Changes in the Neighborhood Pt. 08

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This is a continuation of chapter seven taking place in the backyard of my big boobed neighbor, Denise. Julie is with us as we continue our sexual exploits.


It’s been a wild Thursday for sure. I had planned to putter around the backyard mowing and trimming the bushes in the nude. Also, on my agenda was time to clean Denise’s pool. I enjoy being naked whenever I’m in the backyard and today is no exception.

I only had on my sandals and floppy hat when I used the pass-thru gate to get to Denise’s pool. I was using the pool brush to clean the oval pool when I was startled by a whistle and yell.

“Hey sexy, nice cock. Come on over so I can get a better look.”

I was so focused on cleaning the pool that I didn’t see both Denise and Julie laying naked on the chaise lounges. Their tits swayed in the gentle breeze. They have a rare day off together since corporate management is in town. They planned to work on their tans, read trashy novels and maybe even play together. But now that I arrived, they wanted to have a threesome.

They used all sorts of tactics to get me join them like pressing boobs into my back and grabbing my cock. Denise spread out an armload of blankets and brought out a yellow box filled with sex toys. As I looked at all the vibrators and lube in the box, they showed me that they already had butt plugs in their tushes.

They pulled a surprise on me by inserting a smaller plug in my ass and rolling a cock ring onto my shaft. Both objects had me rock hard in only a few minutes. I was instructed to lie on the chaise lounge and watch as they engaged in a hot 69 coupling. Denise warned me not to masturbate or cum without their permission. As I watched the Sprouts co-workers lick each other’s cunt and suck on clits, it caused my cock to harden like never before and leak a lot of pre-cum without anyone touching me.

Both ladies experienced wonderful orgasms as they shared their passion for the very first time. Julie looked at me and realized I was about to burst. She crawled over to me lying on the lounger and wrapped her lips around my cock. As soon as her lips touched my shaft, I shot a huge amount of cum into her mouth and onto her face. That was the start of our morning.

After a brief respite Julie wanted something hard in her pussy. I needed a little more time to get hard and suggested the girls use the 15-inch double-head dildo. I helped to position the green dildo between their open legs. I watched their fingers run circles around their clits as they coaxed another orgasm from one another. They ended up grinding their pussies together in a scissor position that was straight out of a porn video. Their second shared orgasm was too much for me so I stood over them and blasted my cum all over their tits. Of course, they licked my jizz from their boobs and I helped.

After a quick dip in the pool Denise asked if we were hungry and ordered a pizza to be delivered. And Julie was still horny. Well I couldn’t help since I had cum twice already and Denise had to wait for the pizza delivery. So, Julie comes up with the crazy idea that I wear the strap-on with the fake seven inch cock and fuck her. Denise was shocked, but Julie was demanding and so I fucked her in the missionary position.

Denise was entertained. She clapped and whistled her approval. She said we looked hot but didn’t want me to wear out Julie’s pussy and to save some for her. We got ourselves into a nice rhythm as Julie spurred me on with encouragement. All of a sudden, we hear a voice shout out, Pizza delivery.

Denise shouted back that she was in the backyard. A young kid walked into the backyard and was dumb founded seeing me fucking Julie with the strap-on and seeing Denise in the buff with her fabulous huge boobs. She teased him relentlessly asking his name, age, dating experience and how much the pizza costs. She grabbed his hands and placed them on her tits. She placed a couple of twenty-dollar bills in his pockets and then pulled his pants down. She grabbed his cock and stroked his shaft a few times before giving him a blowjob.

Apparently, he has not learned to manscape, as Denise chastised him for almanbahis having hairy balls. He didn’t last long with Denise’s talented mouth and was about to drop his load. Denise pulled his cock from her lips and asked us if she should let him cum in her mouth. We both shouted a resounding “YES.”

Denise gobbled him up and swallowed a huge amount of his jizz. She kissed him and shoved her tongue down his throat, snow balling him, which caught him off guard. I don’t think he had ever tasted his own sperm. After the blowjob, Denise sent him on his way telling him to shave his balls before his next delivery.”

When he left, I ground the fake cock into Julie’s pussy and another climax surged through her body. We laid together for a few minutes before joining Denise at the patio table. I teased her about liking a little bit of white sauce with her pizza. We took our seat at the table and tore into the meat pizza pie.

This brings us to the present as we look forward to the afternoon. Three naked people enjoying each other’s company. The ladies and I still have our butt plus filling our rear ends. We each enjoyed a couple of slices of pizza before heading back to the blankets in the middle of the yard. Our stomachs and sexual libidos are satisfied for the time being. I lie on my back in the middle. Denise and Julie are on either side and nestled into my side. They take turns stroking my cock trying to get me hard. They are succeeding.

I haven’t been inside Denise nor Julie today and I long to feel the hot, wet confines of a pussy. Julie is the first to answer.

“I want you inside my pussy. I have another position to try. I’ll use the strap-on with Denise and you get behind me and take my cunt.”

Denise agrees only if I have enough stamina to fuck her later. Julie gets the strap-on and dildo from the patio table. Denise gets onto all fours with her nice wide ass sticking up. I take the opportunity to tap her butt plug, letting her know I like what I see. Julie returns to us with the dildo already strapped in and ready to fuck. I pull some lube from the yellow box and pour some lotion onto the shaft. I spread the lube with my hand.

Julie kneels behind Denise and prepares to take her doggy style. Julie lines up the dildo with Denise’s slit and pushes her hips against Denise. My hands are sticky with lube, so I palm Julie’s tits and massage the oil into her skin. I tweak her nipples and tell her to have fun. My cock is rejuvenated and I’m ready to slide into Julie’s wet quim. She fucks Denise slowly, pushing and pulling the full length of the silicon cock.

I stand behind Julie with my cock in hand and squat down. I tell her to push the fake cock into Denise and hold still. I move in behind Julie and aim my hard shaft toward her pink slit. I step forward and separate here puffy lips with my spongy glans. As I lean in, my cock slides into her flesh. I feel the hard surface of the butt plug along the top of my shaft. I ease in all the way. Our three bodies are now merged. Julie and Denise are filled.

I pull Julie’s hips back. The dildo slides along Denise’s inner flesh. I withdraw my shaft until just my tip is covered. I push back in and force Julie into Denise. They both grunt as we come together again. I use the same move again as we slide back and forth together. We begin a gentle rhythm of moving in and out. I hold Julie’s hips and Julie holds Denise. As we get used to our synchronized loving, we speed up. Juices are flowing.

Denise is ready for a change.

“Julie pull my plug out and fuck me in the ass.”

Her request catches us off-guard, but we want to please her. I pull away from Julie and she withdraws the dildo from Denise’s pussy. Denise reaches back and spreads her cheeks. Julie grabs the plug and gives it a good pull. It slides out with little resistance. Denise’s backdoor is wide open and ready to be filled again. Julie quickly plunges her silicon cock into Denise before her gaping rear hole shuts. Her tight sphincter captures the shaft.

Julie holds tight against Denise and looks back at me.

“Do me Rob.”

I grab the sparkling red knob sticking out of Julie’s rear and tug. I pull harder and it pops almanbahis giriş out. I grab my shaft and plunge into Julie’s ass. Her O-ring immediately collapses around my cock. I am trapped in her backside. I feel a sense of tightness I haven’t experienced in a long time. It feels exquisite. I push deep into Julie’s cavern and hold tight. Julie begins to move her strap-on back and forth as she saws Denise’s ass.

“Gawd Julie, that’s it. Fuck my asshole. Fuck me good while I rub my pussy. I want to cum like this.”

Julie and I get back into our rhythm again, only this time it’s a much tighter fit. I push into her as she pushes into Denise. Denise is busy fingering her clit as she takes the sex toy up her ass. The dual stimulation sets her on course for an explosive climax. Julie pumps harder and Denise’s fingers rub faster. I hold tight to Julie’s hips to keep my cock buried in her tush. Our bodies nearly drive Denise into the ground. She furiously rubs her pussy as her orgasm washes over her body. Her juices are squirting everywhere.

“Oomph. Ge’ez’s. Cuming… cummmmmiiiinnmnnggggg. Oh yes, oh yes. Keep fucking me Julie.”

Denise rides through a well-deserved release. Her big booty shakes with the pounding Julie is providing. We continue to move in and out for a few more minutes while Denise emerges from her vaginal contractions. We break apart as Denise plops down spread eagle on the blankets. My shaft pops out of Julie’s ass and we join her on the ground.

Julie and I are happy for Denise, but feeling a bit unfulfilled. This threesome scenario has us ready to go for more and experience a rousing climax. We lie in a heap for ten minutes soaking up the midday heat. My cock remains stiff and I’m sure Julie’s pussy is still wet. I suggest that it’s time for my lovers to mount me. I want one on my cock and one on my face. They are more than happy to comply.

The temperature has reached 85 degrees and the sun is shining down upon us. I ask the girls if they want to cool off in the pool before we join and they both say no. They’ll swim after another orgasm. Julie seems to be insatiable today.

“Let’s enjoy one more before we go. Besides Rob, you haven’t cum since this morning, you must be ready to explode.”

I must admit my hard-on has been with me for the past hour. Having Julie’s tight sphincter around my shaft kept me from cuming in her ass. What I need is a soft, wet pussy to soothe my cock and wrap my seven inches in comfort.

I lie back with my cock pointing to the heavens.

“OK, who gets what? Do you two want to flip a coin?”

Julie answers, “Rob, you are too funny. I think Denise deserves some real flesh. After all, she’s made do with silicon all morning. First the green monster and now with the strap-on. I think your nice hard cock will fit nicely into that beautiful pussy. I can use a little tongue action myself.”

Denise is all smiles as she sits up and straddles my hips. I hold my shaft up for her, but she slaps my hand away. She wants to do the honors. I reach up and palm her 34GG’s as she grabs my shaft. She rubs my glans along her wet slit, coating my tip with her juices. When she is satisfied with her handiwork, she spreads her inner labia and slides down my pole. Her heat surrounds my cock. Denise sits on my hips with my hard shaft buried seven inches deep.

“Gawd Denise, I love being inside you. You are so wet. It feels like a velvet glove.”

She responds, “Finally, I have you inside. You fill me up. I can feel you throb.”

Denise bends down and plants a hard-wet kiss on my lips, as she mashes her firm tits into my chest. I feel her hard nipples press into me. Our tongues dart back and forth. I press my tongue to hers and she presses back harder. Denise grinds her pussy and rocks back and forth with my cock deep inside. She moves up and swings her huge boobs over my face. I grab her left breast and pull her nipple to my mouth. I suck the erect nubbin and then do the same to her right breast. I suck as much of her 34GG’s as I can.

Denise sits upright and lifts until just the tip of my cock is within her folds. She sinks down again taking my whole shaft into her cunt. She squeezes almanbahis yeni giriş her pussy muscles and grips my cock as she pulls up again. The pressure along my shaft is intense. Denise increases her speed as she rides my cock. I reach up and hold her tits in my hands. I lift each one and feel their weight. I love her big natural boobs.

Julie has been watching us and waiting patiently for us to settle down.

“Are you two ready to add a third? I need a mouth on my pussy.”

Julie moves closer and straddles my head. She eases her hips down. My eyes get wide as her inner lips descend upon my mouth. Her pussy opens and I lick her inner labia. I lick her outer lips with my tongue and then push it deep between her pink gash. I apply pressure to Julie’s vagina as Denise moves up and down my cock. The ladies face one another and hold each other for balance.

Julie tells Denise to play with her tits. I feel Denise shift as she reaches over to feel Julie’s boobs. There is a slight shift by both as they lean in to share a passionate kiss. Denise is humping my cock while Julie presses her pussy into my face. I stick my tongue out as far as I can and touch Julie’s clitoris. Her body twitches as I lick and savor her juices. The three of us search for another under the mid-day sun. The sexual energy is flowing.

Denise puts her hands on my chest and rapidly pumps up and down. I feel my climax begin to build. Julie massages Denise’s massive tits and pinches her hard nipples.

“Gawd Denise, your pussy feels so good; keep milking my cock, I’m going to cum soon.”

“Oh yeah Rob, fill my hot cunt. Fill me with your sticky goo; I want it all. Julie, I love your fingers on my nipples, pinch them harder, and twist them too. I like that.”

Denise’s constant movements up and down my shaft sends me over the edge. I push up into her pussy and release several spurts of cum. My cock throbs with each release. Denise tightens her pussy and draws out all my jizz.

“Rob, I feel your juices, cum for me baby, cum for me. Fill me up.”

“That’s it Rob, fill her up. You two look so hot. Denise, I love playing with your boobs. They are so amazing. Fuck him good.”

As usual, I was the first to cum. I don’t have the staying power to withstand the hot sheath surrounding my cock. It’s just too much stimulation for me. I feel the ejaculations of cum fill Denise and coat my hard pole as she moves. Julie feels the pressure of my tongue as I convulse through a very satisfying orgasm.

Julie is next to climax. I lick her inner labia while she fingers her clit. Her hot girl cum flows onto my lips and chin and all over my cheeks. Julie squeezes her thighs around my head as she orgasms. I lap up her juices.

“Geez Rob, I love your tongue on my pussy. It’s magic. I’m still shaking.”

Julie slides off to the side still quivering. She spreads out with her lips close to mine. She licks her juices from my face and then kisses me hard on the lips. Meanwhile, Denise is gaining on her own satisfaction. I remain hard deep inside her pussy and use my legs and hips to piston into Denise.

We push into each other. Our hips slap together as I push my hard shaft between her pink inner labia lips. Denise is so close. I reach up and grab her breasts. I rub my palms over and over her erect nipples.

“This is so good. Fuck me baby!”

Denise slams down on me pinning me to the ground. She holds tight while her body tenses and quakes. She enjoys another wonderful orgasm. I hold her up by her boobs for a few seconds before she collapses on top of me. I release her tits and wrap my arms around her back. I hug Denise close as I run my hands up and down her spine. I soothe her back while she breathes quickly from the sensations coursing through her body. Denise comes back to earth and we share a passionate kiss. Her sweet smile lets me know she is satisfied.

Denise and I roll to our sides. Julie moves around to join us. We bask in the warm weather and shared orgasms. I think we are finally to the point where exhaustion has overcome our need to have another climax. We lay across each other on the blanket and enjoy the effects of our threesome.

I miss my neighbors, Don and Jen. But, I can’t deny the changes in the neighborhood have been great for my sex life and retirement. I ask my sexy partners if they are ready for a swim as I contemplate our next adventure. And to think it’s only Thursday.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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