Cheer Up Sweet, Beautiful Girl

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***Thanks to my first three anon commenters who made me aware of all the grammar mistakes in my first submission. I took sometime to calm down and try to get it all fixed up for you so that it’s not as hard to read and follow .So here is the edited version and here is to hoping my little editor and I got it all right for you. Happy reading!

By the way if you are looking for a quick sex story this may not be it…though you won’t be disappointed if you stick around!


“So how do you like the new lab you are now working in Mila?” Kay asks before taking a sip from her Cool lime refresher tenta cup.

“I like it a lot.” I say trying to suppress a grin I can feel coming up.

Technically I have just started working in the Biology lab as an undergraduate student researcher. Due to the fact that my new PI shares the spacious lab with another professor who is conducting research, I have had the chance to see other students who work for the other lab. The tall, green eyed hunk in particular.

My demeanor does not go unnoticed to Kay, “Okay spill” she immediately says all thoughts regarding the real reason why we are sitting in a public library on a Saturday long forgotten.

“You have to stop fake smiling me you know.” I say as he passes by my desk in lab.

He chuckles and comes to a stop, “Sorry, I didn’t realize I was doing that. I will stop.” He flashes me a smile that has my eyes widening a bit at his transformation.

He is a good looking guy granted, but the first day I saw he him he looked disheveled, hence the name Swollen Face, Kay and I had given him during our conversation in the library. When he smiles though, he is gorgeous, his brilliant green eyes shine even more. My brain that is usually quick with witty responses fails me. He smirks and walks away.

It’s the day before Valentines and it has been exactly two weeks since I have had the opportunity to “run into” Swollen Face. Between my other research job at an Ophthalmology clinic, classes, job shadowing, clubs and working odd hours in the new lab things have been a little hectic.

Now, you may be wondering why I do so much but being a Sophomore in college and wanting to pursue the MD track, I only have three years to get all the qualifications I need before taking the big exam and applying to medical school.

“Hey” I hear him say casually I look up to find him sitting at a workbench opposite mine a fake smile plastered on his face.

“I thought we made progress and we were past the fake smiling phase already.” I reply my eyebrow lifted and eyes squinted.

“I have been thinking about that and I still deciding if you are worth my smile” is his response. I wear a fake hurt expression and I can see he is failing miserably at hiding the smile that is creeping up his face.

“Now that’s just hurtful…” I start but his booming sound of laughter breaks my train of thought and whatever I meant to say is immediately forgotten.

“I am kidding” he says between the laughs and I just watch in fascination.

“So how are you?”

My response, “I don’t know,” is out of my mouth before I have the chance to process it.

“What does that mean?” now its his turn to lift up his eyebrow.

“It means I have been so busy to keep track of how I am really doing but if I had to take a guess I would say okay.” I reply “How about you?”

“I don’t know.” He mocks me.

“Ha ha very funny Eli.” I finally asked his name one weekend when he was the only one in lab and I needed a marker. Funny thing though he has not asked my name in return.

“I am tired but okay. Might catch up on some sleep this weekend.” He responds.

“What are you do you have planned for your significant other for Valentines?” I pry.

“What Travesti makes you think I have a significant other?” he retorts.

“Um have you seen yourself?” I blurt.

Something you should know about me, I have no filter, not for the lack of trying heavens knows my grandmother has whacked me enough times for it, yet nothing has changed. I think she finally gave up when I was eight and it only got worse.

Eli lets out deep chuckle and his smile lingers. I can see a light pink tint at the tips of his ears, yeah it feels good to have caused that. “Well, I don’t. My girlfriend and I broke up a while ago.”

Oh how I love fishing!!

“Oh that sucks, I would say I’m sorry but you are probably just gonna say its okay so I will save that for when you need it.” I reply trying to keep a neutral face at the news that he is single.

“Yeah its okay. I mean it was a while ago now. So what has been keeping you busy all week long?” he changes the subject.

I can’t help but swoon inwardly at the fact that he noticed I haven’t been around much.

“So what are you working on today?” he asks an hour later into our conversation.

“I am not quite sure my PI is currently MIA and I’m giving up on waiting for him.” I say as I start to put on my heels.

His question has reminded me I was supposed to have been home fifteen minutes ago to go to a fundraising dinner. I guess I am going to be wearing heels again tonight add to that a tight dress of my mother’s choosing. I hate going to these events without Kevin though.

“So see you next week?” he says as I approach the door.

“Yeah try not to miss me too much.” I reply with a small smile on my face.

Being the one not to be outdone in the retorts department as I have come to realize in the last hour he quickly responds “It will be hard not to.”

I am caught off-guard, mid-way opening the door I turn around to say something only to find him smirking. For the second time today day my brain has failed me.

…Two weeks later…

“Miss me?” Eli asks as he sits again on the work bench in front of me. The deep voice penetrating my thought process breaks my focus from my current problem makes me jump a little. He chuckles of course.

“What’s got you frowning like that?” he asks moving across the bench to stand next to me. At this point all the drawers are open and I am getting even more frustrated by the second.

“I can’t find the damn multi pipette” I say eyebrows still pinched. “Maybe you can to put your height to good use and help me check the top shelves.” I continue without looking up from the mess that is the drawer I am looking at. I am not sure if my PI really wants me to find the pipette or if it was a ruse to get me to tidy up.

Yeah, I have a bit of an OCD problem its not that difficult to pick on given my second day here I took it upon myself to rewash and autoclave all glassware before reorganizing it by height, size and mass. Don’t ask how long it took.

By the time I look up he is almost done checking all of them. I can tell he is getting frustrated too.

“I don’t think its here” he finally comes up with the same conclusion I came to thirty minutes ago.

“Yeah” I respond.

“So why are we looking?”

“Because my mentor is convinced its here somewhere” I sigh before dumping all the contents of the drawer on the floor and sitting next to the mess. It’s mostly instruction manuals, shipping labels and lab notebooks. He sits next to me when he realizes what’s about to happen.

“Are you taking any treatment for your condition?” he asks a smile creeping up on his face.

“What condition?” I murmur my hands coming to a stop and my face lifting to look at him just right before he bursts into laughter. izmir Travesti

“You don’t think I didn’t watch you during your first week here when you went on that glassware cleaning and organizing spree?”

I am partly embarrassed but the rest of me is flustered a bit. He beams at my reaction and picks his own drawer to start packing.

“Are you not supposed to be working?” I ask. “I am. I have an hour to kill while I wait for my cells to incubate in fixative” he shrugs.

It’s almost 7pm when we finally finish organizing all the drawers.

“You ready to go?” he asks as gets up to go get his backpack. “Where did you park?” he asks upon return “I will walk you.”

“Blackford” I respond. Something about being around him the last couple hours keeps the butterflies in my stomach flattering. I haven’t felt that since… The ping from my phone takes my attention from him. Its Kevin.

‘HEY THERE BEAUTIFUL’ the text reads, he has always been a charmer. I suppress a smile when a flicker of my eyes toward Eli tell me he is watching me closely.

‘HEY COWBOY.’ I quickly type before pocketing my phone.

Eli lets me walk out first and dutifully opens all the doors for me. He is talking about the chivalry he is displaying and something about protecting me after all alerts on campus the last few months about attempted attacks on students at night. I can’t really concentrate.

Between the vibrations coming from my phone and Eli bumping into me and the damned butterflies that wont stop I keep making noises to show that I’m listening. However, there is no fooling him. He hesitates before asking. “Are you working tomorrow?” he comes to a stop.

“Nope the day after. Why?”

“I was just wondering when I am going to see you again.” He starts walking again.

Over the weeks he has been very flirty. There is not conversation that happens between the two of us where he doesn’t flirt with me. I told Kay about all our conversations and of course she first asked about my status with Kevin and then told me to look him in the eye when he talks to gauge if he is serious or not. Problem with me though is I can’t look at him in the eyes. His eyes are intense. Even for me. I pick up my pace until I catch up. By then we are in the garage.

“Thanks for walking me” I say, I am not sure why though, he nods and continues to watch me.

“Have a good night” I say and turn to walk to my car. Heavens knows if I was had not I would have thrown myself at him. Yes, he does that to me.

I finally open my phone to see a string of texts from Kevin.





Kevin finally moved to Pennsylvania four months ago after he got tired of flying out eight times a month to work and its not the part that is 5 hours away from where I am. No he is in the part that is 13 hours away. We are trying to make the long distance thing work. I miss him though. Maybe that’s why I am reacting this way to Eli.

“Hey Siri.” I call out as I pull out of the garage. “Call Kev”

Three hours later we are still talking on the phone though we moved to Face timing 30minutes into our conversation. I yawn for the fifth time in five minutes.

“You should get some sleep” He says to me.

There is a longing in his voice, if he was still here he would probably have been laying here next to me. I nod and give him a lazy sleepy smile. He groans, I forgot he loves my sleepy smiles. He says they turn him on very much. I wag a finger at him before he even says it, I know what he is going to say. However, he knows I can never resist watching him take care of himself.

I used to laugh at my friend Konya Travesti when she would weep every time she saw me with Kev while her boyfriend was away. I would tell her to skype sex him, if that’s a thing and when she told me she did it and she felt so much better I literally cried from laughter. Yet here I was, being coaxed by my boyfriend 13 hours away to take off my shirt and bra slowly.

I don’t think I am sleepy anymore, I just want, no need to be touched. When he starts to talk seductively about all the things he would do if he were here, my hands of their own accord travel down to take off my jeans. Now only black lace panty clad I lay on my bed in front of my computer and cup my already hard nipples.

“Fuck babe I need you” Kev’s voice rasps.

I close my eyes of a split second when I finally slip my fingers into the heat and wetness that has pooled between my legs. Kev groans even harder and I start to move my fingers in my clit.

The fantasy that my mind has made in this moment is enough to make me moan as I reach my first climax. I don’t stop moving my fingers and the fantasy doesn’t stop either. Kev is even more turned on watching. I have never actually gotten into this thing like this before but my fantasy that features Kev and Eli spit roasting me is enough to drive me over the climax even harder the second time by the time I finish I am shaking. I think Kevin climaxed too while watching me.

“That was hot. I can’t wait to touch you this weekend.” He says after deciding in that moment that he was coming to see me. I squeal in delight. We end the call and as I take a bath, I start to think about my fantasy. Before I get too into it however, the devil texts me.




See. The devil. I wrap a towel around myself and walk to the door to let Len in. Hannah stands next to him and two more people I can’t see are still in the car making out. I should have expected this, its Thursday night and of course my friends would want to go out. As soon as I close the door Len texts someone and starts to strip.

“I just told them we are going be a while.” He says to me as he grabs me and drops the towel. He lifts me up and I instinctively wrap my legs around him. He carries me to the couch and Hannah follows already naked. Len decides then to impale me, Hannah moves to sit on my face. Len has always known how to work my body, Hannah and I have only recently started experimenting together but having them together is really hot and I am about to come for the third time in a matter of forty minutes. We flip positions several times and a little after midnight, an hour later, we make our way out of the door. The car stinks, I guess I wasn’t the only one getting lucky.

My feet hurt more. I haven’t stopped dancing and drinking since we walked in. I can’t see Len or Hannah anywhere.

“Wanna go take a breather?” the guy whom I have been grinding on and whom has also been buying me drinks shouts over the loud music.

I nod and he guides me to a private area. There are curtains, thick dark sheer drapes that separate and hide each compartment for privacy. He sits down and pulls me to his lap while I straddle him. The alcohol has gotten to me by now and increased my sex drive and finally sitting on the boner I gave him while dancing makes me even hotter. He pulls me in for a kiss and it quickly escalates from there as he soon pulls a boob out of my tight dress and sucks on a nipple.

I make a work of his pants and pull out the biggest cock I have ever seen. Kevin his huge but this guy beats him by inches. He rubbers up and pulls me up enough to sit on it before pulling me back down in one move. I almost scream as an orgasm wrecks through me but he quickly covers my mouth with his and starts to work me. He doesn’t last long however and fifteen minutes later Len finds me. We leave.

I think about Eli all the way home. As I lay there in bed by myself I can almost feel the heat of his gaze watching me. I can’t discern it.

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