Cindy’s Toy

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The car pulls up to the curb, I glance at the house, Kathy’s house, my weekend’s prison, I looked back to Cindy, my beautiful wife who is forcing me to stay with her friend, my nemesis. Cindy looked so beautiful, perfectly dressed and looking like an angel, I wanted so badly to stay with her but that was not to happen.

With a small kiss on the cheek she motions for me go to Kathy and obey her every word, if I don’t Kathy has her cell number and will call her.

Stepping out of the car I felt so vulnerable in my “slut clothes”. As Cindy’s car sped out of sight I knew that I had no choice but to knock on Kathy’s door. Kathy answered the door with a big evil smirk on her face, looking at her weekend toy dressed up like a little slut.

She instructed me to enter her house. She led me into her bedroom there was a dog bed on the floor she told me that that was where I would be sleeping. I placed my bag in the corner and she told me to follow her into the living room.

After a few minutes of awkwardness Kathy told me that she would like another foot massage. Without hesitation I knelt on the floor at her feet, removed her socks and began massaging the feet of this woman whom I really didn’t like. It’s not that Kathy wasn’t attractive, she was tall about five foot ten with fairly long blond hair and blue eyes. She had an athletic type body, nice and tight with rather large breasts but an evil soul. This body on anyone else would be something to die for but this was Satin’s sister.

Kathy commented that the massage was okay but she really like it the other day when I used my tongue.

I replied “your wish is my command, Mistress” reflecting, I realize that might have been a mistake.

She moaned a few times as I licked her feet and sucked her toes but she was not satisfied. She implied that this still wasn’t quite perfect and ordered me to strip down to my panties. I stood in front of Kathy and stripped off all of my “slut clothes”, with the exception of my white women’s thong then resumed my oral massage of her feet. She said that that was much better but still not perfect.

“Remove the panties” she ordered.

I reached down and place my thumb inside the elastic but before I could lower them she stopped me and told me to stand up and remove them slowly. My cock was not being a loyal team player it was beginning to become erect, maybe a little over half way, something I was trying to avoid. Once naked I resumed my duty.

After what seemed like an eternity, she told me to stop and that she was going to take a shower. Since I was already naked I was allowed to join her in the shower and wash her body for her.

Kathy began to undress, trying to tease me as much as possible and unfortunately it was working, my now rock hard cock was pointing straight out towards her.

Once in the shower, Kathy had me wash her hair then lather up her entire body, once fully lathered she commanded me to start licking the foam from her body and don’t miss any. I began with her neck, then moved around behind her and started working my way down her back eventually reaching her luscious firm ass. I spread her cheeks and began licking her, occasionally going a little too far and giving her cunt a little lick as well, she moaned quite frequently as I cleaned her. Standing up, I moved to her front side and once again began working my way down, pausing to spend some extra time on her beautiful tits. My excitement heightened as I reached her pubic area, my tongue explored previously unseen parts of Kathy’s luscious body. Her lips yielded to the pressure from my hungry tongue as it navigated its way into her sex tunnel. In and istanbul escort out I slowly began fucking her with my tongue. Next I moved on to her hidden treasure, her clitoris, it was swollen and very sensitive to the touch of my tongue; she tensed as I circled and flicked it, taking the occasional nibble. Kathy’s breathing was becoming much deeper as she neared her climactic apex. She began moaning and I felt her body lower, ever so slightly, as her knees buckled from the orgasmic pleasure that was surging through her beautiful body.

I felt like my balls wanted to explode, I wanted to fuck this hot wet cunt so bad but I had not received permission to do that. Even her mouth or her hand would have easily satisfied me but I wasn’t really expecting that to happen, not from Kathy.

Once finished, Kathy permitted me to dry her body then led me to the bedroom, where she put on a short night gown. We returned to the living room where she sat on the couch and signaled for me to sit on the floor, still naked, between her legs while she watched TV. My face was only a few inches away from her uncovered pussy and it was working like a magnet to my eyes. Kathy loved it, having me drool for another taste of her cunt and my cock standing erect, begging to be touched but her not giving permission for either event to occur.

Kathy led me back into the bedroom and spread out on her bed. I eagerly awaited the order to join her but that was not to be. She signaled for me to make myself comfortable on my own bed, on the floor. She told me to get a good night sleep because we were going to have a busy day tomorrow.

As we laid there in the dark she said, “I wonder who Cindy is fucking tonight?”

My heart broke with that comment, having to deal with being Kathy’s slave, I had never really given any thought as to why Cindy was gone for the weekend but of course Kathy had to bring the subject up. I didn’t sleep much that night, between worrying about who my beautiful wife was with and what this evil bitch has planned for tomorrow, my mind was racing all night.

Morning eventually arrived and Kathy ordered me to put my panties on and go make her a coffee. After preparing and eating breakfast, Kathy allowed me to clean up then join her in the living room. She instructed me to get on the floor on my hands and knees, she said she had a present for her good little panty boy from Cindy.

When I noticed the lubricant in her hand I knew that this was going to be a lot more fun for her than me. Going around behind me she lowered my panties to my knees and then she began.

She told me to keep looking forward I could hear her opening one of those plastic containers. Then with a surprising gentle touch she began lubricating my rear end. I shook a little as she slid one finger into me followed soon after by a second finger. Kathy seemed to be enjoying finger fucking my ass, to tell the truth so did I, my cock was rock hard and pointing straight down towards the floor. She removed her fingers and after a few seconds of feeling empty she began inserting something which I would soon realize was a butt plug. It was wider than anything that I had ever experienced and her quite a bit as she worked it in and out eventually thrusting it all the way in. I wanted to scream but wouldn’t give Kathy the satisfaction of knowing that she was hurting me. Once in it actually began to feel much better, I had never felt so full.

Kathy said “If you’re going to dress like a girl then you had better learn to fuck like one too”.

With my butt plug firmly in place she told me to pull up my panties and finish cleaning the house. Kathy told me to do halkalı escort a good job because she was expecting company this evening. Supper was on the stove I was told to make enough for four. Kathy told me that I had better go get dressed before our company arrived.

As the doorbell rang I hesitantly opened the door to be greeted by two young men, I didn’t recognize either of them.

The one man asked for Kathy, who appeared from behind me and welcomed them in. Kathy had me fix us all drinks and told her company that dinner was almost ready.

The men were introduced as Scott and Steven. Steven appeared to be a little older than Scott and he seemed to be mostly interested in Kathy but to my dismay, Scott seemed to be paying more attention to me.

Dinner was mostly pleasant, even Kathy was nice, every now and then Scott would flirt with me whether it was a look, something he said or on more than one occasion I had to remove his hand from my thigh. After dinner we all returned to the living room Kathy made sure that I sat beside Scott and his flirts continued.

Scott told Kathy that he thought that I was playing hard to get.

Kathy said “That can’t be true, she’s my little slut, and she will do anyone”. With that, she ordered me to stand up in front of Scott and start to do a striptease for him. I hesitated, only momentarily and received an evil look from her.

Reluctantly I stood up and began stripping for Scott, both men laughed at Kathy’s power of control over me. When I got down to my bra, panties and nylons, Kathy stopped me.

She scolded me for being such a slut and pointed out that my actions had made poor Scott become quite erect. She asked me what I was going to do about it, then without giving me a chance to answer she ordered me to get on my knees in front of Scott.

Without any hesitation Scott stood up and undid his fly, within seconds I was staring right down the shaft of his rock hard cock.

Kathy said “look he has cum all over the tip of it, lick it off”.

Obediently my tongue began to lick this nectar from the tip of his penis, the first and only part of my body to ever touch another man’s cock was my tongue but that was soon to change. After a few seconds of gentle licking he began moving his cock forward until it was pushing lightly against my lips. I licked my lips and the head of his cock at the same time then opened them allowing his cock to enter my mouth. My tongue slid along the underside of his shaft, massaging the swollen veins, as his manhood explored the cavernous areas of my mouth and eventually found its final destination deep within the constricting realm of my throat. After a few gagging attempts it finally enforced its will upon my throat muscles and found a tight moist canal just perfect for fucking.

One moment when his abdomen wasn’t blocking my view, I noticed that our show must have got Kathy and Steven excited because they were no longer laughing but instead they were making out on the couch.

My view was soon blocked as Scott slid deep into my throat with slow but unyielding thrusts which resulted in his cock sliding deep into my throat and his balls slapping against my chin. His pubic hair tickled my nose when he penetrated me. It was at this moment that I was very glad that I had done all that practicing learning how to deep throat Cindy’s dildo, it made this much easier and I have to admit to myself very enjoyable. Not long ago I would not have even considered touching another man’s cock and her I was enjoying giving a blow job to a man whom I had just met.

I could feel his tempo beginning to mecidiyeköy escort change and his body starting to tense up, he was nearing an orgasm, I was about to get my first throat full of another man’s cum. Scott held both sides of my head as he fucked my face. I was eager to receive his sperm but didn’t want the blow job to end but the choice was not mine. Too soon Scott was emptying his balls deep within my throat. I swallowed every drop then continued sucking, trying to keep his cock in my mouth.

Scott laughed and said “this little cock suck doesn’t want to let my cock go”.

Kathy laughed and replied “see, I told you she was a slut”.

Tonight was going to be a night of firsts for me, I had touched another man’s cock and sucked him off, Kathy had one more first planned for me and decided that there was no sense wasting time.

She ordered me to stand up and strip naked, which I did.

They all teased me about my hard on saying that sucking his cock had turned me on, I couldn’t argue with that statement. Kathy moved behind me and told me to bend over. She spread my cheeks and removed the butt plug which she had inserted earlier. Handing the lube to Steven she told him to have fun.

Steven generously lubes his hard cock then pushed me down onto all fours. I knew that this was going to hurt because I had tried it with Cindy’s dildo but was never able to get more than the head into me. To my surprise Steven’s first thrust implanted about half of his member into my ass. I guess the butt plug must have done its job. I can’t say that it didn’t hurt at first but not anything like I was expecting. Before long I was enjoying the full length of Steven’s cock pounding in and out of my rear. I couldn’t hold back the moans as he fucked me.

Looking up I noticed that his cock was getting hard again from watching his friend fuck my virgin ass. Reaching up I was able to reach it and with little effort I convinced him to enter my mouth again. The two friends soon developed a rhythm so that at any given time there was always a hard cock deep inside of me.

The intensity of the fucking increased and it was almost like these two friends had practiced this because as soon as I felt Steven begin to erupt his hot sperm into my anal canal Scott lined the walls of my throat with another load of his cum. As his cock began to soften I licked it clean getting every drop of cum as he slumped before me.

When I was finished cleaning Scott, Kathy ordered me to do the same to Steven, she didn’t want that dirty thing in her cunt later. Reluctantly I used my tongue and lips to clean Steven’s cock and balls just like my Mistress had ordered.

We sat around for a little while, most of the time with the three of them joking about what a cum slut I was.

Eventually Kathy said that it was bed time. All four of us headed into the bedroom, Kathy instructed me to sit on my bed, which the guys got quite a laugh about, while she stripped and climbed in bed with the two guys. She said that she would let me know whenever my services were required.

Funny but I really don’t remember falling asleep but when I woke up I was alone in the room. The house was quiet and Kathy was sitting in the kitchen in her robe, the guys had already left. I prepared breakfast and after eating Kathy told me to go take a shower and get dressed, Cindy will be picking me up this afternoon.

As predicted, my Cindy showed up to get me. The two girls recounted their weekend experiences while I sat there awaiting their next command. Kathy went into great detail telling Cindy how their little slut gad lost her virginity at both ends and had learned to be a good little cock sucker, both women laughed, they had scored another victory over my pride and self-respect.

The drive home was relatively quiet but I knew that my home life would never be the same after spending the weekend in the grips of Mistress Kathy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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