Choose Own Piss Adventure Ch. 01

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All characters are 18+.

Chapter 1

At Home

The alarm clock started its irritating buzzing; Sarah yawns and rolls over to stop the clock. As she does her right breast is exposed to the chilly air, instantly erecting her brown nipple.

“Damn it’s cold,” she thinks to herself. She wants to just bundle up in the sheets but her body is screaming at her that she has to pee. She rolls back and forth trying to see how long she could hold it, but she remembers she drank a lot of water before she went to bed last night. Then she had a wicked idea, she could just piss right here in the bed and let the warm water caresses her naked flesh, but she also knew doing that might cause more problems than it’s worth. Should Sarah…

Pee in the bed- 1

Go to the bathroom- 2


Sarah decides to let it flow. She lays flat on her back with her legs pressed together and gently lets her golden nectar flow. It had trouble pushing past her fat pussy lips and spreading across her leg. She let the stream flow freely. The warmth collecting around her ass as she kept the golden flow going. She took her hand and moved it to her hairy bush and let the piss drench her fingers. The bed sheet started to cling to her body as the piss spread wider. She could see the wet patch growing before her eyes. Finally she was all spent and gasped as she let the last of her piss leave.

As she lay there she wondered what to do next,

Taste her piss- 3

Wash her sheets- 4


Sarah knew that her roommate Ashley has class early on Mondays, so she decided to sprint to the bathroom take her piss and run back into to bed to warm up before she has to get ready for class. She flew the sheets off and felt the cold hair hit her pussy. She burst through her door into the hallway. The bathroom was shared between the two rooms, normally it was left open unless some one was in there. Sarah was in too big of a hurry to notice that the door was closed. Thinking that no one was home she flung the door open and saw a naked red hair girl on the toilet, her legs spread open and two fingers buried in her pussy, while her other hand was pinching her nipples. She was a beautiful woman, Sarah guessed her to around twenty two years old. Her red hair curled at the end and it fell past her shoulders. She had tiny pink nipples and freckles adorned her body. Sarah was caught off guard and just stood there naked in the door way. Finally she came to her senses.

Apologies and leave- 5

Tell this girl you have to pee- 6


She pulled her hand up from her warm pussy lips. She looked at the piss it glistened as it caught the light. Taking her hand she dipped her middle finger into her mouth, the taste was salty and tart. Next she did her ring finger, sucking all the piss she could off it, with her left hand she started rubbing her pussy. After the piss was clean from her right hand she rolled over to her stomach and crawled down to where the pile of piss was prominent in the sheets, and began to suck it out of the fabric. Her left hand began to furiously rub and she brought herself to an orgasm. She lay down her breast slowly growing cold and sticky as the warmth left Ümraniye Escort the piss. She decided it was time to wash these sheets.

Go to 4.


She stood before the bed and admired her fine mess she made. She grabbed all the sheets and took them to the washing machine in the hall way, and went to go take a shower, she thought she heard her roommates door close as she turned on the shower, she shrugged it off and took her shower. She washed the piss of her body and enjoyed the warmth of the shower. She got out of the shower and wiped her self off. She decided she was a little hungry and was going to get some breakfast. She went to the kitchen completely naked and opened the fridge. There were baby carrots in there which gave her naughty idea. There was also milk and cereal in the cupboard.

Carrots- 9

Milk and cereal- 10


Sarah said she was very sorry and closed the door quickly. Went to her room embarrassed, got dressed and went to class.

Sarah goes to class- Chapter 2


“I am so sorry, I thought I was alone but I have to pee really bad.” Sarah said distress in her voice. The Red haired girl got up with out saying anything and sat on the bathtubs edge facing the toilet. Sarah without waiting sat down and began pissing full stream. As she was doing that she noticed the red hair girl was watching her and had started masturbating again. Sarah finished pissing and let her legs spread open, she had a nice trimmed bush, and big puffy pussy lips.

Clean her piss with toilet paper- 7

Asked the red hair girl if she wants a taste- 8


She wiped the piss and flushed the toilet. The red hair girl rhythmically fingering herself while watching. Sarah sat there waiting; soon she felt the silence awkward. She got up and thanked the red hair girl for letting her use the toilet and left. The End.


Little drops of piss started to pool around the base of her pussy, Sarah arched her back a little giving the red hair girl a good view, and with a lot of courage asked “Wanna taste?”

The red haired girl smiled a wicked smile and pulled her fingers out of her small pussy, “how about a trade?” she asked back holding up her two fingers.

Sarah nodded her head. The red hair girl got on her knees and crawled over, she put her fingers up to Sarah mouth who gladly took it all. It was very sweet. Sarah had only ever tasted her self and her roommate Ashley. But this was the best she ever had. While she was savoring the flavor she gave a little jump as a tongue suddenly plunged itself into her pussy. Licked around, Sarah spread her pussy lips apart giving better access. The red hair girl took full advantage and started sucking on the whole of the pussy, then finished by licking the around the pussy for any piss that she might have missed. The red hair girl pulled her hand out of Sarah mouth and lifted her face tell her mouth was almost touching Sarah’s.

“The name is Jennifer, but you can call me Jen.” And the she kissed Sarah, it was a deep and passionate kiss. The taste of her piss and the new girl’s natural flavor gave her a small orgasm. The broke apart and looked İstanbul Escort at each other.

Sarah invites Jen to her bed- 11

Sarah asks Jen if she needs to piss- 12


Sarah had a wicked idea, and grabbed the bag of carrots and headed to the couch. The thought of what she was about to do made her wet. She got comfortable on the couch and spread her legs wide opening her soft lips. She took a little carrot and pushed it halfway into her pussy, and moved it around in little circles. After about twenty seconds she pulled it out and noticed it was nice and wet, plopping the whole thing in her mouth she grabbed another carrot. As she chewed and savored her sweet and salty flavor she put another carrot in her pussy. This time she just left it in and started to rub her clit. She finished and swallowed her first carrot and pulled out her second. This one she sucked on as she put her third carrot in, she was getting really wet now, the flavor was much stronger now. With her third one in she began rapidly rubbing her clit, she had a good system and in no time brought her self to a wonderful climax. She had a hard time pulling the last carrot from her pussy as it was so slippery. She finally managed to pull it out her hand covered in her girl cum. The flavor was over whelming, she chewed as slowly as she could, letting the flavor coat her tongue. She used her hand to scoop up the last of her cum and licked her fingers clean. After her fine breakfast she got dressed and headed to class.

Sarah goes to class- Chapter 2


First she pours the cereal into her bowl then she pours the milk only to find it smells terrible and has clumps in it. She looks at the container and sees that is expired. The End


“Do you want to come snuggle in my bed?” Sarah asked.

“Is that all were going to do?” replied Jen with her normal wicked smile. The walked into Sarah’s room and Jen laid down on the bed, with her legs open inviting Sarah for some homemade breakfast.

“Ashley told me your pretty good at eating pussy.” Jen said, this made Sarah pause for a moment, she was so horny she hadn’t been thinking about Ashley’s feelings.

“Your not, well I mean Ashley isn’t going to mind…” Sarah started, but Jen knew was she was thinking,

“I’m not Ashley’s girlfriend. I’m her cousin. She is letting me crash with her tell I can find an apartment in town.” With that she dived face first into Jen’s waiting pussy. It was nice and wet from her playing with it earlier. Sarah had a hard time getting her tongue in very deep, Jen pussy was so tight. She swirled around the edges and then flicked the clit, Jen let out a small moan,

“ya there,” She worked on her clit and in a few short minutes she was rewarded with a squirting orgasm. Sarah wasn’t ready for it and after the first shot burst into her mouth she sat up out of instinct. Jen keep going, juices firing violently onto Sarah’s small breast coating her in fine layer of pussy juice. Regaining her senses she went in and got the last few shots from Jen’s pussy.

“That was the best, I’ve never tasted someone as sweet as you.” Sarah said. Jen sat up and started licking Sarah’s nipples, cleaning Anadolu Yakası Escort her cum off. She loved the way her sweetness mixed with Sarah’s sweat. After Sarah was licked clean, they both just laid there enjoying each others warmth. What should Sarah do next?

Ask Jen to stay with her- 14

Thanks Jen and go to class- Chapter 2


“So I am just guessing here but since I caught you fingering your self on the toilet that means you have already pissed?” Sarah asked.

“No. Why? What are you asking for?” Jen said playfully, fully knowing what Sarah Had in mind. Jen stood up and stepped into the bathtub. Not missing a beat Sarah got up and positioned her self on her knees mouth inches away from Jen’s shaved pussy.

Jen looked down at Sarah’s hungry face. She had never done anything this kinky, who was this Sarah girl. When she started it was just a trickle running down her thighs. Sarah started licking it like it was a lollipop. It was strong, and bitter. Sarah had just assumed from the taste of Jen’s pussy that she would be sweet.

As the stream strengthened Sarah forced herself to drink as much as she could, not wanting to offend Jen since it had been her idea. She got a larger mouthful as Jen pushed a hard stream into Sarah’s mouth, causing Sarah to cough and spit up the strong acidic piss. Sarah was red in the face couching, piss splashing across her chest and down to her nice bush. Jen finished pissing and then looked down, seeing Sarah was red in the face.

“You ok.?” She asked.

“Yes, just stronger than I thought it would be,” she said as her coughing finished. “What have you been drinking?” Sarah asked.

Jen knelt down and licked one of Sarah’s pissed covered nipples.

“Damn, how did you drink any of this.” Jen asked.

Sarah laughed, “When was the last time you had a glass of water Jen. Normally pee can be quite erotic to drink.”

” I’ll say.Your pussy tasted amazing, piss and all” Jen turned slight red in the cheeks.

“Thanks. I guess this is your first time with water sports.”

“Ya, but it seemed so naughty and I was so horny I thought what the hell. Have you ever done this with Ashley?” Jen said, this made Sarah pause for a moment, she was so horny she hadn’t been thinking about Ashley’s feelings.

“Your not, well I mean Ashley isn’t going to mind…” Sarah started, but Jen knew was she was thinking,

“I’m not Ashley’s girlfriend. I’m her cousin. She is letting me crash with her tell I can find an apartment in town.”

“That’s a relief, I was so horny that when I saw a hot naked girl I just went for it.” Sarah replied. They washed off and went to Sarah’s bed. What should Sarah do next.

Ask Jen to stay with her- 14

Thanks Jen and go to class- Chapter 2


“If you want you can move in with me, until you find a new place or.” Sarah said,

“Or what?” Jen playfully asked.

“Well maybe when we get to know each other more We could fine a place together.”

“Really?” Jen asked.

“I know it’s seems fast but I just have to eat that pussy every day or I may die,” Jen laughed and Sarah laughed along. Jen leaned over and kissed her,

“I would like that.” Jen spent the next few weeks getting to know Sarah. They hit it off.

Not soon after that they found a placed and moved in together. Sarah finished her degree and got a job in California. She now lives there with her wife Jen, who she eats out every day.

The End

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