Cheryl 3some P2

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Part 2 —————————————————————————–

I got a text at 11pm from Cheryl
“hi its me Cheryl”

I ignored the text in case it was her boyfriend playing games.

2 minutes later a second text

“You probably think this is him, but its me. You fucked my ass while I sucked him, you scraped his cum off my tummy into my sloppy seconds cunt, its really me”

I texted back “prove it”

Seconds later a pic of her open wet cunt with a vibe appears on my phone. The pic date time was seconds ago. I believed it was her.

I replied “yum when can I have some of that”

She replied “now, he’s made me suck him for ages, then fucked my cunt and came in me in seconds, So unfair. Now I want your big cock in my sloppy seconds cunt”

I texted “OK, but what about him” she texted back “He’s gone home”, I replied “OK” and had the address back in seconds. I got in the car, drove to near her place, parked on the street and was knocking on her bedroom window in 10 minutes.

Cheryl whispered to me to remove the fly screen and pass it into her. She opened the bedroom window naked, and pulled me inside and into her arms. Cheryl kissed me passionately. Her mouth tasted of sex.

I said “You’ve been sucking cock haven’t you”

She replied “yes, for ages, felt like hours. Little cock though, need a big cock!”

She dropped down to her knees in front of me, pulled my shorts down and deep throated my semi hard cock in one movement. Her lips mouth and throat felt fantastic. She slurped my cock up n down for a few moments then pulled off and said “Fuck I need that big cock in my sloppy seconds cunt. Please fuck me”

I asked her “how long ago did he cum in you”

Cheryl replied “I texted you less than 1 minute after he came in me. I’m a slut for sloppy seconds fucking”. That meant she had been cum in 15 minutes ago.

I pushed her onto the bed, throwing my clothes off and was soon naked. My cock was rock hard and pulsing, nice fat thick purple and slicked up wet from her mouth. I lay down on her sexy bikini babe body and impaled her pussy with my big cock in one thrust. Her pussy was soaking wet and super slippery, as only cum can make a pussy. I pulled her hair forcing her neck back and she arched her back cramming all of my 9” cock into her sloppy pussy.

I whispered in her ear “Is that what you wanted? My big hard cock in your tight cheating sloppy seconds cunt.”

Cheryl was saying “Oh God , Oh God” and shaking hard, her body went rigid and her cunt pulsed and squeezed on my cock. I could hear the juice and cum in her tight pussy squirting onto my balls.

I said “Your cheating slut’s cunt is squirting his sloppy seconds cum all over my balls. You are going to suck that clean aren’t you slut”

She nodded and clawed her nails down my back, “Fuck me, fuck my sloppy seconds cunt” she screamed. Her sexy voice continued “He’s cum in me 3 times, Once this arvo outside in the garden, second time on the couch, then I had to suck his cock for an hour to get him hard enough to fuck me again.”

I started slamming my rock hard cock into her tight sloppy wet pussy. She was pulsing so hard, squeezing my cock with her tight pussy.

She was begging me “cum in my wet sloppy seconds pussy. Three big loads, give me a fourth load of cum”

I rolled onto my back, pulling her with me, still Porno hikayeleri impaled on 9” of rock hard cock meat. She immediately started pumping up n down on my rock hard cock. With one hand I helped her pull down even harder, the other went on her perfect firm bikini babe ass, then a finger found her crack, and impaled it deep in her ass.

Cheryl’s face went dark red, she pressed down hard on my cock, rubbing her clit on my pelvic bone. I shoved a second finger into her tight little anus.

Cheryl just shook screaming “Farrrrrrk. Im Im Im cum cum cumming”

She was shaking uncontrollably but bent her head to kiss me, I kissed her and pumped her tight ass with my 2 fingers, Her head slipped and got my lips on her ear and I said “Sloppy seconds cunt, four loads of cum, you’ll be sucking all those loads off my cock soon”

Cheryl kept cuming then suddenly squirted a big load of female ejaculation all over my cock n balls, making us both super slippery.

This set her off on another big pussy cum and she was cuming and squirting at the same time. Her ass was pulsing beautifully on my fingers. The squirt, pulsing pussy and her filthy talk got me and I exploded a huge load of cum in her twice fucked pussy. Cheryl was kissing me deeply as I pumped out my load into her already cum soaked pussy.

Shortly Cheryl pulled her wet dripping cunt off my still hard big cock. A big blob of our combined juices fell onto my tummy at the base of my cock. She immediately lent down and sucked my whole cock down her throat.

She said “God sloppy seconds cum covered cock. Your cum is so sweet, can taste his dirty sour cum too. Fuck I love two guys loads of cum, I feel so filthy, such a fucking slut, I love it. I want 2 loads of cum all the time now. I’m hooked on being a cum slut”

Cheryl carefully licked all the dripped cum up off my cock balls and tummy. She continued to deep throat me. I had barely gone soft after cuming. She would take my cock all the way down her throat and managed to lick my balls and then just get her tongue on my ass as she sucked. Her expert cock sucking got me hard again after a few minutes and I pulled her lips off my cock n spun her around in doggy position. She put her head down on the bed and kept her twice fucked leaking cum covered cunt in the air for my viewing benefit. A small drop of cum dripped from her sloppy seconds pussy.

I pushed my hard cock deep into her wet cum soaked pussy. Then I started fucking her really hard. She grabbed a vibrator from under a pillow and set it onto her clit. As she started to work up to a cum I pulled out of her sloppy wet cunt and lifted my hard cock head to her ass. I pushed forward, Cheryl gasped, then my cock entered her ass. It was easy entry as my cock was so lubed with cum. Within 10 big hard thrusts Cheryl was screaming out another big cum, this time a huge ass cum. I had just cum so I was able to control myself a little.

I said “shove the vibe in your sloppy seconds cunt”

Cheryl did so and I could feel it vibrating through the wall of her ass. Cheryl started squirting again, and then started pussy cuming.

I was saying to her “Going to get my mate to cum n fuck your sweet ass, so its sloppy seconds ass. Going to have two big cock studs fucking you, passing you back n forward like a fuck toy. Cum in your cunt, cum in your mouth, cum in your ass, cum all over your tits, cum in your hair. Erotik hikaye You’re my sloppy seconds fuck toy aren’t you. Going to let me fuck you with my mate aren’t you?”

Cheryl was cuming but saying “Yes, sloppy seconds, slut, I’m a cum slut, going to do what you say, fuck, fuck cuming, slut I’m a slut”

It was all too much for me , fucking her tight sweet bikini babe ass, so I soon fired off another big load of cum. The first few squirts went deep in her ass, then I pulled my cock out of her perfectly clean ass, and held the cock head right on her anus. My next squirt of cum left a nice little dob of white cum on her pretty pink ass hole. She was pulsing so much her cunt expelled another big glob of mixed cum and it slid down her pussy lips.

She collapsed forward onto the bed, then rolled to her side pulling her pussy lips aside for me to look at her sloppy seconds pussy and well fucked ass.

We lay cuddling and Cheryl told me that was the hottest fuck she had ever had. She said she was prepared to do the things we talked about while fucking and gave me permission to set it up soon.

Suddenly we heard the front security door rattle. Then the front door open. I was up, grabbing my clothes, phone and keys in an instant, then out the widow pulling it closed behind me.

I was outside for less than 5 seconds when her boyfriend entered the room.

He said “I came back to fuck you. Realised I hadn’t made you cum and you’re such a slut, I don’t want you ringing that bastard friend of yours, to come fuck you with his big cock”

I could just see bits of clothing being thrown on the floor. Cheryl moved to the center of the bed so I could get a good view of her entire body. He got on the bed between her legs and put his face in her pussy.

He immediately said “Fuck Cheryl, what the fuck have you been doing? There’s cum n cunt juice all over your cunt lips”

Cheryl replied “You left a girl high and wanting, was so horny that I’ve been doing it for myself since you left”

Cheryl grabbed her vibrator from under her pillow and showed it to him.

He demanded “fuck, shove that vibe in your slutty cunt. You were thinking about his big cock weren’t you. You want his big hard cock in you, not mine”

He slapped her wet cunt very hard, then turned her over and slapped her ass cheeks on each side really hard.

He demanded again “Shove that vibe in your slutty cunt. Admit you were thinking about his big cock. You want his big hard cock in you, don’t you”

He grabbed her hips and pulled her up into doggy position. He slid his modest cock into her sloppy seconds cunt, then started fucking her really hard. On one pull out he must have pulled out too far and on the next in-stroke he impaled Cheryl’s ass with his cock. She screamed and I could hear him grunting as he continued to fuck her.

He was also slapping Cheryl’s ass cheeks hard so they were now a fierce red color.

Cheryl must still have been enjoying it all, as she guided her purple vibe to her leaking wet pussy, and I saw her shove it hard into the hilt in her sloppy seconds cunt.

The added pressure of the vibe in her cunt had just sent me over the edge, and it was clear from her boyfriends sounds and increased pace of fucking, that it was having the same effect on him.

They both screamed out huge cums at the same time. Her boyfriend got up and while dressing Sikiş hikayeleri said “I don’t know what’s got into you Cheryl. You are on fire just now. Never seen you so turned on. Came back to catch you with that asshole friend of yours and instead you give me the hottest fuck yet. Here slut suck my cock clean so I don’t have to wash when I get home.”

I saw him grab her hair and force her protesting face down onto his cock. She clearly resisted but as he forced his cock into her mouth, she got her hand in her wet pussy and was cuming in seconds from being force face fucked.

Cheryl was clearly a hot one, and her boyfriend knew some of her buttons to push. He must have got hard and the blow job continued, Cheryl kept sucking and soon he exploded another load of cum in her expert sucking mouth.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth, tucked it into his pants and was heading out the door without even saying thank you or goodnight.

As he headed out the front door he looked up the drive to where I was standing in the shadows near her window. He startled and stood still peering into the dark at me for 5 seconds, then shook his head and walked off down the drive to his car.

Once he had driven off Cheryl opened the window and called my name. I moved over quietly and she said “I am so sorry, didn’t want the bastard to touch me, but if I didn’t give him what he wanted he would have suspected.”

I said “c’mon this is me you are talking to. I know that’s all part of your sloppy seconds , cheating, cuckold fantasy” I reached in the window with both hands and started squeezing her hard nipples. She reached across the window sill and grabbed my rock hard cock out of my shorts. She squeezed my cock so I squeezed her nipples very hard and she gasped then started cuming. I increased the pressure on her hard nipples and she continued to cum, then started squirting as well.

Cheryl bent down and deep throated my cock in one go. I continued to squeeze her nipples really hard and she continued cuming and saying “Fuck fuck fuck, so good, fuck that’s good” as she sucked my cock

After a few minutes of sucking she stood and span around presenting her perfect bikini girl ass for fucking. As she’d just been ass fucked by me and her boyfriend and my cock was wet from her sucking, I just shoved my big thick 9” cock deep into her willing ass in one hard shove.

Cheryl screamed but pushed back and after two more deep strokes rewarded me with a hot squirt of female ejaculate all over my balls. This set me off and I ran up to a massive cum and pumped my load into her still tight but well lubed sweet ass.

Once I’d stopped cuming Cheryl pulled her ass off my cock and span around sucking me down, his cum, my cum, her ass cum, sucking it all down into her sweet sexy mouth. This time I took a leaf out of her boyfriends book and grabbed her long blonde hair and forced my cock deep into her face then pulled out. This rough face fucking really turned her on and she sucked me so hard and deep that I soon was hard again then pumping a my last load of cum into her mouth. Cheryl had her left hand buried in her sloppy seconds cunt and growled out one last cum as she sucked me dry.

She recovered fast and said “You better get going, would not surprise me if he comes back to check on me again shortly.”

I left quietly after putting the fly screen back into place and kissing her pretty face good bye. Her lips tasted of all the body fluids and body parts she had had in her mouth for that day. What a wild sexy woman.

Comments and encouragement to write the next chapter would be appreciated.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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