Christmas in the Middle of Nowhere

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“Hello, this is Johnny speaking.”

“Hi Johnny this is Sue your sister (sniff).”

“How’s it going sis? Is something wrong? Do I need to come and get you or something?”

“My boyfriend Mel (sniff) told me that he found another (sniff) woman to spend Christmas with and that (sniff) he wants me out of here when they get (sniff) back from his folks house (sniff).” then she just went to crying.

“I’m so sorry sis. I’ll be there in two hours to load you and your stuff up and then the two of us, can have Christmas together here or we can go and surprise mom and dad, by going there. It will be your choice and you can let me know which, when I get there or when we leave from there.”

(Sniff) “Thank you Johnny but I (sniff) don’t have enough money to pay you (sniff) for gas to come and get me. I (sniff) lost my job this week and I just got (sniff) my last paycheck and I done spent it (sniff) on that lousy ex, (sniff) that just left me (sniff).”

“Did I ask you for gas money and ‘not’ hear myself ask for it. Now get your stuff gathered up and whatever you don’t have gathered up by the time I get there, I will help you with gathering up what’s left and load it up, to bring you here with me or where ever you want to go to. Now go get busy and I’ll see you in two hours. Now get to it sis. I love you.” then I hung the phone up and grabbed my coat and truck keys and headed out the door, locking the door on my way out.

Backed up to the front door to the duplex that Sue and her now ex lived in, we put the last of her stuff in the back of my pickup and finished strapping it down, while she left the key to the duplex in the lock with the door unlocked, we pulled out and made the two hour trip to my place and unloaded into my house. With the last thing out of the back of my pickup and sitting in the living room floor with the rest of her stuff, “This is it sis. Now do you want it all in the bedroom you will be sleeping in or do you want it in the shed, I have out back here?”

“I don’t know what all I want to do with it yet. May I wait till tomorrow to decide how I may feel about it?”

“Yes you may…” (ring)”wait till then.” then I picked up the phone, “Hello, this is Johnny speaking.”

“Hi Johnny, this is your mother here calling to see if you are able to go get your sister and the two of you come out here for Christmas this year. I do need to call and see if she can come out with you first though.”

I believe she can go where ever I go, so she’s not left here alone. What’s the weather supposed to be like then?”

“They’re saying it will be good weather from now till the evening of the twenty fourth, and then it is supposed to snow but they are not saying anything about ice or freezing rain till sometime next week, after Christmas day.”

“Hold on a moment mom.” Then I held the receiver to my side and looked over at Sue, “Do you feel like going to see mom and dad for Christmas this year sis?”

“Yes it might do me good to go see them since it has been a while, since I’ve seen them.”

“Yes it has and for me too. I’ll tell her we’ll be there then.” putting the receiver back up to my ear, “Mom, we’ll be there as long as the weather is permitting.”

“Oh thank you and tell Sue thank you for me too please.”

“Okay and she says you’re welcome as I say the same thing myself mom.”

“By the way, why is Sue there with you and will be going where you go or be left there alone for?”

“Her boyfriend dumped her for some bimbo today.”

“Oh tell her… Never mind, may I talk to her and she can tell me?”

“Hold on and I’ll ask her. Sue, do you want to talk to mom and tell her what happened, between you and your ex today?”

“Oh, I guess so, so as I can have that out of the way for when we get there to visit them.” getting up and stepping over to take the phone from me.

As I handed the phone to her, “Do you want something to drink?”

“I’ll take a beer if you got any.”

“I think I can handle that for us.” then heading toward the kitchen as I heard, “Hello mom how…?” I quit listening stepping into the kitchen then.

I got two cans of beer out of the fridge and opened one can and took it and handed it to Sue, as she kept talking to mom on the phone, then I sat down on the couch next to where Sue was sitting, before taking the phone call and opened my can and took a drink of beer.

I knew we could leave here around five o’clock and stop for breakfast two hours into out drive, then not stop for dinner till twelve noon and be at mom and dad’s place at four thirty to eat supper with them, since the weather isn’t supposed to hit until after midnight that night and then, that same storm system is to hit here where I live, which now is where sis and I both live now, around five or six early the next morning after we leave here.

Sue stepped around and sat down where she was sitting before the phone call, “Are you thinking about the trip up and back?”

“Yes I was giving it some thought. I have to work on the twenty third which is Wednesday and Kağıthane Escort then be back on Monday to work if the weather is permitting. With my job it really depends on the weather as to whether we work or not. That’s the draw backs of working construction in the winter time. To beat the storm we need to leave here no later than five o’clock and spend no more than an hour eating at the two places we like to stop at, as we go from here to there. With what I could hear in the back ground from the weather report the snowstorm isn’t supposed to hit till after twelve midnight on the morning of the twenty fifth, and then this area around five or six that morning, which may cause a problem of getting back here in time to report to work come Monday morning.”

“Do you have any vacation time or sick days coming to you?”

“Yes I do, which I may have to use my sick days and hope I don’t get sick before I get any more sick days built back up again. Right now, I have a week worth of sick days built up and I hope I won’t need to use all of them up if we do get snowed in up there.”

“You think we can have this all cleared out by tomorrow since it is Sunday and that way, you can have a clear house to leave for work and return to on Monday?”

“Yes I believe we can and I’m not worried about it even if we don’t have it all cleared out by tomorrow evening before bed time.”

“Speaking of evening, I just realized it is evening and we haven’t ate supper yet and I don’t think you feel like cooking, so what do you have that is fast and easy to cook up for supper?”

“Nothing really, I usually eat out on Saturdays and go groceries shopping either in the morning or right after dinner on Sunday. I thought Chilies would be a good place to go for supper tonight. Would that be okay with you?”

“I have no money to go to such a place as that. I’ve been there one time and one time only because it was just too much for the money I made in the grease pit I worked at.”

“Stop worrying about not having any money sis. I have you covered and I didn’t ask for any money from you. I know you didn’t make much money at that place because I’ve ate there a time or two, before and after you started there. I’m surprised that you worked there as long as you did and didn’t quit, to work elsewhere.”

“No car and a boyfriend that didn’t care like he said he did not letting me use his car to look elsewhere…”

“Say no more. Now go in and put on something nice but warm to wear and if you don’t have anything like that, let me know and I’ll let you wear something of mine to keep you warm any way.”

Standing up and taking a step toward the bedrooms then stopping and turning around, “Is these jeans okay to wear? They are the warmest thing I own to wear.”

“Yes Sue they are okay for you to wear and so is that shirt but it is a little bit dirty, from loading and unloading this evening but it is a nice shirt but not, very warm looking to me.”

“I was going to change my shirt and put on the nicest coat that I have to wear out like that.”

“Okay, go for it then.”

Sue stood three inches shorter than my Five feet seven inches and she is in good shape, from all ways being on the go whether at work or at home, she never stopped it seems. I all ways had a hard time keeping my eyes off of her thirty two C cup size tits and her medium size nipples that I knew to be about medium from the times she didn’t wear a bra around the house and they were trying to poke a hole, in her shirts that she wore on those times I went and visited her and her ex, at their duplex where I went and got her from this day. Even with a bra on I had a hard time keeping my eyes off of her chest and when I happen to be behind her and she is walking away or just walking in front of me, I find it hard to keep my eyes off of her little round ass with the way it wiggles side to side when she walks.

Sue and I have been very close while growing up and I guess it is due to living out in the country away from other kids. Sometimes I would be in taking a shower and getting out when she needed in to use the bathroom, which she would just go on in and use it as she needed to or it would be the other way around. We didn’t make a big deal out of it even though I would get a woody in my teen age years and I would notice her nipples would get hard and poke out on her tits if I stepped into the bathroom, as she was drying off from a shower.

When other family members would come to spend the holidays or a week with us Sue and I usually had to sleep in the same room and same bed a lot of times usually with other kids in the same room with us but on pallets placed on the floor. Sue was the first one to get a boyfriend about the middle of her high school days before she graduated from high school. I didn’t get a girlfriend till I was in the service serving my country and when I found out she was seeing another guy while I was out on maneuvers in the field I dumped her and stayed single till I got out and came back home and moved into the house I own now. Kağıthane Escort Bayan My last girlfriend I found out was a gold digger and when the winter times hit that I wasn’t able to work she couldn’t deal with me not bringing in a full paycheck each week so she left me for a guy that has an office job with some big corporate whatever making big money all year long. At least I have all that I need and want really and I am able to help out my sister or folks if need be and so far, Sue is the only one I’ve had to help out from time to time but far and few in between.

I came into the kitchen on Wednesday evening to find Sue in the kitchen, finishing up with cooking supper as usual since Monday evening, when I got home from work, “It sure smells good in here for sure.”

“I knew you would be coming in from work bro and supper is just about ready to eat. You have just enough time to go in and clean up some, and then come back in and sit down to supper.” as of Monday evening, Sue has cooked supper and had it ready to eat when I got home from work and she always turned towards me for a kiss right on the lips, which we did kiss each other a lot on the lips even as kids, when our folks wasn’t around but we didn’t every time one of us or both of us went anywhere to be apart from each other, and I usually did the same with mom, and her with dad, and we still do when we visit them.

Sue sat a glass of wine and a glass of water down next to my plate so I wouldn’t bump either one of them while I eat. As we got our plates filled with the food she had fixed to eat, “On the radio they are saying the snow storm that is to move in late tomorrow night early Christmas morning will be moving in early in the morning, which means we either need to go this evening or not go at all.”

“I’ll do my best to keep you awake if we do go this evening. I know you’ll be disappointed as I will be if we don’t get to go see mom and dad this year, since we both haven’t been there for what, a couple of years.”

Yes it has been a couple of years now that we missed going. The first time was due to a snow storm that hit us on the twenty third and last year your ex asked us to go to his folk’s place, since it is closer to go to them than it is to our folks place.”

“Yes and we both were bored stiff since all they wanted to do is sit and watch some football game playing and when they weren’t watching football, they wanted to watch his dad and grandpa play dominos and not let anyone else play with them and if they weren’t playing, no one was able to play dominos among themselves for anything or even, some other game they have laying around there.”

“Yes I remember and I was so glad to finally get away from there and stretch my legs. My butt was so stiff and sore from just sitting there all day. The weather is about to come on right after the advertisement there, so excuse me a moment while I go in and turn up the volume, so we can hear what they have to say about the weather.” standing up to get the remote control.

Sue and I kept eating our supper while listening to the weather report and then decided on leaving to go to mom and dad’s place, as soon as the dishes were washed and left over food put away in the fridge. With dishes in the dishwasher and the dishwasher turned on, Sue and I got packed to leave out to try and beat the snow storm. The weather report said the snow would be here around five in the morning. I really didn’t put a lot of faith into the weather men, like so many people seemed to do, because they missed so much around here that it’s not funny to me really.

Two hours into the drive we got to where I planned on stopping for breakfast, had we waited till morning to leave home but since we have already ate supper this evening, I stopped anyway for a bathroom break and for something to snack on and a much needed cup of coffee. Sue filled up two thermos bottles with coffee before leaving home, since there is a stretch of road where there is nothing for quite a ways and it is a bad stretch to be on if a snow storm does hit, while you’re on that stretch. That is the reason for getting coffee now to drink and saving the two thermos bottles for while we’re on that bad stretch of road. Stepping up to the counter I saw that Sue had picked up a few things for a snack, “I thought I would get these for that one stretch of road that is a bad stretch and this, to snack on now since I’m wanting something to snack on. I do hope you don’t mind me getting all this?”

“No I don’t mind one little bit Love. It’s a very good idea to have back up when we will be going on a bad stretch if the snow hits us before, they say it will hit us.”

“Sounds like you two are on a long drive for Christmas this year.”

“Yes we are. We planned on leaving early in the morning and getting here to eat breakfast then going on but the weather report changed our minds on leave time.”

With the snacks and coffee paid for and both of us done using the bathroom, we got back into my pickup and headed on up the road, toward our Escort Kağıthane folks place.

We finally got to where we were going to be stopping to eat dinner in the afternoon, which would be the last leg of our trip when we left here, and the snow had done started falling a ways back and now the snow was coming down pretty heavy and in big flakes too, “I’m afraid I need to take a break here, even though I know it is going be harder on us by the time we get back on the road. The truck stop up here should be open and we can get a bite to eat if you need anything to eat Love.”

“I am just a little bit hungry but not a lot. What sounds good to me is a cinnamon roll if they have any out at this time of night, or should I say this time of morning.”

Once I got parked and we made it into the building Sue and I made a bee line to the restroom first. When one of us finished using the bathrooms, I waited outside the doors for Sue and then we both went to the restaurant together and found a booth table to sit in and we each ordered a coffee and a cinnamon roll.

Sue held on to my arm as we walked from the restrooms to the table and sat down in the same bench seat as I did to be on the same side of the table as I am on and sat very close to me while we ate our cinnamon rolls and drank our coffee’s. “What we got is three hours of driving time left if it were under normal conditions right?”

“Yes but it is going to take us longer than that to make it the rest of the way now. As it is it took us five and one half hours to get here, instead of the normal four with the snow getting here before the weather man said it would. I have no idea as to when or if they will ever figure out our weather to predict it right.”

“I know just what you mean there babe. I’m beginning to think we should have stayed home this year again, like we did the year before last, when the snow moved in early like it did then. This is just a repeat of that, I think myself.”

“Yes I believe it is too. We’ve come this far so we might as well just keep on going.”

“I believe you’re right. It will take us longer to go back from here than it has for us to get this far.”

“Yes that’s the size of it.”

When we finished eating our cinnamon rolls and drinking our coffee I had the one thermos refilled that Sue and I had drank one cup each from then I pulled up to the pumps and topped off the tank on the pickup then after we paid the bill we got in and I started driving on up the road.

Sue sat next to me since the snow is so heavy and such big flakes coming down, which it was very hard to see very far ahead of us and so with these conditions, she was very scared and I had to talk to her to help keep her calm. I could see why she was scared in this kind of conditions but I was all ways the one to stay calm in something like this and had to help calm my mom down a few times, when it got like this when I was younger even.

When I managed to drive five miles up the road that took me one hour to drive it, we got stopped by a road worker flagging traffic, “I’m sorry but you are going to need to take a detour back around to the right, right here. There’s been a big rock slide just up ahead on the side of the mountain here.”

“With some of those big rocks, I’m surprised that it hasn’t happened long before now, for them to slide.”

“Yes and I have told my boss and told him about it but he just wouldn’t believe me till now, and there are a couple of cars trapped up there but I don’t think anyone is killed from it though.”

“Let’s pray that no one is killed up there then. Okay now you be careful out here and try to stay warm as well.”

“Oh yea will do. You two be careful too.” the worker told us, then I drove on by turning the corner and going around the mountain, to get on toward our folks place.

“Oh man this is going to add two plus hours to our driving time isn’t it.”

“Yes Love it is.”

“For me I would give anything for a place to stop and wait till morning right now if I had a way to pay for us a room to stay in.”

“I’m beginning to think we should have got a room at the ‘Budget Inn’ back there next to the truck stop. There is no place to turn around at out here now, to go back to the truck stop even.”

Two hours and seven miles later, on the detour route, “Babe is that a hotel or motel sign, lit up just ahead on the right there?”

“Yes I believe there is a hotel out here on the right side of the road out here and from the looks of it, which is the signs to guide us into it.”

When I finally made it into the carport at the office, I stopped and went in to see if they had a room with a bed or two available, which they had a room and a bed but not one with two beds in the room. I told them we would make out with the one bed so I paid for the room and got a couple of keys to the room and I pulled the pickup up in front of the door and parked. Once we were in the room that thankfully was cozy warm, I put our luggage on the little luggage rack under the rods for hanging coats and clothes on and hung my coat up, and then hung Sue’s coat up for her, while she used the restroom, and I turned the television on to see about getting some kind of update on the weather report for us to find out, it wasn’t going to let up till late sometime in the morning, which would be Christmas morning.

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