Church Can Be Fun Ch. 01

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I sometimes think it’s funny how clueless parents can be. I don’t know if it’s just because they are so caught up in their own lives that they don’t want to bother raising their kids and teaching them right from wrong, or if they really think TV is the better teacher and just let their kids get their morals from network sit-coms.

They drop their kids off at movies or sporting events and go about their lives thinking their kids are safe because they are in a ‘public’ setting. What they don’t realize is as soon as their taillights fade into the distance Johnny and Katie are under the bleachers smoking cigarettes, or feeling each other up in the darkness of the movie theatre. Seriously, most 12 year olds know more about sex than I do at 22 having gone through college.

Hell, when I was 12 I was still wrestling with the rumor that girls had cuties and worried that my friends would find out that I had said ‘Hi’ to little Suzie in the hall. Now 12 year olds are giving each other oral sex, screwing multiple partners and fucking their teachers.

But I guess you and I aren’t here to talk about how irresponsible parents are and complain about it… we are here to talk about how irresponsible parents are and how it got me laid.

When I got done with college I found a job in a city half-way across the country from where I had grown up. Since I had very few social connections and a non-existent support structure I searched until I found a church that I felt at home in and started getting involved.

About six months after I started out helping with the young adult ministry, they came to me and asked me to start at Friday evening event where the kids twelve to fifteen could come and play games, listen to music and interact in a church environment without ‘parental supervision.’

Since I didn’t have anything better to do I agreed. They let me decide how to lead it and what, if any, curriculum there would be. They gave me a nice budget with which I was able to convert an old storage room into a cool hang out with a nice stereo system, big old bean bags and overstuffed chairs, a couple of computers and a video game system. I made sure all the content on the computers and video games were suitable, that the music was all message based and just let the kids decide what they wanted to do.

It was actually quite fun, even though these kids would always whip me at the video games. They welcomed the chance to get out of the house and interact without mom and dad lording over them like when they were home. At 8 we would put in a movie, something that appropriate but still good, and when the movie was over the kids went home.

When it started to grow in number, they decided that I needed a couple of helpers. And that, I suppose, is when the real fun began.

After putting an announcement in the church bulletin I had half a dozen people show up the next Friday wanting to help. Two boys, Charlie and Todd, and 4 girls; Carly, Amy, Leah and Kate. They were all active in the church – I knew most of them from other activities I had participated in. They were good kids and I was glad to have them their. But one of them in particular, I was more exited about than the rest.

Leah was young but possibly the sexiest girl I had ever met. But she wasn’t slutty-sexy, where you know right up front what the girl is about. She was that pure, shy type that leads your mind down the dirtiest paths. She was tall and petite, close to 5’8″, with long straight blonde hair that hung halfway down her back. Her eyes were so ice blue they almost looked unnatural. And she was a stylish girl – always wearing skits and nice cloths that showed off just enough of her body to know that she was developing into quite a woman. The best part was that she had recently turned 18, which meant I didn’t have to feel like a creepy old man when I fantasized about her.

Having the help proved great; the boys seemed to gravitate to Todd and Charlie who in turn proved much better at the video games than I was. Amy was a computer whiz and helped me set up even more activities on the computer that the kids all thought were ‘cool.’ And Carly, Amy and Leah all worked on finishing the decorating of the room, adding that woman’s touch that my efforts severely lacked.

Because of their being there I got to get started on my paperwork that I was required to submit to the church leaders after each week’s session before the movie started. As I sat at the big round table in the back of the room the three girls came bouncing over, as young girls will do, their developing breasts bouncing and jiggling. I wondered if these girls knew what kind of effect that had on men and then figured that probably they did, and probably that’s why they did it.

“The decorations are all done,” Carly said bubbling with excitement.

I put down my pencil and surveyed the room. “Wow, you girls do good work. I might have to get you to come decorate my apartment!”

While the other two girls laughed and giggled Leah looked at me and said seriously, istanbul escort “I’d love to come over to your apartment.”

The other girls stopped laughing and looked at Leah astonished; the air was very tense. Then Leah let out a little giggle and the other girls relaxed and started laughing again and all three bounded off to clean up the mess they had made making the decorations. Only Leah’s eyes lingered on mine a little too long, and I got the distinct impression that she wasn’t kidding about wanting to come over to my apartment. I somehow didn’t think decorating was what she had in mind.

It certainly wasn’t what I had in mind.

At 8 o’clock I flicked the lights on and off indicating it was movie time. About three-quarters of the kids watch the movies while the others stay playing video games, on the computer or talking. Before this week, I had been forced to keep an eye on both groups but with my new helpers I was able to settle in with the kids and watch that week’s movie.

Monsters, Inc was their selection and one of my favorite movies in general. Leah and Carly made snacks for all the kids – popcorn, punch, that sort of thing- and handed it out as the movie was starting.

“Can I get you anything?” asked Leah, leaning down and whispering in my ear. She was purposely close, fairly purring in my ear, her lips so close I could feel them. And whether I wanted it or not (trust me, I wanted it) I was getting an eyeful of her chest as she stood there, leaning over, waiting for me to respond.

“Um,” I started and swallowed hard, “just some punch,” I managed to croak.

When she came back and delivered it, her hand touched mine and lingered a bit too long. “Thank you, Leah.”

“My pleasure, anything else I could interest you in?” she asked and I could see in her eyes she wasn’t meaning popcorn.

As my little head screamed for me to grab her and show her just what else I was interested in, my big head reminded calmly reminded me of just how bad the repercussions of listening to my dick at that moment would be.

“I’m good for now, thank you.”

She sauntered back over to the snacks, her tight little ass swaying in her jeans and I couldn’t help but watch her go. When she got back to where Carly was, pouring the last of the juice into a pitcher to go into the refrigerator, she looked back over her shoulder at me and caught me starting at her backside. A sly smile, the smile of a seductress slid across her lips and she knew what she wanted to know – that she had gotten my attention.

Nothing else of note happened that night, other than that every time I happened to glance over to where she and Carly sat on the counter watching the movie Leah looked back at me and gave me that same seductive smile.


I had asked my six ‘helpers’ to show up about a half hour early so that we could talk and discuss anything that needed attention before the kids showed up. All but Leah made it when I had asked them to and we spent some good time sitting around the table just talking and getting to know one another before the kids came.

I got to hear stories about how they had wished that they had had something like this to come to when they were growing up and that’s what made them want to decide to come and lend a hand. I told them that I was thankful for their help, that it made things go much smoother and wished that they would all continue to come.

When the kids started rolling in and Leah still hadn’t shown up I was both sad and relieved; I liked having her around, but I could get myself into serious trouble if I wasn’t careful. Women like that tend to have a way of leading you down the wrong path whether you want to go there or not.

Just as I had myself convinced it was better that she wasn’t there in she walked – and my heart stopped. She was usually dressed fashionably and tonight was no different, but what she had on tonight only accentuated her seductive innocence.

A tight t-shirt hugged her torso, clinging to her every curve. A white pleated skirt that was just long enough to be descent and white canvas tennis shoes that always seem to me more sensual in some way than six inch stilettos.

She came bouncing in and right over to me. She threw her arms around me and gave me a hug. “Sorry I’m late, I had to stop and help my grandma and it took longer than I expected.”

I stepped away from her, not wanting anyone to think anything was ‘funny’ about her hugging me. “I hope your grandma is ok.”

“Oh yeah,” she said with a dismissive wave of her hand. I noticed her nails were panted pink and I got a faint whiff of her perfume when she did. “She just needed help getting a couple of boxes into her garage. No big deal. So have I missed anything?”

“I don’t think, we were just getting started. Carly is trying to teach some of the girls Yoga I think. It looked painful, so I didn’t stick around long.”

Leah laughed her beautiful little laugh. “That’s Carly for you. Do you need me to do anything or should I go make sure she escort bayan doesn’t hurt herself?”

I could think of several things I needed her to do. “No, go ahead. I think I’ll go try my hand at some video games.”

As usual I wasn’t very good at the video games – some of these kids are amazingly good, too bad there isn’t a call in corporate America for people with their master’s degrees in Play Station – but I had fun with the kids. Every now and again I would look over to where Carly and Leah were playing ‘Denise Austin’ with the kids and take a moment to absorb Leah’s tight little body.

Her legs were thin but shapely. Her chest was perhaps a bit small, but looked just about right on her petite torso. And her ass… well, if I keep going on like this I’m never going to finish this story so I’ll just move on.

When movie time came the two boys, Todd and Charlie, were elected by the girls to snack duty – mostly because the movie that was picked out (and not by me) was The Little Mermaid and all the girls wanted to watch it. As I took my seat at the table to start working on my paperwork for that week, the girls piled all the bean bags in front of the TV screen and about twenty screeching and giggly girls hopped onto the arrangement.

The lights went down and the movie started and I got lost in my paperwork. When I looked up again I saw that the older girls where at the back of the pack, lying propped up on their elbows watching that crab sing one silly song or another. It all would have been innocent if I hadn’t noticed Leah lying strategically in front of me.

She was casually kicking her legs up as girls will do, but each time she did her skirt rode up her thighs a bit more. I looked around and realized that no one but me could see her from this angle and that she wasn’t just ‘casually’ doing this – she was trying to give me a little show.

As if reading my mind at that instant she turned her head, looked back at me over her shoulder and puckered her lips as if she was giving me a kiss. Then she winked, smiled and appeared to turn her attention back to the movie.

But she was no more paying attention to the movie at that point than was I. She scooted herself forward on her bean bag causing her back to arch up and pointing her tight little ass straight up. After taking a moment to settle in she again began lazily kicking her feet except this time when she moved her skit I could see right up between her legs.

And this little evil temptress wasn’t wearing any panties.

Because of the dark I couldn’t make out much more detail than that, but I spent the last half of the movie trying to. I couldn’t take my eyes off her shapely legs and couldn’t stop myself from looking up her skirt at every opportunity she presented for me to do so.

When the movie was over someone flipped on the light and Leah kicked her legs one last time, giving me the briefest glimpse of her golden down and letting me see just the hint of her tiny pussy.

Then she stood up and bounded off with the other girls to help the kids gather up their stuff before their parents came to pick them up. But not before she flashed me ‘that’ smile once again.

For a few minutes I had to sit in my chair, unable to move until the bulge that had grown in my pants finally decided to go away. By that time most of the kids had gone and only Carly and Leah were left. As I was cleaning up the remains of that nights snack they kept me company in the kitchen.

“You seemed to really enjoy that movie,” Leah said and winked. What a piece of work this girl was.

“Yeah, I just can’t get enough singing crabs.”

“Oh face it, you just couldn’t stop looking at her tail,” Carly said and my heart stopped. The look on my face must have showed my alarm. “Oh come on, all guys have a thing for mermaids.”

My heart started beating again, but at a decidedly increased rate. “You caught me. I love a woman who smells like fish.”

Carly and Leah looked at each other wide-eyed and then burst into laughter. For a moment I didn’t realize what they were laughing at. Then I did, and wished I didn’t. “You girls are too much,” I said handing the last of the snack bowls to Leah for her to dry. She dried it and handed it to Carly who put it in the cupboard.

“Well, looks like we’re all done,” she said.

“Yep. Sure does. Thanks for your help girls.”

“No problem,” they said in unison which caused them to giggle once again. As they went out the door they waved and I waved back. Once they were gone, I heaved a sigh of relief. That girl is going to be the death of me.

I went back and started shutting down the computers when I heard the door open. “Hello?” I asked and got no response. As I moved out around the bookshelf I saw Leah standing by the front door.

“Leah, what is it? Did you forget something?”

“No, I was wondering if I could talk to you about something.”

Oh no, I thought and alarm bells were going off inside my head. I had to keep some distance between myself and escort istanbul this girl or I was going to get myself into some real trouble. “Sure, why don’t you have a seat at the table and tell me what’s on your mind.” She did and I took a seat on the opposite side, as far from her as I could get.

“She’s going to kill me for telling you this but I think you should know that Carly likes you.”

“Well, I like her too. She’s a nice girl.”

“No, I mean really likes you.”

“Oh,” I said not quite getting it. Then I said, “OH” as I got it. “Well that’s not something that I would have encouraged, I think I’m a little old for her. Don’t you think?”

“I totally agree,” Leah said and she stood up. Even in the darkness of the room her skin was radiant. Then she walked over to me and put her face close to mine. “But there’s something else you should know. I like you too and I’m a whole two months older than Carly.”

I swallowed hard, noting that swallowing wasn’t the only thing that was hard at that moment. “Two whole months, huh?” I managed to croak. “So that makes you…”

“Legal,” she said then kissed me softly on the lips. “I turned 18 last month.” Her lips were like heaven and I sucked her lower lip into my mouth and bit it softly. My hands moved instantly to her legs, and they were velvety soft and warm to the touch. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and her hand grabbed my crotch, feeling my hard cock through my jeans.

I slid my hands up the back of her thighs until I came to her tight ass – it was so small it fit neatly in my hands and was more perfectly shaped that I could have ever imagined it being. I pulled her to me and she sat down in my lap, her kisses growing more intense. Her tiny body writhed against me and my dick nearly punched through my zipper in an effort to escape.

I had to do something, I had to stop this before it got totally out of control and there was no going back. I somehow took my hands off her amazing ass and grabbed her by the shoulders, breaking our kiss. “We can’t do this.”

Leah looked surprised and a little hurt. “Why not? I already told you I’m legal.”

“I know, but we can’t do this. Not here. Not at church.”

She cocked her head and looked at me. “What is that big round building over there?” she asked pointing out the window.

“Uh, the church.”

“And what is this building?”

“Well, it’s the activities building.”

“Right. And what I want to do is some activates with you.”

I don’t know now, looking at it as I write it, if that was really a good argument or not. But if you judge the validity of an argument based on whether you persuade the ones you’re arguing with to see your point, then it was perhaps the greatest argument in the history of man kind.

As if to seal the argument she took a hold of her shirt and practically ripped it off, revealing a lacey little bra beneath that barely constrained her breasts. It didn’t even do that much longer because in the next instant she had removed that and I was staring at the two perkiest, most perfectly formed example of a woman’s tits I had ever seen.

They were on the small side, but as I said were large for her frame giving them the appearance of being bigger than they actually were. But they were unbelievably firm; they didn’t drop a millimeter when she took her bra off. And she had these perfect little nipples, with small pink areolas and pointy little button nipples.

Leah grabbed my head and pulled me into her chest and my mouth did the rest. Licking, sucking, biting… she told me later I had left countless hickies on her soft flesh. While my mouth worked to devour her breasts my hands moved back under her skirt. I held her ass and pulled her too me and she mashed her crotch against mine.

I don’t know if it was minutes or hours when she leaned down and whispered hoarsely into my ear, “I want you to eat me.” I complied immediately, lifting her light body up and setting it down on the table next to me. As she lowered herself down until she was laying flat on the table I was already spreading her legs and pushing her skirt up and out of the way.

Her pussy wasn’t shaved, but rather her golden hair was neatly clipped and trimmed. It was a real turn on, as if I needed more things about her to turn me on, to look down at her golden mane that so perfectly framed her tiny little pussy.

I didn’t bother with semantics; I just put my mouth on her and started to lick the soft petal lips of her pussy. Leah grabbed handfuls of my hair and pulled me into her, pushing my tongue deeper into her most precious treasure. She tasted and smelled amazing (not like fish, ha ha) and I set about devouring her.

My hands journeyed her body while my mouth was occupied, feeling up the lengths of her long legs, over her tight stomach, to her firm breasts, to her mouth where she sucked on my fingers erotically. Then she tensed, let out a little yelp and said in a voice barely above a whisper, “You’re making me cum, don’t stop.”

I didn’t stop that time, or the three or four other times she requested that I not cease my efforts. When I finally came up for air, my face was covered in her juices and there was literally a puddle on the table beneath her.

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