Chloe Discovers SPH Ch. 09

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Greg entered the bar. He could not immediately spot Chloe, because she sat with her back turned towards him. He first saw a young business lady, pencil skirt, white blouse, quite pretty but not as hot as Chloe. But she seemed to have a good body. Greg cursed himself inwardly. Here he was looking for his girlfriend and yet automatically checking out the other ladies in the room. Men just can’t get out of their skin, Greg thought. He hoped Chloe hadn’t caught him eyeing this woman.

Suddenly the woman’s face lit up, she went wide-eyed and waved at him. Now he also realized that Chloe was sitting at the same table and turned to him. The business lady had to be a friend of Chloe’s. She hadn’t even told him she was bringing a friend. Greg felt caught red-handed. He blushed, but waved back, trying to look as cool as possible.

“Look, is that your Greg there? I think he just checked me out, ha-ha,” Jade whispered to Chloe.

“Oh really, he will regret that soon,” Chloe replied with a devilish grin.

Chloe hugged Greg and gave him a big kiss.

“Hi babe, meet my bestie, Jade. We know each other since we were children. She is just a wonderful person. Jade, this is Greg. Greg is…well, you already know all about him” Chloe introduced the two of them smiling broadly.

“Hey hey, hi Greg, very nice to meet you finally, Chloe has already told me SO MANY things about you. I am really happy for the two of you. You surely are a great match.”

Greg was a little uncomfortable. What had Chloe told her. Certainly, she wouldn’t have told her about…or would she?

“Wow, thank you. I am the lucky one finding Chloe,” Greg replied emphatically.

Jade turned to Chloe, “Sweetie, you didn’t tell me that he is such a polite and handsome man.”

“Oh, come on guys, please stop the pleasantries, we’re all chilled. Relax.” Chloe rolled her eyes and Greg joined them at the table, taking the seat next to Chloe facing Jade.

But Jade wasn’t done yet. “No, really, look at him. So tall and handsome, and then with such good manners. That’s a rare find. You really have a knack for guys.” And turning to Greg, she said, “You know, to tell you the truth, Chloe here, she’s totally into tall, big guys. All her boyfriends have been really big. I always wonder how my petite Chloe here can even cope with that.” giggled Jade. She lightly kicked Chloe’s foot under the table.

“Oh Jade, don’t judge a book by its cover. Greg here, for example, he may look so big and strong and muscular on the outside, but he’s all cute underneath.” Chloe winked surreptitiously at Jade. Jade dropped her gaze towards Greg’s groin for a split-second.

Greg blushed at all this innuendo. Chloe was surely being metaphorical here. But had not Jade just peeked at his groin? They couldn’t possibly be talking about his penis right in front of him. It was all innocent small talk, surely. Greg tried to convince himself, despite feeling his little one stiffening inside his boxers. He shifted in his seat, the girls exchanging knowing smiles.

“Ha-ha, bursa escort you girls are so funny. How was your week then?” Greg tried, to play it cool and the girls decided to play along for now and let him steer the conversation to more innocuous topics.

They talked about their jobs and plans for the coming weeks and the soon to come summer vacation. Greg liked Jade, too. She seemed as easy-going as Chloe. She was also funny and an educated young lady. While drinking cocktails the three of them spent a very pleasant evening together. Everyone seemd to get a bit tipsy but this just added to the relaxed atmosphere. After a while Greg had to answer some emails on his phone and the two girls talked among themselves. Greg noticed that at some point they suddenly spoke in a language that was foreign to him. It must have been Korean. He had noticed that Jade also had Korean roots. He wondered what they were discussing.

“Nah, you can really ask him, no worries” giggled Chloe in English again.

“No, you’re stupid, just shut up” hissed Jade. She was acting upset, hiding their plan.

“What’s it all about? Why are you talking in your secret language?” Greg inquired.

“Oh, it’s not really thaaaat important. But if you really want to hear it already: I’m dating this guy right now; we’ve slept together a few times and he just…” Jade lowered her voice and leaned forward “…he just doesn’t make any effort at all to satisfy me orally. I thought, every guy knows that women love oral too, don’t they? Do you have any tips on how to get him to do it?”

Greg blushed. The cocktails had relaxed him a bit, but he was still embarrassed by her direct approach to him. What had Chloe told her? Did Jade know he had a season ticket between Chloe’s thighs? Chloe and Jade exchanged knowing glances again.

“Well, so, maybe he’s just not the type?” tried Greg a lame explanation.

“You mean you have to be the type for it?” asked Jade.

“I mean YOU as in “someone,” not “you” as in “you, Greg” obviously,” she corrected herself quickly but laughing inside.

“Yeah, of course, I get what you mean” Greg blushed again. “Everyone has some sort of preferences or things they like more or less,” he tried to save himself in generalities.

“Hmm,” Jade pondered “maybe you’re right. He’s more of the macho type who always wants to call the shots and always has to be on top and set the pace and all that. Maybe he really just isn’t the serving type. And…” Jade leaned closer to Greg and Chloe again and said in a low voice “he really has a huge cock, too. The sex is rough and fantastic.” Jade giggled.

“Jesus, babe, I think you are drunk.” Choe scolded her playfully. “How can you just blurt out this vulgar thing. What will Greg think about me and my friends?”

“Don’t worry babe, I am cool with it.” Or at least Greg whose face changed to a dark crimson red tried to play it cool.

Did Jade just indicate that she knew he was a total sub and that he had a small dick? bursa escort bayan Did she know all of that? Or did she just get tipsy and bold and just didn’t really care what she was saying?

The rest of the evening went without further embarrassment for Greg and he was glad that soon it was time to go home.

Greg and Chloe showered together and started making out in the shower. His hands were everywhere, and she loved it when he massaged the shower lotion into her skin. First, he stood behind her, massaged her breasts, and took a lot of time for her nipples. The hot water, the slippery shower gel and his touches created a smorgasbord of arousal in Chloe. When she leaned back against him, she could feel his little hard-on poking her just above her butt.

“Don’t forgot my legs,” Chloe turned to Greg and pressed lightly on his shoulders, signalling him to get on his knees. Greg complied immediately, him being at her feet was nothing unusual anymore. He knelt and took a handful of shower gel and spread it over her soft but shapely slender thighs. He loved the feeling of stroking her taut, smooth skin. Chloe was not muscular, but her legs were in perfect shape. She turned so Greg could work her ass. He saw her perfect, clean-shaven pussy peeking out invitingly between her sweet yet full ass cheeks, him lathering her ass and thighs. Chloe felt herself getting wet, her pussy juice combining with the shower water. She turned back around and lifted her right leg slightly. “Calves.” A simple command and Greg set about massaging her calves. He hesitated for only the briefest moment. Kneeling here and washing his girlfriend’s calves and — soon enough — her feet, especially the feet, was another level of submission. “But what the hell, she knows anyway,” Greg thought. He took his time on her lower legs paying special attention to her delicate feet and her delicious, cute toes. Chloe looked down at him, satisfied. How nice it was to have a submissive boyfriend. Right at your feet.

She would make him kiss her feet soon. Not just tonight, she thought.

Chloe put her foot back down on the ground and spread her legs a bit more, at the same time grabbing his head gently and directing him between her legs. No explicit command was needed, Greg knew what to do. Carefully he licked the narrow area between thighs and pussy, very slowly from bottom to top, first on the right, then the left. Chloe loved the feeling. His tongue was so close, yet not really there yet. He repeated the motion of his tongue. It was driving her crazy. She needed to feel his tongue on her pussy now and gripped his hair tighter, directing him to the centre. Greg lowered his head, stuck out his tongue as far as he could, touching the sensitive spot between pussy and anus. In a long slow motion, he licked with his full flat tongue upward over her entire pussy until he reached her clit. Chloe shuddered.

“Hmm, yeah, keep doing that” she moaned.

On Greg’s tongue, the aroma of her pussy mingled with the water that escort bursa continued to trickle down her body. He added several more long-drawn-out licks. Chloe opened her thighs wider.

“Yes, babe, you are such a great pussy licker. I wish Jade could ever experience such an amazing tongue.”

Did she just indicate he should lick her bestie eventually?

“Someday, you need to show her date, how to do that” Chloe indulged in the thought.

What was she thinking? Should that guy learn it by seeing Greg lick Chloe? Would she like that? Or did she want him to lick Jade himself and the guy watch it? Or did she mean Greg should give the guy a dry licking-lesson of some sort? Greg was rock hard.

Chloe could sense his uncertainty as he paused for a second. She leaned her head back and grinned widely. She grabbed his head again and pressed it against her pussy.

“Just keep licking, babe” she said it loud enough for Greg to hear.

Greg started his favourite technique now, the alphabet lick. At some point he had read that on a website, and it had never let him down. Women just loved it. Instead of licking completely uncoordinated, this rule said to lick the alphabet. So vertical and horizontal, oblique, and straight, short, and long licks alternated right, left, up, down the middle as well as some arcs. Greg took his time and licked tantalizingly slow. “…E…F…G…”. Chloe loved every bit of it, herself busy touching her tits, pinching her nipples.

When Greg got to M, N and O Chloe’s thighs began to tremble. God, he had such a talented tongue. She felt her juices flowing out of her. Chloe turned off the shower.

Greg tasted the difference immediately. If just a moment ago the shower water had mixed with her pussy juices, now he got the pure taste of her vagina on his tongue.

“Suck me,” Chloe commanded, panting.

Greg now began to suck on her pussy rather than lick it. A stream of the sweetest pussy juice he had ever tasted flowed from her pussy. There seemed no end to it.

Chloe grabbed his head with both hands and pressed it firmly into her crotch. “Yes, Yes, Oh Yes, Oh my god, yes, don’t stop, yees, fuuuck.” Her body shook with violent thrusts and her loud moans filled the room. Greg sucked on her pulsing pussy with the utmost eagerness and then suddenly he felt his open mouth flooded with liquid, the taste still sweetish with a salty touch. That’s when the realization struck him: Chloe was squirting right into his mouth. She was holding his head firmly in place while she herself had trouble staying on her feet. She screamed out her orgasm and kept fucking his face uncontrollably. Greg had no choice but to swallow, only to have his mouth filled the very next moment. What he could not swallow ran out of the corner of his mouth and down his face and body.

“God, I just love your tongue,” slowly Chloe regained her breath. She loosened her grip on Greg’s head and motioned for him to stand up. She smiled at him and stroked his completely smeared face. “You officially got pussy juiced.” She wrapped him in her arms and gave him a kiss on the chest, snuggling close. She lowered her gaze to Greg’s stiff, pink, little pee pee.

She grinned to herself blowing a kiss downwards mouthing silently: “Who needs you anyway, ha-ha.”

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