Cindy Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: Ryan’s Revenge

“Camera, lights, action…that’s the way sis, show daddy your pussy…ahhh yes, slip your fingers into that nice, hot pussy of yours.”

Dad and Claire had been fucking on and off for the last three months. Once mum had fallen into one of her deep sleeps, Dad was out the door and in between his daughter’s legs, fucking her wet pussy.

I had finally figured out how to fuck my smart ass sister by videoing her exploits with my father. All my other effects to dropping hints about her fucking dad had gone on deaf ears so I thought if I had video evidence and threaten her with giving the tape to mum, my sister would consider fucking me as well.

I was actually feeling sorry for mum, not having a man’s cock inside her hot pussy for three months as I videoed dad as he pumped his half sized cock in and out of my sister’s pussy.

Dad had actually told mum over dinner, that if he couldn’t satisfy her sexually, he wouldn’t ever fuck her again. I instantly looked at my sister Claire, her face bright red as she slowly ate her dinner.

“You are going to pay bitch, dearly” I thought to myself as she first looked at dad then at the hurt look on mum’s face, mum didn’t say a word to dad at all for weeks after that.

“That’s good sis, that’s it, suck your daddy’s cock deep down your throat…ooooopppppps, to much for you ah dad” I whispered to myself as I videoed Claire swallowing dad’s cum as he exploded inside her mouth.

“Sorry dear, you do give great head” dad said as he ran his fingers through his daughter’s hair.

“That’s alright dad, I’ll suck it till it gets hard again so you can fuck me, my pussy is absolutely wet” Claire said slipping her hand between her thighs to slip two fingers into her pussy.

“See how wet I am for you daddy” my sister said bringing Şirinevler Escort her wet fingers up to show dad how soaked her pussy was.

“Horny little whore” dad said licking her juices off her finger as Claire went back to sucking his cock.

It wasn’t long before he was hard again. Claire instantly jumped back onto her feet and bent over so she could hold onto her ankles as dad slipped his cock into her hot wet pussy.

“Aaaaaahhhhhhh dddddaaaaadddddddddyyyyyy” Claire moaned as dad started to ram his cock in and out of her pussy as fast as he could.

“Sssshhhhhh, don’t wake mum with your sounds of pleasure whore” dad whispered, giving Claire two hard thrusts into her pussy before going back to ramming his cock into her.

“Oooohhhhh yes daddy yesssssssssssssssssssss” Ckaire moaned, meeting dad’s thrusts as he pounded into her pussy.

It wasn’t long before I videoed them both cumming at the same time, dad grubting that he was cumming while my sister clamped her eyes closed and moaned deep in her throat that she was cumming too.

The best ever shot was when my sister collapsed onto the floor trembling and shaking, giving her tiny breasts a squeeze as dad pumped the rest of his cum all over her.

I hid in my room and videoed dad sneaking back into his, slipping back into bed, giving mum a kiss on the cheek before going to sleep. I sneaked back to my sister’s room and videoed her wiping her pussy with a tissue before she slipped into a pair of g-string panties and a t-shirt, admiring herself in the mirror before she slumped onto her bed and pulled her blankets over her.

I was intending to sneak quietly back into my room and rewatch the video but as I passed mum and dad’s room I heard mum sniffing. I quietly opened the door and stepped in, making Şirinevler Escort Bayan sure to stay in the shadows. Mum was sitting up in bed, quietly sobbing to herself.

To tell you the truth, she was even breaking my heart, thank goodness for street lights. Mum sitting naked on the bed, her breasts gleaming as the street lights flowed through the window, her long slender legs spread out in front of her. Her ginger brown pubic hairs poking up through her thighs.

I wanted to leave and let mum suffer in her own way but when she slid her hand between her legs and slip two fingers into her tight pussy, I just could leave.

“A perfect ending to my video” I thought to myself as I videoed mum finger herself to one of her mind shattering orgasms.


It was a couple days before I could edit the tape. Mum and dad had gone to visit dad’s mum and Claire had gone to hang out with Rhonda and Cindy. I still wondered when Cindy was going to ring me. I still hope she enjoyed our prom night and wasn’t mad at me for fucking her against her will.

I had just transfered the segment of mum finger fucking herself to another tape when I heard Claire’s voice in the kitchen. I left my door open so Claire could see I was home and usual she came into my room to see what I was up too.

“What are you doing geek” Claire said sitting on my bed.

“Hey freak” Rhonda said following my sister’s lead.

“Just editing a video” I said as I watched Cindy follow her sister into the room.

Rhonda knew exactly who I was looking at and so did Cindy. She kept on blushing and smiling at me while Rhonda just gleared at me.

“So what are you editing, another porno film for Jason”

“You could say that but not Jason, more like a gift for someone else”

“Who Escort Şirinevler then” Claire asked, her curiousity getting the best of her.

“Mum” I said

“Do you take the videos yourself” Cindy asked.

“Yep, you should see some of my work” I said giving Cindy the eye.

God she looked good, long tanned slender legs, short mini skirt, tight fitting holter top that pressed hard against her stiffening nipples.

“I would love too” Cindy said as she lent up against the window frame.

I was just getting a birds eye view of a pair of cotton white panties pressing hard against a pussy I had only briefly felt wrapped around my cock when Rhonda stood up and grabbed Cindy’s hand and marched her out the door.

“Don’t think of it bro, someone managed to fuck her at the prom and Rhonda is gotten over protective of Cindy, so back off” Claire said.

I wanted to ask her what she was talking about but I had something more important to show her.

“Oh Claire, watch this” I said switching on the VCR.

“Fucken hell” Claire said as she watched herself being fucked by dad.

“How…who…how” my sister mumbled, even gasping when she watched dad spray big globlets of cum over her breasts, ass and thighs.

“What a birthday present this will be for mum, especially when she shows us all how good a cocksucking whore you are” I said grinning like hell as the shock of what I had done finally showed on Claire’s face.

“You wouldn’t…”

“I would and you are now mine bitch, anywhere, anytime, anyplace and from now on you are going to be nice to me, real nice.”

“I…but…I got to go” Claire said running out of my room to catch up with Rhonda and Cindy.

“Got you bitch, oh have I got you good and man will you scream, scream for me to give you more than you can handle” I said raising my voice as I heard my sister run down the stairs and out through the back door.

All afternoon I played and replayed the tape, laughing at the look on Claire face. What I had install for my smart-assed sister was going to be absolutely enjoyable, enjoyable for me that is.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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