Cheryl’s Passion Ch. 10

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Another agonizing wave of desire passed through me as Kat’s probing fingers delved deep into my vagina, exploring my innermost recesses and causing my sex to throb with urgent, hungry spasms.

I gasped and whimpered as Kat fingered my pussy and drove my levels of desire and sexual need ever higher, making my loins throb with an urgent, ravenous hunger.

“Keep your legs spread far apart,” Kat said coldly as she continued to torment my sexual core, driving me mad with lust, but refusing to allow me any sexual relief.

Naked, with my legs spread obscenely far apart, and an imperious woman toying with my nether lips and impaling me deep with her strong, forceful fingers, I felt so helpless and vulnerable.

Which was exactly what Kat wanted.

“You look so adorable right now,” the older woman said as she looked down at my feverish, sweating, naked body, “The pleading, wounded look in your eyes, you’re so raw with sexual need, I love watching you suffer like this. It’s so primal and honest and direct. You’re about ready to burst into tears, aren’t you?”

I nodded in agreement and whimpered, “Yes, Mistress.”

My whole body trembled, and tears welled up in my eyes. Kat would work her fingers deep into my pussy, get me outrageously aroused and then; right when I was on the verge of a powerful orgasm; she would pull her hand away.

My body was feverish with sexual distress, however, rather than take pity on me, Kat’s eyes would just light up with childlike excitement.

Kat found my gasping, trembling and the look of helpless torment on my face to be endlessly erotic. She would have liked to keep me writhing in erotic agony all night, however, my mistress wanted me to spend the night with her, and so Kat’s time with me was limited.

“I need to get a few photos of you like that,” Kat announced as she got up from the bed and retrieved an impressive looking digital camera.

“Keep your legs far apart, and look like a damsel in distress,” Kat instructed me. Looking like I was in distress was the easy part. My clit was so hard and swollen that it ached, and my loins were feverish and throbbing with an urgency that bordered on frantic.

“You look so fetching when you’re struggling with your need,” Kat informed me, “I need to capture this moment. You look so delicious right now.”

Kat was disappointed when she had to let me go back to my mistress, however, she had photos as an eternal reminder of our time together. She smacked me playfully on my bare bottom as I was escorted out of her room and I was told to find the woman who owned me.

The woman who owned me was April Ladd. I found her in the corridor with Coach Jenneke. They were both engaged in rapt conversation about runway models. April and Coach Jenneke were having a vigorous debate on where to draw the line between “healthy body image” and “dangerously underweight”.

However, when the two women saw me walking towards them, their debate ended abruptly, and I immediately became their sole focus of attention.

“Cheryl,” April said, enthusiastically, “did you make Katrien happy?”

“Very happy, Mistress,” I replied, “She was like a little kid on her first visit to Disneyland.”

“You have a talent for making women happy,” Coach Jenneke interjected, “I seem to recall you made me ecstatic.”

As April and Coach Jenneke spoke, they both placed their hands on me, pulling me closer, touching me on the small of my back, stroking my hair, placing a hand on my hip or wherever. It was almost as if they felt communication with me was impossible unless we were in physical contact with each other.

“She’s had specialized training,” April said as she enveloped me into an intimate embrace, pressing her clothed body lovingly into my naked one, “As her lesbian mistress, I wanted her to have a very thorough education in pleasing females.”

For a while the three of us just stood there, April and I molded together in an affectionate embrace, while Coach Jenneke traced her hands lovingly across my shoulder, the small of my back and the curves of my naked buttocks. It was a silent duration where the three of us just savored our feelings of fondness and endearment for each other.

Finally April broke the tranquil silence by saying, “I’ve got to get Cheryl to bed. She has a busy day tomorrow and she’s gonna need to get some sleep tonight.”

“Good night, Cheryl,” Coach Jenneke said and gave me a longing, affectionate look. She was really fond of me. She and I had a relationship that mostly involved sex, bondage and corporal punishment. It was an unconventional relationship, however we’d developed a strong emotional attachment for each other.

“Tomorrow I’ve got you scheduled to make five more women happy,” my mistress confided in me as we stood in her room and she shut and locked the door behind her, “so, you really will need to get rested up tonight.”

Based on her words, I thought that April intended for us to go straight to bed, however, I had Bostancı Anal Escort misread her intentions.

It had become normal for my ankle to get bound in a stainless-steel ankle cuff every night before bed. The ankle cuff was connected to a chain, and the other end of the chain was secured to the bedframe, thus keeping me from leaving the room in the middle of the night.

“These too dear,” April said, holding up a pair of handcuffs, “While we’re here at Katrien’s cabin, I’m making certain that things are more intense for you, so you sleep with your wrists bound behind your back this weekend.”

I turned and crossed my wrists behind my back to make it easier for my mistress to handcuff me. I figured I’d have to sleep on my belly, as a girl with her wrists cuffed behind her back would have to deal with stainless-steel digging painfully into her spine all night long if she slept on her back.

“Not yet,” April said when I asked her for help climbing into bed, “Watching you get spanked by Alex tonight and ogled by about a dozen women here was left me all feverish and excited. I think I need your mouth between my thighs now, or else I’m not gonna be able to get any sleep tonight.”

Of course. I should have guessed that. My own pussy could be soaking wet and throbbing with need, and I was expected to sleep in that condition, however, April was another story.

“I want you suffering and in feverish need all weekend,” April explained at one point, “It will help promote a proper slave-girl mindset if I leave you to suffer like that. I don’t want you thinking or feeling like a regular person this weekend. I want you thinking like a powerless, vulnerable slave. This weekend is supposed to be all about you living the total slave-girl experience.”

April shed her clothes and tossed each garment on the floor until she was fully and gloriously naked. I was then ordered to kneel in front of her.

With some difficulty I got down on my knees and knelt in front of my mistress. April spread her legs wide and gave me easy access to the swollen folds of her vulva. I began by kissing the insides of her thighs and soon April was making contented sighing sounds and stroking my hair affectionately.

“Enough foreplay,” she whispered, “You made Kat Göttin happy with your mouth. Now it’s time for you to make me happy.”

Obediently, I extended my tongue and licked it across the surface of her swollen clit. It wasn’t hard to locate at all, it was bloated, reddened and already peeking out of its hood. When I licked it, it was hard, like a sucking candy.

April gasped when my tongue first made contact with her hot, tumescent clitoris, and I realized she was already close to orgasm. It would only take a few more licks to get to the center of screaming, orgasmic bliss.

I tried to trap April’s clit between my teeth and suck on it, however, she was too sensitive for direct clitoral stimulation and she pushed me away. April’s clit didn’t normally get that sensitive. Her sexual arousal must have reached really intense levels for her clit to be that tender.

Changing tactics, I pushed my tongue into the furrow between her swollen labia and probed as deep as I could into her womanhood.

In response, April sighed happily and held my held tightly in her grasp. Apparently, I was doing the right thing, as April didn’t push me away anymore, and instead, made a series of contented vowel sounds.

I explored her hole with my tongue, probing as deep as I could manage. Contented vowel sounds soon turned to gasping and panting and then April’s hips began to gyrate and sway. If not for April’s tight grip on my scalp, I would have been knocked over by the vigorous thrusting of her pelvis.

“Oh dear God,” April enthused and continued to make happy gasping sounds, “that was amazing!”

April needed several minutes to rest up and recover from her euphoric but physically taxing orgasm. Once she had recovered, she hugged me and then helped me into bed.

In case you weren’t aware, getting into bed with your hands bound behind your back is awkward and difficult. April was kind enough to make certain that I didn’t fall flat on my face or break anything while I tried to get into bed while handcuffed.

“So, Slave-girl,” April said after I was situated into a semi-comfortable position in the bed, “what are your thoughts on this weekend? I’ve never shared you with such a large number of people before, how are you handling it?”

“It’s overwhelming,” I replied, “with so many people staring at my bare breasts and shaved vulva, I feel even more naked than naked. It’s sort of like that slave-girl from those books by Anne Rice. They forced her to march naked up onto that stage and an entire village of people got to ogle her naked body. I feel like I’m that naked slave-girl now. There’s an entire village staring at my naked body and it gets me feeling all helpless and makes me get all tingly and throbbing between my legs.”

“Wow, that’s Bostancı Yaşlı Escort an even better response than I’d hoped. How do you feel about Alex? She seemed pretty angry at you.”

“Alex has a lot of anger,” I admitted, “Fourteen and fifteen-year old girls can be pretty mean. They can be petty and cruel, and I’m sorry that she had such a rough time of it in high school. I’m thinking that by letting her spank me, we helped her deal with some of the anger and teenage angst. I’m thinking it was very therapeutic for her.”

“So, you were willing to sacrifice your buttocks to her, even though you personally didn’t do anything to hurt her?”

“Slaves are expected to do that sort of thing,” I replied, “Being innocent is no reason to get a slave out of punishment. If it will help a master or mistress to feel better, a slave should be willing to sacrifice her naked backside for the cause.”

April leaned over and kissed me on my back, just between my shoulder-blades.

“You’re sweet,” she said, “I’m so glad we found each other. I don’t think I could find a more adorable slave-girl if I tried.”

April then proceeded to turn out the lights and we both said goodnight. I spent the night naked, handcuffed and with my ankle chained up to the bedframe. And of course, I had the most deliciously erotic dreams while I slept.

* * *

When I woke up the next morning, April unlocked me from my stainless-steel bondage and helped me to get ready for the day.

She ran me through a number of stretching exercises, followed by a series of exercises for my abs and my glutes.

“You don’t want to be stiff today,” April advised me, “You want to be as limber and resilient as possible. It’s going to be a rough day and if you’re brittle or sluggish, you run the risk of getting injured. You don’t want that.”

After my morning exercises, April took me to the bathroom where she brushed my teeth, bathed me, shaved my legs, shaved my armpits, shaved my vulva, applied my makeup and fixed my hair.

Back in Fairhaven, Stefania oversaw my grooming and did all these things for me, however, in Campo Verde apparently the rules were different. I didn’t mind. Stefania was rather cold and impersonal as she groomed me. April was much warmer and more affectionate.

Eventually, we left our room and we discovered that we weren’t the only ones up. Alex, Prue and Coach Jenneke had taken over the kitchen and were industriously hard at work, preparing enough food a small army.

Coach Jenneke saw me staring and immediately put me to work, getting plates, platters, bowls and whatever else they needed to serve up their feast. I got a tingly, submissive feeling as I labored in the kitchen. All four of us were working hard to get breakfast ready, however, I was stark naked and the other women in the kitchen were fully-clothed. The difference between my status and theirs was blatantly obvious.

Coach Jenneke and her young kitchen-workers were mostly too busy doing food-prep, brewing and frying to ogle my naked body, however, the aroma of coffee, bacon and other breakfast foods soon permeated the entire cabin and lured campers to crawl out of their beds and stagger into the kitchen. Once the dining room was filled with spectators, I soon found my exposed buttocks, pubic lips and other intimate parts of my anatomy being stared at intently. They were so blatant and shameless in the way that they examined my body that their gaze felt like hands fondling me.

It took a while to get everything prepared and stacked on platters or plates as people kept walking up to me and pinching my buttocks or copping a feel. It’s difficult to prepare food when you feel somebody’s hand grabbing your ass or palming your pubic lips. It’s simply way too distracting.

When all the work was finally done, I grabbed a cup of coffee and made my way over to the dining room table, however Stefania barked out a harsh order and told me I couldn’t sit down.

“There is tradition,” Stefania admonished me, “You must be spanked every morning before you can eat breakfast.”

I looked over at Stefania and held my coffee mug in front of me with both hands like it was some sort of shield to protect me from Stefania’s judgement, “I thought that was just at home,” I said, “We’re out in the woods in Campo Verde now. I didn’t think we were going to do that here.”

“Is good tradition,” Stefania countered, “I see no reason to ignore tradition just because we are in cabin in the woods.”

Stefania pulled a chair far away from the breakfast table and sat down. Then she patted her lap in an obvious invitation. She expected me to go over her knee for a spanking before I could eat my breakfast.

At first, I just stood there wide-eyed. For some reason I wasn’t expecting our household tradition to carry over to Kat’s cabin in the woods. Every woman in the room turned their eyes to me, expectant, waiting to see how I would react.

Technically, Bostancı Zenci Escort I could have refused. My slavery to April was voluntary. I could walk away from it at any time. I could also claim that it was unjust for me to go over Stefania’s lap for a punishment that I hadn’t agreed to in advance. It was highly unlikely that Stefania or any of the other women in the room would physically force me into the desired position.

However, as all eyes in the room focused on me, I felt a damp throbbing between my legs. Every woman in the room was ignoring her food and instead staring intently at my naked body.

There was a bond between us. They hungered to witness my humiliation as my slender, naked body was punished and my spirit crushed.

For my own part, I had an intense hunger for these women to witness my humiliation and share in my debasement. It was like we had an unspoken yet meaningful agreement. I was there to be humiliated, objectified and abused, and they were there to witness my abuse and humiliation. I think we would have both been disappointed if I refused to uphold my end of the agreement.

In the end, I set my coffee mug down on the table, padded over to where Stefania sat, bent over and slid across her lap, raising my butt up into the air, placing my palms flat on the ground and spreading my legs apart wide enough that I felt vulnerable. This was the pose I was taught to assume when I was spanked.

As I lay over Stefania’s lap, my body was flooded with potent sensations of both crushing shame and feverish excitement. The way I was positioned, my head was down, my thighs were parted, and my bottom was raised up high and prominently on display for everyone to examine. My delicate pink anus and bald, swollen pubic lips were indecently on display for all the women to stare at.

The position I was fashioned into was deliberately designed to be intimate and deliciously humiliating, making me look and shamefully exposed and acutely submissive at the same time.

“I have spanked blonde-girl’s cute ass before,” Stefania explained to the assembled women as I remained across her lap, “however, never which such large audience. Usually, it is just one or two people watching. So many spectators watching as I spank her lovely little bottom will cause her much more embarrassment. If you wish to spare adorable blonde girl humiliation, you should leave room until her spanking is over.”

There was a long, silent pause as Stefania waited. Not a single woman got up and left the room. Stefania was making some sort of point about how not a single woman there wished to miss witnessing my punishment or protect me from feeling shamed and humiliated.

The silence was finally broken by Alex as she said, “I have no intention of sparing her feelings. I want her humiliation to be complete.”

My body involuntarily shuddered at Alex’s words and I felt a flutter deep inside my loins. I had a hard time understanding my physical and emotional reactions but being publicly humiliated and abused by these women had an intense effect on my libido.

A feverish thrill went through my body and I shuddered again as Stefania said, “Very good. We shall humiliate the blonde girl. The more people who watch, the more delicious her humiliation will be.”

There was a slight pause as Stefania allowed those words to sink in and then there was a loud crack as Stefania’s strong right hand slapped my bare bottom, causing it to sting.

My bottom was still tender from the spanking Alex had given the day before, as a result Stefania’s blows hurt more than they would ordinarily. Stefania smacked my poor, innocent bottom a dozen times with sharp, rapid blows, each one stinging more than the last. I tried to hold still, however, my body trembled, and my legs kicked. The pain was just too severe for me to remain stoic.

“You see the way she wriggles and squirms as I spank her?” Stefania asked the women as she gave me a brief respite, “She moves her hips and pelvis in a very suggestive manner when I inflict the pain. The way she swishes and sways her bare bottom is very immodest, improper and suggestive.”

Having added to my embarrassment, Stefania gave me the barest few moments to moan and then her imposing right hand began to inflict bitter pain on my innocent backside once again.

Another stinging swat and another and another, until I eventually lost count and my bottom felt as cooked as if I sat on a red-hot burner on a stove. I writhed and squirmed shamelessly as the pain grew more intense and I lost all sense of dignity and self-respect.

Being a corporal submissive doesn’t mean I can’t feel pain. For me, pain hurts just as much as it does for anybody else. A harsh spanking stings and scalds my backside just like it does the backsides of everyone else out there, the main difference with people like me is, the more intense the punishments inflicted, the more intense my sexual arousal becomes. It’s like there’s a switch in my brain that fervently stimulates my libido every time I’m spanked, strapped or whipped.

I still feel the pain, I even dread the pain somewhat, however, the intense waves of sexual desire that come with the pain are so compelling and potent that I’m willing to endure a great deal of sharp, bitter pain to experience them.

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