Central High Blues Ch. 06

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The Usual Disclaimer: This is a work of fantasy. All characters featured in sexual situations are over 18. The characters in these stories are fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons living, dead or undead is purely coincidental. Do not try this at home.

A brief series note, here: I absolutely do NOT plan to have each chapter cover a single day of Josh Thompson in high school. I wanted to establish some of these new characters, and give you enough interaction that you can feel like each of them is a real, relatable person. I also wanted to provide the experience of establishing what Josh’s high school routine was like, before I start short-handing the days as they go by.


I very nearly screwed up, that next morning. I awoke to a marvelous mouth attached to the end of my dick, and I had been dreaming about my mother. Quite honestly, I am not sure what stopped me from moaning out, “Oh, Mom, that feels incredible.” I suspect that Lisa Green, my Biology teacher, would have been either upset that I called her ‘Mom’ or she would have been shocked that my mother sucked my dick. Either way, the blowjob would have ended before I filled her hungry mouth with that thick load of cum.

Instead, it was me who was surprised to hear her happy little moans as she gulped it down. Her voice is definitely higher-pitched than my mother’s. I had the chance to recover before she slid up my body. By the time she had impaled her tight, soaked pussy on my cock, I was able to smile up at her in my dimly-lit room.

“Mmm. Good morning, Miss Green,” I moaned.

I loved the way she tightened down on my shaft when I said that. Her sexy groan was pure magic. I sat upright to suck on her hard nipples and reached down to cup and squeeze that sexy ass. It was a school day, and I didn’t want her walking around funny all day, so I elected not to fuck her in that heavenly, tight asshole. If I insisted, or even asked nicely, I knew she would have eagerly let me. It’s not like I was depriving myself; Lisa had a wonderful pussy.

That sweet pussy came hard on my cock at least twice. The way that she bucked and shook and mewled in her throat made me feel like an awesome human being. It also made me hungry for a taste of her.

“Come up here,” I murmured, pulling her sweet cheeks toward me.

She slid up my chest, and I pulled her to my mouth. I sucked and licked that tasty pussy. I managed to surprise her when I spanked her cheek while driving my tongue inside her.

“Fuck!” she groaned.

Two more swats on her sexy behind, and she was shivering through another orgasm. Her nectar coated my tongue. I lapped all of it up, and delved deep inside her for the rest. She slid back down my body and lay on my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and held her while she caught her breath.

“I love you so much, Josh,” she said softly.

“I love you too,” I replied, kissing the top of her head.

I glanced over at my bedside clock and saw that we only had a few minutes until the alarm would go off. I reached over and turned it off, and held her until she finally groaned and pushed up from my chest.

“I wish we could just stay here in bed all day,” she whispered as she rolled out of my bed to the floor.

“That would be nice,” I replied.

Even in the dim light, her pale ass looked awfully tempting. Lisa was scooping her discarded clothing from the floor. I reached out my hand and squeezed her left cheek, prompting her to jump a bit and squeal.

“You really ought to be careful,” I joked, “I might not be able to resist that tempting ass of yours.”

She gasped at that, looking over her shoulder at me before looking at the clock. Her voice was breathy and excited.

“We still have time,” she said.

“It’s a bad idea,” I replied, “As amazing as your tight ass is, I already came for you once. I would need to really fuck you hard, and it wouldn’t be quick. We might be late, and you’d be walking around all day looking like you had been fucked in the ass.”

That only spurred her on. She started feeling around in the shelves of my headboard. When I realized that she was looking for the lube, I snagged her wrist and pulled her to me for a kiss.

“My mom took her lube back,” I whispered. “I promise, next time we’re together, I will start with your ass, okay?”

“I should have thought of that last night,” she grumbled.

She kissed me again, and then got dressed. I was still completely hard, and watching her get dressed was torture. I couldn’t help but wonder—if Mom hadn’t taken back her lube, would I be fucking that amazing little ass at that very moment?

Lisa had her blouse on over her bra, and she had pulled her panties up her legs. I got out of bed and stretched. She pulled on one of her little ankle socks, bending over and leaning against the bed. She was right in front of me, and her butt almost touched the tip of my hard cock. That shapely backside pointed right at me a second time as she bent to put on her second sock. It was just too much Antep Escort Bayan for me to resist.

“What are you—oh!” she gasped, as I pulled her panties to the side and slid into her still-wet pussy.

“I warned you,” I growled in my throat.

I think I was a little bit annoyed with Lisa. She was supposed to be the responsible adult, the mature school teacher, but I was the one who always had to take control and look out for her career. I probably spanked her bottom harder than the point of pleasure. I know I really fucked her pussy mercilessly until I came inside her. The damnedest thing was, afterwards I felt guilty for treating her like that—but she had absolutely loved it.

I got dressed for a morning workout while she finished getting the rest of her clothes on. I turned on the bedroom light, and she had the most adoring look on her face when she looked up at me. She could not wait to come back, to have me abuse her tiny asshole the way I had just owned her pussy. She kissed me again and again before we finally hurried out of the house.

My dad was awake by that time. He saw the look on Lisa’s face and chuckled when I came back from walking her to her car.

“Damn, Josh,” he said with a grin, “There is no middle ground with you, is there son?”

“I…I don’t know what you mean by that,” I said.

I really didn’t know, and he looked at me and shook his head.

“That young woman is head over heels in love with you. The last woman to give me that look was your mother,” he said with a shrug. “I don’t know what your plan was, but you can bet your ass that her plan is to marry you as soon as she can.”

That stopped me cold. The look on my dad’s face told me that while he found this amusing, he wasn’t joking. I carefully reviewed everything I had said to her, and one thing really stood out. ‘You are mine now, aren’t you?’ I had said the night before. It seemed a little careless, now. I had claimed her, and now she probably thought of herself as my woman.

I looked at my dad and opened my mouth, but he cut me off.

“Sorry, buddy,” he said, “I’m afraid I have to get going. You’re going to have to lean on your mother for this one.”

“Is she up?” I asked.

He glanced at his watch as he shook his head.

“I managed to get ready without waking her this morning,” he replied, “I have to be in the office in a half hour, and I’m flying to Atlanta again this afternoon. I’ll see you guys Friday night.”

I thought quickly.

“Dad,” I said, “Would you mind if I traded cars with you while you’re gone?”

He looked thoughtful for a moment, and then shrugged. He pulled out his keys and removed the ring that had his car keys from the rest. I hustled into my room and grabbed my car keys to trade him.

“I’ll be careful,” I promised as we exchanged keys.

“I know you will,” he said confidently, giving me a hug before heading out the door.

I put in my morning workout—legs and abs today—and then showered and dressed before going to my parents’ room to wake my mother. It was still awfully early; the sun wasn’t up yet. It did mean that we had time for a lengthy discussion. Still, I hated to wake her. I stood next to my parents’ bed and looked at her in the dim light coming in from the hallway.

My mother is a beautiful woman. Her curly blonde hair partially obscured her face, and I softly pushed it behind her ear. I was struck once again how much Lisa resembled her. It made me wonder if that resemblance had anything to do with Lisa’s attachment to me. If she wanted a marriage like the one my parents had, and saw how much I resembled my father…

My mother moaned softly and stretched, snapping me out of my train of thought. The covers slid from her shoulder and exposed her upper body when she did that. I don’t know what you call the whisper-thin bit of lingerie she was wearing, but it didn’t hide a damned thing. My cock throbbed inside my boxers when I looked down at her thick, hard nipples, clearly visible right through the dark film of cloth.

For a moment, I regretted that I had gotten dressed after my shower. There was time, for once.

No sense in wasting it, I thought as I quickly undressed and slid into bed next to my mother. I wrapped my arms around her from behind, and she moaned and pressed her ass against my hard cock.

“Mmm. Good morning,” she mumbled softly.

“Good morning, Mom,” I replied, speaking softly into her neck.

She reached back and her hand closed on my stiff shaft, stroking it softly and giving it a squeeze.

“Mmm. Is this for me?” she asked.

“Yes ma’am,” I breathed into her neck.

I reached around her and cupped her breast in my hand. Mom raised her right leg slightly and began sliding the head of my cock between the lips of her pussy.

“Such a good boy,” she murmured, starting to feed it into her, “giving his Momma exactly what she needs.”

“Oh, Mom,” I moaned into her neck.

My mother’s pussy felt wonderful as it embraced me. She pushed her hips back into me, and I let her take charge and control the pace. I knew that this angle was ideal for stimulating her g-spot. In no time at all, she was soaking my shaft with her orgasmic juices. She kissed me softly after that, and then got up to use the bathroom. I lay in the bed and listened as she relieved her bladder and flushed, washing her hands afterward. She opened the bathroom door and leaned out, silhouetted by the bathroom light.

“Care to join me for a quick shower?” she asked, “I could use a good back scrubber.”

“Yes ma’am!” I answered, hopping out of the bed to join her.

If I could actually have a career as a back-scrubber, I know what I would do the rest of my life. There is something so alluring about the cascade of warm water over a sexy woman’s backside. I gently and thoroughly scrubbed my mother’s back in the shower. We rubbed our soapy front sides together and kissed beneath that spray.

After we had dried, my mother flipped the light on in the bedroom. She saw my discarded school clothes and looked at me.

“You didn’t come into my room naked,” she stated, “What did you have in mind when you came in?”

“I wanted to talk to you about Lisa,” I sighed, “But then I saw you in that sexy lingerie. I couldn’t resist.”

Mom glanced at the bedroom clock. I could tell she was calculating in her mind how much time we had.

“We could make breakfast and discuss it,” I suggested.

We settled on scrambled eggs and toast. It was quick, so we still had time to talk. My mother had slipped into her bathrobe and I teased her sexy bottom while she cooked the eggs. I was only wearing my boxers, so she returned the favor by sitting in my lap and teasing me with a fleeting lap dance before sliding over to her own chair to eat.

“So, you wanted to talk to me about Lisa,” Mom prompted before popping a bite of egg into her mouth.

I took a sip of juice and nodded.

“She stayed the night,” I said, “We had sex last night and again this morning. Dad was up when I walked her out to her car. He said she is obviously ‘head over heels in love’ with me, and that I could bet my ass she plans to marry me as soon as she can.”

“That’s how I see it,” Mom nodded, “Lisa is a sweet girl, and she worships you. I am sure that was the case even before she saw you in a swimsuit. I can only imagine how much more she wants you now that she has gotten to enjoy you in bed.”

“Should I not have done that?” I asked. “I mean, she is my teacher after all. I probably shouldn’t have had sex with her, right?”

My mother looked thoughtful as she chewed her breakfast.

“Well,” she finally said, “I’m your mother. You certainly shouldn’t have had sex with me, either, right?”

“You don’t want to marry me,” I countered.

“That’s not the point, Joshua,” she said, shaking her head, “You are jumping too far ahead on this. That’s my point. You are worrying about which one of these girls you should marry. You are concerned about how it will end before it’s even gotten started. Lisa is a gorgeous young woman who adores you and she will do anything you want. Trina is a sexy young thing who can’t keep her hands off of you. Leanne is your sister’s hot friend you have wanted for years, and she’s just out of reach. Am I missing someone?”

“Heather,” I said softly.

My mother’s eyes shot open.

“Really?” she murmured, “I figured she was too old for you…but I guess in a few years that wouldn’t be such an issue. Hm.”

“I feel like I’m stringing at least some of these women along,” I said, “I don’t want them to think—”

“Joshua, what did I just tell you?” she cut me off, “You’re getting way ahead of yourself. You still plan to go to college, right?”

I nodded.

“No doubt you will want to date in college,” she continued. “It’s entirely possible that you haven’t even met the woman yet who will be the love of your life. Had you even considered that?”

I had not. To be fair, once I heard Leanne say she wanted to marry me…maybe I had taken that too seriously. I sat and ate the rest of my breakfast lost in thought. Mom cleared her throat, and I looked up at her.

“Will you have time for me this afternoon?” she asked.

“I can always make time for you, Mom,” I answered automatically.

She stood up and leaned over me. Her bathrobe gaped open, putting her generous breasts right in my face. She reached into my lap and stroked my erection as she whispered in my ear.

“That’s good to hear,” she said, “Because for the rest of this week, Lisa isn’t the only one who will do anything you want.”

I groaned out loud at that. From where I sat, I could see the clock on the microwave. We didn’t have enough time…

“I should have skipped breakfast,” I grumbled.

My mother laughed at that, pushing my chair back. She dropped her robe and knelt between my legs, eagerly sucking my cock. I watched her and loved knowing that she was getting off on it. She wasn’t doing this just to make me happy. My mother has such a sexy body, and she looked amazing as she swallowed my dick.

“Oh, Mommy,” I hissed, knowing how that turned her on, “If you keep doing that, I’m going to come in your mouth.”

Her eyes lit up, and she sucked me even more vigorously. I leaned my head back and groaned as my mother sucked me dry.

* * *

I felt rushed as I drove to Trina’s house. It was really my imagination playing tricks on me, though. I had been up for hours and had done so much already that it felt like it was later than it was. When I arrived at Trina’s, I was actually fifteen minutes earlier than normal. The sun was just starting to make its appearance over the horizon when I parked my dad’s jeep and got out.

Now, I should explain that I had asked to switch cars with my dad for two reasons. First, I had promised to help Heather move, and my Mustang had no space to carry anything. Second, I liked it because his jeep was a fairly nondescript black vehicle. Unlike my Mustang, which was so easily recognizable, I could potentially drop in to visit Miss Cahill without announcing my presence just by pulling into the parking lot.

I was thinking about that, and thinking about the fact that I had never called her back as I walked up to Trina’s house. I glanced in the window and froze.

The blinds were down, but the slats were open enough to allow light to pass through the gauzy curtains. Deirdre sat back on the couch with her robe open. Her hands were working her breasts and squeezing her nipples. My girlfriend was on her knees with her head buried in her mother’s lap. I stood there with my mouth open and watched. I could hear Deirdre moaning when she came, bucking her hips into her daughter’s face.

What should I do?

I was not sure if I should knock, or go back to sit in the jeep and wait, or something else. I wound up standing there and watching as Trina rose and kissed her mother passionately. Despite the thorough job my own mother had done of draining my cock twenty minutes ago, I was already hard again. I waited until Trina went into the kitchen to pour a bowl of cereal, and then I knocked on the door. I was careful to keep a warm smile on my face when Deirdre opened the door with her robe wrapped tightly around her body.

“Good morning,” I said.

“Good morning, Josh,” she replied, returning my smile.

She welcomed me in, and I sat at the table while Trina ate her breakfast. I watched her and thought about what I had just seen. I didn’t want to confront her, obviously. I wondered if this was something I should bring up at all, ever. Deirdre fixed a cup of coffee and sat with us.

“You’re awfully quiet this morning,” she said.

I gave her another smile. She had that glow about her. The one that announced she had just had a very satisfying orgasm. I was so close to saying something cheeky, like ‘You look like you just got some. Are you dating again?’ but managed to restrain myself.

“I got up early and got my leg and abs workout in this morning,” I said instead. “My abs are burning right now, so I’m not as talkative as I might be otherwise.”

“Oh really?” she said, her eyes lighting up, “Let’s see those ripped abs, Josh!”

I played along, standing up and lifting my shirt to display my midsection. Trina smiled at me and shook her head, but Deirdre surprised us both. She sucked in her breath and reached out to run her hand over my abdominal muscles. Worse still, I was hard from the show they had unintentionally given me earlier.

“Damn,” Deirdre whispered.

“Mom!” Trina squawked around a mouthful of cereal, “Stop molesting my boyfriend!”

Deirdre reluctantly pulled her hand from my midsection, but then her eyes locked on the throbbing boner in my trousers. She had seen my dick clearly outlined in those embarrassingly tight jeans on Monday. I had told her then that I wasn’t aroused, but I guess she didn’t believe me. Now that she could see the outline of it in its hardened state, she stared in disbelief.

I looked at Trina again. She was blushing, obviously embarrassed as her mother stared at my dick. She shrugged at me apologetically. I released my shirt, letting it drop to cover my midsection. I sat down in my chair again. Deirdre definitely looked disappointed. Her hard nipples were obvious beneath that thin robe. I made sure not to stare.

Evidently I was a bit too obvious about averting my gaze. Trina gave me a wide-eyed look. She made an audible ‘gulp’ as she swallowed her mouthful of cereal. Trina was wearing a t-shirt. I could see her nipples hardening beneath it as she contemplated me from across the table. I was a little nervous about that. She hadn’t gotten aroused when I had exposed my abdominal muscles. I had to wonder what she was thinking now.

She looked like she really wanted to say something, but couldn’t bring herself to actually say it out loud. She shook her head in annoyance and quickly ate the rest of her cereal. She stood up after she had eaten, and I got a glimpse of her pale panties beneath her shirt. She still looked like she was thinking frantically as she rinsed her cereal bowl.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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