Chloe and Allen Ch. 05

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Big Dicks

This is entirely fiction. All characters are 18 or older.

This is Chapter 5. I recommend reading Chapters 1-4 first. No more caveats. If you’re still reading, you already know what type of story this is. 🙂 I’m happy you’re still here.

The formerly-hidden tension was out in the open and their erotic and deeper feelings for each other made known. Chloe and Allen had both crossed lines together neither intended to but both had very much enjoyed. They vowed to themselves to try to stay on the correct side of those lines, but both wanted to continue their newfound sexy playtime fun, flashing and peeking, without crossing such boundaries again. As they’d already discovered, however, lines can be blurry.

Morning fun

Chloe made love to her Daddy all night! He was so tender and loving for her first time. His cock felt so good inside her, as she always knew it would. And it was in her a lot! When not up her pussy, it was in her mouth or her hand, rarely unattended. She knew it was just a dream…or a night full of erotic dreams, but that didn’t matter right now. It was him. It was them. It was fabulous!

Chloe loved her Daddy so deeply. She knew it could never happen in real life, but if it did, she was certain it would be even more fantastic than in her dreams, which would be saying something!

As she stirred in bed after her alarm, already (or still) aroused, Chloe felt her sheets sliding over her naked body and wondered again why she ever thought sleeping in clothing was a good idea. She loved the freedom of being completely naked and wished it could last. Maybe she was a nudist in addition to being an exhibitionist!

Chloe knew she had to get going for school, but she couldn’t wait. She caressed herself everywhere she could reach with her hands, tweaking both nipples several times, working herself into a frenzy.

It didn’t take long, since she had awoken so horny from her Daddy dreams. Chloe eventually locked her right hand on (and in!) her pussy and her left on her breast. She squeezed her nipple as hard as she could, like her Daddy had done two nights ago, and it had the same effect as always: an immediate, huge electric shock in her pussy, which sent her over the edge, climaxing onto her ready fingers, her thumb furiously rubbing her clit to prolong the sensation and bring on more.

Chloe came in waves, calling “Daddy” out loud, another orgasm for the record books, an amazing side benefit from both her newfound fun with her Daddy and her naked sleeping, both of which she hoped didn’t end soon.

Panting, Chloe quickly used both hands to scoop up and drink down the juices that had gushed from her pussy. (God, she tasted so good!) She then quickly jumped out of bed, still a bit horny, knowing her shower would need to be quick to make up time.

Chloe grabbed her towel and started to wrap herself. Then she decided otherwise and opened her door, feeling brave, fully naked with her towel in her hand, dragging it behind her. She loved the feeling of being naked outside of her room! That could get dangerous, she thought with a grin.

Core reached her Daddy’s bedroom door. Tempted as she was to just walk to the shower like this, she thought better of it. But that didn’t mean she had to fully wrap herself, right? She positioned things, opened the door, and walked confidently but slowly past her Daddy, who was already awake and reading in bed.

“Good morning, Daddy!”

“Hi, sweethear- whoa!”


Allen had woken early, he thought from hearing Chloe’s alarm down the hall. But then she was taking longer than expected to come shower, so maybe not.

Then he heard her call out “Daddy!” and knew why she was still in her room! Allen knew from last night what that sound was. Ha, go Chloe! Nice early morning orgasm to start the day. He was pleased he had something to do with it. The thought (and mental images) of his teen daughter cumming and calling out to him solidified his morning wood.

Allen considered pretending to be asleep and maybe lowering the sheet for some fake-sleep flashing. But he instead wanted to see his precious girl’s face after her orgasm. So, he sat up in bed in the bright morning sunlight.

His baby girl walked confidently into the room, wrapped in her towel, and he was glad he was awake. She looked positively radiant! She was, of course, always beautiful to him, but her face glowed, her cheeks slightly flushed after what he hoped was a very nice orgasm. Her lovely green eyes sparkled. She was truly breathtaking. Even better that the young woman inside was just as beautiful, if not more.

Allen’s reverie didn’t last long. His little girl glided by on a mission to get to the shower. And that’s when her morning surprise for him hit. The towel wasn’t wrapped around her as usual. She was just holding it up in front of her!

As she passed by, his young daughter’s fully nude back retreated Kars Escort toward the bathroom. Yum! Another first-time view to burn into his brain. He’d seen her back before, of course. He’d even seen her bare bottom yesterday. But this view of her, entirely bare from head to toe, was a sexy sight to behold! Her shapely back atop her amazing bubble butt above her long, toned legs caused his cock to immediately start leaking.

Allen recognized in hindsight that Chloe’s eyes had held more than a sparkle; her mischievous grin was accompanied by a devilish glint. Well played, my love!


As Allen studied his daughter’s naked form, she added a final thought before closing the bathroom door behind her. “Oh, right! The fan! I’m so glad I’m finally remembering to turn it on like I’m supposed to!” she called out to nobody in particular.

Chloe was ready to put on a little show. As she was entering the bathroom, she once again confirmed how well the view to the shower was reflected in the mirror over the sink. All someone needed to do was peek through the door into the mirror, and they would see the shower perfectly framed. Yay!

Chloe knew her Daddy would easily understand her not-at-all subtle hint and dropped her towel as she switched on the bathroom fan. As she turned on the water for her shower, she set it to a lower temperature than her usual, nearly-scalding preference. No steam allowed!

Chloe knew she had to make real progress while anticipating her handsome peeper, so she started washing her hair as she kept an eye on the bathroom door. It didn’t take long for her to see the knob turning!

She took a deep breath to try to calm her nerves as she realized this was a pretty big deal. She was so excited, though! She was all the way across the bathroom, but the mirror was clean, and the fan was doing its job keeping away any steam from the room and the clear shower door.

So, she was about to display her completely naked form to her Daddy for the first time since she was a baby. From a distance, but still… Was she really ready for this? She decided she very much was.

As the door cracked open, Chloe saw her lover’s eye peeking in at her in the mirror. Let’s welcome him to the show, she thought with an internal, husky purr. She intended to pretend she didn’t know he was there.

With shampoo on her hands, Chloe ran her soapy fingers down her chest, across her breasts, down her stomach, and between her legs, staying there a moment before caressing herself back up to her head. She imagined she had his full attention now! She faced her body toward the shower door full frontal as she rinsed her hair, closing her eyes and imagining her Daddy’s gaze roaming over her naked body.

As she glanced at the door through slitted eyes, Chloe saw it was opened a little wider for a better view. That was fine by her, but her Daddy would make an awful peeping Tom, she giggled to herself! She could also see movement on the other side of the door. Was he jerking off to the sight of her? God, she hoped so! It made her so happy to cause him to feel that turned on!

A common thing lately, Allen’s cock seemed harder than ever before.

He was leaking profusely and stroking himself to the impossible vision before him. There she was! His beautiful daughter, completely naked to his view for the first time as a sexy young woman. And sexy was precisely the correct term! Everything about her was perfect. He’d recently seen some of different parts of her separately, but they all fit together in a heavenly nude package that he longed to hold. He’d settle for the safety of distance at this point!

The knowing show his baby girl was putting on for him was so hot! Let’s just say she was being very thorough in getting herself clean, especially her naughty bits. She soaped her perky teen breasts and spent a full minute or more caressing up, around, and between them.

Even from this distance, Allen could tell his little girl’s nipples were erect and hard, begging to be sucked or squeezed. She soaped her arms and taut torso, the water rinsing her breasts as she did so, giving them a glorious, wet sheen. Then Chloe took the soap in her hand and brought it down across her pelvis, over her heart-shaped patch of hair, and between her legs. She shoved both hands and the soap fully between her legs, clearly caressing her pussy directly.

As Allen continued to stroke his raging cock to the reflected view of his completely naked daughter, she never looked his way. It was so hot that she was pretending she didn’t know he was there! She obviously did, and this show was all for him. While water had splashed onto the shower door, there was very little steam, so his view across the bathroom was nearly perfect.

With her hands still between her legs, Chloe lifted her right foot onto the built-in seat in the shower, ostensibly to wash her right leg and foot. But of Kars Escort Bayan course, the result was a clear view between her spread legs to her puffy, wet, delicious-looking pussy lips. They looked engorged and separated, a clear indication his baby girl was as turned on as he was from her display.

Allen jerked his cock even harder, though he’d have to be careful, since he didn’t want to come all over the bathroom door!

While washing her leg with her right hand, Chloe caressed her left hand up her thigh and back to her pussy. Allen watched, mesmerized, as his little girl slid her middle finger back and forth between her pussy lips, squeezing herself with her other fingers on the outside. She audibly moaned as he swore he saw her insert her middle finger up inside herself. Jesus!

Chloe turned around and lifted her left foot onto the seat to wash her other leg. She didn’t even pretend to use both hands this time.

As Allen stroked his cock to the view of his baby girl’s glorious ass (he SO wanted to grab and squeeze those perfect cheeks!), he could see the fingers of her right hand snaking through her swollen pussy lips from her front, her fingertips reaching through to his side.

As she bent forward a bit, there was no mistaking it as his little girl’s right finger disappeared into her hole. As she pumped it in and out of herself a few times, she cooed sweetly, “Oh, Daddy! If only you could see your loving daughter right now and how turned on she is for you!”

Allen squeezed down hard on the base of his cock to keep himself from immediately exploding all over the door and floor! God, she was good at this.

Allen then got to watch his young daughter soap her fabulous bubble butt and run her fingers between her cheeks, which she then spread for him to get another first-ever view to sear into his memory banks, this time of her cute, puckering hole. It looked like it was ready to kiss him, and he would definitely love to kiss it back!

Sadly, it seemed Chloe finally had to end her show and her shower, since it was indeed a school day! As she turned off the water, he retreated.

What Allen wanted to do was open the door and let her watch him jerk what he was sure would be a huge load into the sink, all caused by her! What he wanted even more was to join her in the shower, helping clean every inch of her and having her do the same for him. What he REALLY wanted was to join her in the shower, lift her in his arms, lower her wet and engorged teen pussy onto his intensely hard shaft, and fuck his daughter to a mutual orgasm that he knew would be mind blowing and world changing!

But of course, those were all unrealistic fantasies, and he closed the door instead, his hard cock still in hand. But he didn’t retreat far!

Chloe had come so close to cumming in front of her Daddy several times! God, that had been so fun! She was so horny now. She hoped she got to do that again. Maybe a lot, heehee! But now she had to get moving. Like yesterday, she was risking being late for school again. So much for a quick shower. (But…worth it!)

Too bad her Daddy left, since she had dropped her towel right by the door. He’d have seen her up close instead of from across the room! She quickly dried herself and got ready to leave. Did she dare? She did dare. She dropped her towel to drag behind her and walked out of the bathroom to strut back to her room completely naked.

Her Daddy wasn’t in his bed. Too bad for him, heehee! The light was on in the closet, and the door was partially open like before. She had two ideas simultaneously.

“Daddy?” Chloe called as she brought her eye to the crack in the door at the hinges. OMG!

“Yes, precious? I’m in the closet. Just putting on my robe. Breakfast soon?”

Her Daddy was totally not just putting on his robe. He was holding his robe in one hand while slowly jerking his shiny, incredibly hard cock with his other. If he knew she’d be looking, then he was really jerking his cock for her! God! Returning the favor, it seemed, heehee. Chloe almost started drooling! It looked so amazing! She stared, yearning to touch it, while she replied.

“Oh, hi Daddy! I didn’t realize you were out of bed,” she lied. “Yes to breakfast! In fact, I’m starved so will probably throw something on quickly to go eat and get all dressed after breakfast. Join me?”

Allen didn’t need to be asked twice. He was facing toward the opening of the door, pretending he didn’t know Chloe was at the hinge-crack, looking in. She wasn’t being very subtle, talking to him right at the gap, and he could see her eye there through his peripheral vision. He stroked his dripping cock for her as he answered. “As long as you don’t mind me in my robe, I can head down right now.”

Ha! “No, I don’t mind, Daddy! See you down there in a bit.”

Allen was at the kitchen counter getting coffee ready, his still-hard cock Escort Kars barely contained within his robe, when he heard his sweet, baby girl bound down the back stairs, yell “incoming,” and jump onto his back, wrapping herself around him with her arms and legs. He grabbed her legs to hold her up as she clung to his neck.

Chloe giggled joyfully (he loved that sound!) as he spun around the kitchen with her riding along. He noticed four welcome sensations as he did so.

First, his baby girl’s tickling, laughing kisses on the back of his neck. Second, her firm breasts pushing softly into his back, fantastic body parts he had become much more aware of and familiar with lately! Third, her warm, bare skin in his hands (so soft!). He wasn’t surprised she wasn’t wearing anything long, but his hands were pretty high up on her thighs, and he couldn’t feel any shorts material. Fourth, and by far the most naughty and thrilling, the lost battle between his robe and her feet and legs.

As Allen spun his little girl around the kitchen, she flailed her legs and kicked her feet with glee. With him only in a robe, however, that movement caused his erection to easily fall out between the flaps, especially since he was still so hard after the shower scene. His hands were busy holding his daughter up, so there was nothing he could do about it. (Not that he would have!) Her bare legs and feet were knocking against his naked, exposed cock, and Chloe seemed to quickly become aware of that fact.

That’s Daddy’s penis! Chloe was thrilled. She felt his naked, hard cock bouncing against her shins and feet as they spun. He must have popped out of his robe. While still enjoying the ride, her concentration quickly was centered on the feel of him against her legs. She knew she was the cause of his erection, and it always made it even more exciting to know he had one because of her.

She stopped flailing her legs. Chloe couldn’t close her shins together around her Daddy, but she lifted her left foot and pushed it against her right calf. She missed her target the first time, but she tried again, and the second time it worked!

OMG, Chloe had her Daddy’s naked, hard cock trapped under her foot! His shaft felt so hard and hot under her sole. She hoped he enjoyed the feel of her warm skin on him. Luckily, her foot was perfectly placed, and she felt his smooth cockhead directly under her toes. She felt her panties getting wet. She grinned devilishly behind her Daddy and gave her toes a wiggle against him. Her Daddy groaned out loud and stopped spinning. Heehee!

Allen almost came when Chloe wiggled her toes on his aching cock! It had been through a lot so far this morning. He watched as some pre-cum almost leaked onto her toes. (Yikes! He might have to revisit his views on foot fetishes.)

Jesus, she was driving him crazy this morning. Of course, he loved it! And her. But this could go too far too quickly, so he stopped the game and gently lowered his little girl to the ground. She gave him a hug from behind and then bounced to the counter as if nothing special had happened.

That’s when Allen saw her outfit. She looked adorable and incredibly hot in just a t-shirt and panties! Her hair in a pony tail, she simply oozed alluring, young sexiness. Adding to the impact were the pink cotton panties with green lace edging that had started everything! And this t-shirt wasn’t long like yesterday’s. It was short, just coming down to the top of her cute bubble butt, which looked fabulous as always, wrapped in her pink, little-girl panties.

He was stunned. Allen was sure his daughter was speaking. Something about only having time for a banana and really liking their shape lately. She turned toward him, peeling her banana, and leaned back against the counter.

Heehee! Her Daddy hadn’t moved from the spot where he let her down, and he looked a bit shell shocked. That seemed a lovely comment on her outfit, which she had expected…hoped…he would like a lot.

“What, Daddy?” she smiled innocently as he just stared at her. She looked down and then back at him. “Oh, this?” She indicated her outfit, emphasizing the panties. “I hope you don’t mind. I was feeling lazy and needed to get down here quickly to eat something. I spent too much time in the shower this morning for some reason and don’t want to be late for school. My test is first period. You don’t mind, do you, Daddy?”

“Uh. Mind? Um. Ah. N… no. Don’t…um…mind. Uh. That is… At all.”

Her Daddy was so eloquent sometimes, heehee!

Allen was gawking at his teenage daughter and knew it but could do nothing about it. He watched as she ate, studying her kissable lips as they moved. Within her t-shirt, her breasts seemed to be moving freely, and he wondered if his baby girl was braless.

But most of Allen’s attention was on his little girl’s panties. Besides the fact that they were pink and cute and on display right in front of him, which would be exciting enough, they were also wet. There was a dark spot around her pussy that was not small and seemed to grow under his gaze. She was standing there nonchalantly talking while clearly turned on from the whole situation. He loved that!

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