Change of Life Ch. 02

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As I pulled into the driveway I saw Shirl’s van gone, “Shit! Another Saturday afternoon alone”, I was thinking to myself. I went into the house and started the laundry. Seems that I have taken that job over completely now.

I turned on the TV and then went to clean the family room. I finished it in about an hour, and sat and watched the rest of an old John Wayne movie. Around 4 PM I called my daughter’s house and asked her if her mom was there and to see when she was planning to come home?

My daughter told me that Shirl had just left and was on her way home. I went into the freezer and took out two stakes and two big potatoes for dinner. Placing all of them in the microwave I looked out the window and saw my neighbor raking leaves. He had his two small kids out with him. Funny you never see his young wife with him. It’s like they hardly ever are together just like us! But when we were their age, we never were separated.

As the door opened I saw my wife with her arms full of things. I asked her if I could help and she told me she had it! I took the stakes and left them on the table as I looked at what she had purchased. More stuff we didn’t need, at least that was my opinion. I asked her how much she spent and she told me $80.00. I went to the checkbook and deducted it since she had used her debit card and most of the time forgot or didn’t care to enter the transactions. She said mater of factly, “I would have done that!”

I said, “Well that leaves us $27.00 until this Friday when you get paid. I asked you not to spend any money on things we didn’t need. We had 2 car insurance and 3 mortgage payments this month!”

She said, “I purchased food mostly! We need food don’t we?”

I said, “Jesus! We have top freezers and a big one in the basement full of food. For God sake you have more sewing stuff here too! Your sewing room is so full of stuff now you can’t into the fucking door!”

She said, “Oh bullshit! You always over state things!”

I said, “Well I hope we don’t a problem between now and Friday! We have exactly $27.00 bucks left.”

She didn’t answer me. I had extra money in savings and investments but I sure didn’t want to spend any of those funds. Finally I asked her, “You have been gone since 10 AM that’s all day again. Where could you go all day?”

She said, “I was with our daughter and grand kids. We went shopping.”

I said, “Every Saturday! You’re gone every Saturday. We never do anything together.”

She said, “Well I’m here what would you like to do?”

I said, “You missed my point! Oh hell, just forget it!”

She said, “Fine I will!”

I cooked the stakes and we ate in silence. Then we watched some TV before she went to bed at 9 PM. No kiss just a polite , “Good night!”

So there I sat on Saturday night, in the family room all by myself. At 1AM I turned off the boob tube and went up to bed. We slept in the same room but in separate beds. She has problems sleeping and so “WE” decide to put two double beds in the master bedroom. They were pushed together but the little body contact we had these days it didn’t matter. They could have been in separate rooms for all it was worth. I truly missed the closeness we use to have. Where, when, how did we get so distant from each other?

As I lay there looking up in the dark as the lights of the night move across the ceiling. My brain drifted back to the life we had once together.

While we were a couple, we never had much creativity in the sexual department. And it was 100% her fault we didn’t. She was always uncomfortable with sexual talk and things! All of our lives we had only fucked in our bed and then 95% of the time it was in the old missionary position. But sex with the woman you truly love is good or great no matter how or where you do it!

Now don’t get me wrong, I tired I really tried to introduce different things into our sex lives, but she always told me she wasn’t comfortable or didn’t want to try or do them again. I tried different places and positions but she always told me she like to do it in bed and in the missionary position the best. The only thing we did different now than we did the first time we made love was I now lifting her legs over her head and pressing her knees into her tits. She told me that did feel better I was deeper. We would always do it the same way. I would start with having to get her pajamas off and then her panties. Yes she always had on panties even if she knew we were going to have sex. Then as we fought for the sheet coving her body she would finally give in to my demands and needs. Yes, she slept with panties on every fucking night. After hearing her moan when she had to get undressed and take all the covers off of her body we would finally start to make love.

It involved me sucking and playing with her breast for a while, She did have nice breasts. Even with two children her nipples were red, long and hard. She didn’t have very big nipples at all but what she had were more than enough for me.

Then Fatih escort as I felt her nipples stiffen and get hard I would move my hand down her beautiful body and when I went between her legs, I would have to pry her legs open. She never opened them for me until she felt me pushing or pulling on them.

When I got her thighs opened enough I would slip my hand between them and cup her entire sex. Now she was soft and swollen and felt like Jell-O most of the time. When I ran my finger up her slit she would sigh and moan softly, some of the time! But other times there was complete silence on her part.

But, she would lie there almost like she was dead. As I stroked her pussy slit I could feel her warm soft pussy lips open and I knew she was getting more excited. But she didn’t show it very often. After I asked her or took her hand, she would take my cock and stroke me like it was a fucking stick. There was never much sexual stimulation in her touch. It was more like a task or a job as she began to beat me off. I told her more than once, “It’s not a stone be gentle and loving like I am with you!”

She would say, “Sorry!” and then put a little more effort into it.

When I had her pussy ready with my fingers, I would move around as we lay on our sides in a type of 69 position, I hoped she would take the hint. It was the position for her to suck my cock while I ate her pussy. But she never took my cock in her mouth without me asking her, “Lick me too babe!” She actualy did it 2 or 3 times but she wasn’t really into it at all.

Then she would suck me like she had stroked me not very loving. It was like she knew she had too, not like she wanted to. I decided she wasn’t going to suck my cock right. Hell when she did suck on it, it did little to stimulate me more.

Finally, I would just moved down and between her legs and push them open more so I could kneel between her thighs and begin to eat her pussy. Most of the time I could hear her sigh with pleasure. Sometimes she would arch her back and lift her as up off the bed. Once or twice I actually heard a little cry as my mouth touched her open slit. And, once maybe twice I actually heard her said very softly, “Oh yes!” when I began to lick and suck on her cunt.

I did know she really enjoyed the oral sex every time I gave it to her. I would have gladly done it every night for her if she would had given me any indication she wanted me too! I even told her I would be happy to eat her pussy anytime she wanted it. She never asked me in all the years that we were married. I just did it each time we had sex.

Now I closed my eyes as I lay in my own bed tonight remembering how she smelled, tasted and felt on my tongue as I buried it deep into her pussy. The way she would arch her hips and ass up off the bed and pumped on my face as I licked her entire pussy up and down. I remembered how her hips would pump and fuck my mouth as I sucked on her hard clit making her cum! God I was hard thinking about her and what it felt like to make love to her. If I didn’t love her so fucking much I would have left her years ago.

My cock was really hard now as I lay there in my bed stroking it. It seemed I did that almost every night, night after night. As I slowly stroked my dick thinking about the woman in the bed next to me I seemed to fill up with hurt and sadness wondering why she didn’t love me like she had, if she ever had.

I came back to reality and remembered what happened when I would touched her clit! Oh how she would cum for me! I would locate her clit with my fingers first and stroke her to get her off. Then I would tongue fuck her pussy hole as I gently ran my fingers over that hard little sex nut again. It wasn’t very large but it must have been very sensitive because it took only a few minutes of licking or touching it to make her cum hard. She did cum easy for someone who seemed like she had no sex drive to speak of at all.

She always, I mean always climaxed when I ate her I was sure of that. I knew she loved my mouth on her pussy and I loved pleasing her that way. I loved her so much! But as soon as she climaxed once, I would stay on her pussy trying to please her more. But, she would always pull my head up from between her legs and moaning, “Come on! On come! Come……on!”

I would come up look down at her as she took my hard cock in her hands and guided it to and against her open wet pussy hole. She would lift her legs a little and allow me to push a few times into her before I was fully inside her. She was always extremely tight another sign she wasn’t having an affair, I figured. Even after having two kids it took a few seconds to get into her. Sometimes it hurt her she was that small and tight. She was under used and so was I!

We would start out slowly with me pushing and pulling as my cock moved in and out of her body! Her juices coating the shaft and swollen cock head as I pushed further and further into her body. She kept her eyes closed and let me do all the work. Fındıkzade escort bayan Once I was fully inside her, I would begin to move faster and faster and bend down to suck one of those long hard red nipples into my mouth! She held on to me and after a time I would actually feel her thrust back a little. Still I was the one moving on her fucking her with all the love and desire in my body. I so tried to please her every time hoping she would want more. But she never did.

As I began to feel my own body moving closer to an orgasm, I would lift her legs over my shoulders and began to thrust into her now. Her breathing was all that told me how close she was to orgasm. She didn’t move much. She hardly said a word, as we made love, in all the years we had been married.

Except for that week in the islands she was like a different woman. In the islands she was a good lover and loving and worked with me. Now she was a “dead fish” type of lover and I could never get her to tell me why the change. She said I was imagining it! She was the same person she had always been. But I knew different.

Now as I moved her closer and closer to her first cock orgasm, she made almost no sounds, a few grunts as I pumped into her hard. As my passion built to a hell of a fever, I began to ram into her and could feel her hole become more wet and smooth as my shaft penetrated her again and again. She was lifting her ass up and thrusting her hips a little and I knew she was about to climax.

As she started to orgasm I could feel her grunts and soft moans as I felt the walls of her pussy begin squeezing my cock just like the first time we fucked. It was the best feeling in the world when you give your lover, your partner, your sole mate the pleasure you know she enjoys and then feel the return as her body moves to love you back.

I can’t remember when she didn’t have at least one orgasm from our fucking most of the time she had more than one. Our sex together was good when we had it. It could have been a lot better but it was always good and we both enjoyed it. I knew she enjoyed it, her body told me and I got her off at least 4 times before we finished!

As I pumped into her one last time she tried to hold me with her arms around my neck. With her legs up and her knees pressed against her breasts I buried my cock as deep as I could into her body and began shooting cum into her filling her hole to over flow. When I released her legs she would always wrap them around me and hump me until she was tired or I was soft and fell out of her pussy.

But now laying in my own bed by myself, I had my shorts wrapped around my cock, and I masturbating into them cumming hard and long as I worked my orgasm to completion. It was done. I felt sexual relief but now the sadness came back. As I lay there in the afterglow of my manual orgasm I started thinking. Over all the years we had been married my wife had never, I mean not one time asked me for sex in anyway. I closed my eyes and remembered my old friend, Paul, telling me they still fucked every night and they had been married for about 25 years.

His wife was 8 years younger than he was, and she seemed to never get enough. We were very good friends and talked about all of our problems. In fact he told me they had talked about perhaps inviting someone else to their bed. They had talked more than once about having Amanda fuck him and the other guy too. It wasn’t that she didn’t want Paul any more, no not at all. It was more like Paul knew he wasn’t and couldn’t satisfying her completely. And while she hadn’t cheated on him, at least he didn’t think she did, he knew sooner or later she might. She had an extremely high sex drive. I laughed and asked Paul if she could share some of that with my wife who had almost none! We both laughed and said, “Maybe we should just switch wives every other week.” Again we both laughed hard. We played cards with them about once a month and we all enjoyed each other’s company but never even flirted much with each other. It was a nice friendship.

Paul told me, Amanda wanted, no make that needed more than Paul could now give her these days. He was a little scared about her with other men. So he wasn’t sure if he could do what she had suggested! He didn’t say yes or no to the idea. He said, “Christ Bud! I feel like I’m still on my honeymoon every weekend and when I’m drained she is still ready to go again! I have eaten her pussy for an hour one night after I shot into it. That’s the first time I ever tasted my own cum! But I did it because she was still so worked up after we fucked. I’m taking a sex drug almost every fucking day just before I leave work to go home. It’s like she fucks me as soon as I walk into the house almost every night! Then we do it after dinner again! I can’t get it up twice every night and so I eat her a great deal getting her off with my fingers, mouth and the vibrator I purchased for her about 3 months ago.”

I wondered why Shirl wasn’t like that? Escort Gaziosmanpaşa I sincerely wished she were! Our sex life sucked! Especially the amount of time we actually spent doing it! I said to myself, “Now that I think about it, we never did have a great sex life!” I remembered that after the first 6 months it was already down to once a week, maybe twice if I was lucky. When we did it she told me how good it was and always agreed with me to do it more often.

Every time I told her I wanted to do it more, she would always agree and told me she would try. But she never did. When I tried again the next night or the night after that, she was always tired or how hard she had worked that day, or she didn’t feel well or she had her period, or headache, etc., etc., etc! And sometimes I just gave up.

We continued to talk about doing it more but only if I was the one who brought the subject up. Otherwise she never said a word about it. Again she never spoke about doing something new or even doing more of the same. It was like she didn’t care if we ever had sex.

The years past and we had two children a girl and a boy. After they came she was told she shouldn’t have any more kids. I got snipped so she wouldn’t have to take drugs or have a major operation. I agree to be ‘fixed’ for her. But my sexual urge was still there, maybe more now that I knew I couldn’t get her pregnant. But now it seemed she could care less and didn’t want sex at all. I almost had to insist!

With two kids and both of us working, it was now down to once every two-week maybe. I began to jerk off more to relieve myself. A married man jerking off two, three, sometimes four times a week or more seemed unnatural. So, I tried to talk to her again about doing it more. She agreed we should do it more often and that she really did enjoy it. So for two weeks we would do it 2 times a week! Then after about three weeks we had drifted back to once a week and then finally once every two weeks. I went back to masturbation feeling like I would have to accept it. Plus the doctor told me to do it to keep my prostrate small.

Some Sunday mornings I would wake up and moved over to her bed. I moved under the covers and slid my arm around her cupping her breast. As I kissed her neck i would touch her as lovingly and as softly as I knew how to do. She moved and woke up. She moved my hand off of her tit! I moved it to her pelvis and she took my hand in hers and held it on her stomach and told me to keep my hand still. She was tired! We lay there with me trying and her fighting me. Finally I got frustrated and said, “Great!”

I got up and she said, “You know I’m not a morning person!”

I said, “You’re not a anything person.”

“What do you mean by that?” she asked.

I didn’t answer her, I left the room and went downstairs and made coffee. I put on my shoes and went out to rake leaves. About 2 hours later she came out and said, “I’m going to go to the sewing club I’ll be back at 6 PM.”

She drove off and after finishing the leaves I went in and watched football. At 6 PM she came home and put the stuff she had purchased or made away. She showed me what she had started on and we ate dinner. Then at 9 PM she went to bed. I put in a porn movie and watched it as I jerked off twice. At 12:30 AM I went up to the bedroom. She was asleep. That’s pretty much how our lives were now. We hardly talked and when we did it was bickering or fight or being nasty!

Monday morning came to quickly and she smiled and said, “Bye” and left. Twenty minutes later I was ready to leave. But as I passed the dirty clothes hamper I stopped and dumped the clothes out on the bathroom floor and into the basket to take them down and wash them.

As I did, I checked them closely not really knowing what I was looking for. Nothing, I looked her panties over very carefully, nothing out of the ordinary. There was no cum stains or any indication she was being fucked by someone else. I checked her van when I washed it every week if she was home long enough. I never found anything to make me think she was fooling around either. I checked her coats and clothes for after-shave or other smells I didn’t recognize. I looked for stains or anything that would have me believe she was cheating on me. I even checked the buttons on her clothes to se if they were pulled or loosen.

I just couldn’t believe a woman wouldn’t have such a low sex drive. I was almost sure she was cheating on me but never caught her in all those years and believe me I did check. I followed her from time to time but she always went where she said she was going. Over the years I never found one thing that indicated she was cheating on me. She just didn’t like sex.

Then one day she left to go to the sewing center and I decide to follow her. She drove fast and I lost her in the traffic on the highway. So I drove to the sewing center and looked for her van. Sure enough it was there. But I made sure and walked into the place. The only guy there was easy to spot and she asked me why I was there. I told her we had to switch cars since Paul had asked me to help deliver a piece of furniture to his house. We exchanged keys and I drove off thinking I was an untrusting sole. Other than the sexual problem she had been a great mother and wife over the years we had been married.

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