Chiara Chronicles Ch. 04

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Chapter Four – A Revealing Situation

“Chiara…Kiki…I’m not even sure what to call you,” Marc said with a shake of his head.

Chiara looked up at Marc dreamily, “My name’s Chiara but Annie gave me the nickname Kiki. You can call me anything you want.”

“Okay then, Kiki. Just so you know, I don’t normally put my fingers in a girl’s pussy as soon as I meet her.”

Chiara giggled then started to chuckle, finally she began laughing so hard she was crying and holding her aching stomach. Marc had looked so solemn and serious when he’d said that that she couldn’t help it. Even Marc started to laugh at the situation.

“Marc you can put your fingers or anything else you want in me whenever you want,” she murmured to him.

Marc ruffled his fingers through Chiara’s hair again and smiled. “Does this mean you’re available for a date with me next Friday?”

She gave him an impish grin and pretended to think for a minute then said, “I think I can squeeze you in!” Which made them both laugh.

Chiara looked around and noticed that Annie wasn’t in the room with them anymore. She asked Marc where she had gone but he hadn’t seen her leave either. Chiara made motions like she wanted to get up and Marc helped her from the bed, wrapping his strong arm around her and guiding her to the door.

As they exited the room some of Marc’s frat brothers gave them a standing ovation, not realizing what had really transpired. Chiara blushed deeply and Marc smiled and waved their applause away, telling them that it wasn’t what they thought. He looked down at Chiara and whispered to her that she had been a bit noisy when he’d brought her into the room. If she could have blushed more she would have.

Marc insisted that he walk Chiara back to her dorm, and when they got outside they found that it was a lot colder than when she had arrived. He whipped off his Zorro cape and wrapped it around her shoulders.

“There,” he said. “It’s not much, but at least it’ll keep ogling eyes at bay.”

“Thanks Marc, I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. I hope you don’t think I’m the way I was before, because I’m not.”

Marc looked down at her as they walked along, “I don’t Kiki, I’ve known Annie my whole life and she’s a troublemaker of the first degree. I try to stay away from her as much as I can.”

“Well she’s played a few silly pranks on me since we became roommates but nothing quite this bad before. I don’t think this was actually supposed to be a prank. Knowing Annie she was just trying to get me hot for later,” Chiara said.

“Hot for later? You mean you and her? How long have you two been, well you know?” Marc looked like he’d been hit by a truck.

Chiara blushed again though he probably didn’t notice. “About a month,” she said. “It just kinda happened.”

Marc frowned, “Nothing ‘just happens’ when Annie Montgomery is involved Kiki. Trust me, once she gets something into her head she’s like a pitbull on a hambone. I don’t know how many times she’s dragged me into one of her wonderful ‘plans’ and I’ve ended up on the bad side of them. I don’t even talk to her and try to avoid her like the plague.”

They walked on in silence. Chiara was pretty upset with the way that Marc was slagging Annie, so when they got to her dorm she thanked him and walked in, not asking him to walk her to her room.

As soon as Chiara walked into the dorm Marc got on his cell and called Annie. “Annie you’re a fucking idiot!”

“Yes I know,” she replied as Chiara came into their room. She waved to her that she’d be a minute.

“Why can’t you ever keep your nose clean? Do you always have to blow the shit out of peoples’ lives?”

“God I don’t know what your problem is!”

“My problem! Jesus Christ, you just about killed your roommate with a vibrator for fuck’s sakes!”

“It was an accident, it wasn’t supposed to happen that way.” Annie said, getting angry herself.

“Then what was the whole vibrator thing about? Was it some twisted way to get your jollies off after the party?” Marc had a sudden realization as to what Annie’s goal really was, “Oh god you were setting her up! You fucking bitch, you twisted and turned that poor girl until she literally fell into my arms and I had to rescue her didn’t you? You wanted us to meet!” Marc raged at her.

“It’s a perfect fit dummy!” Annie snapped back.

“Annie if there was any way I could find so that I’d never known you I would jump at it in a second. All you ever do is fuck up my life!”

Annie was fuming now, “Don’t talk to me like that!”

“Don’t talk to you like that?” Marc asked as he lost it. “I’ll talk to you any damned way I please Annie, I spent a night in jail for drug possession because of you!”

“Oh great, now you’re bringing that up again.” Annie responded.

“Yeah, I’m bringing it up again. almanbahis I almost didn’t get accepted here because of it!”

“Did I or did I not pay your bail?”

“Go to hell!” Marc said as he mashed the END button on his phone.

“Fine, bye!” Annie replied to dead air.

“Who was that Annie?” Chiara asked.

“Oh just my stupid brother who doesn’t appreciate my help,” she replied. “Some people just don’t know the lengths I go to to help them.”

“So how do you know Marc?’

“Marc? We grew up together, we used to be pretty close. Now he thinks I’m always out to get him but I’m not. It’s just sometimes when we get together things kind of go kablooie. I don’t mean for bad things to happen they just do, and somehow he always gets the raw side of the deal. I always try to make it up to him but it usually gets worse than when I started. I just wish sometimes he’d understand that I don’t want to hurt him.” Annie explained sadly.

“Do you hate each other or what?”

“No we don’t, well I don’t hate him. He’s actually a pretty amazing guy, just about bloody perfect if you ask me. You know what I mean?”

“It sounds like you have some pretty strong feelings for Marc, Annie. If it helps I won’t see him again.”

Annie pulled Chiara into a hug and stroked her hair. “Oh Kiki, you don’t have to do that. Marc and I have known each other since we were babies. I do love him but not like that honey. He’s perfect for you and you’re perfect for him, I know what kinds of girls Marc likes and you’re it! Enough of this though, you’ve had a rough night and probably need some sleep.”

Chiara agreed with her and changed into a little shortie nightie, not realizing that she’d kept Marc’s cape, and crawled into bed with her. Annie spooned behind Chiara and caressed her neck and shoulders, which made her moan with relief as her tension ebbed. Chiara fell asleep shortly as Annie cooed sweet nothings into her ear.

The next morning Chiara noticed that Marc’s cape was bundled up with her clothes from the party. She grabbed it up and told Annie that she’d be back in a bit.

Annie grinned at her, “Going to see your boyfriend?”

Chiara stuck her tongue out her and told her that he wasn’t her boyfriend he was her rescuer.

“That’s just semantics!” Annie called to her as Chiara dashed out the door.

When she got to Marc’s frat house Chiara realized she had been in such a hurry to return his cape she was still in her nightie. Chiara thanked God she’d at least had the sense to put on some pj shorts. She just shook her head and rang the doorbell. A guy answered the door, looked at her and bellowed out to the house that ‘Marc’s girlfriend’ was there. Chiara stepped in behind him and waited for Marc as frat boys all tried to ‘casually’ check her out.

Marc finally came to the door and gave her a low whistle. “Uh Kiki I hope you don’t go to class like that.”

Chiara rolled her eyes and grinned, “Ha ha very funny Zorro, here’s your cape.

Marc chuckled and took it from her. “It’s good to see you again Kiki. I was afraid that you wouldn’t want to see me again after how I acted last night, about Annie and all.”

“Annie explained it to me. How you grew up together, and how she sometimes gets a bit over the top with her ideas. I can understand that there’s a bit of bad blood between you.”

“You know what, let’s not talk about Annie. The guys are making a Captain Cholesterol breakfast, would you like some?”

Chiara followed Marc into the house and they sat at the bar counter, and watched while two of his frat brothers were working some magic. Very shortly there were two heaping plates with bacon, eggs, french toast and sausage in front of them. Chiara hadn’t realized how hungry she was until just then and tucked into the massive plate of food like a half starved wolf. The room got quiet and she looked up from stuffing a french toast wrapped sausage into her mouth.

“What? I’ve had a busy night and I’m hungry,” she said around a mouthful of food.

That caused the guys in the room to bust out laughing and Marc got a good ribbing, actually making him blush.

Slowly the other guys filtered out of the kitchen, leaving the two of them by themselves.

“Chiara I think the guys expect us to be boyfriend and girlfriend now.” Marc stated softly.

Chiara arched her brow, “Oh really? What makes you think I want to be your girlfriend?”

“Well some of them think we had mind blowing sex last night. I told them we didn’t but I’m not sure they believed me. Then today you rushed over here in your pajamas just to give me back a two dollar cape. Finally you impressed the hell out of them by mowing down a huge plate of food without even one complaint that it was too much, and cracking jokes while you were at it. I think somehow we’ve become a couple of legend here now.”

“Oh almanbahis giriş we have, have we? Don’t I get a say in this? Maybe I like being with Annie, I’m not going to dump her just to be a frat house legend.”

“Kiki I’m not asking you to drop Annie, I’m just asking you to give me a chance,” Marc pleaded.

“Well since you rescued me last night and fed me this morning I guess I could cut you some slack.”

Marc smiled, relieved that he’d gotten Chiara to at least think about seeing him again. He leaned in to kiss her and she met him halfway. It was the most delicious, slow and sensual kiss Chiara had ever had, and it sent shivers up her spine and gave her gooseflesh on her arms.

On her way back to the dorm Chiara thought about her relationship with Annie, and wondered if she was fooling around with her because she wanted it or because Annie did. Then she thought about Marc, and where this whole thing with him was going. She was feeling very confused and her head started to hurt as her mind ran in circles over all of it.

When she got back Annie was out so she checked her email, and saw that her parents had sent her a message that they would be out of town on the Thanksgiving weekend. ‘Great’ she thought to herself, ‘now what am I going to do? I have to tell them sometime that I’m seeing a girl, and maybe a guy too.’ Chiara began to wonder how her life had suddenly become so complicated.

An hour later she’d just had a shower and was laying on her bed lost in thought, still trying to figure out what the hell she was supposed to do about Annie and Marc. She really enjoyed being with Annie and did love her, but she also knew that it probably wasn’t going to be a permanent thing with her. Then there was Marc, the way he had swooped in and rescued her the previous night, then that morning how he had acted almost shy with her, yet he just oozed manhood. It was such a turn on for her to have a guy like him look at her like he did. Sure Steve and Aaron had both shown that they found her sexy, but they hadn’t looked at her like Marc had. A soft knock on her door disturbed her thoughts and she got up to answer it, surprised to see Marc there.

“Marc, what are you doing here?”

“I needed to talk to you talk to you some more Chiara, about last night. I couldn’t help thinking that maybe it wasn’t just the bug making you do what you did. Then there was that kiss this morning.”

“I’m sorry Marc, I don’t remember most of what happened between us. Could you fill in the gaps for me?”

Marc asked if he could come in, so Chiara opened the door and offered him her computer chair while she flopped onto her bed facing him. From the look on Marc’s face she knew that she had just given him a good look at her small breasts. Marc licked his lips then proceeded to tell her how she had kissed him fiercely and grabbed his hand and stuffed it down her top. As if that hadn’t been enough she had gone on to stuff her own hand down his pants and grab him, stroking him with gusto in front of everyone. Marc seemed genuinely embarrassed for her.

“Oh my God did I really do that?” she asked in a small voice.

“Uh yeah. It surprised the hell out of me, but to be honest I didn’t really mind much, you’re pretty aggressive when you’re turned on Kiki.” Marc grinned. “I like girls who aren’t afraid to tell me what they want.”

“I’m almost afraid to ask what I said after hearing what I did.”

“Well thinking about it now it’s kind of funny I guess,” Marc said.

“You just told the whole room you were going to fuck my brains out until I couldn’t cum anymore, and that’s when you passed out.” He grinned evilly, reminding her of someone.

Chiara felt the blood completely drain from her face and began to cry, “God I’m so embarrassed! I can’t believe I said and did all that stuff!”

Marc moved to sit beside her and wrapped her in his arms. “Shh it’s okay Kiki, you weren’t in control of yourself. I did some damage control and your rep is still intact.”

Chiara sniffled and rubbed the tears from her eyes as she wrapped her arms around him, thanking him again for coming to her rescue once again. Marc pulled her up onto his lap and hugged Chiara tight to him and she could feel his fingers gently running slow circles on her back as she calmed down.

“So here’s the big question Kiki, was it just the little vibe? Or do you want to fuck me?

“I think Annie forgot to mention that you could be blunt,” she said to him. “But if everything else she said was true I think I would like to have sex with you Marc. That is of course if you want to have sex with me?”

Marc ruffle her hair again and she asked him what that was about. “Well I think it’s a cute cut and it suits you. But honestly Chiara, even if you hadn’t done what you did last night I still would have thought you were the hottest girl almanbahis yeni giriş at the party. And to be blunt again, yeah I do want to have sex with you, but only when you feel ready for it to happen. I don’t want you to feel pressured into it.”

Chiara changed her position so that she was straddling his lap with her legs wrapped around him, “Well I still feel a little tender, but I think if we took it slow I’ll be okay.”

Marc looked surprised but still smiled as his fingers kept tracing circles lower and lower on her back. “You’re sure about this? I’m serious, I don’t want to pressure or hurt you or anything.”

Chiara grinned at him and pulled Marc down for a kiss that rivalled the passion that she’d displayed the previous night. With her arms around his neck she looked into his sparkling black eyes, still thinking that he reminded her of someone, but she couldn’t think who.

“Marc you’ve been nothing but caring and gentle with me since I met you. I’m pretty sure some guys would have taken advantage of my situation last night but you didn’t and that means a lot to me. I want this,” Chiara said as she blushed. “Hell I think I need it really, and I know you want it too because your cock is wedged against my bum.”

Marc chuckled and pulled her little tank top up her body. Chiara unhooked her arms from his neck and he pulled the top the rest of the way off.

“God you’re beautiful Chiara, you’ve got the most delicious little body I’ve ever seen.”

He thumbed her tight little nipples which sent shivers up Chiara’s spine and she arched into his hands, feeling her nipples poke harder into his fingers, and little lightning bolts shooting down to her pussy.

“Mmmm that feels nice Marc, please don’t stop,” she murmured.

Marc continued to play with Chiara’s small breasts and she could feel his cock growing between her legs. She could also feel her juices beginning to flow as she moaned and her eyes fluttered shut.

Marc’s hand slipped into her shorts and between her legs, finding her wet little pussy. He laughed and whispered, “Hmm apparently you really do want it Kiki.”

Chiara playfully bit him on the neck then got up and stripped off her shorts, “Somebody’s got way too many clothes on.” She declared.

Marc quickly got up and got undressed himself, Chiara stared at him and though that he was absolutely gorgeous. She jumped at him and wrapped herself around him. He carried her back to her bed, laying her down with gentle ease before lying beside her.

“Chiara you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met. I would love nothing more than to please you every day.”

Chiara twinkled at him and giggled, “That’s a pretty steep promise Marc, if you’re not careful I may hold you to it.”

“Well I meant it Kiki. I want to do everything I can to make you happy.”

“You know what, I feel the same way. Please don’t make me wait anymore, I want you in me.”

He smiled and rolled on top of Chiara, careful to keep his weight on his hands and knees, almost afraid to hurt the small girl.

Chiara took Marc’s large cock and aimed it at her hungry little pussy, placing his tip at her entrance then waiting impatiently for him to thrust into her.

Marc wiggled his hips then slowly and gently eased his cock into her. Any time Chiara winced he would stop and pull back and wait until she was comfortable with him being inside her before pushing in again.

“God this is driving me nuts,” Chiara said in a frustrated tone.

“Me too little one,” Marc replied. “I really just want to pound into you for all I’m worth.

Chiara smiled up at Marc, “Do what you want, I’ll be fine.”

Marc kissed her hard then thrust deeply into her in one stroke, making her cry out, but she told him to keep going. Chiara felt like she was being fucked by a jackhammer, except Marc kept throwing in a hip swivel which drove her mad. Marc kept up that staccato pace for a few minutes, then slowed down to a lazy, deep stroke that frustrated the hell out of her because she was so close to her orgasm.

“Marc please, I’m almost there, fuck me! Cum in me, I need to feel you cum in me!” Chiara begged him.

He picked up the pace again, and his hip swivel was driving the petite redhead closer to the edge. Soon her pussy was spasming around Marc’s cock, milking it hard which made him start to cum too. Chiara could feel Marc’s cock pumping and jerking as he shot rope after rope of his seed into her. Chiara continued to orgasm, screaming and thrashing about under Marc. When they were spent Marc rolled off of Chiara and rested beside her, playing with her hair and grinning with her.

“Uh guys? Maybe next time you should hang a sock on the door or something?”



“Hi Kiki, bro.” Annie said with an evil chuckle.

Chiara looked at Marc and Annie, totally confused. “Sis? Bro?”

Annie grinned at her, “Chiara, I’d like you to meet my uptight little brother Marc Montgomery. We’re twins.

Marc looked at Chiara sheepishly, “My pain-in-the-ass older sister. Like five whole minutes matters.”

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