Celebrity Scents Ch. 01

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What does pussy smell like? Musky? Sweet? Fishy?-whatever the smell, I have rarely experienced a feminine aroma that smelled overtly bad. Many people say they all smell different, and it’s been my experience that this is indeed the case.

Sure, there are similarities like the dominant “musk” that so many people describe, but like fine whiskey, each one is different. Each woman and girl has their own unique scent, and whatever it may be, it’s always animal; its carnal and primitive, the essence of a person’s sexuality.

These scents are normally hidden, washed by soap, covered by clothes and perfumes, so we act like they don’t exist, but they’re there. Humans are animals after all, and no amount of puritan pretending can change that fact.

Underneath the clothes and underneath the social mores and rules, we are all animals. Vaginas have scents. They’re wet, and slimy, and they smell-exuding evidence of human nature, of the animalistic instinct for sex that we’re not supposed to have.

This uncontrollable exposure of the forbidden has always fascinated me. Perhaps it has liberated me from my own social confines, exposed my own animal nature. Certainly, it arouses me.

I guess you could say I have a scent fetish. I enjoy the carnal scents our bodies produce-not only from pussy-but sweat, and hair, skin, breath, ass…I enjoy it because it’s animal, because it’s sexual-so central to who we are, but something that has become so private.

This fetish has manifested itself in various ways throughout the years, from an interest in panties, to an exaggerated love for cunnilingus. Facesitting is a particular favorite. Scent is something I always fantasize about in those people whom I’m attracted to.

It was always a fantasy, and on the odd occasion where I actually get to pursue an interest, a treat, but over the summer something changed, and my fantasies about the animalistic nature of humans were brought to life in a very literal way.

This is my story of what happened.

I have a friend, Alice, who’s a bit of an interesting person. I’ve known her since middle school, and she’s always been a little bit “out there,” so to speak. A spiritual person, Alice is the type to have sage smudges and talks of reading auras, cosmic vibrations, and zodiac signs.

It’s all rubbish in my opinion, or was, I guess. Whenever Alice would talk about “this being in retrograde,” or “the Goddess” that, I would roll my eyes, but she’s my friend so I put up with her hippy-dippy side. At any rate, she makes for good conversations.

And it was one of these good conversations that led to my fantasies becoming reality. It was a summer night, sometime in July I think. A good night: it was hot, and the sun was high despite the late hour. I think it was a full moon.

Alice and I had been hanging out all day, relaxing, drinking, spending the summer like it’s meant to be spent. As the sun began to descend, we made our way to a local creek. It’s a wooded area, a place where kids go to hang out, and we were no different.

We brought a few beers, sat on a tree stump and started chatting. That’s how it normally goes, and that’s how it went, except somewhere along the line we started talking about animals, and humans, and how humans are animals.

Internally, I know we were on two separate tracks. Alice was thinking of materialism, and the excesses of human society, and I was thinking of the sexual side of things, but we shared a sentiment in our conversation, and we both got passionate about what we were saying.

We were several beers in when Alice jumped.

“Let’s go!” she said enthusiastically, “look at the night! It’s great out, let’s go. I’ll make you an animal!”

She was being her typical weird self, egging me on to join her on a trek through the woods. Jolly from the alcohol in my system, I laughed and went along with her. It was kind of a mystical night. As the sun set and the sky turned indigo in twilight, we made our way to a clearing in the wood.

It was a meadow with a firepit in the middle. We’d always have bonfires there when there were more people, but tonight it was just us. I sat on a log by the pit, but Alice was still active.

“Come on,” she said, wandering off to gather twigs and brush, “help me get a fire going.”

“Okay,” I said and jumped up to help.

We piled on our fuel and flicked a Zippo to the kindling. Soon enough we had quite a fire going. It was dark by then, and the moon was out. Alice was still on about being animals or whatever, and howled looking up at the moon.

I laughed, but she seemed more serious, more in the moment.

“Let’s do a ritual, come on. The energy is so good right now.” She stood up and removed her shirt.

I was a bit taken aback, but not surprised. Alice had never been shy about her body, and we were pretty comfortable around each other-I’d certainly seen her naked before, but the suddenness of her disrobal was a shock. She was full of energy, and antsy to do something. bursa eskort Again I went along with her.

“Come on!” she urged again, as she unclipped her bra, letting her breasts hang loose.

I got up slowly, not exactly feeling like doing some sort of ritual but going along with it anyways, and removed my shirt.

Alice smiled and pulled off her shorts and underwear in one go.

I feel like I should mention here that Alice and I are not in a sexual relationship. We tried; a few years ago before we were really good friends we briefly went out. We never actually fucked, but we did plenty else, and eventually decided that’s not how we felt about each other.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s very pretty. I can still tell that today. I could certainly still tell when she was naked in front of me (as a red-blooded male I still admired the shape of her form), but our affection for each other is platonic.

I joined her in her nakedness and stood by the warmth of the fire while she howled again. She knelt down and grabbed some ash from the fire.

“Come here,” she said, motioning me towards her.

She held the ash on her middle finger and grabbed me when I reached her. She looked up at me and smiled, making marks on my face with it.

“Yeah! Now do me,” she said as she grabbed more ash from the fire.

I dipped my finger into her blacked palm and drew some silly marks on her face. It was weird, and silly, but it was fun. I did feel freer, and I’m always happy to do weird shit with friends. She had officially gotten me into the spirit of things.

This was a good thing, because then she started jumping around the fire chanting some sort of nonsense. Again, I rolled my eyes, but joined her. Like I said, it was fun. I was so into it, that when she howled, I howled, and we both laughed, totally free, as we danced around the fire.

And we did this for a while. It didn’t seem like a long time. In fact, it felt very brief, but the fire was embers when we stopped and the moon had set. Had it been that late when we started? Surely we couldn’t have spent the entire night dancing naked like lunatics around the fire.

But as Alice howled one last time, the first rays of sun peaked over the horizon. With this light, she stopped and I did too, not really realizing that I had been dancing for so long.

Alice smiled and turned to me, “that was fun!”

“Yeah,” I said, too confused not to agree.

She was filthy, her face covered in soot, and barefeet dusty and mud covered. I must have looked like a mess too. The ground around the fire was muddied, worn down into a path with thousands of footprints treading in a circle around the pit.

How was it morning?

I shook off my confusion, and accepted that I had just really been enjoying myself, and gathered my clothes to dress along side Alice. We walked back towards our neighborhood, stopping by the creek to wash our faces.

With each step I grew more and more aware of the pain in my legs and the deep exhaustion I felt. I needed to get home and sleep. As we reached the road that led to our homes, I hugged Alice briefly and headed towards my house.

“Hey thanks,” she said, “that was fun!”

I smiled and walked as fast as my sore legs would carry me to my bed and sleep. And sleep I did, not thinking twice about the night before, not imagining it was anything more than a fun night with a weird friend.

For a while, it seemed this was the case, but when I went to the pool a few days later, it became very clear that something strange had happened.

The day started out normal enough. I laid in the sun, reading, drinking, relaxing-eying the lifeguard. I always did. Her name was Katie and she lived next door to me. Yes, she was the girl next door, really.

She’s a couple years younger than me, and I grew up with her. And she certainly has grown up. For the past few years my attraction to her had steadily grown, and now she was eighteen-eighteen and beautiful.

She has long, light brown hair that she keeps in tight braids at the pool, soft skin, tanned, that shows off her perfect complexion, and an ass I loved to look at every time she walked out to the lifeguard stand.

Her breasts too had grown to a wonderful plump size, and in her navy lifeguard bikini all of her features were exhibited in the most wonderful fashion. I couldn’t help but look at her when she was on duty, only today was different.

Today, Katie was looking back. From the moment she walked out of the clubhouse for her shift her eyes were locked on me. She wore a subtle smile across her face. It felt like she knew something I didn’t.

I found myself looking down to make sure I wasn’t exposing myself or doing some other embarrassing thing, but I couldn’t figure it out. Had she caught me checking her out? I mean, everybody did though, guys at least.

Was she checking me out? She could be, I thought. I had thought she showed some interest before, but no, she bursa escort bayan was acting weird. She was staring, looking straight at me, ignoring the awkward moments when our eyes met.

I walked to the clubhouse. She watched me walk to whole way there. I walked back, and from the moment I left the door, her eyes were on me again. It was bizarre. I sat trying to relax, thinking about going up and talking to her, and trying to ignore her stare which had become uncomfortable.

This went on for a good hour or two, and gradually others at the pool left, one by one, until it was just Katie and I. She was still staring. That was it, I had to do something, if she was checking me out, well good. If not, I still needed to know what was going on.

But before I had a chance to get up from my seat she had climbed down from her stand and was walking directly towards me. It was a decisive walk, a straight line, with an unbreaking stare, like a lion stalking its prey.

I froze, my heart racing, suddenly unsure of what to say, what to do. I stared at her until she stood by my chair.

“Hi,” I said, trying to sound interrogating, acting like I’d done nothing wrong, though it really felt like I had.

“Hi,” she said back, whispering really.

She stared at me for a moment, and I stared back, eying her up and down, lingering on her form, still nervous, but intrigued. Then she bent down. I was laying, frozen, too in shock to react as she climbed onto the lounge chair where I reclined.

She straddled me, and eyed me up and down, and then she dipped her head and smelled me. Katie dragged her face along the line of my neck and inhaled. She did it twice.

The sudden movement, her bizarre actions were incredibly arousing, but incredibly confusing too. Katie was not acting like herself. No one acts like this. She inhaled once more and then turned around, pawing on all fours over my body until she was facing away from me.

Her ass was in my face, almost as if she were pointing it towards me. The material of the swimsuit clung to her shape, clearly showing off the shape of each cheek, and between her legs the lips of her sex. I was lost, totally and entirely in shock, confused, but thoroughly enjoying the view. It was too weird.

“Katie, what…what are you doing?” I asked, even as I continued to stare at her rear. I had grown hard in my swimsuit with a very rigid but confused boner. I tried not to let it pulse.

Katie ignored my question and responded with a seductive and simple “your turn.” she swayed her hips as she said it, pushing her ass back out towards me.

“Excuse me?” I asked, confused, but losing my will. Katie’s perfect, round, almost naked ass was inches away from my face. She was straddling me for god sake. What did it matter if she was acting weird?!

I reached out and touched her, lightly, still nervous. She purred and swayed her hips again, as if that’s not quite what she wanted.

“My turn for what?” I asked again, hoping for clarification.

Again, Katie didn’t answer, at least not with words. It just kept getting more bizarre. This time, instead she leaned down, dropping her head between my legs and sniffed. She was like an animal, a dog or something, sniffing me out.

Her head between my legs was the strangest sensation, but pleasant, and certainly arousing. I felt my cock pulse.

“Your turn,” she said again, waving her hips more emphatically.

I was still confused, in the moment it didn’t make sense, it all felt weird and unexpected, but I went with my gut. I leaned forward, slowly at first, hesitant about what I was about to do, until I reached the “fuck it” point of no return and dove in with my heart racing and cock pulsing.

I pressed my face into Katie’s perineum, inhaling and engulfing myself in her pussy and ass. Her bikini clad crotch was heaven on my face, hot from her heat and the heat of the sun, damp with sweat and secretions, and scented with the essence of Katie.

I inhaled deeply, over and over again, trying to fill up on her scent. It was all there, salty sweat from being out in the sun all day, and a bit of ass, clean, but recognizable, along with the distinctive smell of her sex, musky, indescribably Katie.

She sniffed me again as I enjoyed myself, and then she was wet. It was like a switch, when I had first pressed my face to her she was hot, yes, but with her second sniff of me I felt a sudden discharge of slick fluid seep through the fabric of her suit and onto my face. My cock throbbed, bobbing up against my swimsuit, aching to be released.

I smelled Katie’s new wetness, but only briefly, for she moved. She crawled down the chair so she was over my legs, still kneeling on all fours, presenting her ass to me. I knew what to do next, it was instinctual.

I pulled myself up from under her and got behind her, releasing my cock from its fabric prison as I did so. I was still confused, wondering what exactly had made Katie görükle escort behave so…crudely, but at this point I didn’t care, she was waiting for me.

On my knees, I scooted myself towards her and pulled her swimsuit to the side, revealing her perfect ass and glistening cunt, and then I pushed into her.

With the first sensation of her cunt gripping my cock I was gone, lost in the moment. I fucked her hard and fast, pounding into her over and over, enjoying each stroke of her pussy on my cock.

It was only a few minutes before she was quivering with pleasure. Katie came, moaning into the open air by the pool. And then I did, depositing my seed deep inside her.

It was a very unceremonial fuck, impulse driven and wild, and looking back at it I would have liked to have been able to take my time and enjoy it a bit more, but I certainly wasn’t going to complain.

And then, as soon as my cock had finished pumping sperm into her cunt, Katie pulled away. She got up, arranged herself, and walked back to the lifeguard stand. She didn’t say a word, and she had stopped looking at me.

Confusion took over again. I mean, I’m okay with quickie-no-strings-sex-in fact that’s perfect, but this was weird, it was as if nothing had happened-like the entire afternoon hadn’t happened. Katie seemed normal again, and now that was strange.

Not long after, people began to arrive at the pool again. In my mind I used this to rationalize Katie’s sudden departure, but I had a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach that that wasn’t quite what was going on.

I only stayed at the pool for a few minutes longer, but the whole time, Katie was back to a normal lifeguard, whistling at running kids, watching the pool, and applying sunscreen-not looking at me.

However, it wasn’t like she wasn’t acknowledging me, at least if that were the case I could have gathered she felt regret, no she acted as if absolutely nothing had happened. She’d look at me, but only when her gaze happened by chanced across my path. There was no knowing glint in her expression, no downcast or avoidant gaze of regret. It was like she didn’t remember.

Nonetheless, I had to assume it was regret, which made me feel bad, but I wasn’t going to pester her about it. Maybe in a few days if she hadn’t said anything I’d bring it up, try and calm the waters, but for the time being, I was sated-the memory of Katie’s scent lingered in my mind and put out any worry.

I gathered my things and continued with my life…until the next day.

I have a friend Bianca. We’re close, but not as close as I am with Alice. I’m telling you this because I still find myself attracted to Bianca, I still think about her in THAT way from time to time, and that’s important, as I’ve found out with this new…ability…that I have.

Bianca’s from Mexico originally, a very petite Latina with superb style. She’s always hip and always fashionable. She wears the sort of things that get me going, even if they’re not overtly sexual. She looks good.

Big brown eyes, deep red pouty lips, and long brown hair are all perfect accents to her petite frame. She is small-not the cliche voluptuous latina, but that’s more my speed anyway. I’ve always admired her small perky breasts, and perfectly tear-dropped ass that she liked to show off in those skinny jeans.

I had plans to hang out with her the day after the pool. We were going to grab lunch and maybe go to the mall. She does like to shop after all, and from the moment I picked her up, I knew something wasn’t right again.

She hopped in the car and stared at me. It was the same stare that Katie had, the same half smile, and the same unbreaking gaze. In fact, I got the distinct impression that she was smelling the air.

I tried to make small talk, but it was hard with her eyes fixed on me. I tried to focus on the road, but this too was difficult. At stop lights, I’d look back at her. She seemed to glow with that little half smile, but the feeling in the pit of my stomach knew that this was the same as the day before. What was going on?

I was relieved when we got to lunch at first, but it didn’t change anything. She spent the whole time eyeing me, and I spent the whole time trying to avoid it. But it was no use, she was going to stare.

At this point I had given up. I had no idea what was happening and no idea what to do about it, so I went with it. If she was going to stare, so was I. So I looked back. I looked into her eyes, at her lips, and down her body, lingering on her breasts that sat high on her chest in her tight shirt.

When we walked back to the car after lunch, I looked at her legs, at her bum and the front of her crotch at the subtle mound that her jeans exposed. I ogled her and she said nothing. She did nothing-nothing except stare right back. I wondered if this would end the same way it did yesterday.

I had half concluded that it was all a rouse. Katie had somehow talked to Bianca and now Bianca was making fun of us. Of course, I’m pretty sure neither Bianca or Katie knew the other exists.

We decided not to go shopping. I was pretty weirded out and wanted to chill out and do something comfortable, so I suggested a movie or TV at my house. Bianca agreed, and stared at me the whole way home.

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