Chasing a Waterfall Ch. 05

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Disclaimer: Do not read further if you are under the age of eighteen or are otherwise prohibited by law to view sexually explicit material.

All characters engaging in any sexual activity in this story are at least 18 years of age.

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This is the fifth chapter in the story arc. I hope you enjoy this submission! As always, comments are appreciated and encouraged.


Standing Under an Umbrella, and Chasing a Waterfall

Chapter 5, Part 1: “Sometimes a Mirage is Real”

Michelle found herself in a bit of a situation on Monday, and it could not have happened at a worse time. She was a week away from final exams at school and she was in a bit of emotional turmoil.

First, was a series of rather odd intimate encounters between her and Eve. One could hardly call them an affair, but she did believe it had been cheating. She trusted Eve to keep silent on the matter, but she was beginning to wonder if that was the best approach to their dilemma. Normally she would have taken something like this to her grave, but she knew that she would continue to be uneasy around Cassie as long as they kept silent on the matter. Michelle knew she needed to talk to Eve again about the matter.

The second issue was a bit more complex. She had not entirely been honest when she had admitted to Cass and Eve that she might be bi. Michelle had down played what had transpired over the last few months. For about the last two months she had been in a bit of a secretive relationship. The trouble was it was not with a guy. Michelle had been seeing Helena Holiday since the first week of October. Officially they had met in her Criminology 341 class, though they had known of each other well before.

Even more worrisome, Helena was the younger sister of Mary Jane Watson. She was a close personal friend of both Cass and Eve. The three of them had gone to school together. Her older sister Shauna had been party to their many adventures as well.

Mary Jane Watson was a twenty-five year old woman who worked as a financial adviser at the local branch of Raymond James. Cass and Eve were not only good friends with MJ, but they had even roomed with Mary Jane until their relationship got serious. They often referred to her as the “straight friend.” Michelle always thought this was a bit unfair given that most of their friends were straight. Their explanation for it had been that Mary Jane was rather promiscuous. She often had more than one boy on the string, and had a number of affairs. They stopped short of calling her a sex addict though.

From what she had gathering through various chatter with her roommates, Mary Jane and Helena had a rough childhood. Their father had been killed in a mugging gone wrong when MJ was only 13. He had been working in middle management at an insurance company back in Boston. Upon his death, their mother had been awarded full custody of the two children. It had been difficult, more so for Mary Jane than Helena. The two had been close. His death might have had less of an impact of Helena due to the nature of their relationship. He had been MJ’s father, but to Helena he only been her stepfather.

His death had impacted Helena significantly as well, but not to the degree that it had afflicted Mary Jane. Over the next few years the girls struggled with their lose. Helena withdrew; becoming emotionally cold and distant for a time. Mary Jane’s reaction was much more overt. It began with outward hostility, though this soon resolved into rapid mood swings. She had ups, she had downs, but she rarely had anything in-between.

Everyone in the beginning had believed that she was just “depressed.” It was a phase that she was going through, and she would grow out of it as she learned to deal with her loss. This “common knowledge” had turned out to be incorrect.

An official diagnosis of major depressive disorder was made when she was 15. This was updated to bi-polar type II a year later when it became clear her moods fluxed more than they had originally believed. She never met the criteria for a type I diagnosis because she only had hypomania and not mania. Further, her depressive episodes were more frequent and had a more pronounced impact on her. This is how they discovered that there was more to her illness than had originally been believed. Her response to Paxil, an SSRI antidepressant had aggravated her into a manic state.

If all of this had not been enough on her, she had an ongoing conflict with her mother. Mary Jane and her mother had always been at odds. This was made worse by their mother being everything that the father wasn’t.

She was an alcoholic; she had a drug problem and was a college dropout. Their father had not had any substance abuse problems. He didn’t even smoke or rarely drank. He was educated too with an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania. In a word, he was boring and stable. Mary Jane liked boring.

For bursa otele gelen escort all of her faults though, Mary Jane could have looked past them all if she had not been so cold and distant. At times it seemed that her children were almost a bother to her. Neither Mary Jane, nor Helena had ever been especially close to their mother. Helena, however, tried a lot harder then MJ did to forge some kind of relationship.

Upon graduating from high school, she had gone to live in Minnesota to go to college. Helena had followed after her once she had turned 16 to live with her big sister, who had only been 19 at the time. They stayed together through her undergraduate years, but went their separate ways once MJ got her undergraduate degree.

Mary Jane really needed to concentrate on her studies now that she was entering a graduate program. She had seen Helena through her high school years, and now with her getting accepted into St. Cloud State University, she expected that it was about time that her younger sister got a little bit of independence. The truth was; they needed a break from each other as well. They had at the time been living together for two years.

A few years passed, and Mary Jane found work out in the state of Washington after completing her MBA from the University of Minnesota. Not to long after, she had learned that Helena, who was now living off campus was having a bit of a rough time. At the time she believed she had a case of delayed home sickness. She was threatening to move back home. This of course had been the last place where MJ wanted her to end up. So she had reluctantly agreed to allow her to come out to Washington on the condition that she continued her studies. She had agreed. For the last two years, yet again, they had been living together as roommates.

In one of her first conversations with Eve, the topic of her friend had been brought up. Eve had described her friend as simply gorgeous in a glossy magazine, cover girl kind of way. Michelle had dismissed this as a bit of envy or an exaggeration or both.

Meeting Mary Jane for the first time had changed her mind though. Michelle could see what guys saw in her. It was her looks. Cass and Eve were beautiful, but Mary Jane was model material. Like Cass, she was tall at about five-eleven, and like Eve, she had curves in all the right places. Her legs were impossibly long. She had once or twice overhead Eve mention that her measurements were 36d-25-36. Her hair was dark brown; almost raven, and it fell to just above her beautiful ass. The eyes were sparkling blue, and the face was rather exotic with high cheek bones, pouty lips and a gorgeous dimple.

Her beauty made her an object of desire for many men and the envy of many women. Michelle did not envy her, well not really. The few times that they had met, Mary Jane had been very warm and friendly. No, Mary Jane did not make her jealous, though she did stir some emotions. The kind that left a girl a bit damp at times. What, however, had brought Michelle to lust after Mary Jane; well at least before it had begun to get serious with Helena, was the fact that she could never have her. The girl was straight and not at all interested in women as made clear by Cass and Eve. It was this that had placed her on a kind of ;pedestal the perfect woman.

What she had not known at the time was that this had a younger sister. Well, that wasn’t really true. She had known of her, but was had not seen her until earlier this fall. She worked at a café on campus called the Smoked Bean. They had been introduced one afternoon while she had hung around with Cass, Eve and Mary Jane.

Mary Jane and Helena could not have been more different. Mary Jane was a bit of a math wizard having graduated with a double major in business and mathematics with an emphasis on statistics. Helena was barely able to pass college algebra, never mind calculus. When it came to statistics, she had needed a tutor. Helena, she was more literate in the humanities and knew two foreign languages, Spanish and Russian. She was twenty-two, a year younger than Michelle (a year and a half really) and in her last year before she graduated with a BS in psychology and a minor in art history. Michelle could never really understand that, but had not bothered to ask.

It had been love upon first sight when she had first laid eyes on Helena that sunny and humid day in late autumn. She stood only about five-five or so with golden brunet hair. Her eyes were emerald green. Unlike her sister, she had more curves on her smaller frame, and a beautiful set of C-cups.

What had originally attracted Michelle to the younger sister had been all of this. It had actually been something just as silly, however. Her being a friend of Helena gave Michelle a chance to be around her older sister. The true feelings for Helena had not come fourth for a while, though in truth, Michelle had always known that they had been attracted to her. Her fluid sexuality had played a role as well.

Michelle had overheard a conversation escort bayan between Mary Jane and Cass that led her to believe that Helena was bi. It had later been confirmed. While Helena still liked boys, she mostly liked to play with girls. The knowledge had been a disappointment, though not a subject of ridicule with Mary Jane.

As for Helena and Michelle, they were good together. They synched. Helena had a more passive, less assertive personality than Mary Jane, though they shared a similar temperament. Michelle found her to be easy going and fun. Not moody, not dark or sarcastic. She was a joy to be around. Her smile was infectious, not to mention playful.

Helena liked to tease and fool around. Her enjoyment of swimming and being active overall was a plus. As was her interest in photography, though both of them were rank amateurs compared to Eve.

Helena was also a good kisser, something that she had found out in early October when they had been working on an assignment for Criminology 341. A really good kisser on many parts of Michelle’s body, though they had kept it pretty PG. The truth was in their time together Helena had managed to keep herself at a distance, while still remaining close and “in the moment.”

They had kissed, necked and felt each other up on several occasions. Some more intimate stuff like humping had entered their relationship. Michelle was a bit miffed at not seeing her in the nude though. Seriously, they had been together for well over a month, and she had barely seen her topless. All of the excess teasing was beginning to make her feel like a high school boy being toyed with by his reluctant girlfriend. She was beginning to understand more and more every day what some guys went through with a girl who enjoyed toying with them.

She knew Helena was not like that however. She enjoyed playing these games with Michelle, however, there was more to it than that. The truth was that she wanted to take things “slow.” It was therefore a bit of a shock, and rather hurtful when she found out that her last girlfriend, Ezra Finch and Helena had been very intimate from day one. In early August they had a fight and had not spoken since. A formal breakup had never happened, though it was obvious that they were no longer together.

This had led to Michelle ignoring Helena for a few days. When they eventually did manage to clear the air, Michelle had asked about it for about the sixth time, and unlike in the past Helena had given an answer.

“Am I your girlfriend?” The question had caught her a bit off guard.

It had really ground her at an emotional level. Michelle had always thought of them as just friends that played around, more like friends with benefits because neither was seeing anyone else, but not really serious either. What she found is that Helena and Mary Jane differed in another important way. Mary Jane wanted sex and the power trip that came with playing with men like they were little boys. Helena did not want that. The reason why she had broken it off with Ezra is because she had cheated on her with an old boyfriend.

“When you come out to Cass and Eve about us, I will take the next step in our relationship,” Helena had responded to the unanswered question that had left Michelle speechless and embarrassed. “And no sleeping with any guy friends, I really hate that.”

“I think I understand.”

“Do you?” Helena had genuinely inquired. “If you want to be with me, you have to be serious about us.”

Michelle got the unspoken vibe that she was free to look and flirt at other men and women, but anything more was cheating. No touching. Helena was interested in a serious relationship, and Michelle had honestly not realized it until than.

She had thought about it over the weekend. She had tried to answer then and there in the affirmative, but Helena wanted her to sleep on it. When she had come forward on the Tuesday of the next week Helena had been positively gleeful, though a bit mystified as to why she hadn’t already told them.

“I want you to be there as well,” Michelle remarked.

Now it was Helena’s turn to be nervous as well. They had talked about a dozen times about the right moment to bring it up, and it wasn’t really that they couldn’t reach an agreement, so much that they didn’t have a concrete way to go about doing it. Helena was a bit ashamed to bring up the slightly overlooked fact that she hadn’t told her older sister about them being together either.

(Present moment)

So there Michelle sat in her bedroom, two days after a surreal episode involving Eve and a Sybian. Something that she really didn’t want to remember, but could not forget. She had made a fool of herself, though in truth she blamed Helena a bit, the mounting pressure of her upcoming finals and her stupid admission to Cass in the car of her possible bi-curiousness.

Helena and Michelle had made out the day before on campus like a couple of high school girls with their boyfriends (or girlfriends). Their intimate contact had been so intense that mudanya escort she had almost felt an orgasm or so she thought. Helena, however, had pulled away at the last minute and left her a little high, but definitely not dry.

Now she had gotten a response and knew that she was planning to stop over. Helena wanted to talk and that worried Michelle. She was apprehensive on what to expect. It was all happening so fast. They were going to be alone today. Cass and Mary Jane were out buying groceries for a movie night and Eve was working.

That morning Michelle had thought of putting on something rather sexy to try and entice. For her part she had come to her senses after stepping out of the shower. Still, she spent the next hour working over a look. Not finding it, she settled for navy blue pullover and pair of gray sweat pants with “Juiced” embroidered in black on her ass.

Her nerves were tripped even further a moment later when she heard a clear, clean knock at the door to the apartment. Her body tingled, her heart raced and she felt a bit of havoc in the stomach. Slowly she made her way off the bed, walked toward the door and with some hesitation answered it. What she saw made her a little more self-conscious. Helena had dressed up some. She wasn’t in jeans or sweats.

Helena wore a tight turtleneck sweater dress with a vertical black, white and gray pattern. It was accented by black, almost knee high arched boots. A pleasant smile was on her face, she had freshened up a bit before coming over. The hues on her face made her glow. Michelle was a mess, her hair, while combed had been twirled in ever which direction. It was not a good hair day. Worse, she had been crying. Okay, more like sobbing.

“You look beautiful!” Michelle whispered, at bit of self pity in her eyes.

Coming forward, Helena said, “So do you.” When Michelle tried to protest, Helena planted a passionate kiss on her lips. Lips locked, they moved back into the apartment. Leaving her face, Helena’s lips went to her neck. Michelle was now shaken.

“What are you doing?” Michelle wheezed.

Helena gazed into her eyes with a tender smile and simply said, “I am going to teach you how to eat pussy.”

Michelle blinked. She wondered if she was dreaming. Alarming bells were going off. This was so unlike Helena. Though she knew that she wasn’t dreaming, and Helena was not high on anything.

“Okay,” Michelle gave as a puzzled response.

They joined lips again, and Helena worked her hands around Michelle’s sweatpants. Sliding them down to the ground, Michelle stepped out of them to reveal a black micro fiber boy short panty with an inch of lace trim at the uppermost point.

Closing in on her, they kissed more as Helena’s hands went to her panty covered ass cheeks and massaged her fingers into them. Michelle let out of moan. The hands than worked there way to the front after leaving her ass. Moving up, she played with the matching black bra under her navy pullover. Again, she got Michelle to moan, though this time it was a bit louder. Michelle was truly disappointed after Helena dropped her hands after giving her bra cover breasts a good handling for a few minutes.

What she did next was still a bit unexpected. Her right hand trailed down past her belly button and onto her panties. Michelle froze. As Helena worked her from the outside, Michelle, who had felt warm, suddenly felt warmer. When she dipped her fingers into the panties a surprised groan left her lips. Closing her eyes, Helena’s fingers worked their magic. Michelle soon found that she was biting her lip, and arching her back a bit.

Intense feelings of pleasure were radiating from Helena simply moving her fingers around Michelle’s clitoral hood, but only after spending considerable time teasing her lower lips. Gently playing with them in a back and forth motion. As the feeling continued to build she soon felt like she was hitting the brink. A bit scared, she dropped her hand down onto Helena’s left shoulder.

“What?” Helena said, still intent on continuing, only slowing down a bit but not even bothering to glance up.

Michelle shifted a bit. Her belly was beginning to tighten. “I think you might want to slow down a bit or I might… well, you know,” she breathed, more than a little out of breath. A rose petals flush growing over her body.

“How exactly would that be bad?” she teased.

An intense moan escaped Michelle’s lips, and she almost lost her balance. “I thought you wanted to teach me how to go down on a woman?”

“We can do both,” Helena said with content.

A bit of panic set in now. Still standing on the floor, she felt her belly really begin to tighten along with her ass. Moment by moment she was loosing focus as well.

“Helena. You might… might want to slow it dow-n-n-n a bit. I think. I thin-k-k-k… I might serious-l-l…” Helena didn’t and words escaped Michelle.

An intense feeling, pulsating warmth radiated out of her pussy as she felt spasms. Her toes curled as the pleasure shot down both legs. Loosing balance, she fell back on the sofa; legs splayed with Helena still in her panties rubbing her throughout. Her climax continued, her back arched and Helena fell to her knees. Helena only slowing her fingers as Michelle’s climax drew to a close, though she continued to gently swap her fingers on her lips.

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