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This attachment is a copy of a chat I had about my first time with my sister, and her friend. I changed all the usernames in the chat and did not use any names for legal reasons.

xxx77: Hi how are you

bert: great, how bout you?

bert: tell me about you. M/F

xxx77: great, do you have fun at home

xxx77: male

xxx77: and you?

bert: I have, but not with brother/dad… M

xxx77: then with who

bert: sis

xxx77: tell me more, how old is she

bert: r u getting off on this…

xxx77: not yet you haven told me much

bert: My sister is 18 she is a senior in high school, we live near the beach in Santa Monica

bert: She is in great shape, cheerleading and all… and she works out

xxx77: so tell me more

bert: We have a pool and a hot tub, and sometimes

bert: when our parents go out of town, we have parties

xxx77: yes

bert: I guess you can imagine the girls my sister is friends with

bert: they are all on the cheerleading squad.

xxx77: yes

xxx77: so what happened

bert: Well, after one of our parties, everyone was going home, and I was starting

bert: to clean up, and my sis was so drunk.

xxx77: yes

bert: she was having a friend stay over that night and they were both pretty giggly.

xxx77: and

bert: while i was cleaning up the hot tub, they went up stairs

xxx77: yes

bert: I didn’t really pay attention to where they went, until I heard the noises coming from her room

bert: I decided to go upstairs and find out what those noises were.

xxx77: what did you hear

bert: as I climbed the last few stairs, I heard some moans coming from her room

xxx77: hot

bert: they Kars Escort were really hot moans

bert: I could see that the door was left open partially.

xxx77: what where they doin

bert: so I went over to take a look, I saw them both on the bed.

xxx77: yes

bert: my sis’s face was buried in her friends pussy.

xxx77: what did you do

bert: her friend had her eyes closed and her head back, I know she was enjoying it

bert: she was moaning

xxx77: tell me more

bert: my sister’s ass was staring at me as I looked in,

xxx77: hot huh?

bert: I could see her pussy lips were all wet and glistening

bert: and here asshole was winking at me

xxx77: what did you do

bert: I had seen my sis naked before, but that was when we were kids.

bert: I didn’t know that she had shaved her pussy, just like her friend’s

xxx77: so did you get hard

bert: I was getting a huge boner

xxx77: did you start stroking

bert: I reached down and started to rub it through my shorts

bert: I hadn’t noticed but, my sis’s friend saw me peeking in

bert: she was looking straight at me

xxx77: and

bert: with a big smile on her face.

bert: my sis didn’t stop, she didn’t know

bert: she kept on eating away.

bert: her friend motioned for me to come in

bert: and I did

bert: when I walked up to the bed, sis noticed.

bert: she saw my hard on looking at her in the face

bert: her friend reached down and grabbed my dick and started to pull me towards her

bert: my sister almost freaked that I was there. then she realized what she could do with me and her friend

bert: She told me to get out of my clothes Kars Escort Bayan and get on the bed with them

xxx77: yes

bert: her friend leaned over and started to kiss me and my sis started to kiss my neck and chest

bert: I could not believe what was hapnin to me.

bert: My sis started kissing down my chest to my stomach and then

bert: she kissed the tip of my cock

bert: she used her tongue and licked the underside, I really liked that, and thought that I would shoot right then and there

bert: Her friend leaned down and started to kiss my cock too

bert: 2 women on my dick, no one would believe this

bert: they were taking turns until I blew my first load.

bert: my sister’s friend took it all in her mouth and my sis helped out

bert: they were kissing each other sharing my cum… this was so hot

xxx77 has left the conversation.

xxx77: sorry, disconnectd

bert: I thought you had to go and clean yourself up….

xxx77: almost, keep going

bert: So they were swaping my cum around in their mouths, right.

bert: I went to work on my sis’s friends pussy.

xxx77: yew

bert: I had never eaten pussy before, but after watching my sister… I though I could be pro

bert: I licked up and down her lips.

bert: paying special attn to her button

bert: at the top.

bert: she started to wiggle her ass around and buck up and down,

bert: my sister just watched at first.

bert: she grabbed a hold of my, still hard, cock and started to pump it

bert: I had her friend practically screaming

xxx77: s

bert: and then

bert: I didn’t know what was happening, she started to squirt all over Escort Kars my face

bert: It wasn’t piss, but she was actually coming in a spray

bert: I had read about that kind of thing before, but I didn’t know that it was real

bert: my sister leaned down and helped me clean her friend up

bert: she started to lick her friends cum off of my face, and we started to kiss

xxx77: kool

bert: I could taste my own cum mixed with her friends.

bert: I was hard as a rock

bert: She straddled my dick and started to rock back and forth

bert: I was fucking my own sister.

bert: or I should say, she was fucking me

xxx77: go ahead

bert: I laid down and she was riding me like crazy.

bert: She has big tits and they were just bouncing there in front of me

bert: her friend straddled my face and I started to lick her to another orgasm

bert: As I was just about to cum I could feel my sister’s pussy start to squeeze my cock

bert: she started to cum on me

xxx77: go ahead

bert: I could feel her juices flowing down my cock

bert: running down to my asshole

bert: her friend started to cum too

bert: she was spraying my face again. I was in heaven

bert: I started to cum too.

bert: My sister got off of me and pumped my cum all over her tits.

xxx77: so very hot

bert: and she licked up as much as she could

bert: they both started to kiss again, and her friend licked her chest of my cum

bert: We all just collapsed for what seemed to be hours, but wasn’t.

bert: I didn’t mention that my Aunt was staying with us while my parents were out of town. did I?

xxx77: no tell me more

bert: She is the one that got my sister started on pussy.

bert: That’s a different story though.

xxx77: how do you know

bert: After that night, there weren’t too many secrets between me and my sis

xxx77: I guess not

bert: We have had a real close relationship ever since

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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