Changes – His View Ch. 02

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I returned to the bedroom and my sexy wife sprawled nude on our bed. I stood in the middle of the floor and said, “WOW!”

Amy grinned back and said, “Wow indeed! Holy shit Tim. What a wild night. Sex hasn’t ever been this good. I sure am glad that you are ok with me and Jon. And you sucking his dick like that! Whatever possessed you to do that? Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining at all. I discovered that it excited the hell out of me to watch you do that. Tonight certainly didn’t go the way I thought it was going to go after you confronted us. Not at all. But I am very happy how things turned out.”

I lay on the bed and wrapped her in my arms. I kissed her, then said, “Amy honey, I agree. This has been one wild night. I had my fantasy of watching Jon fuck you realized and it was one of the most erotic things I have ever experienced. I have to confess that for a long time I have wanted to ask you if we could invite Jon to join us in bed but I was afraid you would freak out. I know it turned you on when we fantasized about it, but I really didn’t think you would do it for real.”

Amy looked stunned. She shook her head and said, “Tim, I had desires for Jon from the first day we met him, but I love you. Yes, fantasizing with you about him was a big turn on. I wanted so many times to tell you that I wanted to make that fantasy a reality, but I just couldn’t bring myself to say the words.

“Every time I thought I was ready to bring it up I chickened out and decided against it. I found it impossible to believe that it was really something you wanted to happen. I had a feeling you wouldn’t take it well; me wanting to fuck Jon. Talking about it during sex was a powerful stimulant for both of us, but I thought if you wanted Jon to join us you would have brought it up. So I kept my desires secret.”

Holy shit! All the time we wasted by not being honest with each other. “Amy, last Wednesday when I discovered you were fucking Jon my immediate reaction was heart break that you had cheated. Not that you had fucked him, but that you had done it behind my back. The revelation that you and he were having sex was a huge turn on for me. The knowledge that Jon’s dick had been in you that afternoon was very arousing.

“As for what possessed me to do the rest is something that is still confusing to me. I guess it all started with the showers at the gym. I now believe that from the first time I saw Jon fully naked, tonight was going to happen. I can now admit that seeing him naked turned me on. I confess that I have fought for months the urge to touch his dick. Just touch it; hold it. Feel it’s weight and girth in my hand as I guided it to your pussy. Then Wednesday afternoon happened.

“When I went down on you the smell and taste of his cum in your pussy turned me on like nothing before. When I put my mouth on your pussy the taste of Jon’s cum triggered my raw lust. I never thought I would do something like that, but I have to tell you; I couldn’t get enough. Then tonight when I went down on you after he fucked you, Jesus; I enjoyed doing that immensely.

“Now, as for sucking Jon’s dick. I liked the idea of doing it while you watched me. I would like to say that I did it just to shock you, but the truth is I had a strong desire to find out what it would be like to suck his dick. It was almost like a compulsion. Once I started sucking him it seemed very natural and to my surprise I discovered that I liked the sensations sucking his dick gave me. I liked the feel and texture of it in my mouth. I finally appreciated your efforts in pleasing me in that way.”

When I shut up Amy exclaimed, “Oh Tim, I am so turned on right now. Make love to me sweetheart. “

I was very happy that Amy was okay with me sucking Jon’s dick. Feeling all the love I had for this woman, I tried sounding gallant. I knew it was cheesy, but. “I would be honored to have the pleasure of attending your needs my love. Whatever you want. Just ask and it’s yours.”

We fucked one last time. It was a real quickie, but it took the edge off from our conversation. I ate her pussy clean and gave her one last small orgasm. I was amazed by how much sex we had indulged in tonight. Our sex life had just got a huge infusion of erotic adventure and we were loving it.

As we lay there, slowly drifting into sleep, Amy had one more thing to tell me and I was happy to hear it. “Tim, there is something I want the next time we have sex with Jon. I want to experience both of you fucking me at the same time.”

“I think that can be arranged for you, baby. Jon and I have already agreed that he should spend the night with us tomorrow. I’m looking forward to giving you that experience for sure.”

I woke up early the next morning with a raging piss hard. Amy was laying on her back, softly snoring; the covers kicked off her naked body. I thought about running my hand across her sleeping form, but nature was calling too loudly. I eased out of bed and went to the bathroom to gaziantep eskort bayan relieve myself. Standing over the toilet letting my bladder drain I thought about what had transpired the night before. I had no regrets about any of it. I finished peeing and prepared to take a shower. Once under the warm spray of water my thoughts returned to last night. Thinking about sucking Jon’s fat dick was getting me aroused. My dick got hard and instead of masturbating I decided to return to bed and wake Amy. I chuckled to myself as the thought of a cream pie for breakfast crossed my mind. I got out of the shower and started to dry off.

As I was toweling the water from my body Amy walked into the bathroom. She said good morning and sat on the toilet to pee. My dick was still semi hard and twitched as I watched my lovely wife’s tits rise and fall with each breath she took. Amy was looking at my dick and smiled. She said, “Come here big boy and let me suck your cock.” It was an invitation I couldn’t refuse. Amy sucked my dick as she sat on the thunder throne. Her ministrations were so good that I passed on the cream pie and let her get me off. After she drained me she hiked her ass onto the vanity and invited me to eat her. Which I did until she orgasmed. I guess you could say I got the pie, but she got the cream.

After she got off I left her to shower and dressed for the gym. I was just finishing up a bowl of cereal when she came into the kitchen. I gave her a kiss and headed out the door to meet Jon. She reminded me that she was going shopping with her girl friends and would be home sometime in the afternoon. I told her to have fun and went out the back door heading to Jon’s house.

Jon greeted me with a huge smile and asked if I was ready for an invigorating workout. “Hell yes. I’m ready to kick your ass in Handball too; I joked. We piled into his truck and set off for the gym. Once on the road Jon cleared his throat and said, “Uh, Tim. Are you still good with everything? Are we still good?”

I looked at him and honestly replied. “Yes, I am more than good with everything that happened last night. No regrets. The sex between the three of us was fantastic. I am ready for round two tonight, buddy.”

Jon sighed and said, “That’s great, Tim, but that’s not exactly what I meant. I was afraid that you might have had second thoughts about our friendship. I mean, if you did I would totally understand. I truly am sorry I had sex with Amy behind your back. I really do love you and Amy like family and it would break my heart if I had damaged our relationship by not being honest with you.”

Oops, my bad. “Jon, like I told you last night; I forgive you both for that indiscretion. I do understand how it happened so let’s not look to the past but the future. Okay? You are my best friend and I love you man. I know Amy loves you too. The three of us are family and after last night I feel we are closer that ever.”

Jon tapped his fingers on the steering wheel and drove in silence for several minutes then said, “Tim, you are the first man I have ever had sex with and I am still trying to adjust to that. I never imagined that I would let a man suck my cock, but I enjoyed you sucking me last night. I loved the double attention you and Amy gave me. Like I said last night; I have no desire to reciprocate. As long as you are good with that I think you, Amy and I are going to have an awesome relationship.”

I was pleased to hear Jon say he wanted to continue our expanded relationship. I decided to be totally honest with him. “Well Jon, I am perfectly fine with the one way nature when it comes to sex with you. Please understand, this is all new to me too. Honestly, I have never had a desire to do anything sexual with a man until I met you. I can’t explain how or why the desire to do it came about, but there was something about you that just drew both Amy and me to you. I have thought about it a lot and I think it actually started on the first day we met. I know Amy sure started coming out of her shell that day.

“I think the real change in me started the first time we showered together at the gym. Looking at your naked body gave me feelings I never experienced before. I denied those feelings for a long time, but as our friendship grew so did my attraction to you. I have fantasized for months about sucking your dick but was afraid to bring it up to you. Then last Wednesday happened. That’s when I decided I had to try. I’m glad I finally did because I discovered I like it a lot. I don’t think I’m gay because the thought of doing anything with a man other than you does nothing for me. Besides, I still love sex with Amy. I think that when it comes to you my libido has expanded to Bi. But we have to stop talking about it now. My dick is hard and we are almost to the gym.”

Jon laughed and said, “Yeah. Mine too, buddy.”

We rode the last few blocks in silence. By the time Jon parked his eskort bayan gaziantep truck we had our erections under control. We went in and had a really great workout and one hell of a good game of Handball. Although as hard as I tried, Jon still won.

When we showered I found the experience much improved. I no longer had to hide my ogling of Jon’s body. We were the only ones in the showers so I openly watched him. It was obvious he was teasing me as he slowly stroked his soapy dick. I wanted to step over to him and stroke it for him, but I resisted that urge. After all we were in a public shower and someone could walk in at any moment. I still had to turn my back to him and finish my shower so I could stave off another erection though.

When we got home from the gym Jon and I combined our labor and did yard work in both our yards. Jon stripping to his waist didn’t help my situation. My dick was hard in my pants from watching his sweat slick muscles flex as he worked. The whole time we toiled I couldn’t stop thinking about sucking his dick later on that night.

Working together we finished all the cutting and trimming before noon. As I was leaving to put up my lawn equipment Jon said to me, “Why don’t you put that stuff away and come over for a cold beer? We can cool down before getting cleaned up.”

I thought that was an excellent idea. I cleaned and stored my equipment, then walked back to Jon’s. When I entered the kitchen he was sitting at the breakfast bar a cold beer in his hand. Another one was sitting across from him. We drank our beer and talked about what we were doing for dinner. When we had that figured out Jon said, “Hey, I’m headed to the shower to get rid of this grime.” He hesitated for a moment then continued, “Go ahead and finish your beer and I’ll see you and Amy around five.”

He left me in the kitchen to finish my beer. I am a slow drinker. As I sat there sipping my beer images of Jon standing naked in his shower stroking his hard dick danced through my head. I had an urge to go get in the shower with him and suck his dick. I had been aroused all morning and the images didn’t help my situation. I finished my beer and stood to leave.

Instead of walking to the door I walked down the hallway deeper into the house. As I reached for the bathroom door handle the door opened and Jon stepped out into the hallway. We were almost face to face. He was naked. He didn’t look shocked to see me. In fact he was smiling. Without saying anything I dropped to my knees and took his flaccid cock in my hand. I loved the weight of it as I slowly stroked him. Leaning forward I put the head of his dick in my mouth. I tried to get all of it in, but even soft it gagged me.

I sucked to put vacuum pressure on the head as I stroked the tip with my tongue. It felt good in my mouth. I pulled my sweats down to free my aching cock. I stroked myself as I sucked him. I felt his dick start to grow. It hardened and pushed me up the shaft until only the head and a couple of inches were left in my mouth. I ran my tongue around the base of the head and Jon moaned.

Jon was leaning against the door frame, his hands on either side of my head. He started to rock back and forth; fucking my mouth. I loved the sensations his dick head produced as it slid across my tongue. I quit stroking myself because it was distracting me. I used that hand to cup his heavy balls and fondle them. I started pushing my head forward as he pushed his hips forward causing me to take more of his dick in. My jaw ached from stretching so far, but I wanted more.

This was different from last night. Then I was nervous and curious about sucking Jon’s dick. This was pure sexual lust. Several times I gagged myself as the head hit the opening to my throat. Every time I gagged I withdrew completely leaving long streamers of saliva looped from my lips to his dick head. I was sucking him furiously now. Saliva was flowing freely and pooling on the floor between us. My sole focus was on making him cum. I wanted to feel his hot fluid shooting into my mouth as the slightly salty, pungent flavor exploded on my tongue. I was craving the feeling of his cum sliding down my throat.

After what seemed like too short of a time Jon stiffened and moaned as he shot a heavy load of cum into my mouth. I held the head between my lips as he emptied his balls. I swallowed it all. I sucked the head of his dick until I was satisfied I had gotten every drop before letting it slip from my mouth. Standing up I smiled and said, “Thank you.” Turning without saying another word; I left him slumped against the door frame of his bathroom.

I walked across our lawns in a daze. The impact of what I had just done started hitting me as I entered the rear door of my house. There was no denying that I liked to suck his dick now. I tried to put those thoughts away as I went to take a shower before Amy got home from shopping. In the shower gaziantep bayan eskort I discovered it was impossible to banish those thoughts. The slick silky feeling of the soap as I stroked my dick brought images of the scene in Jon’s hallway flooding into my mind. My dick was rock hard as I stroked it slowly. I rinsed the soap off before I irritated the tender cock flesh and continued to stroke myself. I was deep in a fantasy of Jon fucking Amy as I licked both of them and didn’t hear the bathroom door open so I didn’t know Amy was home until the shower door opened. Amy looked at my hard dick in my hand and smiled.

“I don’t know what you are thinking about right now, but I’ll finish that job for you.” She stepped into the shower with me. She kneeled in front of me and put it in her mouth, pushing forward to take almost the full length of me. She sucked as she moved back and forth on my dick for several strokes then removed me from her mouth. Amy looked up at me and said, “What were you thinking about while you were beating off?”

I wanted to tell her I was thinking about sucking Jon’s dick in his hallway less than an hour ago, but I worried what she would think of me. Sure, she was there when I sucked his dick last night, but that was during sex with the three of us. How would she react if I told her I couldn’t resist sucking his dick this morning? So, I said, “I was thinking about tonight and sucking Jon’s dick before he fucked you.”

Amy moaned. “Really? Is that all? Damn baby.” She started sucking me again. This time vigorously. She sucked my dick and fondled my balls as she moaned. She was massaging her tits; pinching the nipples. It only took her a couple minutes before she was rewarded with a hot load of cum. Amy stood up and kissed me slipping her tongue in my mouth. She hadn’t swallowed everything and the flavor exploded on my tongue. When she broke the kiss she said, “There’s a little taste of what’s to come tonight. Pun intended.” Her tits jiggled as she giggled.

I wanted a taste of her right then so I sank to my knees and put my mouth over her pussy. She lifted a leg and draped it over my shoulder giving me room to spread her petals and taste her nectar. I buried my tongue in her, tasting her sweet juices before letting it slip upward to caress her clit until she was moaning and begging me to fuck her. As I stood up Amy spun around to face the wall. I spread her legs and reached around to squeeze a tit as I tried to get my semi hard dick in her. It took a little effort, but I was successful. Amy moaned as I stroked in and out of her hot pussy. My dick was hard now so I let go of her tit and grabbed her hips, steadying her so I could hammer harder. My hips were slamming into her ass cheeks making a slapping sound on every stroke.

My senses were screaming with delight as my dick slid in and out of her pussy. All of a sudden Amy tensed up and climaxed. She shook all over as she moaned. “Oh god, oh god. Yes yes yes. Ooh fuck, I’m cumming baby. Fuck me hard. Don’t stop.”

I continued to pound her for a couple more minutes before I stiffened, my dick buried deep in her pussy. I felt my dick throb as my cum flooded her vagina. I love that feeling. I embraced her from behind and squeezed both her tits. I kissed her neck and whispered, “I love you, Amy. More than anything.” She leaned her whole body against the wall and sighed.

After I kneeled down and sucked my cum out of her pussy I got out of the shower and dried off. Amy stayed in a little longer before she too got out to dry off. When Amy walked into the bedroom I was pulling on a comfortable pair of slacks. Amy sat on the bed and watched me as I dressed. I dug out a nice button up shirt from my closet and put it on. I looked at Amy sitting on the bed naked. “Aren’t you getting dressed? I mean, you are beautiful like that, but I was hoping you would wear something a little less revealing to the restaurant.”

She laughed and said, “No, Tim. I am going to take a nap so I’ll be ready for action tonight. Tim, I really enjoyed our shower just now. I am looking forward to tonight when Jon comes over, but what we did just now was special. I want you to know that I will never have sex with Jon again unless you are there too. I love you and I will never do that behind your back again.”

I knew right then I had to tell Amy about what I had done with Jon earlier. I sat beside her and stroked her leg on the inside of her thigh. Amy put her hands behind her and leaned on them giving me an open invitation.

“Don’t be making promises that you might not be able to keep, babe. There could be in the future a situation where an opportunity arose that could cause you to break that promise. But don’t worry. You don’t need to make that promise because you have my blessing to have sex with Jon any time you want.”

Amy was insistent. “Oh Tim, I really mean it. I don’t want to have sex with him again unless you are there with us. I appreciate your trust and I know you love me enough to let me…”

I stopped her talking with two fingers pressed to her lips. “Now listen to me. I want you to feel free to have sex with Jon at any time of your choosing. Let me tell you about my day and you will understand. When you got into the shower with me just now I wasn’t thinking about tonight. I was thinking about what I did with Jon this morning.”

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