ass first and her pussy second, I knew she was liking it.

Her whole body shuddered and convulsed as wave after wave of pleasure overtook her. She began to buck and twist. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” she kept repeating over and over as the orgasm washed over her.

Slowly her quivering stopped and she laid back on her back. Her breathing was erratic Escort Topkapı and labored. I slid my body up onto hers, and nuzzled in to kiss her neck.

“Oh my God daddy!” she finally moaned to me. “I have never cum that hard before!”

I slowly pulled her over and began to kiss her mouth again. This time our kisses were slow and passionate. Our tongues slowly explored each other, and our hands moved all over each others bodies.

I then pushed her over on her side, and crawled up behind her. Grabbing her by the hips, I pulled her into the doggie position. From this vantage point I could see her pussy gleaming from the fresh juices still running down her legs, and I could see between her ass cheeks that tight little pink hole.

“Oh baby, I have to fuck you.” I whispered into her hear as I lined up my cock against her waiting cunt.

She pushed her ass back against me and I slid my 7 inches to the hilt. Our hips began to sway in motion, and we soon found a timing that was just right for both of us. As I watched my cock sink into her using closet mirror, I could see with every plunge her tits swinging up almost to hit her in the face. With each time I buried my cock onto her, her breathing got harder and harder and her moans became louder and louder.

“Oh God daddy, I am cumming again! She announced as she picked up the pace of slamming her cunt against me.

As soon as the orgasm passed, I could not resist, and I slid my cock out of her tight hole with a pop. She looked at me in the closet mirror questioningly until she felt my dick head against her tight, pink little asshole.

“Oh God daddy!” she moaned. “I don’t think that monster is going to fit in there. Nothing has ever been in there but you today!”

I slipped my wet cock slowly into her ass about an inch. Rachelle moaned and bit the top of her hand. I waited until the pain stopped patiently.

After a few seconds, she began to lightly rock her hips, causing my dick to slowly move up her a little more.

“Slowly, daddy” she cautioned me.

And slowly I slipped my cock in, a little at a time, deeper and deeper into the tightest little ass I has ever felt. The feeling was incredible.

“Ok daddy” Rachelle moaned, as she started to push back a little harder. “I think I am ok now” she moaned to me.

That was all I needed to hear from her, and I slipped my cock into her waiting ass full tilt. Rachelle’s eyes got opened wide when I did, but then she closed them and started softly moaning.

I picked up the pace and started to pull my cock out a little further and push it in a little harder. Each time Rachelle would moan softly.

“Fuck me daddy” she started saying each time I would slam my hips up against her round ass cheeks. “Fuck your little girl.” I watched as rippled coursed up her ass cheeks like waves on a pond.

I started to talk back to her with each stroke in. “Oh yea baby. I am gonna fuck you, you little slut. You take your daddy’s cock in your tight little ass. Tell me how you like your daddy’s cock in your ass!” I gruffly spoke.

“Oh yes!” she squealed. “Talk dirtier to me Daddy. Tell me I am your whore. Call me a bitch. Fuck my tight little ass!” She moaned out loudly.

Rachelle slipped her hand between her legs and started fingering her clit feverishly.

“Oh yes, your my little whore!” I moaned. “You fucking slut! Take your daddy’s cock! Take it all” I growled to her.

Each time I said something nasty, Rachelle would push back even harder and moan even louder. “Oh God daddy I am going to cum again!” she screamed.

I could feel my balls tighten, and as soon as she started to scream out in another orgasm, my balls released and I began to shoot hot spunk up my daughters ass. I pulled back and rammed in as hard as I could and held it there, burying my cock in my daughters asshole, and shooting cum into her for what seemed like an eternity.

The whole time I was cumming in Rachelle, she was pushing back as hard as she could against my hips with her ass, and shouting “Fuck your slutty little girl daddy! Fuck your little whore! Fill my ass with your cum, daddy!!”

Finally my cock softened and popped out of her ass. My juices slowly ran out of her gaping asshole and down her leg. Rachelle collapsed on the bed onto her back. She took her hand and scooped up some of the fresh cum that was running out of her ass, and brought it up to her lips. She sucked it all in and opened her mouth to show me before she swallowed it.

I collapsed on the bed right next to her, barely able to move. Rachelle turned to me softly.

“Oh Daddy!.” She moaned curling into my chest. “I love you so much!”

I pulled my little girl, my new lover, into my arms, and kissed the top of her head.

“I love you too Pumpkin.” I whispered. “And I think I am going to do a lot more loving you in the future.”

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